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> > > > Matteo Coffea

Matteo Coffea

Church StreetCentral Bangalore  

  • 43336000
  • No.2, Church Street, Bangalore
  • Snacks

54 Reviews / 56 Ratings

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Matteo Coffea Reviews






Good coffee place - Nice atmosphere

I am not a big fan of coffee shops. Thankfully, Matteo is more of a meetup and hang out place, with not very loud music, and a large area of seating to choose from. We initially sat outside in our last visit, and well, except for honking cars and dark street, there isn't much of view. Inside it's nice and buzzing with people. Their coffees are not mind blowing, but good to sit down and drink while you're chatting with your favorite people. Their iced tea comes disintegrated and most of the time you'll end up asking for more syrup or ice so I just gave up on that. The croissants and baguettes are good to munch on, and freshly made.







Best cafe in MG Road

Best cafe in MG Road area. I and my friends are here all the time on weekends.We can have lots of fun and food at one place.






Best place for coffee lovers!!

I have been a frequent visitor at this place and find it to be one of the finest places to sit and relax at one of the busiest streets of Bangalore. In the evening you can even sit outside and enjoy the weather. Irrespective of huge crowd you might find at this restaurant they manage to serve you on time with good food.



Amazing Coffee, Decent Ambiance Topped With Good Service

Matteo's is a good place to hang out and sip some coffee. It's usually crowded with indoor and outdoor seating facilities. Outside seating is mostly for coffee and smokes. :P

Coming to the coffees and lattes, they are amazing. The hot chocolate definitely deserves a special mention. Hot steaming chocolate milk with thick cream on top with some sprinkled chocolate. One word -- Yum! Their Ice Tea is pretty good too. I feel its too expensive though. They mainly serve coffee and other stuff to drink in two proportions – large and grande.

I haven't tried much on the eating side except for pasta. It turned out to be average. Not that great. The white sauce wasn't really thick and they don't serve bread with pastas. Some people might not mind that but I personally like my pasta to go with a couple of slices of bread.

Anyway, I would rate it in the following way.

Deliciousness: 4/5 -- just for the drinks

Ambience: 3.75/5

Cleanliness: 4/5

Quality of Service: 4/5

Bang for Your Buck: 3.75/5

Overall Experience: 3.75/5

Visit again: Yes



Matteo Mutts!

I cannot believe my first negative review is already here. We were at Matteo last week to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Well, this wasn’t the real celebration but we all met there because a couple of us could only spare time for a coffee and we all like Matteo, plus it’s so conveniently-centrally located. We all ordered a coffee each and a couple of salads. So we’d ordered a sufficient amount to give them reason enough to take care of us well.

Now I’d carried a cake for my friend whose birthday it was on the day and all we wanted to do was make her cut the cake. We were told outside cakes are not allowed!!!???!!! Really????????? Well, let’s say we understand that, fair enough! All we wanted to do was get her to cut the cake. So we said we’ll cut the cake and not eat it at all since outside food is not allowed and they could stay by our table and make sure we kept out word. You’d think any outlet would allow this, what trouble could it be right!?! NO!!! We were told we could not do even this while a server kept breathing down our neck in the time we took to just click a photo of the cake with my friend whose birthday it was and close the cake box. If this wasn’t enough, we also had a manager rushing to us looking nothing short of a raging bull charging into an arena towards a torero. Fine, we understand you have certain policies you cannot change for anyone but isn’t there a way to enforce the same without making us want to punch you in the face, let alone pay for what we eat and drink?!?

This can start off a long drawn debate about outside food not being allowed no matter what! F&B establishments may say they’ll provide the cake themselves and complimentary too. Well, what if I don’t like your cake? Or what if I’ve just gone to great trouble to get some wacky design my friend will love? You can’t even let me cut the cake?

Every five star hotel in the city I have dined at lately has allowed us to bring in outside cakes. Every other place I know lets us bring cakes even if it means a little extra cleaning up once the cake is smashed on the birthday “victim’s” face. I just don’t see why outside cakes cannot be allowed, at least to cut if not to eat in any establishment.


