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> > > > Muse Kitchen & Lounge

Muse Kitchen & Lounge

IndiranagarEast Bangalore  


72 Reviews / 74 Ratings

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Happy Hours Jun 01 - Jun 30

  • Muse Kitchen & Lounge presents to you Happy Hours.

    Time: 12pm - 8pm

    Days: Monday to Friday

Sunday Brunch Jun 01 - Jun 30

  • Muse Bar + Kitchen presents to you Sunday Brunch. Wake up & be awesome. Head to Muse Bar + Kitchen and start a fresh week with their afternoon package on unlimited drinks and food.

    Day: Every Sunday

    Price: Rs. 1100

Happy Hours Jul 01 - Jul 31

  • Muse Kitchen & Lounge presents to you Happy Hours.

    Time: 12pm - 8pm

    Days: Monday to Friday

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Muse Kitchen & Lounge Reviews

Utter Nonsense!!!!

We had gone there for lunch. After seeing the menu, we just walked out of the restaurant.
While booking itself we asked for the menu. But they didn't respond properly!!! It's 350 plus tax, but you can take either soup or salad!!!! And Main course is not unlimited!!! For dessert its only chocolate muse!!
If you have lot of money and want to waste, then you can visit this place.



Must Visit

Went there yesterday. My husband had booked the place to celebrate my birthday. They had arranged a beautiful candle on the table and ensured it remained burning throughout. We had gin sling and mai tai for drinks. Garlic bread with fennel and parmesan dip and rosemary chicken for starters and vegetable pot pie and Lebanese chicken in main course. Everything was yummy though had to add salt to every dish. There was a person always ready to help you with freshly ground pepper. Wonderful hospitality. We are visiting again for sure.



An Awesome Experience

If you want to go to a serene place where you can have a long conversation, enjoy the weather and have awesome food, this is the place. An evening worth spending here. The bill for two of us was around Rs1500 where we enjoyed a drink, an appetizer, a main course and a dessert as well. The food was just delicious and I loved the ambience. Would love to visit the place again and again. The menu is restricted and specially designed. The waiters were too friendly. Overall, an awesome experience.


Sneha230186 - Burrp User


8 Reviews

February 13,2013


Surely not for Calorie conscious

You have to leave your calorie checklist behind and then step into Medici for some lip-smacking dishes. They make the best Asparagus, the quiche is unique, the tarts are really crunchy. I just love the way the food is presented. The food quantity is totally worth every penny. The service could be a lot better.


Great food, slow service

Went on Sunday afternoon to find the place rather deserted. Normally, I feel a little nervous and twitchy in deserted places (happy and twitchy in desserted places!), but I was more relaxed here as the waiters didn't keep coming by.
Although we were pretty much the only people there and did not order much, we were served very, very slowly.
The first to come was a lukewarm roasted tomato bisque; even when reheated, it lacked the robust and growly feel that I get when I make this at home. I prefer mine, oyez oyez! After that, we had potato leek cake, which was mashed potatoes and leeks studded with dill and pan-fried. I just loved this dish! I just love it when a dish uses a single herb and makes it the herb hero! Only meh factor was the superfluous tomato bits acting as garnish, which was not at all needed. I'd have much preferred a browner roasting acting as the prime decorator here. Still, tastes brilliant!

For mains, I had wild mushroom strudel off the Christmas menu, and I found this dish to be oh-so-brilliant! Ooh la la, flaky puff pastry coating a nicely-done butter-fried mushroom filling. This was perfect because it was hot, flaky, well-cooked, delicious, and most importantly, did not fall apart even with less-than-delicate handling! This had brilliant sides too, which made me feel close to shedding tears of joy. A little salad number: basil, iceberg lettuce, dill (theme repetition, yum yum!), rocket, sweet lime slices (peeled, of course), halved cherry tomatoes, a sprinkling of parmesan. A beetroot and cherry marmalade! Wowee!

The crepe was served cold, which made the sauce a little more coagulated than was good for it, and the grilled cheese steak was a bland, boring, bad affair. But then again, I have never seen a good grilled paneer steak dish. Yawn.

All in all, the food was really good, but the nearly-interminable wait made me wonder what was happening. I still recommend going here.


Wonderful ambience and food

Back to places and French flavors one might believe had disappeared!
It was our great discovery and a luxury that does not cost too great value for money both in food and in wine lovers French, do not hesitate, go!


Decent Italian fare

Went there for lunch with friends and had a good time. The food is more Italian than French... We ordered Butter Braised Prawns and Rosemary Scented Chicken for starters along with Duck Broth. The starters were good with the Prawns cooked very well. However, the soup could have had some more pieces of duck in it. We also ordered a Rustica Pizza which was liked by all of us. For the main course we ordered a Lamb Lasagna, 2 Poached Salmons, 1 Herb Grill Chicken, 1 Grilled Peppercorn Chicken, 1 Chicken Escalope and 1 Pork Scaloppini. The quantity of each dish was just enough for an individual though we decided to share the dishes with each other. For some of us the taste was a little bland but overall the food was good. It is a bit on the expensive side and we had a bill amount of 7.7k for a group of 8. Overall decent ambiance and food which is good in quality but can improve a bit on quantity. One thing that they may improve upon is their time to serve since we had to wait close to 30min before getting served.



Great Experience

We went for lunch and the food is splendid. service is decent.
Though the pricing is on the little higher side we had no complaints.
The out of the menu Fish item was a knock out punch for us.



Not really French Anymore

Went there today with some friends. Based on reviews , I was expecting it to be an authentic (well okay semi-authentic) French restaurant and was looking forward to trying some interesting new dishes, especially after looking at their online menu.

Was a bit disappointed though , as it seems they've changed their menu a bit and are clearly more Italian than French. Case in point - absence of French Onion Soup and the presence of Pastas , Bruschettas and Minestrone soup.

The food was not bad though. Unfortunately ,it wasn't unique too. I enjoyed their Chicken de medici and risottos. Just that it wasn't the French fare I'd been excited about. I also hope they update their online menu soon so that people know what to expect once they're in.

Prices were a bit on the higher side - as expected from a place in Indiranagar. We were 5 people and the bill was about 3K with soup and no drinks.



Awesomeness.. :)

Had been here last night with my husband. We wanted to have a quiet & classy dinner... wow.. we were happy we made the right choice.. :)
It was our second visit.. We have always like its ambience.. its pleasant...
We enjoyed every morsel of food...
Tomato bisque was bursting with flavor & mozarella cheese fritters jus melted in our mouths..
Rocket leaves salad with frech vinaigrette was good too.
Spinach cheese Cannelloni & la Parmigiano for mains were just excellent... cannelloni was rich & creamy..
Parmigiano was well seasoned & tasty..
We ended the meal with a fitting Red wine Poached Pear for dessert..

