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> > > > Monsoon, The Park

Monsoon, The Park

MG RoadCentral Bangalore  

  • 25594666, 25594667, 9036697875
  • Lobby Level,The Park,14/7 Mahatma Gandhi Road,MG Road, Bangalore
  • Cakes, Chocolates, Ice-cream
  • Meal for 2 - 2400

10 Reviews / 11 Ratings

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Monsoon, The Park Reviews


Not worth at all

I visited this place last night on 12th Jan 2013 for midnight buffet. I was completely disappointed with the food served and with unprofessionalism followed here.

The menu given here in evening flavours did not match with what was served there. The buffet had mainly south Indian dishes. Being a vegetarian I could not find much to eat there. In their veg section they had a chaat counter, two types of salads. Uppam with stew, mangalorian gobhi, and daal, kabuli chana biryani and plain rice was in the main course. For dessert they had two types of pastries and gulab jamun. Nothing was there for veg starter. They did not have any kind of breads also. Food was really disappointing.

Moreover in such a big hotel's restaurant they just told us how much money we had to pay without any bill. They had all the excuses for not giving bill. Like their system is not working, if we want bill we have to wait for 15-20 minutes extra. Even after waiting for such a long time they did not provide bill.

Overall worst experience. Food was not at all worth 800/- per person buffet. We can get better food anywhere in Bangalore for this much money.



Never again

First, I want to say, that this used to be one of my favorite midnight snack places, but not anymore. A group of 8 of us went there around 11.45. There were 2 tables free-both quite small, so we asked the waiter if he could kindly join two tables for us. The waiter flatly refused saying, he cant do that. Thinking it was a joke, we told him we'd help him join it if it was too heavy. At this point he held on to the table & rudely told us that he will not join the tables because he cant possibly do that - no further explanation was given, just this waiter called Rohith & one more who joined him saying they cant. This is when we decided to just leave & go to Taj next door. This ridiculous behaviour was totally unwarranted, in any restaurant, leave alone The Park which prides itself on its service. Would definitely not go there again or recommend it to anyone.


E Khan - Burrp User

E Khan

11 Reviews

January 25,2012


Excellent Lunch Buffet

The buffet had everything I wanted and then some! Refreshing salads, soulful soups, and thai food made the right way. This lux lunch will put you back Rs. 500 which is a bargain at a place like this. Come hungry, leave happy.



Not Worth It

This is my second visit to Monsoon and will probably be my last. My friend and I having made the decision to visit Monsoon for a midnight snack, drove over there at around 11:45 pm yesterday. After leaving our car in the capable hands of the valet, we trotted through the large,well-done foyer of the hotel and entered Monsoon. After peering around the non-descript coffee shop, we sat down at a corner table near one of the large windows, through which we could see Aqua and the midnight buffet. The waiter brought us the menu (limited would be the best way to describe it) and after looking through it, we settled on an oven roasted tomato soup with goat cheese toasts, a chicken kamikaze with scallions and shiitake and a baked New York cheesecake. The soup arrived quite quickly and we enjoyed our respective bowls. Then came the main course - our chicken dish. Not being hungry, I merely nibbled at a small piece of chicken and half a shiitake. My friend however ploughed his way through the entire dish but failed to enjoy it and I must say I agree with his views. The chicken lacked salt and therefore was tasteless. Not even a hint of flavour could we find in it. The scallions were non-existant and the shiitake was way too salty. Needless to say, it was with relief that he pushed his plate aside, following the last mouthful. Then came a long, long wait, for our baked cheesecake. Surely, I thought it doesn't take 20 minutes to get an already made cheesecake out of whereever its stored and bring it to the table? Clearly though, in Monsoon, it does. I used the 20 minutes wait for the cheesecake, to look around the restaurant. The decor and ambience is not worth mentioning, given that this is a 5 star place. Music? Nonexistant. The crowd was ok. Service? Well, the less said, the better. The waiter didnt refill our glasses till we asked him to. The baked New York cheesecake took forever to arrive and the waiter took ages to clear away our empty plate following our main course. The fact that there appeared to be a 1 on 1 ratio of waiters to tables but just one waiter (ours) seemed to be attending to three or four tables, while the other waiters stood around in a huddle didn't make a good impression at all (definitely not behavior worthy of a 5 star). When the baked cheesecake arrived, it didn't taste very good. Admittedly it was authentic in that the NewYork version of the cheesecake is baked, but that was it. My thought is that the chef probably sleeps all night and leaves the kichen in the not so capable hands of the sous chef. That is probably the only rational explanation of why a five star establishment which is supposed to have an excellent chef on board dishes up such rubbish for food. Cheesecake over, the bill arrived promptly and we paid it as promptly and walked off. One point in the coffee shop's favour is that the bill was very reasonable and there was no service tax mentioned on the bill. However, I probably won't go back here in a hurry. There doesn't seem anything worth going for - nonexistant decor, ambience and music. Service which isn't great and food which is awful. I would rather bring in Sunday in a place which has an ambience which is relaxed, food which is good and service which is discreet and unobtrusive but vigilant and yes, I am willing to pay an exorbitant bill plus service tax if I can have these things.


Below average service, poor food, awful alcohol

We decided to try something on a Sunday noon new after being spoiled by the likes of Oberoi, Via Milano, etc.

Big mistake.