Bite The Best

This is one of my favorite hangout places along with my friends. I have been here end number of times and still can't get bored of it. Ice tea and Black & White Shekarato is the best they make. Chicken grilled Sandwich is not to be missed if you are at Matteo, it is simply amazing and filling at the same time. Its very crowded on the weekend but you can't help it if the place is so happening that everyone wants to get a seat.



Great Place to Relax

I am a very frequent visitor to Matteo - at least two Sundays a month. I love this coffee shop because of its great, central location. It makes it the ideal meeting place to meet friends on a weekend. Matteo has inside and outside seating and both options are lovely. Over the course of my many visits I have sat on nearly every sofa inside and every chair outside and I must say they are all extremely comfortable. The ambience inside is also lovely. The menu has a lot on offer, both in the way of food and drink. The service is great. Polite, efficient and discreet. The crowd is quite good - a mix of expats and locals. This place is also ideal to relax in and you will see a lot of expats quietly sitting with books all set to stay for hours. If you are looking for a quiet, upmarket place to while away time on a weekend or... even a week day, this is a great option.



Good,but someone needs to pay attention to infra.

I love the place and the ambience. It has become one of my favorite haunts, esp because of the rates, which given the good quality of the food, is not pricey. The staff is very polite and helpful too.

However, a long time crib of mine is that no one seems to fix the power points in the place, which you would need if you carry your laptop there (although I am not sure if they have been fixed in the recent past - I haven't carried my laptop there for a while now). Also, a recent problem is their wi-fi has become very slow - and much like the feedback regarding the power points, the staff is polite in acknowledging and apologizing for the problem, but no one seems to fix it (the standard reply I get is 'there are lot of customers who are overloading the network', but at times when I am there at around 10:30 AM that excuse doesn't make much sense). I do hope someone sits up and takes note of these, admittedly minor, details.


samanthastw - Burrp User


2 Reviews

February 26,2013


Good Coffee

I like this place at church street its a place where you can hangout and have a quick snack with your friends or when I am alone I don't mind going to this place however this place is quite popular for its creativity and taste.


Pancakes at it's best!

I had the poached eggs on proscuitto, which was lovely and fresh. a light meal which is what i prefer. price a bit high for the amount of food received. i would recommend staying away from the french toast or pancakes unless you really love maple syrup, they drenched my friends meals in it - the pancakes looked light and fluffy but would order w/out the syrup


rajsraman - Burrp User


31 Reviews

February 08,2013


Best place to chill out

This is one of the best place to chill out with friends, celebrate parties, have excellent and variety of coffee and beverages. Ambiance is good and friendly and courteous waiters. Try the place once.


The place to cheers`

I have been MAtteo nearly about fifty times. It is a really good place for hangout. The best thing is that as like other coffee shops it does not put a hole on your pocket.
The price is very reasonable, services are good, coffee is mind blowing that will take all your stress away and moreover the location is awesome.

Must try Mocha Sheakrito/ Date Shakarito,pastas and fries


Rascal71 - Burrp User


7 Reviews

November 20,2012


Cofeee day out

Had been to chrch street last week and got this on gaze , excellent ambience and got to say this sometimes the cold coffee wont be that great in cafe houses but here's it is mind frosting. If you wanto go on a date its not a good choice on weekends , coz it ll be crowded may be weekdays' is good m not sure but all in all good place to go along with group of friends :) price: 7 of 10


anshul240 - Burrp User


34 Reviews

November 19,2012


THE place to be

If you are a cafe junkie and need a break from the usual runabout CCD's, Barista's, etc. This is THE place to be.

Excellent place to catch up with a few friends or just enjoy a nice date.

Ambiance - Deserves a special mention, it has a very very upmarket and classy feel to it


foodiearu - Burrp User


7 Reviews

September 22,2012


Value for money for very good food

The quality of the food was very good. And whatever we ordered was yummy, service was good and it was worth it. Value for money.


American's Opinion - An Indian Yuppie Experience

Ambience is great. It's hip and casual and great coffee date or meeting place to catch up. The music is good and loud enough to feel you can have a private conversation, but you don't have to shout.