All in all it was a great evening with well made dishes....
Thumbs up.. once again...

PS - Like what @morrpheus has mentioned about portion sizes, if taken individually it may seem less..hmmm but.... maybe a full course dinner - Soup, Salad, Mains, Dessert should suffice....



Awesome food, tiny portions - Generous prices

My wife and I tried Medici out last week. We liked the interiors, the ambience and well even the (overly) courteous wait staff.

We ordered a couple of Indian wines and a starter - the Goat cheese and Potato cake. We were offered the sharing order – which meant we get three instead of two cakes for roughly twice the original cost.

The cakes were very pretty good – had a subtle flavor and the flavor of goat cheese was pretty good. While we plunged into the warm, soft cakes – we pondered over our main course. Finally we ordered, it was a Spinach and Cheese Cannelloni (for V) and a French Tomato Fish Stew (for me).

All good so far, with a couple Caucasian women chattering away in the background - one British and another American by accent. If you see them again – they get loud as their bottle of wine reaches under the halfway mark – sit away from them.

When our main course dishes arrived - we were a bit taken aback by the portions - especially the Spinach and Cheese Cannelloni, which to be honest I would say was worth about 4-5 bites (ok maybe 6).

No complaints at all with the taste, the flavors etc all were awesome - way up there alongside Medici and her heavenly abode, but since it was over before I could savor the taste – I cannot really say.

Lastly, since we had not learnt our lesson about portions yet – we tried out desserts. We chose the Lemon Panna cotta. When it arrived we almost missed it, we thought it was just the plate till we saw a strategically placed – a smaller than espresso shot size cup - in the middle of a large square plate. To complete the setting there were 8 (I counted them) drops of chocolate on the corners. The proportion of panna cotta to drops of chocolate were appropriate though.

We tried not to be shocked, we tried.

My question: The prices are generous – why is’nt the food?

Meal for two with a glass of wine each: 2200/-

Irritating thing number one: Generous prices + Generous service fee of 14% - makes me want to skip on tipping the overly courteous staff

Will I go there again index rating: Only when I am full



Excellent French/Contintal Food

Place is sort of upscale but affordable. Food is delicious though portions are small for starters. Main course has the option of either individual portion or sharing portion which is really really useful while deciding the order. Courteous staff. AC needs to be slightly higher as the sunlight streaming in can make the place slightly warm, especially if you are sitting near the glass windows.

Definitely worth a try for eating high-quality, high-tasting food on your special occasions.



Super expensive for average food

1. VEry very expensive.
2. Food is very bland.
3. Ambience is great.



Quite alright

Unfortunately i asked for 2 french dishes, both of which they didnt have that day, so we got to taste only the italian food.
Quality and taste of food was above average and ambience was quiet and relaxing. Service also was quite good, and location is not bad either.
Just that there are many other good Italian restaurants in Bangalore, which makes you think if its worth coming again..



If its French, its gotta have butter and Medici stands up to it.
Had the fish with zuchini 'scales' which was just incredibly yum. Salads were refreshing and crisp with just the right amount of dressing. Only letdown was the pasta with artichokes - a bit dry after a while and just plain cheese sauce.
Loved the poached pears-havent had their version before. Will definitely revisit.



first date

great ambiance..its the first dine out with my fiance and we did enjoy it. great service i must say..and gr8 food and decent crowd !


sunup - Burrp User


5 Reviews

December 19,2011


Great taste but so little of it

I have been to Medici thrice in the past few months. The prices are the same and so is the taste. But the portions have been reduced considerably. You will have to almost search for your Tiramisu in the big plate :|

Keep up the taste chef!


pakhibagai - Burrp User


2 Reviews

December 05,2011


Good Food

This place has a great ambience, soft music, valet parking (very important for the Indiranagar stretch!), but slightly dim lighting (slightly difficult in reading menu card!). Its an enclosed space so you cannot hear the noise on the street thankfully!
We had thyme fish and a beef steak and both were good. Fish was definitely better.
Average bill for two with a drink each, starter and main course is sub INR2000.


Bin81 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 10,2011


Non-intimidating fine dining

Hands down the best French Italian restaurant in town!! Great if you're after a subtle meal in a wonderfully elegant setting (with carefully selected music and lighting)
You should know that Medici doesn't indianise their food, so you won't find any sneaky chilli powder or garam masala here. I don't know about you but I like my food authentic!!


sbids_24 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 10,2011


Enchanting food and ambience

Medici is a great place to catch up with friends and unwind. The food is delicious, splendid ambience and with excellent service. We have been to Medici several times their menu has variety of options; however I absolutely love their bread basket, lemon grilled fish and chocolate fondant. It’s also great place for family dinner too with fine ambience and service.
Medici is one of the few restaurants in Bangalore with feel good factor attached to it… totally worth the money. Absolutely recommend it to everyone.


Aaron_6 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

November 10,2011


Great food, Ambiance & Service

Back to Bangalore after a couple of months, and happy that Bangalore folks actually have a classy place to dine at away from the 5 Star's and other astronomically priced restaurants. Overall the experience was still very good (i have been to Medici a couple of times a while ago) - the food excellent and staff helpful and accommodating.
We went straight for main's and ordered a steak & the grilled fish which was superb in texture and presentation !!
Medici is a good place to go to on a dinner date with its brilliant ambiance away from the noisy pretentious crowd that seems to have taken over Bangalore - i have been there before and would recommend it to anyone that appreciates quality.


twentythree - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 10,2011



An absolute delight to eat at Medici. I recently went with a group of friends and could not have asked for better food or service all for a reasonable price. We ate our starters on Level 3 - i had the beef carpaccio which was divine and then headed to the restaurant for our main course which was a light and flaky yummy lemon/thyme fish. Not to mention a great wine list! All my friends enjoyed their meals and agreed that we would be back. They were happy to accommodate changes in the menu as I had asked for my fish to be grilled without butter and were extremely fast in serving our meal.

I have to say I'm already craving to go back for more.


Still one of the best in town.

I returned to Medici after a long time as i have been traveling and it was good to be back. The food is still fantastic, the best in town and the service is still spot on. The have a new menu, which was good to see. Though my old favorites were not there anymore (grilled scampi).

I ordered the Bruchetta (non veg) which was nice and fresh, though i wish the bread was more of bagguette. My friend ordered the wild mushroom consome, which she loved. I ordered the Grilled tiger prawns, which was superb. I didnt miss the scampi after trying this. My friend ordered a steak. She enjoyed it and i had a bite and it was still how i remembered it.

Medici is still great value for money as our bill with a glass of each wine came upto 2100 approx.

I will be going back there as soon i crave those grilled prawns. Which will be soon enough.


