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> > > > Mavalli Tiffin Room (MTR)

Mavalli Tiffin Room (MTR)

Lalbagh RoadSouth Bangalore  

  • 22230471, 22220022, 9886841474
  • No. 14, Lalbagh Road, Bangalore
  • South Indian
  • Meal for 2 - 250

41 Reviews / 48 Ratings

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Mavalli Tiffin Room (MTR) Reviews







What can one write about a place that is often considered as quintessential Bangalore. MTR is pretty much a "time-machine" that transports one back to a bygone era- one of laid-back times, good South Indian food and intellectual company. Decades of the who's-who of Bangalore have graced this place with their presence and every Old Bangalorean worth his/her salt has stood in the serpentine lines outside MTR, waiting for its doors to open.

As is the case with most legendary South Indian eateries of Bangalore, Masala Dosa is a highlight here. Other "tiffin" items of note include Rava Idly, Rava Dosa, Kesari Bath etc. I'm at a loss for words to describe the tastes & words don't do justice to them. Also, what's South Indian food without coffee-piping hot coffee served in silver tumblers is a USP of MTR.

Another popular item is the Meals/Thali served during lunch hours. Suffice to say that this is one of the best South Indian thalis one would ever come across. Exquisitely prepared items, each better than the other, and oh so filling, that one's stomach is literally on the verge of bursting at the seams. More often than not, one wouldn't be in a position to savour the items being served towards the end.

All-in-all MTR is a place where from one can start their journey of discovering not just the culinary legacy but the very essence/soul of this wonderful city of Bangalore.






Worst Experience

I visited MTR around 2:30 pm and wanted to eat dosa but only meal was available with a big queue. For 2 chapathis the price was 50 Rs and for 1 parata 60 Rs/-. They were not baked properly and rice was not boiled. The food street in sajjan rao circle is much better than this where we get food at an affordable price with good taste.






Banglore Heritage

Banglore's oldest and best. Great idli sambhar. Please be there before 8 am for hot sambar and the payasam. Not to miss their thali which is just great.







Wholesome Lunch, But not up to Expectations

My whole family and I landed up at MTR for lunch on Sankranti. Their website claimed that they were open for reservations for lunch and dinner so we made sure we booked our seats the previous day.

Though we were a bit late, MTR honoured our reservation for ten. We were quickly shown a room and just as we settled down, the food made its way to our steel plates. Whether you are ready or not, the food keeps piling on. The waiters don't bother to wait for you to finish one item before they just plonk the next item onto your plate.

At lunch time, MTR offers only an unlimited thali for 200 bucks. The thali has almost 20 items so it's absolute value for money. The meal is wholesome and is a no-frills meal. Since it was Sankranti, there were two types of pongal. Both were nice. The payasam was another highlight.

The food was just about average and didn't live up to the hype that surround the iconic restaurant.







Decent Lunch

We reached the place for lunch at around 12:30 pm and luckily did not have to stand in the long queue as it generally happens. We had taken the token for lunch which costed us a whopping Rs.190 per person. The menu for that day's lunch was displayed on a white board at the billing counter and we were directed to a lunch hall on the first floor.

The whole restaurant is divided into 3-4 halls. Since, it was lunch time, we had seen that all the halls were completely filled with people. And there is no rushing into any of the halls. Every person is properly guided and shown a table.

So, now the serving starts with quite a few items. It starts with a dish like dosa/vada and chutney. There is this juice that is served, a salad which comprises of Soaked Urad Dal + grated carrot. Followed by bisi bela bath, white rice+sambhar/rasam, curd rice. A sweet dish, for us, it was Badami Halwa, ice cream with fruits and pan.

All the items were tasty enough, though the menu was a little highly priced. The service was good enough and waiters attended to us properly.

Food: 3.5/5
Ambience: 3.5/5
Service: 4/5
Price: A little above average



Authentic Bengaluru, Truly Awesome!

