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Basaveshwara NagarWest Bangalore    & IN 42 MORE LOCATIONS


2 Reviews / 2 Ratings

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Classic Twist Oct 08 - Nov 30

  • McDonald’s India with the launch of its new ‘Classic with a Twist’ (CWT) burgers dares the loyal fans and customers to choose from its all time favorite traditional classics or experiment with their taste buds with new exciting bold flavour that add a zingy twist to classic favourites. This new limited time offer will see products such as McVeggie Twist & McChicken Twist. It’s the love affair you can’t resist. The CWT burgers are prepared with the finest of ingredients re-creating the magic of the golden era with a new remix. Your favourite crispy McVeggie and McChicken patty is now available in a with crispy fresh lettuce, crunchy onions, slices of tomato and dollops of cheese & onion sauce topped with oregano seasoning and a corn meal dusted bun-making it an irresistible delight to appeal to the palates of Indian customers only here for a limited time, so try one now!

    The launch of these new burgers during the festive season, is being communicated through a campaign called ‘Dare to Choose’ which invites the consumers to make a choice of opting to go with traditional favourites or experimenting with new mouth-watering burgers.
    McVeggie Twist burger: Rs. 81 + taxes
    Medium McVeggie Twist value meal: Rs. 140 + taxes (which consists of medium fries and coke)
    McChicken Twist burger: Rs. 93 + taxes
    Medium value meal: Rs. 150 + taxes

McDonald's Reviews






Attitude Issues

I have been visiting this food joint from a long time. I saw the quality of service decline here. There are a lot of attitude issues with the people who manage the counters. This kind of joint needs some one very patient and who can interact well with people. They don't do that here anymore.
They are not ready to wait till you pick what you want to buy and are rude to you



Check your take away parcel

It seems like the guys who packs the take away doesn't really crosscheck the items in the happened so that the guys packed some non-veg items for the ordered veg items.....make sure to have a look there itself before leaving (especially vegetarians) !!!