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JP NagarSouth Bangalore  

  • 26581432, 9880493432, 9972801432
  • Shop No. 949, 2nd Floor, Next to Foodworld, 2nd Phase, 24th Main, JP Nagar, Bangalore
  • Indian, North Indian
  • Meal for 2 - 500

52 Reviews / 56 Ratings

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Mandi Reviews






Had been here twice. Once with friends and once with family. We were satisfied both times. I liked the food taste and service. Ambience is not great but its good enough. This is one Restaurant which I would recommend to anyone.


gaurrp - Burrp User


7 Reviews

October 28,2013






Good Veg Place

Been here twice for dinner. The food was good compared to other pure veg restaurants that you have in and around this part of the city. The presentation is worth a mention. Ordered fuljhadi kebab (comes with a sparkler) Though the kebab was okay, Panneer do pyaza was really yummy. Masala papads come in portions of 4 in each order so be careful when you order them. Make sure to not be full after the main course as the navratan lassi is absolutely filling. The ambience and the light music add to the experience.


Jeevesh Bawa - Burrp User

Jeevesh Bawa

1 Reviews

September 01,2013


Good Place For Veg.

Good service and excellent place for vegetarians. Pure North Indian food, do try angara paneer tikka if you want real spicy food and malai kofta for main course. Very few places can prepare such food.


veg buffet worth the price

very close to my office, had visited it once when i was famished and the economical pricing had tempted me to try out this all veg buffet.Visited it with my colleague.The spread was vast.It had couple of starters,the main course was app-tasting and definitely made us happy we were here.the spread consisted of 2 starters, 4 main course dishes, 2 rice items , salads and snacks and to end it with desserts, like halwa, gulab jamun , hot choc ice cream.

all this was just a mere Rs 200 + tax. this was pretty much surprising as this is just worth every penny.

Good place for Corporate Lunch.



Very Good food; Bad service

We went in for lunch on a weekday. The buffet spread was very good, worth the money. The food was very good - the rating of 4 is for the food.

The service was very bad, the soup which is served at the table first arrived mid-way of our lunch, that too after repetitive reminders. One variety of soup was hot and the other option warm. The cups and spoons at the counter never got refilled.

With improvements on these minor things, the place would be more worth.

The food served was excellent, with nice spread for starters, salad, side-dishes. The roti/kulcha served was hot. We had a good lunch time except for the minor one's.


Good food with soothing music

Food was very good, specially the starters n welcome drink. The variety of side dish for roti was too good except for a dish made of malai which was very sweet, but the roti n kulcha we ordered was very very soft n cooked perfectly. After such a wonderful range of starters and main course the dessert was less comparatively. Jelabi was very delicious and had never had such a wonderful one anywhere :)

Had a great lunch and very good options for veggies, will surely visit again.



Good but lots to improve

Weekday service:
The overall experience was good. Ambience was very good.... courteous (had to ask twice for a baby chair; thrice for the bill) :)

The soup (top rated) was simply horrible. Needs to understand customer's taste.
Starters were good. Cone Masala papad very nice. Paneer should be softer. Portioning is bad for the starters.

The Main course dishes were finger licking good, Ample and tasty.
Little to enjoy on Dessert... so its good to skip.

Good care taken for baby requirements.

Great place for veggies. Good for visit maybe once in 6 months.



Good option for veggies in JP nagar.

The goods in the buffet we had.

They have lunch buffet on Saturdays and Sundays too, others who don't offer have to learn from them :-)
5 types of veg gravies and a dal to go with Indian breads and all of them either tasty or not offensive at least.
Dum biriyani was good (but a little more on salt)
Pav bhaji
Gulab Jamun.
Rice kheer.
3 types of starters.
curd rice.
Lemon coriander soup

What they can improve.
Even though there were 2 flavors of ice creams, 2 types of fruits and a fruit custard, my tongue was looking for at least another variety of Indian sweet.

Also pasta was available but still a Chinese fried rice and noodles were a miss, missed the e-inn for that (but since that's too far in EC this place certainly a boon for veggies in this area)



Got to taste something new

Was going to watch Oh My God with my family. Could not get tickets. So thought of dropping into Mandi - had been there earlier, tried and tested. We were nicely escorted to the table (and not left clueless to find table on our own, like many other restaurants). Ordered dinner, enjoyed every bit of it. Worth mentioning - got to taste something new : Roasted Almond Soup and Phooljhari Kebab. All in all had a nice time with good food with the family.


Good Place to have a buffet

Well I want to say I do visit this place quite frequently. And I feel the lunch buffet is a perfect value for money meal over here. One of the places where I feel they give quality food without degrading it over time. I have had la-carte over here as well, that is good too. It has a nice ambiance as well. You can see a lot of women group having their kitty parties meet at lunch time. So believe my guys where women come in hoards, it has to be a good place in food and value for money.