Being a food lover, I'm lucky to be a Bangalorean. At MTR, you can taste the best dosas, idlis, vades and most importantly, for me, the best chutney. The dosas here are amazingly crisp with the right amount of softness. Finger licking! I hate extremely crispy stuff. The chutney here is also amazing. It's really thick and tasty. Idli and sambar are just too good! I don't know if they make sambar on a very limited scale because one needs to go early in the morning, probably before 9 or 9:30 AM to get hold of some sambar with your dish. Supposedly it gets over pretty soon.

I would review it in the following way.

Deliciousness: 5/5 – Save a little space for the sweets. Don't forget to order them. Sort of a dessert. But if your watching your calories then you better not. Their coffee is also one of the best filter coffees in Bengaluru.

Ambiance: 4/5 – Nothing great. Decent enough. It's an old place. Hope this place doesn't get modernized because the oldness of this place gives a great vibe. There are just a handful of such old hotels in Bangalore. But really no one would care about the ambiance when there's delicious food all around.

Cleanliness: 4/5 – Pretty clean.

Quality of Service: 4/5

Bang for Your Buck: 4/5 – The dishes are comparatively expensive but rightly so.

Overall Dining Experience: 5/5

Visit again: Definitely


Aseem  - Burrp User


11 Reviews

August 19,2013


Lunch Meal Spicy and Expensive

Was near Lalbaugh and thought of trying out food at MTR. Went there around 12 and had to wait for 30 mins as had no idea what time they open up. Though had in mind to eat the dosa but got to know when it opened that only meal till 3 pm. The meal cost was Rs 190. I was a bit disappointed as there was no Dosa at that time and also shocked after seeing the price. After pondering for a minute thought of giving their meal a try.

-- Ambiance is nothing to talk about. People are made to sit on plastic chairs even after paying Rs 190
-- Service is slow and the waiters were not careful when serving. They will just dump the content from the spoon wherever they found space on the plate, even if it mixes with the other stuff.
-- The food was on a spicier side. Every item was spicy.
-- Plain rice was overcooked. Curd rice had no taste at all. Juice had way too much sugar in it.
-- The tastiest item was the pan only.

When you pay around Rs 200 you expect at least proper chairs, proper way of serving and food in which you get some taste apart from teekha(spicy). MTR is now over-hyped at least for the meal.


South Indian Food At Its Best!

Mavalli Tiffin Room - popularly MTR, is easily one of the restaurants that people go crazy about. It is the Tirupathi of the devotees of good food. It is the quintessence of good authentic south Indian food. We went there just before lunch time when there was a serpentine queue - thronged by business-class and middle-class people alike.

Since the breakfast session was getting over, we had only the famed masala dosa and a small milk sweet since the other items on the menu were over to make space for the lunch. If ever there was heaven on Earth, it is here. Just dunk a ping pong ball sized of the dosa along with the stuffing and dunk it in the slurpiest sambhar of all time and pop it into your mouth and close your eyes to let the taste buds lift your senses to heaven.

I guess that is enough said. The milk sweet was just right and amazing as well. The best thing about this place is the damn service! My goodness, how can waiters be so nice - quite genuinely. The elderly waiter there was so friendly and you could see genuine happiness in his eyes when he served food and us enjoying it. I guess even the upscale restaurants' waiters should take a day off to learn the hospitality these lovely waiters mete out to the customers.

There is no parking space and all that but take the 5 minute pain for this, man! I mean, if you are going to give this a pass for KFC, I can just shrug my shoulders and continue to experience south Indian food at its best - at its cheapest as well!


Lunch Worth a wait

Had been to MTR for Lunch , if ur not on diet and wanna have dishes made of ghee this is the place to be .. authentic southindian food made out of ghee , i hate sambars in hotel but i couldnt miss here , to end of with the jamoon , i feel i had the best jamoon in town , is it recommended , yes but is it worth the wait , if u wanna have south indian food then yes



It's an experience, one of a kind

It's 12:30 on a hot May afternoon. A small mob is getting edgy outside the gates of heavens. To add color, some white guys also drop in. Gates open, the mob hustles to go get inside. There is confusion and chaos. A seemingly angry head server lashes out at inmates to maintain discipline and the queue. Each plate is Rs 180/- no cards here, only cash.

