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> > > > Naati Manae

Naati Manae

KoramangalaSouth Bangalore  

  • 40986161, 40986160, 9900114723
  • South Indian
  • Meal for 2 - 300

8 Reviews / 9 Ratings

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Naati Manae Reviews







Nati mane the best food ever had

Just Amazing! Mouth watering kababs! Yummiest food :) and the kaal soup was just so delicious. Feel like having it again and again. Renovated and inaugurated just yesterday. I really love the ambiance and the people there :)



Ragi mudde

Ragi mudde, mutton saaru, donne biryani.... good

Ragi mudde was the best, mutton saaru had something missing....... donne biryani.. hmmmm..



Homestyle cooking

We've been here 3-4 times and had no issues with a long wait or food not being served on time. The donne biryani is well spiced and tasty. The chapatis i can really reccomend, they are light and a perfect combination to their chicken/mutton curries.


skmon666 - Burrp User


7 Reviews

January 13,2011


Real Shame - Beware the other reviews

Thought I'd check this place after all the glorious reviews, which I suspect is done by the promoters or their proxies.
My wife & I gave a modest order for Donne biriyani (Mutton),Mutton saaru, ragi ball (even though I've been warned against it) and white rice - the guys there made us wait 45 mins , no egggaeration 7:15 pm to 8:00 pm.We pased time commenting on the irony of 'fast service' mentioned in the previous reviews to the accompaniment of the loud-mouthed cooks in the kitchen.HORRIBLE PLACE ! Stay AWAY! Bet my shirt this place closes down soon.
We got a hal-hearted 'sorry' when we left the goddaman place, but not sorry as us.
Menu is very limited, but that could have been overlooked if the ones they cliam to make were edible.
In one word -- SUCKS


chinesefan - Burrp User


14 Reviews

November 24,2010


One of the best Donne Biryani in town !!

I am a huge Biryani fan, and I always look for places that serve up this beautiful and tasty dish. Being in Koramangala, I have eaten all the usual places ( Mani's Dum Biryani, Arsalan, Megha's Biryani, Empire, Lazeez etc) , but nothing comes closer to the Delicious biryani served here at Naati Manae.
I think this serves one of the best Biryani in town, ( The best being - Richies in Frazer Town). The spiciness, the quantity, the quality of the meat and rice used all hit the spot.
A must recommend for fans of Biryani.. No doubt..


Excellent Biryani...

We went there yesterday for dinner. I am glad I found this small place.

We had Nati Biryani, Normal Chicken Biryani, Nati Fry, Guntur Chicken, Ragi Ball, Chapati.

Everything was very good. Nati Biryani was less spicy than my personal liking, but nevertheless it's very tasty.

Prices are very reasonable. But be aware that each item quantity is typically for one person only.

Menu is very small, but looks very interesting. Service is very fast. Ambience is nothing to talk about.

Will definitely visit again.



Naati all the way.

i have been to this place tons of times, just because i love everything about this place, be it food, decor, service. the hotspot for real foodie biryani and the starters served here cannot be compared other primitive style of food served elsewhwere.... its excellent and im lovin it.



Value for money

Good to be the first one to write a review. Read about this place on the Burrp newsletter and thought of giving it a try. Didnt have very high expectations, but I should say I was pleasantly surprised. The interior decor is good. Service is super fast. The waiter brought our order in about 5 mins which got my wife thinking if he brought our order or someone else's. Overall a good experience. Would love to go there again.