Priyamegha - Burrp User


15 Reviews

November 08,2011



Had high hopes when i entered the place.... first of all none of the food served was piping hot ....secondly pasta in white sauce lacked flavour n richness of cheese ....
None of the food we ordered were appealing !! Definitely theres a lot of room for improvement .....will not suggest neone or visit again...


Good, but no VFM

Nice decor, menu seems perfect, just the right amount of dishes, all different from the next one. Portions are bit of a let-down. Also the starters are very less in number, but the main course makes up for it. Their main course is divided into 2 parts, basis the serving size, so I'd suggest order a dish from the main course with small servings as a starter. Order the chicken basil grill for starters, not that great. The main course was, spaghetti and meatballs: awesome, fusilli-pomodoro chicken: again good, honey grilled chicken...superb. Plus 2 beers and 1 cocktail. Damage for 3: Rs.1950. Added bonus is they offer complimentary basket of freshly baked breads (french, stuffed, et al) with butter and olive oil. Do ask for one when there.



Nothing very special

I went with a lot of expectations to this restaurant on 100 feet road. It is quite famous for its steaks, and so being a vegetarian, I couldn't taste their specialty. I ordered an Eggplant Parmesan (their recommendation) and boy! was it oily. Cheesy I can understand but the eggplants were dripping with oil and plating was not phenomenal. Creme Brule - Nothing to talk about there. Overall , quite disappointing.


a nice place to unwind

I have been to Medici ages ago & probably was one of their first patrons. I enjoyed the food & service then & am glad to see it grow into one of the better restaurants in b'lore. The food selections though not large, seem to have been chosen with care. Only a true foodie would do that & I certainly do love that. Keep it up, all the best & hope to be back some day.



Medici has been one of my favourites since the time they opened some two years back and I've been there countless times. Love the decor, the service and above all the food. While the selection isn't exhaustive but the choices offered are decent and they have enough options for the vegetarian palette as well. Was catching up with a friend yesterday for dinner and discovered that they've launched a new menu...yaaay!!! We had a couple of beers between us along with bruchetta with prawn and chicken topping. For the main course I ordered a fish in lemon & basil sauce and my friend ordered a 3 cheese ravioli from the new menu. My fish was just amazing, served with a generous amount of mashed potato soaked in the lemon sauce, yum! The 3 cheese Ravioli was also exceptionally good. We signed off the outing with creme brulee for dessert. As always, Medici did not disappoint, in fact far from it... it was delightful!!


geeth25 - Burrp User


8 Reviews

October 07,2011


Nice food.

I had been here with my friend for dinner... No one was thr except us. service was really nice(may be becoz only we 2 were thr) The ambience s good.. food s really tasty and they help u in choosing the dish if u r confused.. and very friendly service. Price is moderate. Prefer to go again


tkmathur - Burrp User


7 Reviews

September 05,2011


Not a whole lot for the veg folks

Went for a Sunday lunch. Chose to go for a-la-carte instead of the buffet. The Tagliatelle Putanesca pasta was ok. Pizza rustica was very bland. Vol au vent from the main course was very tasty.
The live singer-cum-musician was enjoyable.
The steward did not bother to serve the food and had to be called back.



Definitely worth a visit

Don't be fooled/disappointed by the the lack of full tables. This place still gives good food. The buffet is good value for money. Good salads, good desserts, though there is room for improvement in the main course. Very good staff, they make you feel comfortable without being invasive. The menu also looks good in terms of the variety and also the level in the variety. I have seen scallops in very few menus in Bangalore. Can't comment on the taste because I am yet to try it. But for a lazy buffet this place is good.


Empty yet good food

Had been there for lunch on a friday..The restaurant was empty... All waiters were eager to wait on our table(must have been bored doing nothin)
- The complimentary bread basket is out of this world.. warm bread served with olive oil and garlic butter... heaven!(we asked for a extra round of it)
The buffet is worth the money- 350+tax. You get a complimentary drink(it was average,) soup(option of a veg or non-veg, bolognese, pasta, salads, main course, desserts.
The buffet has salads, which the chef fixes up for u.. the crabmeat salad i asked for was delicious.. Had 2 big helpings. It was tossed the exact way i asked for.
The chicked mushroom soup is good.
Next was the bolognese with beef sauce which was pretty good.
Then the white sauce pasta which was delicious. For main course chose the chicken dish of the 4 options(chicked, fish, and 2 veg) they have. this was average.. my fren ordered for fish which was succulent and delicious)
by this time i was full and still went for the fusilli pasta with tomato sauce.. couldn't eat much. skipped the desserts, as i dont like them.. but teh others had my share which was a walnut brownie.. which they claim was yumm and the apple cinammon strudel which was awful.
My veg fren went al a carte, beet and tomato soup which was delicious... and for the main course something with aubergines which was good and creme brulee for desserts(tried this one and i loved it.. def a must try)
would def go back for the food and the smiling service :)



good lunch buffet

We had a lunch buffet which was Rs.350 + taxes. was really good i must say. there was chicken and crabmeat salad, a really good chicken soup, live pasta counter and mini beef steak for main course.the main course also had a chicken dish as an option. free beer/mocktail complimentary and for dessert there was lemon tart and strawberry mousse.
the veggies had a different menu which i had not looked at.
the quality of food was great but it did take a little bit of time, especially for the main-course and they did a mistake by getting something different for one of my friends and that had to be remade



good ambience
mediocre food
terribly less serving-per-plate. If u walk in when you are very hungry, you may walk out bankrupt.

For this price there are plenty of better options.


shosha - Burrp User


3 Reviews

March 21,2011



I had the most unbelievable dinner with my husband a few weeks back. They serve the most outstanding bread basket ever. My husband still keeps talking about it and wants to go back just for the bread. We had prawns for appetizer, pasta and chicken for main course and chocalate fondant for dessert. I have no words to describe the food. It is simply too good and the waiters there were very pleasant. Very nice ambience. It a fantastic place and would definitely go back to try the other delicacies on the menu and ofcourse their bread!



A fantastic place...

A few days back, after my disastrous experience with Fava, I happened to visit this place for lunch. It was a weekend and therefore there were no special offers during lunch time. We had to order from the menu and order we did.

A soup, beet and tomato concoction. This tasted absolutely divine. Shamelessly wiped off the last drops of the soup with the breads they had put on the table!!! It was that tasty. Last time I did something like that was in the sister restaurant of Fava, Caperberyy. For their Corn soup.

For the main course we had ordered a pizza with barbecued chicken and a fish dish. I dont remember the names of these dishes but what I remember till date is the heavenly taste.

Pizza was perfect with loads of cheese and yummy pieces of chicken. It was really heartening to note the chef not being stingy with the quantum of cheese and chicken. Looking at the size of the pizza, we wanted to cancel the order for our second dish. But we were told that the order is alreay under process. We left it at that. And later we were thankful that we did not cancel the order.

