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> > > > Mast Kalandar

Mast Kalandar

Airport RoadEast Bangalore  

  • 41256095, 41256079
  • Anjaneya Complex, Airport Road, Bangalore
  • North Indian

4 Reviews / 4 Ratings

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Mast Kalandar Reviews

Prettyprav - Burrp User


7 Reviews

November 10,2012


Value for money

If you ever feel hungry and wanna have a quick bite.. this is the place :) Their combos are awesome.. this for the first place my husband had taken me when i came to blore.. loved the paneer sabzi... it was quite filling too :)
but the ambience is average..u cant expect much when u get good food at a nominal cost...



How can i miss this food joint all these days. Have visited 5 of there branches in last one month and found the food extremely homely, less oily, and value for money for everyday lunch. Thanks Mast Kalandar.



Another worst experience !!

About Food: Tried Old Airport Road outlet this time (thought they will server better) and the same experience that I had with Whitefield Road & Church Street Road outlets.
Don’t know exactly what has happened to Mast Kalandar chain as we used to have good food.. ?
Anyways, for this time; we ordered dal makhani which was half cooked and in white color (man, never seen makhani dal in pure white gravy/color ‘shocked’) . We asked the restaurant boy to change and got Dal Tadka in exchange. Ohh.. Not again!! The dal was over cooked and smell was really bad.
With all such happening the other dished like FPC Paneer makhni was served with few pieces of panner, FPC dilli kadhai paneer was full of bell papers in it and again less paneer and Firangi veggie Curry (added new) which is like a treasure to find vegetables in it… !!
About Service: The people working in MK are not professionals at all. I saw 2 boys (less then 18 yrs.) working there and were servings water and other small items.
Had to shout for getting extra spoons, bowls, plates and paper tissues…
I’d surely not recommend any outlet of MK to anybody … ? ? ?
Eat good and be happy always… GOOD LUCK



Piyush Jain - Burrp User

Piyush Jain

1 Reviews

November 15,2011


Experience differs drastically in each branch!!

Quite Ironical that I am liking this page. I was at Domlur,Bangalore branch on Sunday and had quite a horrendous experience!! The Gatta we ordered was go stiff that we had to ask for a replacement which they promptly did (brownie points for that!!) But the replacement, Paneer Makhani, was even more horrible. Same was the case with Sarso - Makkai combo.. Sarso was quite tasteless!! I have been to other branches and have had good experience, but the last visit was very bad!! Hope u guys take some steps!!