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> > > > Muse Terrace Lounge

Muse Terrace Lounge

IndiranagarEast Bangalore  

  • 65705891, 9686682924
  • 1206, Manan Arcade, 100 Feet Road, Second and Third Floor, Indiranagar, Bangalore
  • Indian, Chinese, Thai

5 Reviews / 6 Ratings

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Muse Terrace Lounge Reviews







Good rooftop dining

Spent a very enjoyable and quiet evening here with good friends in the Muse Bar and Kitchen. The rooftop becomes a soothing and serene place to unwind when it’s not a party hub. We were rather expecting that side though. Their menu has some good barbeque options and interesting mains. We quite enjoyed the food, and the service was very prompt as well.



Nice place to chill

Went here twice during my stay in Bangalore and would return. Music gave a great, relaxed vibe, drinks and food were fresh and tasty (we enjoyed the tandoori chicken and pizza), and the staff was very nice and attentive. Loved the breeze and fresh, modern feel of the place.



A lot of room to improve

The best part of this place is probably the service. Ppl greet you with a smile and are very hospitable, I even got a on the house drink :) The ambience and food however is nothing extraordinary. As somebody pointed out the quantity is definitely very less. And the taste is average. we had tried corn fitters which were good but the peri-peri chick was a let-down.


nothing great

apart from good service, this place doesn't have much going for it. okay food, measly portions, insipid cocktails. don't really understand how they expect to survive in a locality like that with this kind of offering!


Not very aMUSEd (get it?)

I had seen the signs for this place for a while so I thought I'd give it a shot. I'm a normal Bangalore twenty something that enjoys many places in Indiranagar, and thought this could possibly be one. Although the pictures do look nice on the website, for the cost and quality, you can spend your cash elsewhere as they're plenty of other options in the city.

The first thing you'll notice here is that the menu is about 3 pages of snacks, 1 page of main courses, and then about 12 pages of drinks. I know that it markets itself as a lounge, but since it's just a terrace spot like many other places, I thought the food would differentiate. So lets talk about it, and to be fair say the good first:

The Good
-Non-Veg Potato Skins (Chicken)
- The Mango Madness Mocktail

The Average
- Ambiance. A standard terrace type of lounge. Nothing out of the ordinary.
- Chilly Cheese Fries: Standard frieds with cheese and some chilli flakes. And no salt on them, although I could have easily asked for some.

- Peppered Pork - I thought this would be nice. All they had to do was make the pork with some nice spices and some onions. The spices were actually decent, but the pork was very tough. If I HAD to come here again, I'd probably order this though.

The Bad
- Nachos. I thought for Rs. 150 this would be at least a bit more than just chips and salsa. But the chips were stale and the salsa seemed a bit strange. No horrible, but definitely not tasty.

- Main Course- Thai Green Curry. Since they only have 4 main courses, 2 of which are Thai Curry's, I thought they'd at least have this down. But the curry was a bit bland, and the prawns were still veined. Again - this is just my opinion, but it wasn't anything special. Especially for 350 per plate.

Overall, the place is ok. I wouldn't say it's bad, but I would only come here if I had to meet somebody. I hope they can improve their menu and build a decent following, or at least market better as a place known for the drinks over the food. And please - reduce your prices as the food is much nicer at other nearby places for the cost.