Best Coffee and the best food in any cafe in India

No Coffee in India can even hold a candle to the coffee served in matteo be it the cold or hot variety , the food served is great since this place is still run by the same people who had the original Mac Fast food which was there before KFC & Mc donalds came to india , so in terms of quality they are way ahead in the burgers , sandwiches and pastas ,try the penne with creamy tomato flavour ask the waiter he will get it for you.
. then if you have space try the cheese cake well the calorie may get to you ,however the satisfaction it gives in nowhere in comparisonand the price is awesome :) everything inclusive so what you see is what you get, no service charge , no VAt everything absorbed by them .so all in all a truly great Expperiance.


Service is getting really bad!

This was the coolest place for coffee..great ambience, amazing coffee, desserts but now their service seems to have gone down a lot. Wait forever for the menu, to give orders, for order to arrive and even for the bill (actually good if you want to spend hours!!!!!). Though, their coffee is still great! Just needs to improve the service.



Awsome hangout place

After a tiring shopping,i and my friends came to this place......
The ambience and the crowd was good.....we had ordered for cold coffee, a non-veg pasta and a non-veg sandwich which was good enough....filling and refreshing

A nice place to hangout with friends......


Just Hype? Or real stuff?

So on my first ever trip to Bangalore, the first stop was Matteo Coffea. Heard quite a lot about it. For coffee shop, its HUGE!!!! Awesome ambiance, excellent music, good crowd. The place had such an awesome vibe to it.

Finally we get a place to sit and quickly order Mocha Shekarato and Chocolate Shekarato. So let's talk about drinks first. They were perfect blends of coffee and chocolate and cream and ice and yumminess. To go with it, we ordered veg panini and it was tasty too, good enough that we decided to order one more :D

So far so good, what we didn't like was crispy cut fries. As we were unsure what it was, and I was craving for potato wedges, we decided to ask the waiter, and he said, yes it is potato wedge. Excited. However, when it arrived, it wasn't wedges. Worst was, it was deep fried, full of oil, no taste, some pieces burnt too. Decided to leave half way through.

Another let down was the service. It was so difficult to get the attention of the waiters. You might have to stand from your seats and dance in front of them to get the attention.

Overall, if you are hanging out with friends, you wouldn't mind the bad service as you can just enjoy the place to the core. Good place to go, would recommend it for ambiance and beverages.


akansha07 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 27,2012


love da place!!!!

relaxing ambience, awesum music....tasty stuff...!!!!!!!!
P.S. must try..CHOCO BROWNIE SHAKE :) :)


Shil_01 - Burrp User


7 Reviews

February 17,2012


Nice place to be with Friends!!

This is really a great place to hangout if you have plenty of time in hand. I have been here a lot of times and have tried a lot of stuffs. The food and drinks are really good. The best part is there are no hidden charges (VAT, service charges and other stuffs). Service is a bit slow but that doesn't matter us coz V frnds just go ther to kill time and chill out. ;)..



Great Cozy & Happening Ambience, Decent food

Loved the Ambience a lot... the tea facts on the pillars, the different sections...
The food was also decent.
Music was also just right. The DJ seemed to have a hangover of Chammak Challo that day but it worked.
Value for money - Yes.


rohitanvi - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 07,2011


nice place to hangout

yesterday i came wit my frnds & njoyd a lot....good service,food & music made us feel so happy.....staffs are so attentive & would like 2 visit as often we of the best coffee shops that i have visited so far.....


jacky123 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 02,2011


bad service

my food order was take but i did not get my food and no body came to check back with me and even when i walked out.. non of then noticed me... service is doomed... i am basically from singapore last visit arough 8 months back when i visited the manager himself took good care of me ..... most of the staff are new.. i think i will have to look for a new place any how i wish youlll come back to normal......



Poor rating based on Service only

Ok, a disclaimer to begin with:
I am a fan of Matteo (for the food, ambiance and pricing). I have been there 6-7 times. Many of these times, I have introduced a lot of my friends to the place. In many cases, I have recommended it to other acquaintances as well.

This is just for feedback, just in case the management is listening.

I am tempted to recount the entire incident Verbatim, but for the sake of brevity, I shall stick to the essentials.

A friend and I wanted to shift to a four seater table that had just emptied, so as to be able to hear each other better over the noise (and also cos the table really makes you sit faaar away from the other). The waiter refused to let us do so, saying it was a four seater and we were just two.

