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> > > > Manchester United Restaurant Bar

Manchester United Restaurant Bar

KoramangalaSouth Bangalore  

  • 64516268, 65797777
  • No 1, K.I.R.A Layout, Hosur Main Road, Koramangala, Bangalore
  • American, Continental, Indian
  • Meal for 2 - 1000

38 Reviews / 38 Ratings

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Manchester United Restaurant Bar Reviews

Glory glory man u bar !!

excellent dim light ambience .. awesome food and drinks .... but the cocktails need some improvement , especially the pina colada.. it tasted awful .. but overall , i'd give you guys a 4/5..... cheerios ! =)



Glory Glory Man Utd

Must-go place for any Man-utd fan. Charges are 850 per head on a matchday out of which 650 is a cover charge. Food is tasty and the cocktails are awesome!!! The experience itself is worth it, especially on a matchday.

P.S. : Try to reach early on a matchday if u want good seats for the large screen


roofcat - Burrp User


17 Reviews

November 25,2011


Style over substance?

The drinks are too expensive, and the food is usually average. BUT - it does provide a whole lot of energy and scope for fun! Innovative titles on the menu, large tv screens (for screening football!), bright red and black interiors, adequate outside light, loud music, lots of space. Unless you are the type who eats out purely for the quality of f&b, this conveniently located watering hole is good for a group outing.


nattykrish - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 09,2011


Truly a Champions Abode!!

Manchester United, by itself is undoubtedly the best football club in the world, the team is brilliant and epitomise victories and manchester united restaurant make sure they provide us with a taste of that victory with their scrumptious menu which never fails to satisy my pallat. I visit this restaurant very often as i love the food, the ambience the service and the overall experience. I strongly reccomend every person to try the food and beverage here, the cola glazed chicken wings, carribean chicken, the red devil signature drink etc is simply delicious. Bein a true Man Utd fan, i can relate to the outlet and the football club, even if there are a few setbacks, they always strive hard to remain no 1. This place transforms itself as a mini old trafford on a match day and the experience is electrifying, you can feel the joy of being a red devil. Dining here is indeed a ticket to greatness. Kudos to the entire staff for making my experience so joyous. cheers!



Good enough I guess!

I went on the insistence of my wife (strange since she hardly joins me when I watch football). We ordered a mushroom dish, veggie momos and mini chhole baturas, couple of drinks and a soup (for me since I was driving :( ) I didn't like the momos (kind of got a burnt taste, but since my wife thought they were OK I didnt send them back), the mushrooms were nice and juicy and the mini baturas were tasty. The Glory Glory drink tasted like cold Benadryl. Otherwise the ambience was nice with the big screens (though some maintenance that is going on is an eyesore) and the service is enthusiastic like you would find in HRC. We went on a match day but surprisingly found less crowd than expected. Probably a reflection of how Man United are playing nowadays?!




I went to Manchester United pub last Saturday around 5pm and did not have a very good experience. My friend (a die-hard fan of ManU) had come over and wanted to visit the place so we took him. When we entered, everyone was busy shipping in some huge delivery and there was no one to attend to us and we had to find our own seats.
There were 2 tv screens by the bar - one was playing some ipl cricket match while the other was showing a Chelsea-Bolton match which Chelsea won 5-1. Now personally i am a Chelsea fan so i was laughing all the way at my ManU supporter friend who did not know where to hide his face in shame. I have visited ManU pubs in other countries and trust me, playing a Chelsea victorious match on the screen is nothing short of blasphemy for supporters. I was surprised that none of the people were objecting to it, probably because the place was half empty and the actual ManU supporters had better places to go to.
Another observation - There was some F1 promotion going on at the cafe and the standees and banners were placed right in front of the few ManU memorabilia that were there, totally blocking them.
Dont think any ManU fan would be proud of this pub


October 16, 2011response from management at Manchester United Restaurant Bar:

Thanks for your comments and suggestions. However, I would like to inform you that on that particular day, we were displaying the Red Bull Formula 1 car and the restaurant was taken over by this Red Bull Promotion. We do apologize for the incovenience but the event was slated to begin at 7pm and unfortunately usually around the time you entered, it was a more convenient time for us to set up the venue. I would like to assure you that during United matchdays, we are well beyond full capacity and are truly the best place for a fan to v



I used to be a big fan of this place, still am for the team. Used to be hell of a place when it started now simply seems sad & depressed! The whole palce has started looking dull & boring as if the people who started it have lost all intrest in running it. First of all no improvement in the look of the place, was expecting some Man Utd memorabilias to be put up or something that speaks that this place is mu.
Worst part manager is nowhere to be seen when requierd, had to talk to him about my dish coming cold & the disconnected service.
if you look at my previous review its completely opposite of what i am typing today, this place has proved to be another flash in the pan sadly. It just breaks my heart to say this but i dont know how far'll the Man Utd tag carry this place, with nothing new to offer, service sans energy and food quality going for a toss (started with excellent quality but not able to afford it anymore i guess). Simply sad !