Megm1980 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

September 09,2012


Good food, slow service

Their chandan sherbet was a delight. The starter platter was humongous and everything tasted quite good , particularly the mushroom and potatoes. The service was quite slow , maybe due to Sunday crowd but we waited quite long for someone to take our order and then for the bill. That was the only dampner in the otherwise satisfactory experience.


Sweths - Burrp User


15 Reviews

September 03,2012


A Forced 5 star rating!

Hunting for pure veggie cuisine for a family of six strict vegetarians, we zeroed in on this restaurant. Surprisingly, we just decided on dining here without much of review reading on burrp (which rarely happens), so we were with absolutely no idea what we were in for! Firstly, Valet parking options eased out on the frustration of finding a place in the busy JP nagar main road.

Being a sunday, the restaurant was full, so I was a bit sceptical if it would mean that it would a compromise on the quality of food! Fortunately, I was wrong.
Starters :Tandoori gobi came as the whole gobi intact that was broken down at our plates. Shorbas were good esply tomato and corn. A drink/lassi made from almonds was rich and classy. Masala papad was served as a cone filling, looked different and tasted yum. Baby corn sabzi was good. Biriyani had the authentic flavour and aroma which made me, who is a staunch biriyani-disliker to have it till the last morsel. Not to forget, our only dessert was Jilebis as we were already full. Jilebis were out of the world, I have never had better ones elsewhere. Hot big jilebis were sprinkled with saffron!! yes, saffron! Service was excellent except some small confusions which can be ignored considering the happy contended tummy. It wasnt too heavy on pockets too. It would have been even better if the menu had more options. Would definitely get back not once but many times!


September 4, 2012response from management at Mandi:

Dear Sweths,

We would like to thank you for sharing your feedback in detail & giving us a 5 star rating. We want to be the most loved vegetarian restaurant in Bangalore and your kind words have motivated us further. Look forward to serving you. Best regards,
Team Mandi

subhs123  - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 02,2012


Great experience, great food, great price !!

I and my family are strict vegetarians and were pleasently surprised during our visit to this fine dining Vegetarian Indian restaurant. I will focus on the food here as that is what I loved the most about this restaurant (and the price too !!). We started with couple of starters and there were two absolute gems here - a tandoori gobhi and a very spicy variety of paneer tikka which could absolutely burn whatever it passes through. It is one of the best starters I have had. It had a smoky flavour to go with ample spice and was absolutely wonderful. Moving to the main course, the black Daal is absolutely wonderful and so is Lassi (Navratan) which one must have. In Dessert, their Jalebi is very famous, and I could tell why. We have been there once more and ordered a different set of dishes and everything is just awesome. The food is priced brilliantly and I think it is one of the best restaurant I have been to in terms of value for money. I will not hesitate to visit this restaurant again and again and strongly recommend this to everyone.


September 4, 2012response from management at Mandi:

Dear subhs123,
WOW, what a feedback! We assure you that as a team we will work hard to maintain the same quality of food & service & provide you the best of vegetarian.And of course, even we will be happy to serve you again & again :)Best regards,
Team Mandi


good food great service

I went there for a weekend buffet lunch
theres a lot of variety and the service is really good
in general there is a good attention to detail
had a good time and its good value for money
there could be a little more variety in the dessert section


September 4, 2012response from management at Mandi:

Dear BiViKay,
It was our pleasure serving you and we would like to thank for your feedback on our buffet.You will be happy to hear that we are soon launching a whole new buffet with lots more variety in each section ' including dessert '. We are upgrading ourselves to be the most loved vegetarian buffet in town. Please stay in touch with us. Best regards
Team Mandi


Good food great service

i went there for the Sunday buffet
there was lots of variety and almost all the dishes were good
i did not count the exact number, but there were easily more than enough items
all the dishes were well made too, theres a lot of attention to detail and absolutely nothing to complain about the staff
out of the many dishes i found a veg gravy to be a little too spicy(couldn't differenciate between chillis ans beans) and the pasta was too dilute with too much sauce
but this didnt really bother me much because there were so many more dishes and they were really tasty
overall a good dining experience



Good : Couteous Staff

Bad : Service

Ugly: 1 Huge Confusion, everywhere

2 No plates when food is there

3 No food when plates are available

4 Soup comes while eating Main Course

5 Roti comes during desert

6 I had heard about their Jalebi Rabdi, even after requesting i was told i would not get it.

7 Huge crowd near ice cream , people all using their unhygenic hands to get it
and so much more

8 Food okay not very good as done by some of the reviews.

Indians hai chalega attitude should be removed


May 10, 2012response from management at Mandi:

Dear vishey, Thanks for the candid feedback. From what you have shared above clearly you would have left with a poor experience. We are sorry! Please accept our apology. We can't reverse this experience, but could we invite you for a complimentary buffet to our restaurant? Or if there is any other way we can make it up to you, please do let us know., mob:9880493432. Yours truly, Team Mandi


Just want to know about your lunch/dinner buffet servings available. Also let me know if you do have party arrangements.