After he left, I looked around and found at least two or three other tables with couples at 4-seaters. So when he came back and we placed our order, I casually mentioned (although I expected him to say "what to do, some people dont listen" - which is acceptable). But, his reply was:

"No, there must be other people joining them later" I asked him how he could be sure of that and he replied "anyway, if a group comes, we will ask them to vacate the four-seater spot". I said that was weird considering this is a lounge coffee-shop and people are encouraged to sit for hours and even play scrabble!

Our man, Macharla (I believe), says "Yes sir, we have rules here. We cant just listen to what rules you say (sic)"

And almost to emphasize my point a couple came and plonked right on the four seater under discussion. I looked pointedly at them and at the waiter. Cornered, he said to them"sorry, but this is a four-seater, you cannot sit here" The bewildered couple looked at each other wondering what to do, as the smug waiter looked back at us.

Well, anyway, the mood was ruined - the hep and laid-back ambiance (for which people come there and pay good money - and not go to drab CCDs or Adiga's) was spoiled by this little episode.

Alls well that ends well - We left, the bewildered couple got their two-seater seat, I deprived them of my money (then and in all potential visits/references to friends) and I got to vent on burrp. :D

Granted, this rule was probably brought about by some middle or upper-level manager with no idea of the consequences or means of enforcing such a rule with a clientèle that he/she hopes to attract. Also, the waiters obvious lack of complete command of english might have made him phrase words in that manner. But, the key points are:

1. Although the point was right, it is not too much to ask for Matteo to oblige customers, given the kind of crowd they typically hope to continue to attract.

2. Even while asking customers to abide by rules, firmness - and not rudeness - is required. While being firm, be as polite as possible. Most patrons can see reason, even if they dont like it. So if your rule has a rationale (and stated firmly and politely) people will take it well - or at least people like me...

3. If a rule is being applied, it must be across the board. arbitrariness is just pissing off (and lets not bring in the 'Discrimination' or 'Right of Admission reserved arguments' here)

P.S. I know this might fall on deaf or uncaring ears. But, i dont like a good thing to go bad just becos a few people didnt learn their basics of customer management.

P.P.S I also wanted to vent :)


Brew you!

good coffee, good sandwiches, good ambience, the right location, courteous waiters, wifi, good music sometimes (otherwise Backstreet boys- jk) nice place to hang out, good crowd, a break from the good old CCDs and Baristas- A good cafe.


Worth a Visit

Been to this place last weekend n had hot chocolate and muffin ,its worth a visit ...unlike other coffee stops - service is really good n worth appreciating and ambience as well.


the best place for coffee

The coolest place for coffee in Bangalore! not exorbitantly priced like some of the more famous names (price inclusive of taxes), great snacks and great ambience! The desserts and chicken caeser salad is to die for! Lately,they're keeping the inner section closed..i wonder why?


Shahnawaz U - Burrp User

Shahnawaz U

2 Reviews

December 29,2010


The place is amazing

Now i don't write reviews so often. But this amazing, because it makes you feel like you are among so many people but still feel your own space. Service is no good but that doesn't bother me, Coz it doesn't matter how much time those guys took to bring my coffee....i was enjoying my time there anyways.


sri00 - Burrp User


5 Reviews

December 28,2010


Nice coffee

Place is huge, surprising considering the happening location.
Coffee is good, compared to Barista cheaper.
Service is poor at it's best!
It's too hyped up in burrp, you might be impressed if you haven't really seen good coffee places.
Lot of people hanging around trying to look cool :)


Glaser43 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 26,2010


A wonderful surprise to find Downtown

Having been in Bangalore for about three months, I have found myself frustrated with the lack of non-chain coffee shops; of course I am not talking about traditional Indian filter coffee stalls, but the coffee shop in which one can meet a friend over coffee or while away a couple of hours by reading or working on a paper/report.

I was a little intimidated to enter the shop, with the attractive crowd chatting away on the patio, but it was a chill hang-out inside, and I was comfortable there despite being solo. Inside, there are a lot of different seating options, some more private than others, all comfortable and appealing.