The ones who have tickets to the haven are asked to ascend to the next one floor. There is another regent who is queuing up ticket holders for seating arrangements. Regent exchanges couple of angry glances with ticket holding inmates.

Finally the roll call happens. Inmates are seated. Tables/chairs are functional at best. There is an AC with ceiling fans. By now inmates are cooling down. Food starts getting served one by one. All requests for little more are ignored.

Inmates start gulping it down. Food tastes good, it probably tastes little better because of the struggle everybody has been through to have it.

Overall, it is an experience. Go for it for the heck of it. You won't regret it.


gsr747 - Burrp User


8 Reviews

March 04,2013


Outstanding south Indian

if ur healthy, hale n hearty , then there is only word to describe the food here ...Awesome !
Why so, because its made with ghee , and the sambar is so divine that i can just drink three cups of it with plate of idli or dosa!
The Khara bath and Masala Dosa must be your order there .
FInish with their filter coffee , and uve reached a peak of divination in gastronomy !
The best south Indian that Bangalore has to offer !!!


Can't tahe a count how many course meal is it?

Since times immemorial- You probably fill in your gut -- literally, BBB(Bisibelebath) finger licking good & a huge 7 course meal, service can be better.


prathapuppi - Burrp User


7 Reviews

November 16,2012


no.2 fr dosa

MTR is the next best place (The first being, CTR) to eat Benne Masale Dose. They are heavenly bliss. The best of all the South Indian delicacies under one roof and there is not such time when this place is not crowded. Though the ambiance is awful, it is worth every bite to enter this place. The chutneys that come with the Idlis/Rava Idlis can take you to new levels of good food experience. The Breakfast is worth the wait and worth every rupee you pay.


RAKESH R S - Burrp User


12 Reviews

November 14,2012


cannot stop gulping until its up to neck

its the place where u feel the food with eyes, nose and tongue.
i am big fan of tiffins and its the place to keep my tummy happy.
there chutneys and sides for tiffin are the best in world.
But this is tastes like heaven but crowded like hell during normal timings.
so its best to visit in odd timing n days to have a feast to ur tatste buds.



MTR Experience

MTR is a much hyped up mediocre restaurant located near Lalbagh,contrary to popular belief about it's renowned status.We visited the place for breakfast recently. Having arrived at the hotel, one is disappointed to find there is no parking space.On entering there was slight amount of dismay to find the ambiance resembling any run of the mill hotel.There after there was a long wait for about an hour plus on flat benches with no back support.Upon finally making it through , we were guided to a corner only to be shifted very rudely to 'inside room' by the staff.While we were making our way through, we were informed that the 'inside room' was full and told to sit in the previous place itself.We were left unattended for about fifteen minutes and royally ignored by the uncouth waiters who avoided eye contact and went about banging plates and tumblers on the tables.Our order was taken only after I walked up twice to a person who seemed like the supervisor.The scene was pretty much the same at all tables.It was around 10:30 by the time we finally managed to place the order and there were only 3 items on the menu that were available.The food was nothing extra ordinary.We ended up having breakfast almost at lunch time and left with a sour taste in our mouth literally.



Good food

Tasty dosas and idlis. Neat and clean ambiance.
Nothing extraordinary though.


dasus - Burrp User


2 Reviews

June 04,2012


Old world charm

I find no other reason to head there. The food is good. Tried the masala dosa, gulab jamun, coffee. masala dosa is good. chutney was good with too much of chana in it. gulab jamun was good, coffee was watery and average.
Legacy and lot of oldies is what you get there. Hot coffee in a super hot dining area... :)



Massively Overrated

I dont know why people rate this place so high. I think its just a name which has grown bigger and featured in every travel magazine. It has good dosas, no doubt but so do hundreds of other Udipi joints in Bangalore. I sincerely believe you get way better dosas in CTR (Malleshwaram) and Vidyarti Bhavan.
My latest experience is I waited for 2hrs (!!!) for a parcel of a few dosas and idlis. Not worth the pain man. Literally had to fight to get my food!