April 12, 2012response from management at Mandi:

Dear gkvaibhav, thanks for the four stars. May we request you to call us on 9880493432 or 2658-1432. Regards


Not bad

Food here isn't bad at all; its quite spicy. I hear the buffet is good.


March 27, 2012response from management at Mandi:

Dear altair7, thanks for the feedback. Yes, our buffet is quite popular. Weekday buffet has 40+ items for Rs.199/-(a.i.), and weekend buffet offers 50+ items, tattoo and face painting, all for Rs.299/- (a.i.). Look forward to serving you.


Sabji Mandi ..

Last week I visited Mandi owing to special advertisement on Burrp! Mandi was hosting Kids day and that pulled me and our family friend to take the plunge.

I am a non vegetarian and my hubby a veggie so it’s always a huge sacrifice from one of us when we step in for any restaurant as I prefer non veg dishes and he hates it..but when I saw the write up of Mandi I was overwhelmed by the claims that they have such huge variety of veg dishes.That moment I decided to check this place ..the nearest occasion to celebrate was my friend’s wedding anniversary and they were also odd couple like us in taste so Mandi was a good choice for atleast 2 of themJ

We went a bit early, the place was quite empty and waiters over there were blowing balloons , my daughter and her friend were frantically searching for the exciting things which I had told them would be available..finally they had to settle with tattoo artist.

Ambience is commendable, neat is the word which I would use and the staff were friendly. We got more than one serving of the welcome drink called rose water and it was good.

There was a separate spread for kids which had dishes like pasta and pav bhaji..I had high expectations from this but unfortunately both pasta and bhajji were not good in taste, bhajji lacked the expected in that yummy mixture of veggies and potato with garlic flavor wafting in air and the yummy butter sautéed pav..naaah not there! Cheese pasta had the white sauce getting separate from the pasta..white pasta with cheese should be a single bodied dish there should be no dripping and then there was bread jam for kids..I wud have expected some veggies stuffed inside so that for a day our kids enjoyed vegetables at their best, so after one spoon my daughter immediately diverted her attention to main buffet.

Main buffet had 3 starters which were good and salads.. I was rather disappointed with the range of salad they had kept..not much of variety was brought in L.

The curries were good, paneer, baby corn , mushroom u name it u have it..mushroom and mutter (mutter kumb gravy) was not much good but the baby corn and palak gravy was really out of the world.
Paneer was soft and melted in mouth, rotis too were good and the custard was amazing ..

Nice experience ..will get my parents who again are an odd couple with veg and non veg combo..I will need special effort to convince my father for a veg fair at the subji Mandi!!!

Valet parking is available.


March 27, 2012response from management at Mandi:

Dear seemadnayak, thank you for your kind words and feedback. A special thank you for writing such detailed and pointed feedback. This helps us to understand what exactly you didn't like and thus we are able to take corrective action. Look forward to your next visit.

Not something great

Been here just once and it's a casual veg restaurant to be at . But nice place for all core veggies to try out some fine dining experiences


March 27, 2012response from management at Mandi:

Dear toadityakumar, thanks for your recommendation.


Buffet is VFM !!

Well, we were a group of 8 people who were looking out for a veg restaurant in JP Nagar, while returning from a picnic from Bannerghatta. I read the name 'Mandi-Veg North Indian dining' and it suddenly flashed to me that I had read some good reviews abt this restaurant. There we were, starving. This buffet lunch for just Rs 199 came as a boon. With 3 starters and a soup served at the table, it was very comfortable since we were starving. After gulping down the soup, we got some strength to queue up for the main course and desserts. There wasn't a thing I didn't like. The rotis were hot and soft. That really made my day!! Desserts were good too. This time service was good.

So, after this I went out with my family again for dinner(Ala Carte) on New Year's Eve. It was a little crowded though. This time the food was just Ok and nothing great. And what turned me off this time was the service. To get a finger bowl it took nearly 10 mins. My husband was so pissed off that he went straight to the loo to wash his hands. On the whole I would say U can try this place once atleast...spevially the buffet lunch !!


February 20, 2012response from management at Mandi:

Dear Roopa1985, Thank you very much for words of encouragement with reference to our buffet. We regret your experience on the New Year's Eve, special apologies to your husband. We will ensure that this is not repeated in future. Do visit us again. Best regards.

vidhyarm - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 08,2012


Good veg restuarant

A good veg restaurant with tasty food and great ambiance...people were also friendly while serving...definitely we will visit this place again..

valet parking available
meal for two for us came to 750/-


February 9, 2012response from management at Mandi:

Dear vidhyarm, Thanks a lot for your kind words :) Look forward to serving you again. Best regards.

Yet another good veg option on JP Nagar 24th Main

Mandi is another addition on the bustling JP Nagar 24th main. This place serves good veg North Indian food. Though it is located on the main road parking could be a problem. Not sure if they offer valet parking. One has to search for a parking space in the bylanes.
Restaurant is quite spacious and service is good.

