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> > > > Mynt, The Taj West End

Mynt, The Taj West End

Race Course RoadCentral Bangalore  


8 Reviews / 8 Ratings

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Mynt, The Taj West End Reviews


Vintage British Raj feel

I am not much a fan of non-specialty 5 star restaurants. But this one is good. We went there for a buffet. A nice mix of dishes from Indian, Lebanese, Middle eastern, Italian cuisines.

The place is nothing exotic, is peaceful, calm and casual and there is a colonial feel to it. Interiors and the entire setup is vintage, British Raj style..



Mynt Lunch Buffet

My friends and I went to Mynt today for one of the best lunch buffets we have had so far. The cuisines include Indian, Italian and Lebanese with live Pasta, Pizza and Shwarma counters. The spread was extensive and the salad bar was to die for! The freshly made wood fire over pizzas were really good too! To top up the whole meal, the ambience and lawns area make it a very pleasant experience.

I will definitely be going back to this restaurant for more.



Lovely Sunday buffet

Have gone to Mynt quite often for their Sunday brunch. Great fare, great ambience, great service. Their entertainment for kids also has the kids occupied :) its not a humungous spread but several good options in all areas- salads, main course as well as desesrt! Clearly a destination you must go to if you like good food...


gizmonana - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 02,2011


Nice Food , but calling it "buffet" con-job

Last visit was a disappointment. We went to Mynt since we like the usual med+indian choice in the spread. But due to some 'problems in the kitchen' , they had changed the 'buffet format'. The spread included only soup+salads+deserts and then you can order just 1 entree from the menu, all for 1200 odd. Kind of defeats the purpose of going for a buffet where you want to try a bit of everything.

The quality was good as usual , but the spread was disappointing ( no real salads - just little bowls of 1 green + 1 veggie) . not gateaux , large cakes in the desert etc.etc. definitely a rip-off for the price. I'd rather do the Oberoi spread for 2200 any day .


Sunday Brunch Destination

Sunday brunch at the Taj West End has been on my to-do list for a very long time as many friends have raved about the variety and quality of the food and unlimited Moet champagne. Several of us decided to make a day of it and enjoyed a leisurely 4 hour food extravaganza this weekend. The food was great but I was most impressed with the kid-friendly set up on the lawn! What a lovely way for parents to unwind! Clowns, toys, even children's food was available while parents could relax and enjoy a lovely afternoon on the very popular but yet peaceful veranda.

The buffet had so many different options to choose from- it will surely please anybody looking for a special occasion afternoon brunch. From a turkey carving station, to raw oysters, bbq, salads, western and indian entree options, and of course a decadent dessert section you will not leave hungry!



A friend and I decided to try this place out for dinner. We arrived at close to 11:00 pm and were courteously met at the coffee shop's entrance by the maitre d'. We opted to sit outside in the garden and as the place was almost empty, we were able to choose our seats. After comfortably settling ourselves, we looked at the menu and settled on a soup and two main courses. The waiter who took our order was polite, efficient and, very cheerful. While we waited for our food, we nibbled at the various kinds of breads in the bread basket which the waiter had placed on our table. We also admired and ate the butterfly-shaped butter which had accompanied the bread basket. The food arrived fairly quickly and we enjoyed our soup - a clear chicken soup with a Parmesan disc. Next came the main courses and we thoroughly enjoyed our respective dishes. My friend had ordered a Pork with Proscuitto and Baked Apples dish and he said it was lovely. My dish was a Grilled Fish done in Lebanese style and accompanied with a pickled salad, pickled red cabbage and two sauces. The fish was done to perfection and the vegetables were pickled perfectly. After that, came dessert, a Tiramisu which was also done to perfection and was one of the best I have tasted in Bangalore. The quantity of this, though small, was perfect for both of us and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We then relaxed, chatted and enjoyed the cool night air. The bill came fashionably late but that didn't really worry us since we weren't in a hurry to get anywhere. My overall impression of the place was "fantastic". The ambience is lovely, there are a good many seating options, the background music is just right, the food was faultless and the service excellent. Definitely a place which I intend to come back to.



good mediterranean buffet

Yesterday i went to a Mediterranean restaurant for dinner. There were some strange animals which I had never seen on the dinner table. The buffet at MYNT had some 50 items. A variety of salads and starters.
pickled octopus and mussels... fried beef and pork starters , which i didn't bother about...
shavrama chicken, chicken with pecan and walnut,,,,good for a start.
falafel, hummus, typically Greek, which I have heard only at Gokarna....
falafel is flat base pizza and hummus is peanut butter paste... (so i don't forget the taste later)
flavored molasses,,, the name sounded terrifying, but the taste wasn't very bad. little sour and tomato-ish.
back to the octopus.... i dipped it in white sour sauce and it tasted like chicken.
lamb, beef and pork chops...again I keep away from red meat.
i ordered a veg pizza as a part of the meal. it was flat base again with really thin slices of some random vegetable i couldn't recognize.
oysters in their original shells, baked and flavored, natural flavored and fruit flavored.... the baked flavored ones were good, like a pastry.
some fresh pita bread in different flavors and a rice-y item which I felt had a close resemblance to the good old "uppittu".
20 different items for dessert and i had a feeling it would catapult out if I felt greedy to shove them down.
managed to have some mint and chocolate flavored ( the only 2 flavors i love) mousse and truffles.... cursed the kachori chat i had in the evening, which had killed my appetite!


Good Ambience & Service

I like this place for the ambience more than anything else. The foods decent though not an extensive choice its done well and the presentation is good. The pizza and dosa here are my favs. The buffet is a smart option to ala carte considering the cost.