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> > > > Mama Mia! Gelato

Mama Mia! Gelato

KoramangalaSouth Bangalore  

  • 41663659, 9379416398
  • 11, Jakkasandra Road, 7th Cross, 3rd Block, Koramangala, Bangalore
  • Ice-cream

4 Reviews / 4 Ratings

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Mama Mia! Gelato Reviews


I am a loyal chocolate lover. So my reviews are based only on the chocolate series. I love the kitkat sundae and the ferrero rocher sundaes. And oh yes the hoopla ice cream!!! I suggested this place to some friends and they loved the fruit sundae tooo... must visit!


Nothing great, too many mosquito, avoid coconut!

The other night tried this joint for a post dinner dessert!

Firstly this place is too small..they do have a outside seating but the main inside where we order ice-cream is too cramped up! Barely space for 3-4 ppl, if not less!

Saw their promotion for "fresh" tender cocunut...tried it out...and avoided it in fear of Diabetes! Its toooo sweet! If you want to have fresh natural ice-creams, well head to Naturals!

Anyways...saw their menu of sundaes...looked tempting...ordered Hot Chocolate Fudge! It was quite nice and could have been a better experience, had there were not an army of mosquitoes outside!

At 113 bucks(including VAT), it can be termed as moderately expensive!

Winters may be a good season to visit as mosquitoes may be less!


coolgarima - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 19,2011


Awesome icecream!!

I went to this new store of Mama Mia! just yesterday with my family and we really enjoyed ourselves....loved the unusual flavours. We had the mojito sorbet, a black forest sundae and the strawberry cheesecake icecream...they were all really good. I like the fact that one can keep tasting the large variety of flavours endlessly and then decide....I think we drove the staff mad with that!! It's a really cute place to just chill and relax.Oh and the best part is that all the icecream is low fat!!



Good Ice Cream Cakes but not so good Ice Creams

As the title suggest, we feel that the ice cream cakes are really good but for some reason, the ice creams itself is not that good...I prefer Gelato Italiano, Corner House and Cream and Fudge Ice Creams to this place..The staff look just bored to death and I feel that they are not meant for the ice-cream business. When you go into an ice cream shop, I would think you would want to see happy smiling faces that do not scare away kids :) The additional two stars goes for the ice cream cakes alone...