I found the food to be slightly expensive.

Overall a good option to try.

I would rate this place 3.5/5


February 2, 2012response from management at Mandi:

Dear sravi, Thanks for your kind words. Nothing motivates us more than some positive feedback from our guests. Wish burrp had an option for 3.5 rating :)P.S: We do have valet parking


New year embarrassment

First time in my life i was left embarrassed in front of my friends and family member after i recommended this place for dinner on the New Years night. We were hunting for a decent place for dinner. Since most restaurants were either over-booked or had long waiting time, i suggested this place though i had never been to this place before and after 20 - 25mins of wait time (relatively less for a new year's night) we were ushered to our dining tables.

After reading the tagline of the hotel "A fine dining place", atleast i had assumed the dining table to be tidy with neatly placed tissues/towels to the least, But to my horror i found even the spoons & forks were missing. Also I think the waiters were so overworked and tired thanks to the 2 busy nights, they were literally looking like zombies running all over the place having no clue of what they were doing.On one specific occasion we had to ask/remind a waiter to get a fork for atleast 3 times before it registered into his memory.

The food was average. Though the quality of the paneer used was good. Also beware of the food items highlighted as specialities of the restaurant. All these marked items are extra Salty !!!

Bottomline :

I was left embarrassed infront of my friendsa and my family for recommending this place for the new years night. Strictly an average dining place not recommended for special occasions


January 25, 2012response from management at Mandi:

Dear srivatsahg, we are really sorry for the experience you and your friedns had with us, and we take unconditional responsibility for the same. Some of the key actions we have taken are: Shared this with the operations manager; Our Corporate Chef has briefed the kitchen team; salt quality checking. We can't perhaps give you back that moment, but would you please accept a dinner for two at Mandi? (Kindly call Ram @ 98804-93432)

kramanand - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 30,2011


Can visit Once.

1. The Tables are big and wide.. Not cramped at all.
2. The Staff is child tolerant and courteous.
3. Food is decent & less greasy.
4. Nan/Roti were soft and tasty
5. Rabdi was heavy and tasted awesome. ( 1 serves 3 after food )

1. Soup was served warm. I prefer Hot.
2. All the items ordered ( having * in the menu ) had excessive salt. Inclusive the pudina chutney.
3. Starters are unsatisfactory in Quantity for the price.
4. There is no difference between the masala used in nimbu shikanji and jal jeera.. ( except sweet and later being salty )

Visited : Dec 2011 ( cost per head 400/- )


January 25, 2012response from management at Mandi:

Dear kramanand, First of all thank you for such pointed feedback. You have shared your opinion in plain black and white, and this helps us to know where & what actions we should exactly take. And we assure you that we will definitely do so.

IndianInjun - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 08,2011


Mediocre at best

Went there for Dinner with extended family including kids. Food is not great, Just passable it is plain regular Shanthi Sagar style food/menu. Though it claims to be North Indian Cuisine it is regular "Bangalore" style North Indian fare and not authentic North Indian. The starters were way better than the main course. The deserts and mocktails are so-so. Skip this if you are looking for authentic north-indian good food.
Malai Kofta - better at smaller north-indian eateries around bangalore
Sabz Biryani - Spicy and not Biryani, more of a mish-mash of spice/rice/sabz all thrown in and cooked in a hurry
Paneer tikka - what was that again? it was like the paneer never made it to the grill.
Ambience is good and service is good, in fact the service is to the point of perfection. If I do return, it will be for the service.


December 11, 2011response from management at Mandi:

Dear IndianInjun, first and foremost we deeply regret the experience you and your family had. A dinner with family is supposed to be such a memorable should definitely not end up being like this. We are truly sorry! The very least we can do now is to take your comments seriously and see how and where we can improve. Towards this, may we request the following information: (1)Your Mandi restaurant bill no. and date of visit (2) Your favourite North Indian restaurants in Bangalore (3) Your email id, so that we can communicate with

December 29, 2011response from management at Mandi:

I appreciate your efforts, your service and the ambiance is worth the appreciation. For the food, when I hear North Indian, I see vibrant colors. Let me start with what we had 1. Paneer Tikka Lababdar: The paneer should be grilled (not fried) before it is cooked, the flavor will be amazing. The best Paneer Tikka Lababdar I had was at Park Plaza (Melange).
2. Malai Kofta: Go light on the cashews and the gravy should not be made thick with Ginger, the thickness should come form the natural properties of tomatoes.
Sabz Biryani -


Yummm...have no words

Personally i felt i hadn't had anything better than this in the last few years in an All-Veg Restaurant. Good Ambiance. We started the dinner by 7.30 and we were out by 8.30, this talks about the fast turn around time. The taste, i don't have words. The best authentic north Indian food i must say!! The smell of fresh vegetables in the soup, the charcoal essence in the bread. Just Marvelous. A bit high priced though, but worth it. My only complaint, Get your adverts right. People can hardly see this restaurant!! I have recommended to many people already and they ask me, i have never seen this restaurant. Thanks for organizing the surprise cake for my moms birthday. You guys were just perfect!! Oh wait!! I forgot to tell that Pan's were served on the table. Good job guys.