October 11, 2011response from management at Manchester United Restaurant Bar:

Thank you for your valued opinion and review. We have taken your points into consideration and will definately make an effort in the coming weeks to make your next experience a much better one. In terms of adding newer memorabilia and photos, the New season has just started and we should be expecting new items shortly. Addionally, we have a plan to revamp the pleace very shortly and you should expect major improvements in the decor (However, we still consider our current decor to be quite invigorating). As for the service, we have ta

Food menu is very limited and not good.

Went here long Back. As it was day time found it empty.Managed to get a seat easeily. Some Forigeners were enjoying drinks. Well I ordered

-- Cubes of chilly paneer
-- Stella Beer (Tuborg Unavilable, Wine only in Bottles)
-- Jack Daniel
-- Ravioli Pasta -- spiniach

Everything was good except Ravioli Pasta -- spiniach. It was the worst taste experience I ever had in my life. However I had a word with chef Siddharth there. He changed it and on the safer side I ordered some chicken dish.

Siddharth was helpful and understanding.

Well I would suggest go to this place only to drink and smoke. Ambience is good but the food menu selection is bad. you will not find much u can order.

Or you will land urself to some bad taste if you randomly ordered some italian/french dish.

Also, I was here for wine but disappointed to know they serve it only in bottles. So Its my suggestion that please start serving wines in pegs also.

2 points out of 5 to Manchester United Restaurant Bar.


October 11, 2011response from management at Manchester United Restaurant Bar:

Thank you for your valued opionion and review. We would like to reiterate that we have been constantly maintaining our food quality and consistency. I apologize over the Spinach Ravioli, but that does not suggest that the other Continental items would be of the same quality. We assure that the utmost effort goes into designing and creating each and every individual dish.
Best Regards,
The Team @ Manchester United Restaurant Bar

rpb_india - Burrp User


44 Reviews

September 30,2011


Wouldn't go for the lunch buffet.

This review is only for the lunch buffet. We were a party of 10 out for a team lunch and folks wanted to check out ManU. Now I generally do not prefer weekday buffets at sports bars - they dont go together in my opinion :) but I got vetoed *sigh* and we went anyway. The food was very average. The ambience is great and location is great too - right opposite PVR. The wierd thing was that I had expected the buffet to have a few western dishes in the line up considering their a la carte menu but everything was indian. Regular indian starters (potato, paneer, chicken) and same 'ol curries - dal tadka and other north indian curries. The desserts were good but never available. Most of the dishes were constantly bordering on empty and the staff was unable to replenish them fast enough. In short for 400 per person it is a regular indian style buffet that you'd get anywhere in Bangalore for a lot less. Now to be fair, I have not tried their a la carte and drinks yet and I do plan on going there on a weekend to try it . Will post a separate review on that. Until then I certainly would not recommend it for the buffet.



great stuff

totally love the place being a local, will be there for more!



Stirred and shaken!!!

I am a journo and walked in with a friend on Friday, July 1st - The ambiance was exhilarating and everything was superb - The service - the DJ, crowd and the likes that go into a classy sporty restaurant.

Even the manager was very sweet and spoke to me courteously. After enjoying the drink and the food for a good 1 hr with good amount of Wimbledon tennis to view - it was time to set out - my friend suddenly came near me and complained - hey there are this 2 guys who really scolded me in tamil. - I just went to clarify - Meantime - I should have heeded to the manager who told me not to exit from the front side since these guys are bad - But as a journo - I though let me reason out what is the problem - I was reasoning out with them - saying the manager and the staffs are all so sweet - what is the problem and I also noticed during that time - the manager coming near at the exit door and trying to weigh the situation - To my surprise these two started yelling at the manager to go inside and then I realized they got into their act and it was astonishing - these guys (One with a tonsured head and the other with a french beard) acted like awful cheap street ruffians - they started - raining blows to me and my friend - Never expected such outcome without any provocation. I ran out and then realized I lost my purse and mobile in the ensuing melee. When I went again to check - these 2 guys came around and again started raining blows at me. I was wishing there were some cops - Since as a journo we have interactions and that would have helped. However that day was bad for me and none of that luck I encountered since the cops were not around. After these 2 ruffians left - I also noticed a female standing out -- badly bleeding from her right eye. On other occasion I would have asked what the problem was - but I wanted to get away - the sooner the better and I found another staffer and spoke to him of my missing purse and mobile by flashing my card that revealed my journo identity -- He went in and another short staffer I guess by the name of Babu - came back with my purse and mobile - however minus Rs 2000.
Another staffer on condition of anonymity told me that this is the way these guys operate and ensure to make some quick buck.
I was shaken by the entire episode.
Everything is going so nice with this place since it is different from other set-ups. Only the above giveaway should be curbed to ensure such unfortunate events do not repeat to an otherwise swell place - since this place is great on all other counts.