The fish was outstanding. Perfectly grilled, with lots of creamy mashed potatoes and lemon butter sauce. The only other dish coming anywhere close to this would be the grilled fish at Sunny's.

After two heavy entrees, there was no place for dessert. But I have promised myself that one day I will go there to eat only desserts. If they are half as good in desserts as they are in entrees, my day would be made.

Nothing to complain on the bar front too... these days it has become almost mandatory to price a pint at 150 bucks... but their martinis sound interesting.

I wonder why inspite of serving such fantaxitc food, the restaurant was near empty on a weekend.


acidrain88 - Burrp User


25 Reviews

February 27,2011


quite content

i wnt for my pre-bday dinner with my family tonight soley due to the reviews posted by people here and i must thank them for the experience was a gud one . The appetizers we ordered were delicious but tiny in quantity .The chicken tart is a must try. I had a mocktail wic was gud .For the main course we had thin crust pizzas and pastas . The chicken pizza was yum tho the veg one was quite bland. The waiters are polite but i had trouble booking as they didnt seem to remebr i had reservations though i called yesterday n yday . The decor is v classy and its an ideal place to have a quite dinner with family or sum1 special. Theres even a lounge on above the restaurant which has a big screen tv for cricket fans .



The Best Birthday Ever....

It is my Birthday Today...and i had given my friends an option between toscano(UB City) and Medici in Indranagar....fortunately my friends picked Medici...we never usually go to such a fancy place....but LUCKLY we did...there was already a private party for a bunch of Firangs going on....we were anyways seated on the second floor where we ordered a bottle of the best french wine they had.....and it was delicious....they also sent us complimentary bread and cheese....the knot bread was just heavenly....later we ordered a which time the manager had requested us to move upstairs since the private party was just getting started(by which i mean getting louder by the minute)....and my friends said yes...initially i was a little skeptical....but i never regretted it for a minute coz they put such awesome songs even though the DJ wasn't there today....and we gotta watch the match on the big screen(though we didnt watch much of it)...any how the manager got to know that its my birthday and they brought a very tempting cheese cake pastry for me with the very cute candle on it....then me my friends and the firangs sang the BIRTHDAY ANTHEM( he he well it was so empowering that i had to call it an anthem) for me.........and i loved it......we had the pizza which was amazing.....and i mean it....coz when it comes to food i am such a snob that....most restaurant owners would kill me if i wrote a review for them.....later two firang girls asked me to dance with them...and that was pretty awesome part of the night but it get even better......we did Tequila shots....and the bartender did a few stunts for us....the staff was soooo great and polite(and i know for most of us only good food is not important it also has to be about presentation and the hospitality and the feeling of comfort, which i sure did get)....later the manager gave us a discount coupon for our next visit.....which is definitely gonna happen soon.....and we saved the best for the Last....we ordered desserts Crème brûlée...........and punch me if i use the word Divine to describe it coz it knocked my socks off....and we danced to almost all the songs till we were too tried to carry on.....this was my best birthday ever....guys if u r planning to go there make a reservation and do go....coz i dont know how the night will unfold for you, ur family and friends but i am sure that you will not regret it......:D :D :D :D :D :D


ved28 - Burrp User


3 Reviews

February 12,2011


Decent food and Borderline bar

My colleagues and I hit Medici for lunch a few weeks back. This was our second time visiting Medici.

The good:
Let me talk a little about the great stuff: We started off with the Bruschetta which was incredibly fresh. I've also tried the basil and fresh mozzarella in a previous visit; also very solid.

The bad, but not too ugly:
The service at the bar needed some work.

I totally understand that when you take 8 people to a place to drink - getting a drink can be challenging. However, having done this several times in the last few months, I can say without a doubt that the bar staff should never ignore customers. Just a couple of weeks ago we had 15 plus people at a bar (a small one at that) and though service took time, at least the staff told us they would be with us as soon as possible.
At Medici, it felt like the bartenders made a point of not acknowledging when someone was standing at the bar. To me that's just bad customer service and borders on the rude side.



Uniquely Excellent

Went to medici with a couple of my friends.
Was not expecting anything when we entered...

The place looked decent ... on entry we noticed that there were hardly any people at the place... and this was on a sunday afternoon. that itself was a bad sign !!!

We decided to go for the buffet which is 550+tax. At that point, we were not sure what we were getting ourselves into.
and whoaaaa!!! it was so worth it :D :D

They have a salad bar which was very impressive.. they had all the veggies and sauces u'd normally see in a subway outlet and also non veggies like chicken, beef, pork, and even crab meat.. you can get the chef to mix up everything you want and make a nice salad....

We had 2 rounds of salads :D.. best salads i've had in a buffet so far..

The buffet also includes a drink which can be a choice of beer, wine, soft drinks or a cranberry bubble gum mocktail. I went for the mocktail even though it sounded weird... but somehow there was something really refreshing about it and i loved it.

The main course comprised of 5 dishes which are made fresh in the kitchen.. we get to order any 1 from that.. however.. we asked the waiter to get us small proportions of the roast beef steak, grilled fish and the chicken main course. They were all good.. The fish was too bland for my taste.. but guess thats how the French have it :D

They also had a live counter making pasta of your choice the way you want it... and this was the best pasta i've had..
never been a big fan of pasta... but was seriously impressed by the way it was prepared at the live counter.

All in all, the main course was amazing..

The desserts were even better..
They had a counter serving freshly made french crepes... with choice of mango or coffee filling, a choc mousse which was not too good, a cream filled bun which was really dnice, an apple crittle, and a mango souffle made in the kitchen...

Agreed we ate a lot and freaked the hell out of them ... so least we could do is give them a thumbs up for the amazing food served to us.

Do try this place out sometime, I recommend it.

PS: The waiters seemed to have mugged up what each dish means... so dont get disappointed if you see a waiter fumbling for words when you asking him what exactly the dish is !! It reminded me of my Viva @ college :D



Decent Food, Nice Ambiance

The food is quite tasty and the menu quite exquisite. Just after my order I was server with complimentary bread butter and an "olive oil jug". Yes, it's quite different than I have seen at any other restaurant. I started with "Bruchetta" as appetizers. It was very fresh and the bread was decently roasted. But more than an appetizer it filled my stomach, quite tasty nonetheless.

For main course I went for "Vol au vent" which is some special french puff stuffed with cream sauce, and broccoli with cheese sprinkled over. Puff was a little more hard and the dish was a bit more salty in all, but tasted good on a whole.

As I side dish I had ordered "Ravioli" Pasta, which was nothing but pasta sheets with an overdose of tomato, plus tinge of olive oil. This was a dish I did not like. Topped my lunch with a hot cappuccino.

The service is quick and prompt, the ambiance quite soothing, but food was not as satisfying as expected. Plus it's a bit more heavy on the wallet.

Worth a visit once for a non-conventional food lover.