Worth the wait

You get the authentic Bangalorean taste, with good service. The heavy rush is a big mood dampener; not to mention, they make you sit in tables partially occupied already. The service is good and very efficient, the taste is the best you'll get anywhere.


rpb_india - Burrp User


44 Reviews

November 28,2011


Legendary .. in all the wrong ways.

I simply don't get all the raving reviews. Is it nostalgia? The "good 'ol days' effect? The same look and feel of the 50s that feeds into the 'old Bangalore' craving ? All that is fine and dandy but when it comes down to the basics - no restaurant should be exempt from high quality of food and service regardless of its place in history. Infact heritage locations such as these should be setting an example to the new places in town and show them how it's done. Had this place been new no one would give it a second glance today. People should want to come for the quality not just nostagia. MTR seems to be resting on its laurels. I was really disappointed. The food was ok but frankly you can get the same quality in many many places in Bangalore. The idli was good and the dosa was very average. The kesari bhath and khara bhath were ok. Also I cant believe they ran out of sambhar so early in the morning! What bothered me most though was the slow service and attitude of the waiters. They act like they're doing you a favour by waiting on you. The supposedly famous coffee was just too bitter. So they serve it in silver cups. Big whoop. Doesn't help the taste. Lastly, basic cleanliness - I keep hearing anecdotes of the hygiene standards of the kitchens here but looking at the state of the floors and tables (the areas the customers *can* see) I remain highly skeptical. Not recommended.


Classic ... Antique

Well They say Classic and antiques shouldn't be reviewed ..
This is a place you take an outsider who doesnt know anything about south India cuisine Proudly ..

MTR .. The word which reminds anyone of the funny Jamun ad . is one place where the word authenticity is not written anywhere but is felt everywhere ..

The waiting here can remind anyone of a temple darshan .. Well , Nevertheless i have been here number of times and I can write only good things about this .

The word for the kind of service here is "Sincere " ,, I am really surprised some people felt different ..

Coming to food .. This is a Ghee resort !! . There is ghee in all things .. But the taste simply amuses you . You will feel as if you are eating in your home on a festival .. Definite stomach bursting ..

One funny tip for The Meals here . One shouldn't ask for extra of any item though it is unlimited . Coz you wont be able to complete the course . Its literally heavy heavy ..
The fruit salad with ice cream is so smooth that even on full bursting stomach it will go inside without any pain.

You can find the actual definitions of some tiffins here . . The way they should be .
The coffee which will be served in silver cups is excellent . .

The Gulab Jamun ofcourse is a must here . Afterall they are ones who revolutionized it ..
ANd Finally you really feel like saying .. THis place has served for more than what i have paid !!!!!


kd777 - Burrp User


10 Reviews

February 14,2011


authentic karnataka spls

good food but give the lunch or dinner a miss instead go in for morning tiffins they are a revelations . word of caution BE EARLY OR REGRET


The ideal home food

I and my fren were there on a Thursday and we were craving for home food. I have been to MTR when the meal was Rs.80. Now it's Rs.130. The qty served is unlimited. We were served sabakki paisa, huli, rasam and all brahmin food including Thairvade. The items were more and the grape juice juice was very yummy. Fultoo paisa vasool and reasonable home food.


Worth it in every bite!

Awful ambience, one look at this place from outside makes you wonder whether it's a mistake venturing to eat here! Rude waiters, nosiy, sultry place, you get to the food after all this then you realise your effort is worth it! What will aptly describe the food, Iam at a loss, great rava idlis, dosais, masala dosais! The rava idli comes with coriander chutney, sambar, poatato masala, and the dosai with a small helping of fresh ghee! Stunned beyond words such a mediocre looking joint serves such good food!


Worst hospitality one can Experience!