I liked how I could actually get an iced coffee drink of the type I am familiar with; i.e. espresso, cold milk, and ice, rather than being full of ice cream and sugary syrups, which is what I am not looking for usually when I order coffee. I got a medium iced latte with hazelnut syrup (one choice of syrup is included in the price) for 100 rupees, which is neither cheap nor expensive, though it allowed me to use the internet for free (I had to provide an ID, and for some reason could not connect because I must have misunderstood the password the waiter gave me) and was well worth the price!

The food: my friend who has spent a few months studying in France actually raves about the chocolate croissants, which I think are 25 or 35 rupees. The menu looked pretty extensive and reasonably priced; they have things like tuna sandwiches, salads, and a pastry case full of tantalizing eats.

I promise you will not be disappointed with the atmosphere, service, and treats at Matteo.


quayler - Burrp User


31 Reviews

November 14,2010


Good Coffee, exellent eye candy

I like this place. They dont rush you to order - in fact some times they take quite a while to get to you. They have free internet. The coffee is pretty good and as another reviewer mentioned they the prices are inclusive of tax unlike another well known coffee chain - so you dont get a sticker shock when you get the bill. And unlike the aforementioned chain they dont ask you if you want ice cream and chocolate sauce with your drink which is made up of ice cream and chocolate sauce.

I think I ate there once - the roll was perhaps a little small but okay.

The eye candy is excellent.



Awesome hangout

Definitely the best looking coffee place in Bangalore.
The moment u enter.. you see how wonderfully the sofas are arranged and how well the place is kept... u begin to wonder if this is going to create a hole in your pocket...

The menu is not too extensive .. But it has everything you would expect from a coffee shop - --- coffee, sandwiches, shakes, burgers, pastries, donuts,brownie's, pie's ... they have it all... AND THEY ARE NOT EXPENSIVE .. All the prices on the menu are INCLUSIVE of tax.. So you're paying exactly what u can add up on whatever u buy in the menu.. Thats one step ahead of CCD and Barrista already..

Taste wise too matteo is definitely superior..had the sausage sandwich and the non veg club sandwich.. Well grilled and perfect..

We just had the chocolate cake for dessert and it was a humongous portion.. sheeesh.. totally worth the 60 bucks it cost...

Coming to service..They have PDA's to keep track of your order.. :D which is impressive. and they are also very attentive to your needs...

All in all. I am definitely going to visit this place many more times... I am really really impressed.. You guys should try it too..


Pinklover12 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 05,2010


Matteo :)

Matteo is the only coffee place in Bangalore that meets international standards. Love everything about it.!


The best there is

Matteo is undoubtedly the best coffee shop in this city. The place is massive with class and style both. It serves you some of the best coffee and other grubs for an unbelievable price. A huge glass of shake or coffee comes for a max 100 bucks. the desserts are to die for, especially the Chocolate pie. Some of it are not mentioned on the menu so do look at the counter. The service is very friendly and the servers know their job.
Somethings to check out for sure are the hot chocolate and the tuna sandwhich. Brilliant.


Anu  - Burrp User


14 Reviews

October 02,2010


Nice Place!

Been there a couple of times. Very welcoming, nice ambiance with good music n good wifi connectivity. The brownie shake is amazing. Went there friday evening after work for a cup of coffee, had the caramel cappacino, was yummy! My husband ordered the veg totato and cheese sandwich which was good. I ordered the cold chicken salad (hoping it wud be close to the Tim Hortons one) but was sadly mistaken. Was not fresh, so left it and had a bit from my hubbys sandwich. All in all...a good place but stay away from the cold chicken sandwich.
For those who are bored of the overy priced CCD's and barista's, this is the place to go!



Great place

The place attracts you the moment you enter which nicely placed sofa & people having quick bites & chit chats. Some connected the wifi and working along with their usual sip of coffee. I just accidentally happened to step in but couldn't get out without having a coffee & some snacks that too after having a full delightful lunch. The 'shekeratos' their cold coffee range was with right amount of whipped cream and sweetness. What my daughter liked the most was their fresh chocolate donut. Even croissants are something to try for sure. I imagine all other snacks, there are lots of them to choose from, will be good too.
Didn't find the place expensive too & items are decently priced. Definitely a place to have a sip if you are around.