November 19, 2011response from management at Mandi:

Dear sudhanvaramesh, Even we have no words...all we can do is take a bow. Really...we exist to ensure guest have a great time. Nothing less! And we feel fulfilled whenever we see it come true. So thanks once again!! And we will share this with the entire team and we are sure they will feel the same way. Best regards.

BhavsMohan - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 05,2011


Awesome !!!

had been to this place today for the afternoon was simply out of the world..starters were comparatively less in number..but tooo good...One thing i liked best about this place was not the plain usual dishes u wud get...there was variety in the palate...We asked for the chef..sadly he left for the day...

It is must try for all veggies in Bglore...


November 8, 2011response from management at Mandi:

Dear BhavsMohan, we thank you on the behalf of the entire Mandi team for your acknowledgement. To say the least, you have motivated us to do even better. Sorry, you missed the chef. But we shared your feedback with him and he broke into a wide grin :)Look forward to serving you again.


Awesome Food:)

We two friends were really craving for good authentic North Indian lunch that could satisfy our appetite..... We opted for buffet n truly the combination of low pricing and best variety wid good taste suited our pockets n taste buds...the food was yummy and service was upto d mark.

Mandi was our first visit n we r looking forward for more.

Megha n Shankari


October 10, 2011response from management at Mandi:

Dear Megha n Shankari, Thanks very much for visiting us and for such heart felt feedback. We will share this with the entire team and we are sure it will motivate them further. Regards Mandi Team Management

Thanks for providing such a wonderful evening

It was my sister's birthday. And she wanted to treat our Big Joint Family of about 25. Had dined earlier once at Mandi, quite liked it and advised my sister to have the party here. And the wonderful experinece begun right from then!

We called you. You took our call extremely courteously explaining us all the menu options and also about the unlimited buffet for groups. You info email with complete details was quite helpful in deciding the menu and planning everything.

We reached there - to be surprised by the special decoration done for her birthday by Team Mandi - Thank you very much. The dinner was served very well. Welcome drinks, soups and starters, main course, desserts, sweets, paan - all kept flowing in harmony - at appropriate intervals. And the best part - Delicious food - each one of us was seen licking our fingers.

All in all, we had a great time. No glitches, no hiccups only pleasant surprises. Tasty food. Excellent Service. Thanks for providing such a wonderful evening to our family.


May 9, 2011response from management at Mandi:

Dear Ravikaklasaria, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! We at Mandi are committed to our guests having a great time, and it is so fulfilling and moving to see our commitment being translated into reality. On a separate note, on a regular basis we kept on getting guest feedback that we are an ideal place for large groups. Thus we decided that we will become one of the destination places for large groups. Towards which we have just introduced a new product idea - 'create your own buffet'. Mr. Ravikaklasaria, you will be happy to know that you were

R S - Burrp User

R S, E

3 Reviews

April 29,2011


Yet another good Veg restaurant @ JP Nagar 1st Ph

Good that ther is another good veg fine dining restaurant in the vicinity. Had been here almost in the first month of its opening and the service was good then. hope the same continues. Food I ordered was a complete 3 course meal and I can rate it as more than average and less than good . Presentation of the food was good but did not meet my expectation for taste. Cost and ambience actually makes one expect good food here. It wasnt really bad though.


April 29, 2011response from management at Mandi:

Dear Ravindrash,
Thanks for the feedback. Could you please let us know what you ordered and how would you have liked it to taste. Also send us your bill no. and date of visit. This information will help us better appreciate your inputs. Thanks in advance! (Our email:


Good, but could have been much better

Too be short n precise i would rate the following as per my assessment. Service was really good 4.5 stars ans so was the food with 4.5 stars, ambiance was quite good with 4 stars, however prices are on slightly higher side and hence 3.5 stars. Could do better with reasonable price. I would like to appreciate for the reply made by the management for every review posted here. Really good, keep up the good work


March 26, 2011response from management at Mandi:

Dear Alpaamit,

Thank you for visiting us and your feedback. Just to share one of our beliefs: We are committed to our guest's satisfaction. And frank & constructive feedback is one of the best ways to understand how can we do our job better. So almost every feedback that we get, is discussed and analysed, and then appropriate measures taken if required. Thanks and regards


Good, could be still better

Too be short n precise i would rate the following as per my assessment. Service was really good 4.5 stars ans so was food with 4.5 stars, ambience was quite good with 4 stars, however prices are on little higher side and hence 3.5 stars. Could do bettter with reasonable price. I think i would like to appreciate is the reply made by the management for every review posted. Really good and keep up the good work.


Nothing great !!