Well Kirtan Amin - You must have spent quite a fortune into having this swell place - It is my bad unfortunate experience and anyone would be rattled to undergo such bad experience and thought i need to recount this to you so that you are aware of such slip-ups in an otherwise wonderful set-up - Also you could take into confidence your manager and ask him to recount the above episode, for the poor fella seems to have control over all things except these 2 ruffians in the garb of bouncers who i guess are making quick bucks in a planned manner.

Thanks in advance

Best regards


July 4, 2011response from management at Manchester United Restaurant Bar:

Hello Mr. Rakesh, it is unfortunate that these events and incidents occured. We will look into the matter by reviewing CCTV footage and witnesses and get back to you regarding this. I apologize for any inconveniences.

The Team @ Manchester United Restaurant Bar


I think you guys are absolutely amazing... Others shouldn't care much about the charges... The food is great and worth the money... The servings are huge and brilliant... And 500 is a great sum to pay to watch Man United play... The DJ creates a great ambiance... I have been there for about 15 matches and go there almost every 2 weeks.. Ur mock tails are absolutely outstanding.... Your staff is friendly and they love United... And the ambiance on matchdays is absolutely fantastic! Must experience this amazing restaurant... When you watch united play nothing else matters including the cost :D




i went last night with my friend . it is expensive for the quality they are serving. choice of food is limited. the drinks are expensive. abience is good. i do not think i will ever go back


May 27, 2011response from management at Manchester United Restaurant Bar:

Hello, Thank you for your valued feedback as it is vital for us to serve you better. It is unforntunate that you feel that our menu choices are limited as we have over 90 dishes to choose from over 9 sections in our menu. As for the beverages, if you find these on the expensive side, we are in the process of launching a Happy Hours menu to cater to our off-peak patrons better. Hope these inclusions serve to improve your future experiences better.
Best Regards,
The Team @ Manchester United Restaurant Bar

Sunday Brunch with Rocky and Mayur

What a perfect way to start the week. A fabulous spread...Excellent Cocktails...Two Foodies with the funniest bone in the country.... an awesome and vibrant crowd.... live music and not to forget all this for Rs 595/- only. I rarely have a feeling in Bangalore restaurants that it is worth every penny. Rocky and Mayur was funny and hungry ....they ate twice the size of the champion’s burger in a record time. I am sure not many would even dare to attempt that. Till now, I always thought this to be a sports bar and never took the food seriously. But today I changed my opinion. The fresh salads, exotic cheese counter, authentic Indian curries and kebabs will make me frequent this place. My wife just loved the desserts while I loved the bill.


Great food & Ambience

I don't know about the experience of the the previous reviewer but we were at this place on Sunday for the match and our experience was brilliant. We had come in early when the place was filling up and we got good seats and were geared up to watch the match. Since United lost the match, I guess the excitement after the game had died down, but we truly enjoyed the food very much. We had the combo platter which was filling and ideal for sports bars, and the place was buzzing with many football fans. Overall a excellent experience.


Never EVER EVER EVER go this place !!

We(3 of us) arrived at the pub with great expectations. The moment we got in, we were not told that there are NO SEATS in the restaurant. We were robbed off 600 bucks per head , but on the facebook page, they mention the cost as 500 (100 for entry + rest redeemable). Do you believe this pub does not even have bar stools?? Enduring all these, we were all geared up to root for united . Now comes the WORST part, we did not get the menu card for about half an hour !! Leave alone the order. GEORGE who takes order, and was verifying the coupons we had, wouldn't even get the bill right for us despite us telling him that the calculation was wrong. Not a single word of apology too. They ran out of beer at the stroke of half time and started serving pints ! AND MOST IMPORTANT, this place is not meant for hardcore united fans. They don't play united songs but play some house music. Would you believe that despite outnumbering the arsenal fans, there wasn't a single chant from the united fans and nor were prompted by the DJ!! on, the whole Mr.Kirtan Amin, the entire place needs a revamp . Screen positions are horrible, service even more horrible. We had 2 pitchers of beer and a plate of french fries just for Rs. 1700 + 600 as entry fee. I would not recommend anyone to even plan going there. NOT WORTH ANYTHING THAT WE PAID FOR.