Food 7/10
Ambiance 9/10
Service 8/10
Cost 7/10

Overall 7.5/10


Exquisite ambience and good times

Every time I go there I wonder why it is not brimming with people.
This place has been done with taste. Right from the candle tray to the seating arrangements, it is bound to impress.
The things i love about the place...the cozy corner that has tables for two overlooking the 100 ft road, The bread basket which is just brilliant. Soft, warm and seasoned with garlic or herbs and served with olive oil. They should sell these!
The brocolli gnocchi, the baked aubergine, the pasta and desserts that I tried were delicious along with my Reisling. The pizzas were good, though I have had better.
Pride this as one of my good finds in Bangalore. Impeccable service. cheers to Medici :).


highly recommended

most dishes are between 200 and 300 with the exception of duck or exotic fish based items. the chicken de medici(300/-) is sensational. the bread basket (complimentary) is superb and served with olive oil. the pastas(between 300 and 350) are very nice as well. the pizza could have been better but no faulting the taste and toppings - just that the base was slightly underdone.
who says classy places need be all snooty and pricey. the service is exceptionally good. we had a very good time here. can't wait to go back.


sekhar_cc24 - Burrp User


6 Reviews

December 12,2010


Mediocre Food

Ambiance is good.
Service is good
Place is nice
BUT......... whats missing then?
Food totally mediocre. The way it was prepared was ok and probably the chef could have made it better based on our choice ..... but the quality of cheese and sauces and herbs used was below standard. I am HIGHLY DOUTFUL that for that price the quality is atall worth it. There are better places around.



very classy indeed!!!

Had a lovely CLASSY evening...The warm bread really made me happy. we ordered bruchetta which was ok, ceasar salad was yummy. the pizza rustica was simply perfect to the pasta "pomodoro" was ok. BUT my brothers chicken de medici was very very bad. Terribly overcooked. The drinks were good. On the whole a good restaurant. would go back there for sure. we spent 2.5k for 4 people.




This would be my second trip to Medici in the past month. And the food was as fantastic as it was the 1st.

This place is really quite special. Some great food. Great choices. Nice selection of wine. Prompt service.

would higghly recommend the beef carpacio, pizza milano and the fliet mignon.

my only complaint, rather feedback would be that the service staff need to be a lil more polished up. They are good but need to have better knowledge of what and how the food is prepared.


sb1907 - Burrp User


10 Reviews

November 13,2010


Excellent food

Food - Ravioli and Grilled fish were excellent and Creme Brulee in dessert was a perfect end to the meal. (5/5)

Decor - Comfortable seating and elegant decor (5/5)

Service - Surprisingly ill informed waiters..not that they were inattentive, just not polished enough for the place (3/5)

Overall - Worth the money paid - a definite thumbs up!


Next best place for devouring italian!

I saw this place while passing by and being fond of Italian i had to check it out. The place is not your very casual atmosphere place but rather a very classy place. Brings out the classiness in you. :)
The mushroom risotto is a must as well as the Rustica pizza. If you enjoy Raviolli, this place serves the best in town. The bar menu is impressive too, especially the martinis.
One thing which will bother is you are the waiters who are a little confused with their offerings and knowledge about the food.


vidhya23 - Burrp User


4 Reviews

September 02,2010


Great Experience

My husband and I went to Medici without any pre-conceived notions, just to try something new. We hadn't heard about it before.

The ambience of the place is really good and very classy.

I was vegetarian for the day so we ended up having yummy, cheesy, thin as paper, pizza romano and a pretty decent Ravioli. The drink(Paradise island I think) we ordered looked great and tasted good.
The bread basket they give though is the show stealer!! The breads are to-die-for!! They are so soft and warm and literally melt in your mouth...

The prices are pretty high. I hated paying 80 bucks for a bottle of water.

Overall though a great experience and one I wouldn't mind repeating, especially since I want to try the non-vegetarian dishes!



good decor..avg food..

The decor is great and I'm a huge fan of the comfy chairs, recessed lighting, and hammered silverware. Unfortunately I wasn't as blown away by the food. I was happy with his ceasar salad and filet mignon but my father and my starters, bouillabaisse and onion soup were just not tasting. The onion soup had a clear broth- not a rich brown beef broth and lacked my favorite part- loads of cheese melted on top. I really wanted something crisper and lighter. All in all, we had a very nice evening at Medici and I'm sure we'll be back but we were hoping for food to match the elegant ambiance and it wasn't spot on.


GulabJ - Burrp User


8 Reviews

August 16,2010


Inconsistent food / service

On my second visit to Medici, was disappointed with the mains. The beef served was tough (not thawed enough probably) and the fish dish took nearly an hour to be served.
Creme brulee and choco fondant (more like a choco lava cake) and starters were delicious. Sangria too was good.


Much Ado about nothing!

Having read numerous positive reviews about Medici, we chose to celebrate our anniversary there, yesterday. We were quite taken in by the ambience and the lovely wallpaper.

We were offered the list of specials for the day and picked pan seared scallops priced at a whopping Rs 350! The three scallops we were served were under seasoned and not to our liking. We loved the bread basked though - the four kinds were warm and fresh and literally melted in our mouths.

We ordered Chicken de Medici with roast potatoes and Rack of Lamb for our mains. The portion size was average. The chicken was rather unimpressive and was quite dry. The Lamb was much better. For dessert, we ordered creme brulee and chocolate fondant. Both were yummy. The service was good. However, we felt quite let down by the mains and it is unlikely we will be heading back soon. Our mail costed us over Rs 1500.



Magnifique dining... Almost

So... Another quick review of the Vegetarian aspect of Fine Dining... Or an attempt at it. Medici is brilliantly located along with a thousand other fine dining restaurants in one stretch of road/area. Bunch of us went there for a birthday dinner. The Place is immaculate, nothing spectacular but definitely elegant. We made a reservation, but the place was barely half full.

I vaguely remember the order now, but i did have a fuscili putenesca that i liked (which wasn't in the menu ( the waiter was kind enough to offer a mix of two dishes) ). I'd give it 3.5 on 5, i was expecting a little more spicy. and the bruschetta was pretty good, that gets a 4. the breads were soft and apparently the salmon dish that was ordered by my carnivorous friend was spot on. We didn't try deserts and there were coupla other dishes on the table... and they were decent. A place like this can't afford bad food so i guess they'll get by...

Basically if u are sick of open air dining (Spiga, 100 ft, roomali, little italy, high note, cirrus (remember there are tonnes of them in this area)), then AC dining with an atmosphere like a super slick five star hotel. this is the place to be....

Veg dishes vary from 200 to 350ish and Kingfisher Pint is at 150 Rs. Pretty standard rates for a place like this.

Oh and yes. Date Worthy :)


Special lunch made really special!!