Been to this place after reading good reviews but found this place offers nothing new. We went to this place on a weekday so it was not crowded so service was not an issue. But there was nothing great in the food and certainly not value for money. It is no way a cheap place. From starters to desserts nothing was bad but again nothing was great.


February 16, 2011response from management at Mandi:

Dear Achinth,
Thanks for dining with us and your candid feedback. We request you to kindly share a more specific feedback, this will help us understand where and how we could improve ourselves. You could email us at:

Thanks & regards
Team Mandi

February 16, 2011response from management at Mandi:

I asked the guy taking our order "what is the restaurant's speciality?". He suggested some items and we went for one of it. We did not find it great. Even the main course we went with the suggestions he provided and everything was just average. There was no item which made us say "wow".


awesome food n service!!

i went to this place with my 10 girlfriends and 4 kids under 5.
food was awesome.
service was superb.
ambience was good.

we had taken a package of unlimited food for 300 rs and the mgt gave me a discount of 25 rs for group booking.

Icing on the cake was jalebi which came to us as a surprise. nice n crispy.
for paan lovers, they have all choices of paan. we took maghai sticks and it was good.

overall great experience.......would go there again and recommend it highly to all readers.


February 10, 2011response from management at Mandi:

Dear Ranu09,

Thanks for your kind words.
We just shared your feedback with the team and all of us are really kicked.

Thanks once again!

Foodie12 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 05,2011


A must visit!

A group of us visited this restaurant recently. North-Indian pure veg restaurant was what we were looking for and since this was new we thought of giving it a try. My friend and I had booked the unlimited lunch package for our team. It's similar to a buffet. The food is excellent!. Ambience is too a cosy n comfortable feeling. We even had the option to choose the items out of a limited menu for the buffet.
The only sad part initially was that the waiter took the orders from another member in our group and we two who had booked the package were sidelined..:-)
However, it was all forgotten later as the food was really delicious!..hats off to the chefs!..
We were served endlessly even though we were feeling full :-).
It was definitely the best choice we made by dining there...
This restaurant will surely become more popular!..Will visit again soon!!


February 10, 2011response from management at Mandi:

Dear Foodie12

Thanks for your kind words.
We just shared your feedback with the team and all of us are really kicked.

Thanks once again!

deecee - Burrp User


25 Reviews

January 21,2011


worth a try

BIG seating area, they sure were very optimistic when they opened the restaurant.
With a hope for a healthy meal, began with mix-veg soup. There were a few scattered instances of beans and carrot in a tasteless broth.
The clay roasted cauliflower was very tasty, but nothing different to what we have already had before in all the other restaurants. There were a decent variety of veg side dishes sub categorized into koftas, cashew based curries and the usual lot.
The best part of the meal was the dessert which were hot, crisp, fresh jelebi's. Rarely find them so crisp. But the only strange thing was that 1 plate comprised of 4 big jelebi's, so unless you have a sweet tooth with a big appetite or a big gang of people, it's a little too much sweet to handle.
All said and done, the place does hold promise.


January 24, 2011response from management at Mandi:

Dear Deecee,

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

It appears from your post above that you didn't like the mix-veg soup at Mandi. We regret the same. Could you kindly email us your bill no., table no. and date of visit (all of which is printed on the bill). This will help us get to the root of the problem and make corrections wherever necessary.

Also if we may add, our guess is that you ordered a sabz mandi shorba. And if that indeed is the case - then this soup is meant to be - really thin in consistency, subtly flaoured

ksk19437 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 10,2011


Good veggie experience

A group of 6 friends & 2 children - we visited this place on 9th Jan. We had reached the place before the crowds come in....and we did not require a reservation (otherwise this place would need one). The hotel has lots of seating tables & can house a big group as well. We got into a quite corner and the kids had enough place to prance around.
The food menu is exhaustive and we ordered gobi & pepper corn dish in our starters. Very good. Roti, parathas & kulcha with Mandi special subzi for main course....the rotis were pretty stale by the time it came to us. Only blip in our otherwise good experience. Biryani was also good.....with lots of ghee.
This place has some good deserts options as well.
The bearers were attentive to begin. But as the crowds started pouring in, this dropped. Need to call out for things will water re-fills or menu cards.
Overall a good experience, with good options in menu and reasonable price. The valet parking was added incentive, to aviod parking hassels in JP Nagar.


January 12, 2011response from management at Mandi:

Dear KSK19437,

Thank you very much for your kind words.

Regret that you found the rotis to be stale...needless to say we would have loved if you had had a great experience with rotis too...may be we would end with a 5 star rating from you ;)

However, we would like to share that we remain committed to our guests having a great time. In the future, if you experience any sort of dissatisfaction with any aspect of your dining at Mandi, please bring it to the attention of our manager and I am sure he will take care of it.


Good Experience

Visited this place twice on consecutive days for dinner. I would rate this place 4.5 for service, 4.0 for quality of ingredients used and 3.5 for taste. Staff is very courteous, ambience is nice and service is prompt even when the restaurant is full. It is recommended that a table reservation be made before visiting in order to avoid waiting. Overall, definitely a good experience. Would certainly suggest this place for a nice eating-out experience!