PS: Not able to write a review without rating the place. Would have given a negative if the option was available. It was worse than awful.


satydg - Burrp User


1 Reviews

April 28,2011


Good food, nice ambience, worth a visit

its my third visit to the restaurant and everytime i come out of it, all I can say is that its worth the money, the travel and the time.. its very neatly decorated with Man U memoribilia.. the food is lip smacking specially the starters, though they can improve on their drinks menu, however that doesnt take away the awesome tasty main course, the music... the plush comfy sofas.. its worth the money ! The prices might seem a little on the higher side, but in case you want to celebrate your anniversary, ur bday or any special moment in ur life, u can take this restaurant as an option for sure....



great place for a sports fan,but costly,,

I am a die hard Man u fan,,so wen i went to this place i was not disappointed, a great place to watch a match n chill out,,superb interiors, the best i have seen,,great lighting ,,and the red devils logo just stands out n blows U,,,drinks n food slightly on the expensive side,,but then its has to be since its a man u franchise,,,n worth ur every penny u pay,,food is gud,,i luved the babyface pizza,,n the dug out is the coolest place to be for any football fanatic,,,i wished even the seating on the inside had seats like the one in the dug out,,,gud decent crowd,,,,the only thing is u pay a slighly more service charge than u wud pay in other places,,but its ok i dnt mind payin as long as man u wins every match i watch there,,,,another thing the toilet had on pissing comodes missing,,he he,, overall great place


Ramky - Burrp User


2 Reviews

April 20,2011


Good place for guys

Great place for a guys get together... watched a T20 game, charged up atmosphere, of course thanks to the spirits. Good food!!



Avoidable... will avoid in future...

Every time I go to one of these fancy places, I keep wondering what is it that they have which some of the best bars in star hotels do not have, to justify the service charge they levy on us, the hapless patrons??

Was here a couple of days back, on a hot afternoon. Since most of the reviews gave glowing tributes to this place, entered in with a tad bit of expectation. And my expectation, unfortunately was not met.

Somewhere in these reviews, Mr.Kirtan Amin has proudly stated that the cost of doing up the interiors was an astounding Rs.4.50 crores. Well, I didnt know about it when I went to this place, so I thought the interiors looked good. Now after I know the amount of money they claim to have spent, I would say it is not well spent at all. Just to mention one thing, the seating position on the sofas is downright uncomfortable. The tables kept between the chairs will not allow you to stretch legs. And you won't be able to reach the table if you prefer to stretch back on the sofa. So someone who opts for this seating, should forever be in upright sitting position to drink and eat. Not a convenient thing to do...

This is predominantly a sports bar. So the idea is to be able to watch TV while sipping the drink. The seating position is completely wrong for this activity. And there are only two large screen TVs in this place... guys, could you not have spent a couple of more lakhs upon the 4.50 crores you have already spent and put up a few more screens?? Or do something like what City Bar has done, with its huge wonderfully done up screen? Coming back to the seating position, if you are sitting on the sofa, you would have to constanlty turn either right or left to catch the action on the screen.. wonder how many of us can do this for long hours....

This is predominantly a sports bar... therefore one would expect to have some decent food menu to compliment the drinks. There was a tiny weeny one page menu... the long explanation given by Mr.Amin notwithstanding, the menu sucks and sucks big time!! How many of us would like to eat dal roti papad in a place like this??? I had ordered some chicken burger to go with the beer I was having. The patties were dry and tasteless... the saving grace was the good french fries which came with the burger!!!

The Red Devil we had ordered, their signature cocktails, I must say was good. There was a generous splash of liquors, the other concoctions they put to get the wonderful red colour were good. The beer I had ordered was quite chilled and the glasses in which it was served were quite good.

The service staff here are wonderful. Very attentive in an unintrusive way. And are quick to come to your side when you need them.