The alcohol was very bad. The vodka was of a poor quality, that made our throats ache after we tried our cocktails - Dirty Martini and Cosmo. The drinks had a metallic after-taste, the olive juice was bad, and the cranberry juice was stale. Thinking that the just vodka drinks may have be bad, we tried rum-based drinks - Mojitos and Caipiroskas. Again, poor - the sugar hadn't been mixed in, the mint leaves were very few and tasteless.

The service was below average. Even after our food was brought, the cutlery and napkins were not! After were entered the restaurant, the waiter told us to wait, turned around, and promptly proceeded to walk face first into a pillar.

The food was poor. The choices of entrees were very limited (just 8), the salads were average, and the desserts were poor. The starters were average - the tandoori fish was good, the potatoes and mushrooms were average, the chicken was below average and the calimari was tasteless.

The quality of this Park is well below the quality of the Park in other cities like Chennai. Definitely not worth going there again.



The ambience is perfect for any one be it famliy or couples...
had been recently ... The waiters are very well mannered... not very expensive... watchin IPL was fun...
they have a variety of starters costin not more thn 150-350rs Got al drinks 1 ud want...
u must try out this place on one of the weekends


Monsoon - Every Season!

A good friends’ very good friend who is one of the most preferred customers at The Park gave away the discount coupons to us. So, we had an opportunity to heartily munch @ 50% discount!!!
My friend and I went there on a Tuesday noon for the lunch. After the thorough security check, we went into a beautiful, spacious reception to the left of which there is Monsoon, an International Cuisine Restaurant. With lots of natural light penetrating the dining hall, the cream and brown color contrast of the patio and settee set the right atmosphere! We had an option to choose between the Buffet Lunch and the A-la-Carte. They have an exhaustive A-La-Carte menu where our very own Ragi Mudde was listed too. Likewise, there were many such local dishes belonging to the respective smaller towns.
We chose the Buffet – We had an option in this as well.
1. Salads and Desserts
2. 1 + Main Course
We chose the second one which was with the main course.

The lady served us the Palak and Dal Shorba. I want to drink only this someday. It kinda had a soothing effect on me. I loved it so much and my friend, who generally avoids palak, was drooling for more! That was a good start. A real good start :)
Salads – there were too many and I don’t remember the exact titles given to each of those. There was something with Okra, Zucchinis (I loved them) and many more. There was Dahi Papdi Chat which was the usual. There were pizzas which were of the size of a cookie. This size helped us in tasting everything and not overloading ourselves! The different flavored breads were too good resist. The chef there was making live salads and I asked him to make something using all the vegetables possible and the final product was something that left me wanting for more.

For the main course, there was tomato based pasta (I controlled myself from eating more of this as I had to taste the others too), they also served cooked vegetables in a delicious sweet and sour sauce. This had many exotic vegetables and made my day! It was a day filled with vegetables and more vegetables.
Palak Paneer and Okra with the Coconut Gravy was a good combination with Paranthas and Rotis. There were 2 kinds of rice but, we denied taking more as we were full till the forehead. And desserts?? Desserts will always have an extra space :) I think I have a different section for the main course and the desserts!

There were 7 different types of desserts and each one was better. Most loved by me was the one with peach and peach sauce with cream! When we started the meal, I’d decided I should not miss eating the chocolate mud pie coz’ that was recommended by many. But, at the end of my meal, the dessert space was full too. There’s always a next time for the chocolate Mud Pie!

Everytime, I tried a new thing there, I used to think, I should eat only that for the main course!! Everything was fantastic and cooked to perfection.
Overall, a very satisfying and healthy meal in the recent times and I thoroughly loved it. With the discount, the bill was around Rs.800+ for the 2 of us


Goood Food

There's a compliment here. the food is quite good, apart from a few glitches that would prevent a 5-star rating.
To start things off, the waiters were not well versed in what the menu read. That was a bad start.
Food wise, the starters were average. The gado gado was very different from what we have tasted (made by an Indonesian). Very watery peanut sauce as compared to the chunky version I believe is the original. There was no garlic or chilli that we could make out. The chicken platter however was a hit -combination of yakitori and fried chicken, especially with the honey sauce.
If you are a veggie, try the couscous with peppers and pesto sauce. It was out of this world - especially the couscous. My fish and chips were kin of ordinary, tasting very British. The other notable mentions were the chicken Biryani and the Thai green curry.
The kitchen staff were courteous enough to let the kids see the kitchen and the soux chef offered suggestions and help on cooking questions we had.
All in all, a very pleasant experience, considering the fact that we had 3 kids ranging from 1 to 8yrs who enjoyed themselves.
One suggestion is to go early for dinner. we were there at 7.30 on a Saturday evening and it was empty (naturally!!!)



Being a Bangalorean for the last 7 years , i have a soft sport for this place! Its a perfect mix Elegance and Simplicity and the food is finger licking good! You HAVE TO TRY the NON VEG "CLUB SANDWICH" . Once you have had this your day is bound be a great one!


Sinful Chocolate Mud Pie!

Whenever I visit Bangalore, all roads after dinner or partying lead to The Park Hotel. I HAVE to grab the Chocolate Mud Pie whenever I am there. I am sure my cousin in Bangalore will agree with me who got me hooked on to this sinful piece of heaven!

About the food... I am sure i have eaten here but I can't recall an occasion (you see - 24hr cafes are usually visited post-debauchery :-)