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KoramangalaSouth Bangalore  

  • 9972572309, 9972572310, 9845048721, 9845092500
  • 423, 8th Main, 4th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore
  • South Indian
  • Meal for 2 - 150

14 Reviews / 14 Ratings

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Modak Reviews


What a slide from awesome to awful

Our family loved Modak when it was launched. My kids wouldn't mind the long waits for the tables. The kids liked it so much that they picked the place for our anniversary lunch. What a letdown. Modak has lost many things - Organic, its own separate space, and more importantly quality. It is still termed 100% vegetarian, though I am not sure if you can be 100% vegetarian while sharing the kitchen with a Japanese restaurant.

The food was plasticky and sat heavy on the stomach. The service was slow for the quality of the food.
If you are looking for North Indian restaurants, there are plenty of options in the area. And if you want 100% veg, you still have Mast Kalandars, Gramin, etc.


Redefined Modak Restaurant

Recently been to this restaurant with my family.The menu has changed to alakat .we had ordered makai shorba,paneer chatpata tikka,modak platter, paneer kurcharan,veg. makanwala,janter manter gravy,dal modak ,pudhina biriyani and bread's.The food was really awesome and so is the service. it is different from other restaurants and i recommend this to all.


rao007 - Burrp User


3 Reviews

March 14,2011


Average food

Recently been to this rooftop place for lunch..We ordered the special thali( Rs 200/-)..Was expecting a delightful variety and was a little dissapointed..We have rice,pakoda,puri,saagu,slad,modak,dal, which were just avg in taste..the kheer was decent...the dessert was a was a ping pong size vanilla ball...wouldnt recommend it to others ....not worth it for this price....




I am a Vegan an advocate of "RAVE" diet. I was excited to read an article in TOI recently that , "Come December, Modak will introduce RAVE diet". I was happy so know that, we've someone in Bangalore running who puts ideology above "foot-falls". However, this place only flattered to deceive.

For the uninitiated, A RAVE diet is:

No Refined foods
No Animal foods
No Vegetable oils
No Exceptions & Exercise

I saw a Big hoarding of Modak and upon entering , I found a Japanese restaurant. I wondered If I'd come to the right place because "Organic vegetarian" and "Sushi" principally doesn't go hand in hand. I was carefully led to the roof of third floor where “Modak" actually is.
I’ll try not to be to graphic to explain my horror of “RAVE” diet but here it goes. The starter/appetizer was "fried chaat ingredients" which I find, a disaster in first place as it fills your stomach, before you move to main course. Buttery soup, fried puris, curds, buttermilk, the smell of ghee and Yes - This is being sold as a RAVE diet! This can only happen in India. I wanted to confirm if this is indeed RAVE diet and “YES" quipped our attendant. I said why so much "oil". They've been taught to tell the customers -" It is not bad oil, good oil ". I was not angry at the poor waiter; he was perhaps doing what he was told. Had this been happening in USA, where RAVE diet originated and is actively practiced, this place would've been served a "Cease and desist” notice. This is copyright infringement, at the least and cheating hapless customers, at best.
Okay besides that, I would’ve hardly any reason to complain, if they were honest and said it is “organic vegetarian food”- which it most certainly is. So 3/5 for food and 0/5 for misleading consumers.


Simply Organic !

Just saw this place on my way... and decided to try. After getting tired of the hotels and food court's in Bangalore; this one was a treat. Simple food and homely taste. The "modak" and the typical Karnataka food was awesome. I give this place a full five :)



Organic and Tasty are synonyms now

Go with the same mindset as you would to your first wine tasting trail. The taste of tomatoes used in their daal, reminds me of how tomatoes tasted about 15 years ago in bangalore. Pure ! With the modaks they serve, I can bet "no one can eat just one". My wife loved the fig icecream they served .. It appears in her dreams these days ! As you enter, dont forget to check out all the cool Ganesha idols that welcome you.


ishan.vaish - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 17,2010


Horrible Food, Pathetic Service, Uncouth Staff

Never been to a restaurant, that was hyped so much in the newspaper (TOI) and branded as 'organic' (but asteless which they forgot to mention)
Like be there was quue of atleast 10 dozen people waiting to get a taste of something which was so well presentaed in the newspaper.
After you struggle reaching to the 3rd floor through lifts and stairs, you will find a well-wasted place; a complete mess of the excellent location, unfriendly staff, unaware waiters who knew nothing about what was being served.
Although with the wide array of things, the food was EXTREMLY tasteless and unpalatable.
The worst restaurant experience anyone can ever have.
I would be surprised thata the management has not cared a hoot to improve things - possible they plan (should) close this down!


slashy - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 18,2010


A strict NO

We had been to Modak this Saturday after reading the review in "The Times of India".I liked the ambience of the place.But my liking stopped there.The served many dishes.But all of them was tasteless.Even the most ordinary food prepared at home would be much better than the food here.Also the sevice was pathetic.There were lot of servers but to get one item on our table needed umpteen number of requests.In short,I woun't recommend this place.