I will not crib about the prices. Each establishment has its own pricing policies. If we are not comfortable with it, better avoid them. But what gets my goat is this. A glass of beer costs Rs.170/-. And they add 10% of this as service charges. Whichever way you think, it would not cost the place to get a glass of beer from the fountain to the table this kind of money.

So the question I had asked at the beginning remains.....

And I am yet to get an answer.


April 18, 2011response from management at Manchester United Restaurant Bar:

Hello, Thank you for your valued feedback and your points will be taken into consideration to help up improve our standards.

The Service Charge that we levy is the standard model set in most restaurants around the world. Even in Bangalore, over 90% of sit down, full service restaurants charge a service charge of anywhere between 7% to 15%. We have set ours at the median at 10%, which is the most common format set in many comparable restaurants.

The sofas you sat on are the lounge sofas, and we have various seating styles in

April 18, 2011response from management at Manchester United Restaurant Bar:

Dear Kirtan and The Team @Man U...

1. My fundamental question remains. Why a service charge at all? You are in the service industry and therefore to serve the customer is your duty. Is it right to charge a fee for the very basic reason you are in existence?? I am not disputing the fact that other restaurants are also doing it. Can you not stand out in the crowd and say you are different???

2. The rest of the defence you have put up makes a good read... but the nagging feeling persists....

Bad food menu

They have a good drinks menu but the items in their food menu keeps reducing every time I go. They have a one page food menu with some 10-15 items. Go to this place only if you want to booze and not to fill your stomach !!


April 5, 2011response from management at Manchester United Restaurant Bar:

Hello, Thank you for your valued feedback of our food and drinks. Regarding the food menu, we have introduced a one page Celebrations menu to dedicate it to the World Cup win for Team India. This is also a time where we are currently reviewing our entire menu to re-engineer it to cater to our customers better in the future. We will be shortly reintroducing our official Full-Size Menus by mid-April. Please bear with us during this evolutionary process.
Best Regards,
The Team @ Manchester United Restaurant Bar

April 5, 2011response from management at Manchester United Restaurant Bar:

This is not good. Your website shows a different menu and when we come there you have a different menu. You spoil all our plans. When we came in the first week of your opening you again had a very small menu. This doesn't work and shows real bad management !!

April 5, 2011response from management at Manchester United Restaurant Bar:

Hello Mr. Achinth, we deeply regret if your experiences were not upto expectation. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the changes we had made to our menu. However, we would like to state that a concept such as ours requires continuous evolution and we need to keep updated with the new market trends, therefore to sustain this, we need to close some sections of the menu temporarily before we can re-engineer and introduce new menu items for the future benefit our customers. We promise to reintrodue our full scale menu as I had mentioned

April 6, 2011response from management at Manchester United Restaurant Bar:

I will stick with Hard Rock Cafe and TGIF (opening on Apr 18 at Meenakshi Mall) til then !!

May 16, 2011response from management at Manchester United Restaurant Bar:

We would like to cordially invite you to sample our New Full menu (including new items) and it would be a pleasure to serve you.
Best Regards,
The Team @ Manchester United Restaurant Bar

The Manchester United restaurant rocks for sure..

India playing Pakistan in the World Cup semifinals! Could it be bigger than this? Guess for us, the great Indian Cricket lovers, No!

Now that we all know the result and are proud by the very fact, I want to share my experience of the viewing pleasure during this match.

We went to the newly Manchester United Restaurant Bar behind Forum.. And man, what a decision. In my family, I was the only one wanting to go out of home and be among the cheering crowd. And was almost booked down. But good sense prevailed when it came to prospect of 'no cooking tonight' and we headed for this place.

We were late because the place was already full even before the match started and we were able to grab one of the last few seats. The space was no doubt bubbling with energy and looked grand. It is spread over two floors and there are numerous screens of all sizes almost at every corner.

Things to note, top of the line sound systems, excellent projection systems and polished looked. Impressive!

As evening progressed, the place got packed to the brim. While many would complain, the sheer strength of the crowd made it more euphoric and magical. Every four was cheered like we do in a stadium, Sachin's innings was something to cheer surely. And then came the Pak innings where they fell flat. The nail biting semifinal was won in style and the crowd went hysterical.

The feeling was too good to explain. Definitely a place to be in.
PS: Food was good, no doubt, but I was engrossed with the screens :)


Poor trained staff

We headed for Managers lunch .. & picked the place:-) .. I liked the margarita and also the food to some extent but the waitors were pathetic . There were just handfull of guests and we were attended by 4 folks communication gap .. the worst ,, I ordered for dessert it didn't show up but the bill came .. when asked the waiter refused to accept that I had ordered .. Even small restaurants today have gadgets for taking the order .. Man U .. grow up ,.. I also found the guy bit rude .. All i care is I ordered it didn't show up .. I can take a sorry we missed it but never -- U didn't order as an answer..