I dont really want to comment about the food. Just want to say it was fabulous. Chicken and bacon quiche and bruchettas for starters - juicy quiche and bruchetta bread was on the spot with 4 varieties of toppings. Chicken de Medici and Lamb Rack - Mascarpone did not overwhelm the chicken and the rack was done just right, I normally like my red meat a medium rare but I am not complaining! The staff was extremely attentive and at the same time absolutely non-intrusive! My date and me totally loved this! I had left a few instructions with the staff before getting there... and they followed it to the 'T'!! We give them a 5/5 for service and food.


c'est très magnifique

Now after eating at some terrible restaurants in Bangalore recebtly, I was begining to loose hope. A few of my friends have been talking about this new place that had opened up called Medici. So I decided to go check it out with another friend.

We went there on a Saturday night. Now this place has been done up beautifuuly and its very surprising given the building its located in. As soon as I was walked in i felt warm and comfortable.

The restaurant was fairly crowded but there was no problem getting a table without a reservation.

The service here is quite special, they take care of every need of yours. Almost makes you feel like your at a five star luxuru hotel.

The music was some great electronic lounge music, so unexpected and brilliant.

Now my epxectations were being built up and I was just hoping the food would be as close. We orderd a bottle of wine and some starters. My salmon tartare was quite spectacular. For the main couse I had a Tornado cooked Medium rare. This was probably the best piece of meat I have eaten in India in a long time. My friend had a pasta and I was so happy that it wasnt floating in sauce. I did have a bite of it and it was really good and most importatntly cooked al dente ( sunnys stand up and take notice... thats how you make pasta). My friend, she pretty much gobbled the entire plate up in minutes.

For desert we had a choclate fondant. Heaven is what i have to say.

Execllent food, great service and beautiful ambience. An overall fabulous time.

Will be vsiting againa and again for sure (as long as they keep their standards up)


A Lovely Experience

Saturday evening saw me and a friend walking up the stairs to this restaurant. We were met at the top by the hostess and politely escorted into the fairly large restaurant. As the restaurant was almost empty, the hostess suggested we choose where we would like to sit and after a little peering around, my friend and I settled on a quiet table towards the rear of the restaurant. We started our meal with a drink each - Absolut Vodka and Orange Juice for me and a cocktail for him. Drinks over, we turned our attention to our starter - a Prawn Mousseline with Caviar. It tasted ok. A bit too over-baked was our thought. The caviar we couldnt taste, though we did see specks of it in the prawn mousse. Next came the main course. We had both ordered Duck a la Orange and it tasted wonderful. No fault to be found here. Dessert was a Tiramisu for him and a fresh Fruit Tart with Custard Cream for me. My tart was wonderful. The Tiramisu however wasn't as good as we had hoped (The Taj West End one still remains a favorite). My general impression of the place is that it has terrific ambience - nice lighting, nice furniture, nice decor. The service is impeccable. The food... well some of the dishes weren't as good as we had hoped but for the price we paid, I guess it was ok. The music was fine but not really too my liking. It was at a low volume though, which is something I appreciate. All in all, I would call this a lovely place, for the ambience and service. I guess that as its not too expensive one can't expect absolute gourmet-style food. The presentation though is faultless. This is certainly one of the places I shall go back to time and again and introduce to new people looking for a classy European style restaurant in Indiranagar.



Excellent French/Italian Food

Beautiful interiors, good music, and delicious food makes Medici a great place to visit for lunch / dinner.
Hubby and I had veg bruschetta and non-veg french onion soup for starters, fish en papillote and rack of lamb for main course and crème brûlée as dessert, bill coming up to around 1.5K. The fish dish was fabulous -- one of the best fish dishes I ever had. The French onion soup was authentic. All in all, one of the best restaurant meals we have had in the past.

Minor minus point: Bruschetta had a too much of cheese on top.




I went to medici on saturday dinner, This is my second visit to medici and it is a wonderful place. We were met at the entrance by the hostess who very charmingly pointed us to a corner table (the only empty one available). Feeling extremely happy and fortunate to have gotten the last table, minus reservations on a saturday evening, we settled down and were presented with the wine list and the food menu. This was followed by a bread basket and two flavoured butter. Neither of us are wine drinkers and so we began our meal with a chicken and bacon quice. It was absolutely lovely and we enjoyed every bite. For our main course we ordered Lamb racks for my friend and a duo de poisson(fish with salmon mousse and courgettes),duck a'lorenge and Salmon Fish for me. The food came quickly and was well presented. My friend enjoyed the Lamb and soon had an empty plate in front of him. I too enjoyed my dish. However, they were all delicious. Main course over, we ordered dessert - a crepe suzette(with brandy flambe) for me and a chocolate fondant for him. My dessert was just perfect. My friend also enjoyed his dessert. When we were about to leave ,i found Mr.Azim Premji(wipro chairman)having his dinner just opposite to our table. This restaurant is being recognized by many of the top peoples. However, the food served was excellent, the service courteous, charming and quick, the ambience perfect ,and the music is amazing (they play an excellent and varied selection of music) so I'd say it was worth it..


Medici FTW - Definitely worth a visit!

I was beginning to lose faith in the dining options at Indiranagar. With a resurgence of restaurants opening up in Koramangala, Indiranagar is rarely part of the choice for me anymore. Sure you have Herbs and Spice... that's about it. During my MSN India days, I actually use to work in the area... so I know there are some good options; I use to remember frequenting Max Mueller's cafe for the Weiner Schnitzel, Nizam's for double chicken egg rolls, Shiok for pretty authentic Thai and the Drunken beef, Nagarjuna for biryani and Nandini's for thaliis with unlimited rice, ghee and 'French' Chicken, which are basically chicken strips coated with ridiculous red colouring and delicious spices. I guess you can blame the construction of the metro for a couple of the restaurants disappearing into oblivion over there. Should definitely give the area a once over again.

Continue reading about Medici on You Heard It Here First:


One of the finest!

The card on the table says - the hippest European food restaurant in the city. I disagree... it is not the hippest but certainly amongst the best! The food was authentic and fabulous and so reasonably priced! I am certainly a fan and definitely going back!


Good Food, Excellent Service

This place is one among the countless new restaurants that seem to have popped up in Indiranagar recently. We wanted to try out a new place in the area, and after looking at the reviews, decided to land up at Medici for dinner. We had reserved a table, although it might not be necessary. The place was reasonably big, and had quite a few vacant tables on a Sunday night. The ambiance is pretty neat, although the lighting could have been a bit brighter.

We started off with a portion each of the Veg Spinach and Non veg Chicken and Bacon quiches and a few mocktails. The quiches were just perfect, the crust being particularly good, not hard at all. The mocktails were pretty decent, and some of them came in huge glasses. A few of us ordered soup, while the rest of us nibbled on a green salad. The french onion soup comes in both a veg and a beef broth, and both were pretty good. The chicken and leek soup was clear and light, but didn't score much on taste.