Organic doesnt need to be tasteless

We went to this place yesterday - after going up two floors by a claustrophobic lift and climbing up one more narrow flight of stairs (this bldg couldnt hv been certified as fire safe by the authorities), we reached Modak - sparse settings, spread out over what looked like a terrace - background music playing from an old Sony player which seems to hv been junked by its owners - two speakers tied with electric wires hanging preacriously on the parapet wall playing instrumental music. At a princely sum of Rs. 150/- per thali(Sankranti fare - normal pricing is 70/-), what was dished out was tasteless, disjointed (hv u heard of puri with cabbage subzi cooked south indian style ?? yuck !!) and outright horrendous ! For a long while we kept wondering if something more was going to be served - though the people seemed earnest, there was complete chaos - we had to constantly keep hailing for the staff to get us the next serving. The Pongal which was a "specail" tasted attrocious ! Stay away from this place - with the kind of service and fare that they are dishing out, it certainly wont last too long.....


sabryraj - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 17,2010


Food & service pathetic,decline to even take fdbk

We had been to Modak on the Newyear - Lunch to make our start of the year special.
We waited for an Hour to get our seat. That was OK. But the food served was cold/ burnt pulao and soup was served after they served pooris. None of the gentlemen knew what they were serving. On repeated request on the content of menu they denied to give as they didnt serve all they promise in the Menu. More than that they have bounces type people in the front to collect money( reception_. When we tried to give feedback the gentlemen behaved arrogant. Same time 2 more families had also had the same experience and illtreatment and they left before having food. We also had to leave the food halfway with such poor serive.People use the word ORGANIC just to make money. I really doubt the contents of the food are really organic?. Also the style of cooking isint Healthy. If the cooking is not healthy then what is the meaning of Organic Food.


sendhilr - Burrp User


10 Reviews

January 16,2010


Worst Service & OK food

After all the gr8 ad's and hyped up reviews in TOI, we went there with a lot of expectations. We need to collect the coupon before getting into the waiting line in the ground floor. As we went to the terrace, we saw a small place with few table/chairs where food was served. As we started receiving food, neither we nor the attendants knew what is to be served next to us. They just served at random and the moment we got up to wash the hands, our table were dismantled for the next guest. later we were told that there were ice cream part of the menu which never came.

not sure if this place is new in setting up restaurant itself, there is a complete choas even to handle a handful of people at a time.

Coming to the food, yes the menu was attractive than the quality itself. I understand, these are organic raw materials, however, definitely this is not an excuse to serve such a less standard of food. The poori's were so crispy that we mistook for papads.

Not sure if the management has really tried to fit into the budget and screwed up the entire lineup. Definitely, this is not the place i would go again or recommend to anyone. I still would stick to MTR and Mayaas, which are class apart.


prakashn1 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 09,2010


Poor Service and Hygiene

This placed is hyped with review in TOI. The cost of the Thali was Rs. 130 and hence meal for two costs Rs. 260 (I went on a Saturday afternoon and maybe they are the weekend rates).

The service is extremely poor; you will notice a dozen or so attendants walking around but not really serving you. Once they come to the table, they serve the person who had called for them and ignore others sitting in the table. This I thought was extremely rude. I also had to ask them to serve items that were listed on the menu which they were not serving.

On the hygiene front I observed the food being served was placed near the wash basin where everyone was washing their hands. Imagine if some of the water from cleaning the hands had splashed into the food :(

Overall bad experience and will not recommend others to go there. I also observed that many others had left similar feedback on their return. Hope the management reads them and improves in the future.


Abiananth - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 03,2010


Terrible food and pathetic service

I can't imagine what these folks were thinking when they decided to start a restaurant. Simply coming up with an idea to start something new (how about "organic food", eh?!) doesn't make it a success. The key factor for a restaurant is tasty food then followed by good service, which Modak totally lacks! It sucks! These guys don't really know their food and the business of running a restaurant, which is quite evident.
I went by some stupid review in the Times of India obviously written by another novice in the field of food who must have got an invite by the owners of Modak for a free table for two and then wrote something good in obligation.
I am definitely not going there again and will surely discourage everyone I know to not waste their time and money.
The place simply sucks!!! Just avoid it.
- Ravi Anantharam.


jlnblr - Burrp User


52 Reviews

December 25,2009


Just Another Thali

This place serves a good thali (almost similar to the MTR-Maiya's) except that they claim to use Organic ingredients - can't find any difference though. The place is very small and needs you to take a cramped lift to the 3rd floor and then climb a flight of stairs and walk through a narrow lobby. Quite odd - but once you reach the terrace the place is OK - very few seats though.