I thought I would take my team of 25 folks there .. now with this exp .. I have changed my mind ...


March 7, 2011response from management at Manchester United Restaurant Bar:

Hello, I thanks you for your valued and honest feedback of your experience. We are glad you enjoyed the food and drinks, but we are disappointed by ourselves with your experience with the service. We truly apologize if there was any miscommunication and we strive towards maintaing a higher service quality level and will take your feedback as a learning experience and a reminder. We will be introducing a more efficient form of the ordering process and will introduce it shortly. As for the concerned staff, we will out them up to evaluation and en

jlnblr - Burrp User


52 Reviews

February 20,2011


Disapponting given the expectations

We went there on a weekday evening (it was still bright outside). Our first reaction was that of disappointment. The interiors seem to have been cheaply done - maybe it will look better when a little dark with the lights on.

The menu was interesting - we ordered a few dishes - quite OK, nothing that made us sit up. Beer pricing was reasonable for a place like this. Overall we were disappointed, maybe because of the high expectations we went with.


February 20, 2011response from management at Manchester United Restaurant Bar:

Hello, thank you for your valued comments and we assure you that we will look into it to make your next visit a better experience.
It is unfortunate that you feel that the interiors are cheaply done, as we have painstakingly invested over USD$1,000,000 (Rs. 4.5 crore) for interiors alone. Perhaps you can elaborate or suggest points that could help us improve.
As for the food menu, we are in the midst of relaunching the menu, so we will keep you posted once this happens. Please email your suggestions to


February 21, 2011response from management at Manchester United Restaurant Bar:

Specially the flooring and the wood (laminate I guuess) used all around seemed to be of poor quality - Probably your interior guy finsihed up the job in a hurry not worrying too much about the fit and finish. Anyway, will check out the place in the night one of these days and give you my feedback. On the menu, your portion sizes were very small. I would highly recommend increasing portion sizes (kind of like TGIF), even if you need to price them higher.

Man (Luv) U

My sister and I, in addition to being keen on trying out this place, were wanting to spend time with each other as there was lots to catch up!

Since it was on a weekend, we had no choice but to book the table. We were informed they take the bookings only till 7:30PM and beyond this, one has to wait in case the tables aren’t empty. In the ground floor, there’s a section in the middle that’s circular and people who get to sit there gets the best vie of the large screen! While we were given the choice between the couch and the table, my sis chose the table for us and this was in Level Zero. They also have a small staircase that leads to Level One and thru the large glass wall there, one gets a view of large screen. In addition to this, there are single seats and tables available outside – this section is the smoking area and I could see many occupying this area too!

While the live match was displayed on the large screen, my sis ordered for Red Devil – their signature cocktail which is a mix of many different alcohol comes in a large and tall glass and I ordered for K2C2 – a spicy shot which gets really spicy as it gets down thru your throat. Immediately after this, I had to get a sip from my sister’s drink to make sure my tongue gets little neutralized. To munch along, we ordered aThe Carlington Salad and Tandoori Mushroom. Though the place claims to be serving American food, I guess they have to end up satiating the Indian palate too and have a few Indian food listed as well. The salad was excellent with lots of lettuce, the egg plant, zucchini, green, red and yellow peppers – all marinated in vinegar and grilled. The Tandoori Mushroom was served with Roti and spicy ginger chutney, rice and dal makhni (!?) For a moment, we wondered if we ordered the starter or the main course!! Since it tasted good, we dint bother too much and continued to hog! Post this, I wanted to try another shot. And this time it was Liquid Cocaine!! This was recommended to me when I ordered the spicy shot. This was good and sweetish. But, the winner was the spicy shot as it was unique and different though I had to sip the cocktail to neutralize my tongue.

For main course, my sis opted for Wags Choice – which was a wrap and lots of veggies and paneer in tasteful masala. Though it was very good, it was too heavy on our stomachs to finish 2 wraps. I zeroed in on The Stretford End Sandwich – a very rich sandwich with sour cream, thick slice of cheese between very soft slice of bread. The crispy finger chips made a perfect accompaniment with this. Again, due to the huge portion, I could not finish the whole of the sandwich.
Dessert is one section which is very difficult to let go. Rounded of our meal with 34 years and counting – this was a Choco Lava Version with a scoop of vanilla icecream and some chocolate sauce on the top. Nothing was too sweet and our palates were really happy.