For the main course, our orders ranged from a basic pasta, to ravioli, risotta and fillet mignon. The pastas come in two sizes, the smaller one probably best for someone who would like to have multiple courses in his/her meal. The spaghetti carbonara was amazing (this from someone who hates spaghetti), while the risotta and ravioli weren't too bad either. There was a bit too much of cheese in pretty much everything we ordered though, and that diluted the taste and made the food heavier than it should ideally have been. That's probably the biggest gripe I have with the place. The tenderloin dishes though were pretty well done, no complains there.

We were stuffed by then, but still couldn't resist dessert. The chocolate mud pie was predictably good, but I was more impressed by the creme brulee. It was the simplest of desserts, yet extremely delicious.

They take good care in presenting the food, and clearly know their stuff. I was particularly impressed by the service, extremely attentive and knowledgeable. They even made us a custom dish. Vegetarians have limited choice on the menu, but on the other, hand non-vegetarians will have a field day. They serve seafood, chicken, beef, pork and duck! As with any restaurant with similar offerings, the food does not come cheap, and the dinner cost us close to 600 per head. Medici is definitely worth a try, and when you do visit, I'd suggest you to try out the not-so-standard fare that they offer.


Good food at decent prices

We went to this place early this week in a large group. The seating was good, nice ambiance and kid friendly. The service was polite and good with constant attention.

The food was excellent with good bread and olive oil and vinegar dips and lovely starters and main course. the starters a rather small portion but the main course in good.

Their desserts are standard and nothing outstanding. Its a good visit!


foddie - Burrp User


1 Reviews

April 19,2010



My friend and I were in the mood for a scrumptious meal on lazy Sunday afternoon. I’d heard about Medici from a few colleagues and they couldn’t stop raving about the Calamari and the restaurant’s awesome ambience.

I for one wasn’t disappointed with what I’d heard. The ambience is great. The staff is very courteous and has a good knowledge of their wines. The restaurant has a reasonably priced Sunday Buffet which includes a spread of Salads, cold cuts and desserts. The soup, main course and cheese platter is served off the menu. The food was excellent. Primarily non vegetarian, my friend and I gorged on the salads – Crab meat, chicken and fish. We then enjoyed the chicken and milestone soup. For main course - My friend ordered stake which was to die for and my fish on garlic mash was scrumptious. The desserts – mostly fresh cut fruits and brownie made for the perfect finish. I will surely be visiting more often



Honestly, I'd never heard of 'Medici' before, and when my date said he was taking me there for dinner, I went Med-what?! The name sounded scary to me. And the only reason I'd agreed to go there was because he had been there before and it was his birthday (mainly the latter)

The restaurant is easily ignored if you drive past it, but then again, a lot of restaurants are these days. We went into the lounge bar first, located on the 3rd floor. Apparently, they had a rooftop here perfect for a romantic ambience, which was now covered up due to rains. My date was disappointed but I still thought it was manageable, till it started getting hot and we moved downstairs.

I ordered my traditional Cosmo, which was done just right. We then ordered Crumb Fried Crab Sticks with Tartar Sauce which was a delight on the tastebuds. They served 8 sticks priced at Rs.250 Since they don't serve main course upstairs, we had to move to the restaurant.

The ambience in the restaurant is equally good. We got ourselves a quiet corner, however, you can't escape from hearing other's conversations, even if you don't want to.

We began with ordering Bruschetta, which were delicious. Tomatoes were a primary topping here, along with mushrooms, peppers and the indispensable cheese. I loved the salad served along with the Bruschetta, which had the perfect amount of olive oil and balsamic vinegar in it.

I then ordered the Pasta Puttanesca, which maybe had too much tomato concasse in it. Now here they give you 2 prices next to your dish on the menu. One is the appetizer portion, which honestly, you would gulp down in 2 bites or less. And the other is the main course portion, which is a good quantity.

My date ordered the fish, which had a very subtle flavour to it, served on a bed of mashed potatoes and crispy salad drizzled with balsamic vinegar. The subtle flavourings are a highlight of this place, which brings out the French cuisine at its best.

We were too full to try out the desserts, but we really enjoyed our meal here. My only complaint was the limited menu they had. They served good food, but giving more options to choose from would be a better idea. Very friendly staff present as well.

A meal for 2 with drinks minus dessert came upto Rs.2100


Excellent Experience

I guess this is why I love reviews on they are very honest and reliable! :). A couple of my friends were visiting the town and asked me about a new place to go. Chose this place after reading burrp reviews and did not regret the decision.

The dishes we chose were: Chicken and Leek Broth, Wild Mushroom Soup and Duck Salad as starters. For the main course I chose Chicken Parmigiana, a friend chose salmon (cooked medium rare) and the vegetarian friend chose tortellinis. My dish was superb and the tortellini were also very tasty (though the quantities could be smaller by standards of a few folks). Our only complaint was on Salmon dish - it was undercooked and was very bland.

We chose Tiramisu and Fruit Tart as deserts and both were just perfect (icing on the cake).

The ambiance/decor is very nice with cool lighting and spaciously placed tables. Service is also nearly perfect with waiters and captain visiting us multiple times and addressing our concerns very promptly.

The final verdict - I would make it a regular place to go out and would definitely recommend it to someone wanting to experiment with French/Italian food. The prices are on the higher side but the overall experience is complete value for money you pay.

Do visit it!


Good authentic food

During the 2nd week of March, I visited Medici with a friend and her family to review the place for Bangalore Mirror. Suffice to say we came out happy. The ambiance is very good, although they have a thing for dim lights, and even when asked to turn them up, in a while they are turned down again! That apart, the food is great and for a new restaurant, they seem to have their bearings right.

We started off with a beef carpaccio (slices of raw beef), a chicken & bacon quiche, a roast duck salad, a mushroom soup, a french onion soup, and a bouillabaisse (sea food soup). The French onion soup had too much bread in it, and the soup ended up tasting only of the bread, while the carpaccio should have had more fat in it. That apart, the rest of the food was superb. The quiche was amazing, and didn't crumble, while the mushroom soup was flawless in taste and texture.

For the mains, we orderd a prawn risotto, a beef tournedo, a veg tortellini, a dish of sea bass with salmon mousse, and a chicken parmigiana. Apart for the fact that the salmon mousse was more like a paste than a mousse, the meal was superb. The beef tournedo was a superb cut of meat and we had asked for it to be done rare to medium rare, and it came just the way we wanted it. The risotto was also cooked perfectly, while the tortellini with the ratatouille and the mushroom sauce was also very nicely done.

For dessert, we had a tiramisu and a crepe suzette. Both were extremely good. The crepe came with a shot of brandy that was lit and the blue flame made the entire dish look a bit surreal. So overall, fabulous place to be, and if they've corrected the few teething issues that I've mentioned above (if those are indeed teething issues), then they're well on their way to give the other Italian places a run for their money.

