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> > > My Place, Movenpick Hotel & Spa

My Place, Movenpick Hotel & Spa

Gokula Extension  


4 Reviews / 4 Ratings

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Sunday Brunch Aug 01 - Aug 31

  • Never ending servings of beverage, an exhaustive array of more than two hundred dishes to choose from and eclectically set large vistas are few from the many things make Sunday brunches at My Place, the all day dining restaurant of Movenpick Hotel and Spa Bangalore special. Sundays are indeed one of the best days of the week. Spending a leisurely morning over brunch just makes it more fulfilling, well literally if you do try the Sunday Brunch here. The Sunday brunch is not about just extensive food and beverage it is a celebration with the family. There is something for everyone. A live band plays peppy tunes that add to the merriment and cheerful appeal of the afternoon. The brunch also features a variety of live stations where guests can customise their favourite dishes using their choice of ingredients. The live bakery at the restaurant gives you a chance to enjoy the delicious whiff of freshly baked bread as you watch the chefs create an eclectic assortment of breads and other baked goodies right in front of you. Guests can pair their drinks with their favourite food and the friendly Chefs will help you make the best choice of chow! Kids can also enjoy their time as the restaurant has a well organised area for kids where they can indulge in indoor activities. So head to Movenpick Hotel and Spa Bangalore to enjoy the perfect Sunday.

    Day: Every Sunday

    Time: 12.30pm - 4pm

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My Place, Movenpick Hotel & Spa Reviews

rastachef - Burrp User


46 Reviews

February 04,2013


Distance makes the stomach grow hungrier

It's a bit far (I must specify, from central Bangalore) and getting there can be a bit of a task. Depending on the time of the day you choose to travel, the "journey" to My Place just seems unending while so stomach begins growling. Once you get there though, a walk through the posh locale and a rush to the restaurant inside Movenpick makes it all right though. The food at My Place is excellent. Try the Sunday brunch - it's exquisite.


leagueivy - Burrp User


14 Reviews

November 14,2012


Massive, delightful spread!

Was there for the Sunday Brunch and it was spectacular! The place was packed and had a great vibe to it. There was also a play area for the kiddies which is always a great plus.

The spread was massive! Just the cold cuts occupied a huge amount of space. And the sheer variety of the cuts was eye-popping! By the time we reached main course we were stuffed but we had to make place for the desserts. They look delicious and taste even better. Hats off to the Pastry Chef! :)

The service was one of the highlights. The whole staff was out to help us, including the chefs. It was helpful without being intrusive. Will definitely go back with a huge bunch of friends!




Been here on my graduation day, wasnt much of a grand affair
Ordered italian pizza which had lighter than a sheet of paper kinda crust
It tasted good but
The wine bar requires a mention as it is top class
Although we din order any
The service was excellent and good staff too
The one opened at orion is aesthetically located and is an attention grabber
Give it a try and u wudn feel disappointed



Watch out for waiters here

The food is good. Ambience is excellent.

But I wanted to mention an incident that happened when i was dining.

We were seated near the bar. There were about 6 glasses of a drink on the deck. I saw the waiter use the spoon to taste from one glass and then without washing use the same spoon to taste the drink in the next one. He did this for 4 glasses and saw me looking at him. Immediately he washed the spoon and tasted the next glass. That really put me off.