A good place for those who are hard core soccer fan especially ManU fan and would mind spending more than the usual. After all, its not just the food, it’s the whole experience one would crave for. Meal for two including drinks would approximately cost you around 3k. Recommended for special days and make sure to visit this place when a super competitive match is going on!




Well guys, if u wanna enjoy a great service, feel cared, huge list of drinks and great food? This is the place!!!
I happened to be here a week ago with my friends and family, was greeted by smiling hostesses ( the no. of hostesses is insane!!) the server was very caring, had a good recommendation of Keano Pizza and Champions burger which is Humongous!! Fish Ajwaini Tikka smelled a bit fishy, but overall flavour wasn't ad the server didnt flinch when we asked to make changes in our pasta. We tried the Red Devil cocktail which lives up to its name!! and Transfer request did transfer my cousin to a different world!!
great ambiance topped up with great service excellent place to be at!



Room to get much better !!

Location - It's a convenient location (for me at least) since I live not too far away.

Ambience - It is very tastefully done, has an upper & lower area. The lounge seating could be more comfortable although aesthetics of it is nice. The smoking lounge is just fab !! It's a football club per-say but hardly much matches are played unlike other I have been to internationally (very disappointed here as I am a big football enthusiast). The crowd tends to be more affluent & corporate as it is pricey.

Food & Drinks - The food is decent in selection. Many items on the drinks menu is never available. Having said that, the bartender do very well with their cocktails (love their frozen margaritas).

Service - This is their biggest shortcoming. HUGE area for improvement with service delivery. Staffs are inadequately trained, you will constantly have to waive time & again to get attention to get any service.




I am not a soccer fan, but had an exceptional marriage anniversary at the restaurant tonight. The bandh call was damping the day's charm when on facebook we read that they will open for some match for the evening. Being a new restaurant, we though of checking it out and having dinner there.

The space is exceptional, with the lights, high ceiling, slanted glass skybox, hanging posters, drapes. But the highlight was the electrifying vive in the ambience. So many had gathered to watch a football match!

Their team won 5-0 and everytime the team scored a goal, the place went to its hysterical best. Loved the way they played some anthem in the end followed by the DJ's very good choice of songs.

Food was decent as well as decent. Bill for three was Rs. 1740 with drinks. Definitely an enjoyable experience to end the bandh day :)


Lets get on with it, shall we?

Good seating, not so convenient angles to view the telly/screen but excellent ambiance overall.

The smoking zone is the highlight, it should've been tagged as the main place to hangout, the seating there is absolutely awesome and the screen is right ahead to look at. This place is more of like a P3 get together joint, so I wont be going there again, pricing is not too bad, service depends on the formation of your stars that day. Worth an other visit? I dont know.


This one scores well and wins the match!

My hubby is a die-hard ManUtd fan and I have been to both the ManUtd Café outlets in Mumbai with him for quite a few occasions. But this was a pleasant surprise for the both of us. The Bangalore counterpart is much larger and strikingly rich in ambience. I must say that this feels a class apart.

We went there with a business associate whose office was nearby. While there was a waiting list, we got a table soon. The number of hostess was surprising! But I guess the vastness of this outlet justifies that.

We ordered few drinks; the signature red devil cocktail was good. The barmen knew their stuff including the fact they asked my husband if he wanted a brandy based cocktail since he had cold. From the main menu we had red devil kickers, the massive combo, the Ceaser salad with chicken chunks, the seafood pizza and something called the Coorg pork wrap. The food was brilliant and the special award goes to the seafood pizza. The waiter explained that it had something called the chilli jam.

The Saturday music was super. Popular numbers and best of the kind sound system. While a Chelsea match was going on, we enquired if they play the TV sound. We were politely told “ONLY for ManUtd matches”. Well, a true fan place :) is it? Anyways, won’t complain as the environment was super by itself.

Well, my husband has found his place under the Bangalore sun. Sure, will be back.


One of the better lunch outings from office

Very interesting to find the UK club has such a format of restobars. But why not? Considering their popularity across the globe, these are sure to be succesful.

I visited the outlet today afternoon with my collegues. We were pleased to find out that ample parking was avalable in the basement. The outlet is massive and defiitely can accomodate a large crowd.

Once we entered, it was almost like taking a tour around the place. Quiet a few interesting areas and memorabilia all around. There ware legedary player posters, a skybox, large english leather couches, a boardroom named after Alex Ferguson, merchendise area and many other stuffs. The staircase from the ground floor to the first floor was done up like a player's tunnel.