January 4, 2011response from management at Mandi:

Dear Ajitbhimesh,

Thank you for your kind words.

Look forward to your future visits.

Best regards
Team Mandi


Great ambience,good food!

Very sober & calm ambience.Fantastic service! Fabulous vegetarian food...right from starters to the dessert!!! Jilebi is simply outta the world! Been here twice this month!!!


December 30, 2010response from management at Mandi:

Dear Tallman,

Thank you so much. Here's to many more such visits from you, Cheers!


Great service, great food!

If you want great vegetarian food in south Bangalore, there is no better place than Mandi. There service is very good, and the ambience is fantastic given the location.
We recommend the jalebis at the end of the meal. They are mindblowing.
Thank you, Mandi! :)


December 24, 2010response from management at Mandi:

Thank you, Kavya.sapphire!

With Christmas and New Year round the corner, there couldn't have been a better gift for us :)

sashni - Burrp User


70 Reviews

December 11,2010


Yummy food

A pleasant surprise to see some good Veg Fine dining restaurants opening up in Blore, Mandi being one of them.
Pretty good choice of food, subtle when it comes to the spices, and does live up to the expectations.
Prefarably stick to the Indian stuff here and u will not be disappointed.
Special mention to the Hara Shorba, Subz mandi, Mutter methi malai, mint corn pulao.
Only drawback is not the food, but the basement parking lot, which is a dangerous place for 3 box cars !


December 11, 2010response from management at Mandi:

Dear Sashni,

Thank you very much for your kind words. God willing you will see more such fine dining restaurants from us in the near future. We definitely have some interesting ideas in store for Bangalore :)

As regards parking we have a valet service. Looking at the positive response we have received we are looking to add to the valet parking staff.

Thanks once again.

Best regards
Mandi Management

nadayogi - Burrp User


5 Reviews

November 27,2010


Great food, okay service

Food is definitely one of the best I've had at N Indian restaurants of similar price ranges. Service was okay - some of the waiters seemed new and a little lost but then this restaurant has just started and so will cut them some slack. Definitely a South Bangalore jewel.



tasty veg food with nice ambience

It is just above the vivek's and there was a furnishing shop in the same place previously, so the owner decided to use the big hall without many modifications. it has a huge hall where all the seating arrangement is done in simple rows. Furniture is just average.
Now coming to the food... Which is really tasty may be little over priced but it is surely tasty. Service was good and staff was courteous. They bring the bill in wooden box like a charity box :)
Lots of variety in vegetables, paneer and koftas. I don’t know why there were some chinese food items in the menu as it was not going with rest of the menu. But yes some Chinese stuff is also available though we didn’t try. The food prices are according to the category like all daals are of same cost and all panner or kofta are of same price.

Over all we had a nice dinner in Mandi…


VFM Veg Family Restaurant

My ex-colleagues and I, all veggies decided to try a new Veg Restaurant close by and Mandi was the obvious choice. Thanks to some good reviews we’d checked on burrp!
When we reached the place, there were hardly any table occupied. The restaurant is on the 3rd floor and as you enter, you will notice bags filled with vegetables, grains and more! They probably want to create a replica of a market which means Mandi.
We quickly occupied our table and started looking into the menu card. The menu did not just consist of the North Indian food but, it also had some pastas and noodles in the list.
We wanted to stick with the basics. Hence, blindly went for the tomato soup, Masala Papad and one of my friends wanted Coke. The soup did not have sufficient salt in it. The Masala Papad was the best. The vegetable mix tasted fresh unlike many places where the mixture would be made ages ago. Next was the Gobi Amritsari. This, wasn’t anything great. It was just dipped in the regular besan batter and fried.

Not too happy with the starter, we moved onto the main course. It was 3 Rotis, 1 Naan along with Mandi Special Bhaji and Kaju Masala. This indeed is something that I can talk about. My friend loved the Bhaji and the Kaju Masala was kickass.
Post this started the real issue. They presented the bill to us with those things mentioned which we never ordered. Sent it back for correction. After 15mins, we get a new bill, and this time again they’d goofed it up by mentioning those we never ordered. It goes back again for correction and the third time we got the right bill. The process of correcting the bill took too long. However, the manager seem to be apologetic.
The meal for the 3 of us cost us around 900 bucks! Definitely a good VFM restaurant for veggies!! the number of stars has reduced to 3 only coz they goofed with my bill.


rakesh23 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

November 19,2010


Good Food & Veryyyyyyyyyyyy bad service

Five of our friends visited this place last Sunday.The food was excellent and can give 4.5/5.Coming to service the points can be 0.5/5 .The water glasses were not filled by steward and it took 30 minutes to get refilled after asking for around 5 times.There were no one to take even the orders.Finally,the bill arrived.we opened and were supposed to pay.Suddenly on verification they charged us Rs.600/- extra by adding the ordered numbers.Again we wasted around 30 minutes for bill to be rectified.There were not even any manager/owner to say a small sorry for the mistake made.



