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> > > > Mr. Beans

Mr. Beans

KoramangalaSouth Bangalore  

  • 08041115717, 07316452544
  • 100 Feet Road, Next to Karnataka Bank, Koramangala, Bangalore
  • Cakes, Snacks, Fastfood
  • Meal for 2 - 1500

14 Reviews / 14 Ratings

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Mr. Beans Reviews

Best place to hangout with nobody to disturb you!

Had an un-conferential film festival here recently where we showed short films by Independent filmmakers about which we discussed later.

This Coffee shop hit the right stroke; by reverse engineering the “food for theater” to “theater for food place” where conversation happens along with coffee and movies.

Last time we saw this happening at Kyra with twestival, but here Mr.Beans did really good job with crowd pulling that was beyond the space available!

As the event BRTFF had so many category and genres of films to view, just like the menu of Mr.Beans and the number of food to choose, and we dint know Mr.Beans was more than just beans of coffee!

Mr.Beans provided complimentary drink a cold lemon mint tea, just what I wanted at noon, and latter grabbed my food before the movies rolled out.

If you are there for a movie or a conversation do try Desi Green Chilli Cheese Toast and Creamy Alfredo Pasta as its one of the best place for continental dishes. Do support it with one of the best walnut brownies in Bangalore I have tasted so far!



Coffee with Mr. Beans is nice!

Nice Coffee
Nice Ambiance
Nice Location
Well Educated Staff

Highly Recommended



hang in there

it was one of those days when nothing seemed to go right.
Just to let the steam off my friend and i entered Mr.beans. The name was catchy enough for me to try it out. I am not a big coffee lover(bitter ugh!) so chose to go for a brownie shake, brownie, pasta arrabiata and chicken cheese rolls( don't judge us.We were HUNGRY). i agree with the reviews below that the service was quite slow but the food is worth the wait.Also, one thing that struck me most and definitely makes me want to visit again is the absence of any music.Nothing loud nothing soft.just plain perfect silence. The kind of silence that leads to great conversations.
I walked away out of the place happy and content. Surely worth a visit if you are looking for some quiet time far away from the madding crowd.



Lovely Place

I had seen this place very often in Koramangala whenever I drove past on my way to Bannerghatta and always wanted to go in. Finally, a friend and I went here two weeks ago. I was pleased to find that the place had a convenient side parking lot - well the pavement really, but it was clearly meant for the Mr Beans' visitors cars and bikes. After parking the car, my friend and I strolled inside, walked over to the counter and looked at the menus. After ascertaining that the place was not a self- service one, we sat down on nicely uphostered leather furniture and looked at the menus. The range of items was very extensive and sounded really good and quite different from the items usually on offer at coffee shops. After much deliberation I settled on a Cream of Chicken soup and my friend chose a Pasta with Creamy Sauce. While waiting for the food to arrive, I walked around the coffee shop and was really impressed with all I saw. It is a house which has been converted into a coffee place and each room on the ground floor had the same comfortable furnishings and lovely decor. There were around three rooms as well as a glassed-in verandah which looked most inviting. The flight of stairs leading to the first floor had a No Entry sign. The food took a while to come but was worth the wait. We enjoyed our respective orders and then called for the bill. Bill paid, we left. I highly recommend this place if you would like to try something a little different from the usual run of the mill items available, if you would like privacy - you might even be able to have a whole room to yourself or, if you just want a new place to hangout. Price wise though, I consider this place to be slightly expensive and the crowd was dreadful.



Hi, I have heard a lot about this place and would like to know more about hookah. I generally hang out @ mochas for hookah but now I like the ambience of this place so can u please give me an idea of what are the hookah ranges u have over here... and what are the timings that Hookah is served. I generally prefer to visit this place in the evening... PLease help me out!!!


Best Day with my Hubby

Wow........... Just I m out of words to explain... I was really sad that my 1st valentines day i have to spend at my office but It was my valentine’s day which will be the ever best which we celebrated on Sunday. My hubby ask me to join him for a coffee to Mr Beans but when I entered it was a real surprise for me. It was a real best experience which wants to share. A separate room with heats made by rose petals and a candle light all around the heart. And small few hearts which made our way towards the table. If anyone really want to make your day a special one just Mr Beans will be the right place. Thanks for Mr. Beans Guy’s u made our day really memorable… U people really rocks.



Party Deco!