Great place to hang out

Great place to hang around with friends. the crowd is good. decor is amazing. Also the WiFi connection is good. i love the huge red sofas. the second attachment of the place was a shocker. i loved the apple pie (Rs. 50), and the chocolate cake.
Also the club sandwich is nice.


So.. Matteo? Yes!

I've lived in Bangalore all my life and used to pass by MAC Fast Food on Church Street without really noticing it.. but it had been a while since I'd been to that area of town (limiting myself only to MG Road) and then suddenly I see this really interesting looking cafe with hippie/yuppie looking people standing/sitting outside and I just WANT to go in... which I did. And I was so shocked.. firstly by the warm and welcoming ambiance and decor of the place (It's got red, squishy love seats all over, as well as nicely done interiors.. not the plastic-y looking KFC/Coffee Day type) and by the sheer size of the place. It is MASSIVE.

You walk in and there's a huge-ish area filled with circular tables and comfy couches.. you then walk in a bit further and you come to glass doors that have the loo's on the left. I thought thats where the place ended but no no, you go inside and the place turns into a lounge-y looking cafe. It's got little booths everywhere and looks absolutely awesome. You could easily have a huge party here if this were to be a nightclub and fill at least 300 people, without any problems.

Anyway so after I was shocked by how huge it was, my friend and I found a nice looking love seat type seating table (in the front part of Matteo cz there's no mobile signal at the back) and ordered some food. My friend ordered the Iced Cafe Mocha (Rs. 75) and a chicken salad (Rs. 110), while I ordered a Iced Tea Tall (Rs. 60) and a Pasta Neolitana (Rs. 130). Now Matteo isn't some gourmet restaurant that has to get its dishes to be authentic but the food and the drinks were great. For a Rs.130 spaghetti (HUGE portion) and a Rs.60 Iced Tea (which may I add was really very nice) I was really really satisfied. The staff are pleasant although a couple are a bit difficult to communicate with bcz they don't understand English too well.. but most are pretty competent.

We entered Matteo at 6 and we left at 9:30 - not because we ordered a lot of food but because the place just has that welcoming air about it. You want to chill there and just be. It's now become a haunt of ours and we usually end up there after work to just relax and unwind..

Only one complaint though.. they really need to play better music!


High priced!

Did not eat much there! But the brownie my daughter had was rich and awesome! They have coffee mugs which are worth buying! Very overpriced for the lil we ate! Do something about that people!


Love the ambience

I usually end up going to Matteo whenever I visit Brigade, Church Street or even when I have to come to Garuda Mall.

It's pretty huge and can accommodate a lot of people. Even if you have a big group, don't hesitate from going since you can get a space to sit owing to it's vast area.
Anyway I liked the Tune fish sandwich.



Average Cuisine

3 of frenz had met there for a cuppa.... We ended up having salads and Cheese cake.... Prices are abnormally high for the quantity they give. Not that worth shelling out that much.... Rest everything seems nice and neat... the service and the ambience... Can hang out there, only if you find your wallet heavy and need to thin it down... ;)



As the tiny little blobs of blueberry cloaked in an extraordinarily sticky sweet purple suit of jelly gyrate in your mouth, the tiny pores that give it its 'matt-like' texture tease your tongue to turn on the 'heavy grinding machine' of enamel!

Would've loved for them to heat this danish for 10 secs in the microwave.. that way the walls of this fortress that surrounded the blueberries wouldn't have put up a fight as my fork laid seige!

I've had some pretty good blueberry danish at Starbucks.. and I must say that I simply loved this one... thank you Matteo!


My choco pie was gored to a glorifyin death!

Sinfully sweet with the softest most delicate chocolate mousse on the inside.. the mousse was at a very pleasant 15 degrees (or thereabouts)! Just right.. the way I love it!! I love it when the soft cool chocolate works its way down to the very back of my mouth & pauses momentarily... before plunging down to the Abyss that is my stomach!
Just twirl the mousse a lil so that every square inch of your mouth feels loved!

The crust is a real piece of work though! Doesn't budge at all... you really need to stab this thing a couple of times & make that fork clatter a bit, before the crust crumbles!!