Had visited this outlet supposed to be best in what they Serve, Mavalli tiffin room. First i had to wait for 25 mins just to be attended and to heat up my head the attitude of the wait person, who was so angry with what asked me to wait for one hour for placing my order.He was so rude while enquired about the availables. He just ignored my response and left place with a big disgust. I really wanted to grab and trash the guy. but made up mind never to visit this place even if they serve heavenly food. even if you a big palyer in the market and you delive superior quality food, you should have basic hospitality, as you are in that industry, pathetic it was my visit to Mavalli Tiffin Room, if you really care about your self esteem, never visit this place and they are not worth it. Seriously.


matange - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 03,2010


Lived up to its reputation

Thanks to info on this site, we went to MTR at the right time. A 45 minute wait was accurately predcted. Once seated, service was fast. Masala Dosa, Rava Idli were great. The chutney was delicious. Sambar is only served in the AM. Coffee was excellent. In short, an excellent "tiffin" experience for a very reasonable price. In addition to the timings mentioned on this page, snacks are also served from 3:30 - 7:00pm with dinner from 8:00 - 9:30pm (timings are approx).


epicure007 - Burrp User


52 Reviews

December 20,2009


Sad, but true - the legend is waning

Having lived away from Bangalore for a long time, it had been quite a while since I had visited the legendary MTR at Lalbagh Road. So one Saturday, when the family visited Lalbagh, we stepped into MTR at around 6:30 p.m ( packed as usual)

Since I am part of the industry, I tend to be more understanding when restaurants commit gaffes. Also, as a foodie it is really the food that takes preference. Unlike a lot of reviewers here I have no qualms whatsoever about the indifferent service or the conservative ambience or the long waiting periods at MTR. For 50 bucks a person, you will be foolish to ask for more than what you get.

But when you order two items - Rava Idli and Masala Dosa for which the place has earnt a huge reputation, you are bound to expect more than an excellent experience

It saddens me to say that this inspirational story of a restaurant seems to be in its last chapter. When I say that of course, I mean the food. The incessant crowds, if anything, are an indication that MTR is not going anywhere and the crowds will thrive. But when it comes to the food, it is just not what it used to be anymore

The rava idli we ordered was tasteless and a bit on the harder side. The chutney was cold at times and crunchy due to pieces of dal which were not well-ground. The Dosa, again under-cooked had a palya ( masala) inside that was tasteless and had too much turmeric in it. So overall, this is not at all the food that has been written about, spoken about for decades.

I sincerely hope that it was a bad day ( not an excuse that MTR should be hiding behind, btw). All in all, it will be a very long time before I go back.


Good South Indian Food

Well I was going through the restaurants in Bangalore to find a good place to eat. One of my Kannadiga friend suggested we go to this place and there we are..

Waiting time is too long but the food is worth the wait. I mean I had the same food in our office cafeteria but it seemed to taste a lot better in MTR. The aroma of pure ghee can be felt when you are having the food. First dosa/uttapam, then bisibele bath (for north indians it's the popular khichdi), then plain rice with sambar, plain rice with rasam, followed by curd rice. Finally ice-cream and paan. I was full, half way :)

Get there early, coz the rush to get in when the doors open at 12:30 is huge. Counter is towards left when you enter, make sure you get there instead of running upstairs. If you are a large group then you may have to wait longer. We were just two :)


The best south indian food ever!!!

I am a typical tam bram and i love my dosa, idli, chutney and filter coffee. And i wasnt let down even a bit when i ate at this place.
The breakfast, lunch, evening tiffen and dinner are all awesome. But bear in mind, if one eats the breakfast or lunch, the person's productivity for the day will be close to zero. The masala dosa is awesome here, so is the khara bhat. Te chutney they serve here is also really good. The service is excellent, keeping in mind the rush they see here, the waiters do a fantastic job of serving all of them on time and properly. The lunch is a killer, the good is really good and just when you think they are done serving you, they just keep bringing more and more food. And finally the filter coffee here is a must have. Overall, i just love to go here, especially for break fast.



this is one of my favorite the coffee there is really good n the dosas are good too.. the other MTR in the city are not that good compared to this the true taste is here only...


ad_an80 - Burrp User


41 Reviews

August 10,2009


all hype.... nothing else!

I will try NOT to be biased. What was supposed to have been a birthday lunch at MTR with the family on a sunday, left us all with a terrible taste.