It wuz an excellent experience gettin a party organised here!
Like my dream come true!!! ;)
The flowers,candles n lights made de place such a warm place to be in... The ambience wuz wat one wu desire! Mind Blowin!
The staff are so understandin,sweet n organised!! Thanks 4 makin ma day most memorable n special... :) cheers guys!!


January 20, 2011response from management at Mr. Beans:

Dear Manasa,

Thanks for your feedback.




Since It is ryt next to ma coll v visit dis place quiet often..D cold coffees n icecreams r nice but wat really sucked were the fries...They were over fried n ws so not tasty.. apart frm dat the ambience is too good :)


January 14, 2011response from management at Mr. Beans:

Dear Nisha Machado,

Thanks for your valuable review on Burrp. We are very Sorry for the over fried fries. I will promise you it will not happen next time. Please inform the on duty staff if you find any of our product not upto the mark it will help us to find the problems and rectify.


gowripri - Burrp User


4 Reviews

September 20,2010


Any time hang out place:)

i had many times just passed through this place...once on a rainy day it happend to enter this lovely warm cafe...since i was all wet and wanted something good and delicious to taste...we ordered sizzling brownie...hmmm tat was sizzling and happening:)... now i visit this place very often...and tried the menu too...its really not bad...all you guys must try....:)



Nice Hangout

Its a superb place, nice ambiance, cool staff, and their ideas celebrating birthdays... Its little costly but superb experience for me.... Gone with my colleagues for birthday.. It was just awesome.. candle light with little led lights... Full of roses and balloons.. Sad thing s they didn't allow us to blast... totally a nice experience.. Surely we will celebrate birthdays at Beans... Its the right place..



Is it true that Hookah cannot be shared between more than two people??? That's what one of my friend told me. Sounds weird to me though :)
Will be heading here soon...If you could upload the complete menu and few pics it would be helpful!


May 28, 2010response from management at Mr. Beans:

Dear Guest,

We are not strictly to the rule saying 2 person for a Hukka. As we found 10 to 15 collage students occupying the space for more than hours disturbing the other guests just we had put up a board saying 2 guests per Hukka. We allow up to 4 peoples for a Hukka. Its only because to maintain the quality of the Hukka.

we love to see you at our Lounge soon and expecting your more feedback's for us to serve you the best.


October 25, 2010response from management at Mr. Beans:

I did visit here copule of months ago and we were 3 of us who shared the hookah :D
Service was quick and loved the pasta :)
Will visit again when Im around..

October 25, 2010response from management at Mr. Beans:

Dear Sir,

Thanks for visiting the place... we love to serve you...

Birth Day Celebration

It was my birthday Today. We decided to go to Mr Beans for the treat. Really it was an surprise for me. My friends had booked a Cabin for my birthday celebration a day earlier. It was my best Birthday of my life time. Thanks to my friends and the staff of Mr Beans. the place was decorated with full of candles, Lights, Roses and Ba loons. Its really a awesome place to celebrate birthdays of our dear ones..

If you are looking to celebrate birthdays book a cabin.. Its really the best place...


May 28, 2010response from management at Mr. Beans:

Dear Madam,

Its our pleasure to serve our guests and make them feel Happy.. Thanks for your precious feed back.


Good Hangout Place

Went with friends today for lunch.. The place has nice cozy interiors and very private eating area.. they have got couches in small cubicles which is very cute.. A good place to chill and relax.. It even has Wi-fi to kill more time :)

We ordered 2 chichen club sandwich and one veg club sandwich.. the sandwiches sucked!! They were like normal sandwiches with stuffing nothing about them was club!! We ordered Anaconda and Cocktail Delight for drinks which was nice.. I think the best thing that we enjoyed in the restaurant was seesha :) they have got flavored seesha which was really nice..

So, if you looking for trying out seesha and having nice coffee.. this place is apt for it.. They have to improve the sandwiches..


May 27, 2010response from management at Mr. Beans:

Dear Guest,
Its very nice to see your review. As per sandwich is concerned we are working out on our product. By the end of this month we will have a different menu which will have more options and quality of food.

Outlet Manager

sgdgr8 - Burrp User


7 Reviews

February 26,2010


Nice hangout..

went with a few check out the place as it opened has a really gud ambience.nice leather couches n stuff..the cold coffees we ordered were good..prices r reasonable...
will surely go again....:)