Its different!!

I had to buy some homemade chocolates for friends who were leaving India for good and from my past experience, I know they love the chocolates from Nilgiris. While I was walking towards Nilgiris from Church Street, I noticed Matteo Cafféa and recollected all the good reviews on it. I knew I had to go here after my chocolate shopping. Called a friend who works closeby to check if he’d be interested to join me @ Matteo and both of us were there soon not wasting too much time!

This café has an indoor and outdoor section. Outdoor is a smoking zone not too spacious. Indoor is really huge and spacious. I wonder what was there I this place before. The looks and feel of the place is so much unlike a regular café. The set up is different, the colors used, the lightings and the space between two tables making sure the place is not crammed was all impressive. From the regular tables with 2 chairs, the Plaster of Paris used to give a look of a wooden bench. Towards the wall, there were huge red fashionable settees kinda thingy with low rise tables and chairs around. This area was giving more of a lounge feeling.

The courteous waiter handed over the menu card to us. It had some interesting list of drinks and snacks. I dint want to overload myself and settle for one drink (which ended up being a heavy drink). I opted for Mocha Shekerato and my friend opted for Iced Tea. All the drinks come in 2 sizes – Tall and Grande. Both of us opted for Tall and “Tall” which was really tall, was the smallest there!! My friend also wanted to try Criss Cut Fries. I believe it reminded him of his days in US and he seem to enjoy it thoroughly!

The quick snack and drink for the 2 of us was around 200 bucks. A cool chic place to hang out with friends!! The crowd is really good and whoever enjoys being amongst the young and upmarket crowd, this would be the place to enjoy!
I also looked through some of the pastries which looked yummy but, forced and stopped myself from ordering those as I’m trying to stop myself from binging into desserts.

Definitely recommend this place if you need to chill out and have a different and a better experience compared to any other coffee shop!!


Strictly OK

So after a getting a lot of Burrp mobile alerts for Matteo Coffea on Church Street, I finally went there today. And I did NOT think it was worth the 5/5 it's been getting. Let me make myself clear here... The food is decent, the ambience is decent too... But it's definitely not worth all the raving and ranting.

So I reached this place a little after 12 and all tables were occupied either by IT folks (they ARE a different category and they are everywhere man!), precocious school kids, hippie firangs, and extremely wannabe.. err.. locals. I got a seat by their pastry shelf and it wasn't exactly comfortable. One of the waitresses came and thrashed down a menu card on the table. She smiled at me AFTER I smiled at her and she almost looked like she didn't like her job. Come on lady, most of us don't! :P

Soon some hippies left and I got a table overlooking the road and the chairs were a lot more comfortable. I didn't notice much after that because soon the friend I was supposed to meet there arrived and I was seeing her a good three years... The high point of my visit to Matteo was obviously the friend and all the conversation that followed, which in a way made me glad because I wouldn't have wanted it any other way! And I guess Matteo is good for conversation after all, they don't play blaring music.

The food was quite decent - the pasta was to die for and the salad was pretty good too. The iced tea was just about average but I don't blame them. After years of overly sweetened iced tea in the Nescafe counter of my college campus, I can somehow never develop taste for the real iced tea like they serve in the Baristas and Matteos of the world. The service was strictly OK, nothing mindblowing. Overall an average experience.


At last! A decent coffeeshop!

Bangalore might've been the birthplace of the coffeeshop as we know it, but it's been quite a while since we've had a place that serves decent food & coffee at reasonable rates. It's either cardboard sandwiches and watered down drinks or decent-ish food & drink which're ultra expensive (220 for a club sandwich? Really?!)

Matteo's a refreshing change from this scene. Are they breaking new ground in terms of what they serve? No, not quite. They serve your coffeeshop staples like burgers, sandwiches and pastas at reasonable rates. The taste and the quantity are also significantly better than that of Matteo's older counterparts. Similarly, the drinks are tall and not the watered down, ice-cube filled types we've all become inured to.

My sister and I had two drinks, a sandwich and a cinnamon roll for under 300 bucks. Apart from the cinnamon roll which was soggy, we had no cause to complain about any of the other stuff.