I dropped by family at the botanical park and took an auto at around 11am, thinking I could get early enough to get the coupons at MTR. So, I got there at 11.15 and was told that the doors will open only at 12.30pm, and not a single minute before that, idespite having tried my luck, I couldnt get my way with the rude waiter. So I ended up waiting from 11.15 patiently.. while my family was enjoying the flower show at the park, still not a big deal, I was going to experience a tradition and history of the famous MTR lunch house... or so i thought.
By 12 noon, the crowd started trickling and since i got there so early I was the one first at the door, by 12.15 there was a good crowd of about 30 people and by 12.30, there were over 50 people now getting anxious and slowly trying to nudge and push at each other, I was surprised and thought that surely there must be somehting to all of this experience, how else can one explain this.
12.30, the doors open, and there was an almost stampede like situation just to get to the coupon counter... I managed to place my order, and somehow I was the first in that line after all the jostling around.
I got my tickets and had to go upstairs, and find out that I was number 1 on the lis tof people to be seated, but I couldnt get in until every single member of my party of 9 were present in person. I frantically made calls and rushed my family over and they got there by 1pm and we were late, we missed our seating upstairs, and the guy was just plain rude and obnoxious and couldnt give a damn.
Finally at 1.15 we were made to sit downstairs and the food started to come and we were still hopeful looking forward to the lunch so we can get past beyond the last 2 hours wait.
Boy were we wrong, the food was tasteless and bland, all the way.
The service was SUPER slow... and i mean dead slow to a point where u could easily finish up things even before the rice got to the plate.

I fail to see what the fuss is all about. Agreed its got a tradition and history, but come on you expect it to live up to it also. Change the waiters and get some decent people who represent the true spirit of Karnataka, and to keep up with the times. Not some old man who has been there for some 30 years who still things this is what service is in 2009. This is almost a tourist destination, but one that totally fails to live up to it.
The food was not even mildly (temperature wise) hot, and for 120 Rs a plate, i would have expected a lot more of a variety.. but sadly NONE.. not even for a weekend! (go to Saravana bhavan for taste and value for money).

I will NEVER be back here again... EVER. not for the food, and certainly not for their crappy service.

maybe just to go next door to buy chips, murrukku, etc etc...!

try at your own risk, but you have only yourself to be blamed, for you have been warned!!!!


Good food...

The food was very good. But the waiting time was too much. We waited for around 1 hour 20 minutes to get our turn.
The food was different and taste was excellent. I liked the set dosa made with pure ghee. The bisi bele bath was good. After bisi bele bath they served plain rice and sambar, it tasted same as bisi bele bath :-(
Good to try at least once provided that you have the patience to wait for an hour at least.


kumoy - Burrp User


1 Reviews

July 09,2009


Truly Scrumptious !

This place is truly an ode to food, good taste,old times and is the real thing..well worth a visit if only to realise what junk is served up elsewhere in the name of grub.



Yeh Dil Mange More.....

Wow this is the only word that comes to my mind when thinking about MTR. The Masala Dosas are really awesome and out of the world and Rava Idly is a must eat and what makes MTR standout is the taste . Anyone who would like to try out one of the best Masala Dosas in Bangalore MTR is the first place to go to and you will surely go back for more.



Old is Gold indeed

Best mid-market joint, slightly expensive, but worth every paise.

I had met Mr Maiya, the current owner (father) when we discussed regarding ISO and HACCP certification. He mentioned that he personally checks and tastes the chutneys and sambars every morning before being served to customers like his father used to.

He said, there cannot be a better HACCP certification than tasting it self and serving only after he certifies the food fit for customer.

Talk of quality, why do they need HACCP!

Breakfast, masala dosas, idlis, vadas, rava idli (their trademark), all are fantastic. Fabulous is their chutneys and sambars.

The lunch was priced at Rs 75, i dont know the current rate. But sumptuous and tasty indeed. Worth the wait and worth every paise.



past its best

ambience: didn't expect much but was bad even compared to what i was expecting. The hype notwithstanding the least you expect is not to have to share your table with others

food: average. nothing to write home about

service: first you wait in a waiting room that remnds you of the railway waiting rooms of yore. This for an hour and then you share the table with someone else.

my last visit. i wonder how long a place can rest on the goodwill earned in earlier days...A makeover long overdue without losing the heritage value this place has...