Personally, I liked the area called the dugout with red coloured car seats since it was outdoors and smoking was allowed. We ordered quiet a few items. The indian section needs a good mention. I tasted the chicken and the walnut kababs from it. Pasta was nice. Desserts were very fresh.

Would not say that they are very pricy, we were comfortable with the protion size and could share between two. Service was pleasing.

We did not have drinks as we were going back to work. The manager said the place changes in the evening under lights and DJ plays every night. Definitely, a thumbs up and will come back for the evening experience too.



Good, can be better

We went to the outlet last evening and must say we were impressed by the sheer brilliance of the ambience. The enrtance itself is grand and gives a very good feeling with the lighting effect. The upper floor was closed as we were told and were given a table near the picture wall.

We had the champion burger; it was very large but the quality was simply super. My kid was content with something called the jalepano poppers from the menu. We also ordered a pizza which was surprisingly nice and perfect. Full marks to them on this. The bar is on the same floor and we ordered some beer. I appreciate their beer price compared to few of the other restaurants in town which charge over 200.

The highlight for me was the music. It gave us very very good feel. However, the service can be a bit faster and that is my only compliant. But yes, the music makes up for it.

Overall, nice to find a this place next to our home.


Legend  - Burrp User


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January 12,2011



Intentionally made a trip to Man U Restaurant Bar after it opened somewhere in the first week of December. A months time is enough to iron out the rough edges. Alas that was no to be.
Right form the entrance where these huge bouncers stand (weekday mind you where there are no more than 60 ppl inside) to the communication with the server & finally to food & service is a mess.
Don't want to go into details as the sorry list is long. Seems they have no clue about the nuts & bolts in the entertainment sector.
Finally I give a 2 star rating only because the investor has the guts.


Anuraag  - Burrp User


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January 05,2011


And the Reds go marching ON ON ON ......

Well it is Bangalore 1 - Mumbai 0 on the MU restaurant bar count....The Mumbai outlet is located in a cramped mall whilst the Bangalore MU restaurant is superbly located...
The dugout is outside, the screen is huge and high and the seating is great. Seats almost 200 people.
We had gone to check out the United - West Brom match: 675 was what each of us had to pay (200 cover, 475 reimbursable). The place was packed to the rafters and the celebrations that happened after Roo scored were unbelievable.
We ordered coronas, veg fare (the platter passable and the jalapeno poppers surprisingly good).
Polished them off with a molten lava cake (miniscule but tasty)...
Overall a very very good experience. Don't go if good food is what your looking for, don't go if cheap liquor is what you're looking for....But do go if you are a true Man Utd. fan and if you enjoy the company of equally awesome fanatics !!!! Makes you feel proud if you are a MAN UNITED fan....after all, we are the only ones with restaurant bars :P



Yes, definitely !

Awesome interiors that kept us spellbound at entry, great food and the Chef himself comes to the table to check if we are comfortable.

Special hats off to the massive Champions Burger and Curry Mile Section from where we tasted the Walnut Skewers and the Peppered Chicken Tikka!The seafood pizza too was of superior quality.

Definitely recommend this place.


manishkm25 - Burrp User


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December 27,2010


Bad experience

We were were very exicted about this new place when we heard about it but we were dissapointed with the service level and the food. They have a limited set of items to offer and there is nothing too great about the ambience.The food was not good (especially for veg) and the music was not too great. We even requested for a song but they never played it. It took 45 mins for a pizza and when it arrived it was dry. I had to fight to cancel the second one. There was not much choice for main course. If i compare it to Hard rock cafe there is no comaprison. Hard rock cafe really rocks. At the same price it is much much better than Manchestor United. This place is just hyped and i guess it will take some time for them to improve there food and service.

One thing good here is that they have various choices of international beer brands to offer.



Wow, this place has some killer vibe of its own. Brilliantly done up. the bar, the seating and also the VIP set up, very very stylish.
The prices are off the hook no doubt, but so is the stuff they give. They have some exotic cocktails to offer and the food menu is amazing too. The burgers are to die for. Fantastic place for a match day, both for Man u fans and generally


Aayush Idom - Burrp User

Aayush Idom

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December 06,2010


Brilliantly Breathtaking!

This Place Is Must For All Manunited Fans, The Interior's Are Insane Food's Mind Blowing And The Ambeince Is Just Awesome.To Add To All Of That There Is Good Music And Brilliant Staff.