Another big plus is the location and the size of the place. Matteo's simply massive, with tons of seating place both inside and outside. You're pretty certain to snag a good place to sit unless it's a sale Saturday on Brigade Rd. They've also done a pretty decent job on the interiors. And free wi-fi too! FTW!

I just hope they keep this up though. Seen way too many places descend into mediocrity after the first 2-3 months of success.


Matteo has food now

Went to matteo again a couple of days back and they have upgraded their food menu to include burgers, pasta and the likes.

I liked their chicken burger, the pasta portion was super huge. However, one of my friends had ordered a plate of fries and seriously paying over 100 for those measly fries seemed to pinch quite a bit.

Nevertheless, coupled with everything the place already has to offer (read my earlier review) i am absolutely thrilled about this place,

Going out there again tomorrow :P


Finally Something New !

Finally Something New Around The Buzzing Brigade Road , The Cafe Is Awsome , The Taste Meets The Price And This Is One Of The Biggest Cafe I Have Ever Been To !


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February 14,2010


Where do i even start??

This place is simply brilliant in every possible aspect! Let me start of with the ambiance and the decor.. the fusion of the colors and the furniture gives the ultimate relaxation feeling! the coffees and shekerato's there are nothing short of bliss and the staff just couldn't get anymore welcoming! Last but not least, the amazing service just makes this a wonderful experience time and again! Great going guys!! keep it up! :)



The first thing you will notice about this newly opened place is just how huge it is. Smack down in Church Street, at the heart of the city they are easily boasting a floor area larger than a mall. i mean it.

And the next thing that is going to blow your mind is the awesome ambiance. They have filled their space with red chester couches, black arm-chairs and those-hard-to-take-away-your-eyes-off lilac barcelonas. The color scheme is somehow blended in so well that what would have normally made the room garish, with the elaborate use of soft muted lights and accents has been brought into being a soothing place rather.

I was totally taken in by their use of wonderful font-work on the walls and pillars along with pictures of the process of bringing coffee from the plant to the table. A lot of information on coffee... after all it is a cafe. However, it is so much more than just that.

Now coming to the food... the menu I admit is limited (yes that is why i have deducted a point). Nevertheless every single thing that we ordered was a taste explosion. We went for the shakerettos: caramel, mocha, black and white and date... can you believe each and every drink was at par and to all of our liking. Usually a cafe ends up having just a select few drinks on each section good. Not here. Everything is great. I absolutely fell in love with the grande caramel shakeretto. At only 100 bucks it was a revelation.

The food: ceasar salad... great, chicken tikka wrap... good, the sandwiches were excellent.

The chocolate dough-nut was warm and flavourful. The blueberry cheesecake came with a delicious graham cookie crust.

Over all I think this place just needs more food.... and bigger tables (:P). This can easily become the "it" place if it starts serving a few great entrees.

With the way the wait staff is, humorous, helpful and very responsive its hard to find a reason not to go back to this place over and over again.



Great place to work and even hang out!

It is a large cafe, with basic but tastefully done-up interiors (and incredible red and mauve sofas), WIFI, space and a good menu. And unlike the Baristas and CCDs that play loud, horrible music, it normally has good numbers, including jazz, at an acceptable volume and on a system with speakers that are not dying yet.


Ora che di caffè (Now that's coffee!)

Take one fantastic location, right in the heart of the city. Mix it up with a simple, reasonably priced variety menu. Add a very comfortable ambiance which makes you want to keep going back. Finally top it up with a helping of great, friendly service - Shake it all up like their signature drink, Espresso Shakerato, and what have you!

Matteo Coffea opened up just over a week back on Church Street, the foodie paradise in the heart of Bengaluru. I was lucky to walk into it on their second day of opening and ever since, i've vouched to be a loyal. So far, the espresso shakerato, the caramel latte, the cappuccino - everything has been an epitome of perfection. Even their Chicken Caesar Salad had more chicken than salad, and all of it reasonably priced (180 for the salad + caramel latte).

They're a friendly folk and while new, also making sure you get to taste samplers of their fine menu. Highly recommended and a perfect spot to chill or party with your gang (its a huge huge place - perhaps the biggest cafe you'd have seen). For a location like Church Street, that's a huge boon!