November 26, 2010response from management at Mandi:

Dear Rakesh23,

Thank you for visiting our place and appreciating our food.

We truly apologise for the experience you and your friends had!

We want to assure you that we are committed to provide each and every guest that dines with us with nothing but an excellent experience. Your feedback has been shared with the Mandi team and we will ensure that this does not happen again.

Specifically as regards the bill issue, there were some issues with the software we had installed, which has now been corrected.

WASHUTOSH1 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 14,2010


Accessible, Affordable and Very Very Tasty

MANDI wowed me, my family and 2 families of friends i went along with the other day with its warmth, restrained and extremely tasty food and very very attractive pricing. We were amazed at the final amount on our bills after what we thought was a really gluttonous session involving 15 people. The jalebis and the rotis were particularly to die for. My wife felt that these were the best rotis we have had anywhere in Bangalore. The staff was very accessible but at times a little too hassled out of their was on the whole a great outing that everyone enjoyed.



Nice and cosy ambience in a busy street

Simple and beautiful interiors in a rose wood finish. Food is not too heavy on the wallet. Some starters like hara bhara kabab was very good. The butter kulcha that they served was actually a naan with NO butter. And the waiter argued that it was not naan!
We tried the stuffed gulab jamoon for dessert.. and it tasted very bad. The curd rice was also extremely bad.. even a small fast food darshini will make curd rice far better than this.


November 13, 2010response from management at Mandi:

Dear Sir / Madam,

First of all thank you very much for visiting Mandi and also thank you for your candid feedback. For we believe that guest feedback is one of the best ways to improve ourselves.

We at Mandi fully appreciate the fact that whenever you dine out you are looking to have a great time with your friends / family. And in this particular instance we can clearly see that your experience at Mandi has been far from what you would have desired.

First of all we offer our unconditional apologies for this experience

smilerao - Burrp User


2 Reviews

November 04,2010


Good veg restaurant @ JP Nagar

A very nice veg restaurant @ JP Nagar. Ambience was great, courteous, non-intrusive, attentive waiters! Great food... Angoori kofta was super.... please do try the hot jalebis... nice ones after a very long time...



amazing party place

Mandi is a North Indian fine dining restaurant (vegetarian) which has recently opened in JP Nagar. The veg food was served fresh and hot! The starters sesame fingers fantastic. they have a small room which is good for having a small party for 20 to 25 people
The prices are nicely mentioned.



Veg Delight!

We went to a newly opened restaurant in JP Nagar- Mandi. The name certainly stands true to its interiors! A good spread of fresh vegetables, with a rural look, and spacious seating arrangement.

The veg food was served fresh and hot! The starters gold coin and hara bhara kabab were fantastic.

I think the owners gave a good thought to the menu. Since a restaurant is a place to relax and enjoy, the menu did not have the prices in numeric. Instead the owners want its guest to explore the menu and not think about the well priced dishes.

The prices are nicely mentioned in words at the end of the spread proposed.

Truly a Vegeterian's Delight.. i would recommend this to all, looking for a great alternative in Bangalore.


A decent multi-cusine veg restaurant in J.P Nagar

Mandi is a North Indian fine dining restaurant (vegetarian) which has recently opened in JP Nagar. It altogether came out of a surprise to see a new restaurant cropping up on marenahalli (JP Nagar) main road.
I had been to this place along with my office friends on friday, 24Sep for a lunch. We were looking to venture out for some new place this time! Hence landed up here on my suggestion.
The ambience is pretty good and is based on a theme 'MANDI' meaning 'a vegetable market place'. You can even see some of the wooden pots being kept as soon as you enter where they have the vegetables kept. The vegetables are picked from these wooden pots for preparing the dishes itseems! And they keep refilling. The tandoor section in the kitchen is transparent and you get to see the tandoor items prepared right infront of you. There is a private party area which is suitable for a small treats/lunch outing.
I had an opportunity to speak to the Mr. Vishal Gupta who is the proprietor. He took me around the place explaining about the theme and other details. I even got to know that this is their first venture into restaurant space! which doesn’t appear though ?
Coming to the food, it was good and tasty. We had ordered for a soup and a starter (some veg kabad) and they were good. The mail course included few stuffed kulchas, naan and a spicy hydradadi dish named – Hydrabadi mirch masala ,was bit spicy and tasty too. We even tool dal-palak and on rice side, jeera rice and curd rice. All were good.
NOTE: When you look at the menu don’t be surprised to see only dishes names without a corresponding price ! ! Look down and there is one price associated to set of items / dishes.
The service is fine, however need some amount of experience waiters. There are few table etiquettes that needs to be followed when serving.
Coming to the value for money, I personally felt its on the higher side. However the quality is good.
All in all a place to visit and I will for sure go once again.