For the full story and pictures, visit


A Spot On Place!

My friend and I decided we should visit this place for the weekend lunch. Since we had loads of time at our end and the restaurant was in the other part of the city, we both decided to take the BMTC bus to travel. After almost 1.5hrs of travel and 15 minutes of walk, we found the restaurant. Its in the same lane as that of Barbeque Nation, before 100 Ft Boutique Restaurant and 2 buildings after Hyundai Showroom.

Medici is on the 2nd floor of the building. The ambiance was spot on. The huge glass walls towards the road gives lots of room for the natural light to lighten up the whole space. The wall and the pillar colors, the cushiony chairs, small but clean loo and the cozy private area. Everything seemed nice for the beginning.

The waiters were courteous and helped us with water and the menu. My friend who’s so fond of Green Apple Martini was a little disappointed to not see that in the menu. When she enquired about the Cajun Martini, she was told its going to be spicy. However, the waiters said, they can make a Green Apple Martini for her and there was a glee in her eyes. I, as usual chose a Shiraz Red Wine. Amongst the 2 of us, I had only veg food and my friend had only non-veg food that day!
The bread basket was a perfect starter. The breads were warm and fresh. There were 3 types of bread served with herbed butter and butter mixed with paprika. And of course the olive oil and the vinegar was there as well.
For starters, my friend tried Calamari Pepperon and I tried Bruchetta. She said, the last time she’d loved Calamari rings were in Barbeque Nation and Medici could give a super competition to them. She loved it totally. My Bruchetta had 4 slices – one with chopped yellow and red peppers, one with tomatoes and cheese, one with mushroom and one topped only with cheese. All the 4 won my heart! Both of us were kinda full but we still had appetite to munch more! Since both of us were sticking to Veg and non-veg food, there was no way we both could share a main course.
I was sure I dint want to order the Pasta and the Risotto as its available in many other places and wanted to try something that was not commonly available in many other places. She ordered Chicken De Medici and I ordered Baked Aubergine stuffed.
As the food arrived, we both stared at each other as the quantity was more than the appetite. However, as we started digging, we both loved our respective main sourse so much, we made sure we eat till we finish. The aubergine was stuffed with tomato based thingy and this was accompanied with some delicious Spaghetti.

After stuffing our face till the forehead, there was no space left for the desserts. I know, I’m saying there was no space for desserts. Meal for the 2 of us was around 1600 bucks including the drinks. A wonderful place to experiment with some French and Italian Cuisine. The waiters were extremely courteous and helpful. After the meal, the chef came to check with us if we really liked the food and if there needs and improvement. All of them were open to feedback and were really making an effort to make sure everything was ok. The only disturbing thing was, while we were dining there, a group of 10 people came and started shouting at the restaurant manager and a waiter for I don’t know what incident. They seemed very influential and the decibel levels were so high, it was little disturbing. But, the restaurant manager did take them all out to talk and made sure the customers do not leave. Apart from this, I have no complaints about this place. The food, service, ambiance, location, price, everything you could name was spot on!

I would surely recommend this place and yes, am hungry for more food from this place!!



3.5 stars: Great decor but not great food

I really wanted to give Medici 4 stars because I'm thrilled to have a beautiful new dining option on 100 Ft. Rd. The decor is great and I'm a huge fan of the comfy chairs, recessed lighting, and hammered silverware. Unfortunately I wasn't as blown away by the food. 2 thumbs up for the breadbasket and my husband was happy with his ceasar salad and filet mignon but my father and my starters, bouillabaisse and onion soup were just not authentic tasting. The onion soup had a clear broth- not a rich brown beef broth and lacked my favorite part- loads of cheese melted on top. The bouillabaisse was a tomato soup with a few chunks of seafood. My large duck salad wasn't that large and there just wasn't enough salad- too much meat. I really wanted something crisper and lighter. My father's fish wrapped in paper was puny and not very tasty. He was a bit disappointed. All in all, we had a very nice evening at Medici and I'm sure we'll be back but we were hoping for food to match the elegant ambiance and it wasn't spot on.




I have to admit i was sold from the moment i first walked into the restaurant. The warm lighting and rich interiors set the mood perfectly ! The signature chicken dish (i believe it is the chicken de Medici ) was unlike anything i have had before and cooked with a sort of stuffing to perfection. Dont forget to order the Riesling with your food !
Go if you want something different from the run of the mill restaurants in Bangalore. been here a couple of times now and love the detail especially the background music - ive always left satisfied.



A little slice of heaven

I recently visited Medici and admit that I am now in love with the food there. The dinner was excellent, the dessert was to die for and the staff were friendly and eager to please. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for authentic French & Italian cuisine without the exorbitant price tags.


An amazing place to be

I visited Medici, a brand new restaurant with some friends on saturday night. A vegetarian friend of mine mentioned it to me and recommend that I try it out. She said that they didnt have much of a choice for a vegetarians but she enjoyed whatever she had and that I would really enjoy this place.

First off, the ambience of the place is really amazing. Everything from the wallpaper to the lighting was just right. It made you feel comfortable and relaxed as soon as you walked in. It was such a pleasant surprise given the building and the other tenants.

The restaurant was fairly crowded for a saturday night, especially given that its a brand new restaurant. We were seated in one of their booths. I highly recommend sitting here if you are in a group of 6 or less. Its cozy and great to have a nice long meal.

The service was very good with smiling staff all the time. Attentive and quick. The food was just amazing. The beef carpaccio was one of the best I ever had and the carbonara was just right. The pasta was cooked perfect with the right amount of sauce. They have this genius idea of offering you portion sizes for their salads and pastas. I had a small pasta which let me also have a desert. Their desert selection was limited and the creme brulee wasnt available that night. So we ordered a fresh fruit tart and chocolate fondate. The tart was pretty good and the pastry was just the best. The Fondate was the best desert I have ever had. Italia, on of my favorite restaurant also does this, but Medici just gave them stiff competition.

This place is very affordable and I will return very very soon.

P.S - The music they played was also fantastic.



Good Tasty Food

Been here recently. Liked the ambiance , very nicely decorated place.Since it is a new place there was only one more table occupied at the time. We were wondering about the service and the food seeing so many tables were empty but as soon as the bread basket arrived, it put our fears to rest. We were not very hungry on that day so we ordered main course directly. My prawn risotto was spot on, very creamy and tasted very good. My daughters chicken dish and my husbands beef were tasty too. Seeing that the main course was soo good we ordered a dessert - chocolate lava cake. It took some time to be prepared and bought to the table but this was one of the best chocolate desserts ever eaten. The service was very good and the waiters new their stuff. They have a bar and decent wine list.
Would definitely be visiting again.