Long long waits but good food

I agree with most of the other reviewers regarding the food - authentic Kannadiga vegetarian fare. But the crowd management leaves much to be desired.We noticed that bigger parties were given preference over smaller ones, so if you are in a group of less than 6 people, expect a really long wait. Be sure to turn up at least half an hour before the place opens for lunch.

1) Simple, good food with high standards of cleanliness.
2)Efficient service by the waiters.
3) Though I wouldn't call it an 'experience', it is interesting to note the various levels of desperation among the crowd while you await your turn :)

1) There is absolutely no ambience whatsoever. You get to sit in pretty dim rooms at tables with granite tops and plastic chairs. But that's exactly what this place is about. The emphasis is on good food and nothing else.

2) If you are looking for a relaxed meal, this is not the place to go. The place is quite noisy and there are enough people waiting to pounce on your table!

3) Don't go there when you are starving. Be prepared for a waiting time of at least an hour.On the whole, it is almost a half a day affair to go to this place for lunch (including the time for finding a parking spot, waiting outside, then more waiting inside)


Synonym for Rave-idlis

Located on one of the busiest roads in South Bangalore, it takes time to reach the other end of the road itself. And you spend some more time to get a table .
But, its worth the wait for the delicious Rave-idli ... smothered with hot ghee and spicy chutney.

The place has retained its old Bangalore charm and you definitely will reminisce about the days you had been here with your parents or Thatha and Ajji .

Its almost a daily morning ritual for people who come to walk in Lal-bagh to have a by-two coffee and idli.

MTR has also been featured on Discovery's Travel and Living too .

You need to schedule atleast minimum 3hrs to go to MTR(that includes finding parking , waiting for your turn) but at the end of it ... the whole dining is worth the hustle-bustle!!!


As South Indian as it gets!!

well i still remember the 1st time iv been there we had to wait for an hour.. n belive me it was worth it.. n guess what we got an entry to the kitchen u can't belive how hyginic it is.. well though the dosas r gr8 i love the jamoons they serve..


Sumptous Meal

Was craving for a typical South Indian and Iyer kinda Food from quite a while & there I was.. at the right place just enjoying all that I have been missing. Bisi Bele Bath with Raita, Shavige, Wheat payasa, kosambari, the rasam, the sambhar, coconut chutney and ofcourse the curd rice (my all time favourite)

Everything on the menu that day was my favourite. Call it co-incidence or my luck, whatever... I just loved it to the core. Total Finger licking experience :)


Old world B'lore beckons...

Ever since I set foot in B'lore 19 years back, I have heard so much about MTR (the original Tiffin Room). Finally, I made my first visit for lunch this Sunday...

Starting with the queue outside, to the waiting in a bare room that dates back ages, the experience is something else altogether - including the quirky practice of 'smuggling' us in through the kitchen rather than the front door (which inexplicably remained locked right through) and awaiting our token number being called out to be served a 7 course meal.

Coming to the food, it is Karnataka vegetarian in its purest form. The 7 courses, each unlimited, consisted of the following: dosa-saagu, jilebi & payasam, bisi-bele-bath, rice-sambhar, rice-rasam, curd rice & finally a simple fruit salad-ice cream. The food was excellent and one could make out there was absolutely no artificial ingredients added. Naturally, to do justice to the meal, one needs to have built up a fairly good appetite; more importantly, be prepared to get wasted for the rest of the day as all you will be able to do after such a meal is sleep!!

A few tips: try to get your reservations done before-hand to avoid waiting on the roadside; however this may require you to plan the visit a couple of days ahead. If you are unable to do that, reach around 12.15pm, before the restaurant opens for lunch at 12.30pm; this way, your waiting period will be reduced to less than 45 minutes...

Meal costs Rs. 90/head and is real VFM. No charges for kids below 5 years.