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> > > > Naga Kitchen

Naga Kitchen

Kammanahalli Main RoadEast Bangalore  

  • 41732012
  • 26, AVS Arcade, Opposite Addidas Showroom, Kammanahalli Main Road, Bangalore
  • North East Indian

8 Reviews / 8 Ratings

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Naga Kitchen Reviews


Quantity Is So Darn Less For The Price We Pay

The quality and quantity of food was better when it initially started but looks like its going down every year. I usually order from home and I specifically tell them that the quantity they provide is so less and they charge high for extremely less quantity. They don't seem to be taking this as a feed back.






Amazing Naga cuisine

Visited their new outlet in Koramangala opp Koramangala Club right next to Coast to Coast. Extensive menu that includes a good selection of Chinese too. But when you're here, eat Naga! Ordered their veg thali which comes with rice, daal, boiled vegetables, stir fried mushrooms, mashed potatoes, and chutney and fresh pork with bamboo shoot, and pork fry with akhuni. All the dishes were so yummy! Service is good, ask them if you dont understand what to order. And its a place for non vegetarians, don't come here expecting kababs and panner and unless you want to try something new.


jacx89 - Burrp User


7 Reviews

September 16,2011


Amazing food

I just loooooove the pork here. And the Naga King chilli chutney, for a lover of hot and spicy food, is just mouth-watering. Price is decent for Bangalore... The food is very authentic.



Good one.

Pork delight. Different food. Good food and ambience. I am not from North-East, it was a different experience altogether.


Pork delight

Let’s see, how I start. Should I start the usual way or try something different. I don’t know. Reviewing restaurants is not an easy thing to do. That is what I think. When you walk in, you really don’t know what is it that you want to write about. No one walks in a restaurant with an idea to review the restaurant, unless you are given this task by a newspaper or magazine or whatever.
So, you walk in and you will be greeted with a certificate given to Naga Kitchen by Midday newspaper. It reads the best Naga cuisine restaurant. I guess this is the only one in Bangalore. Bamboos and wood is what the owners of this restaurant have gone for. Three sides of the place are open. These are covered by bamboo curtains. The ones that you can roll up, this one is very common in many restaurants. I guess it is cheap, that is why more people prefer to use that. The place is not brightly lit, but you will find your way and make out who is sitting four tables away. There are several places where they have a uniform for the waiters and the stewards, nopes, here you won’t find them. The atmosphere is super casual and you will like it. It does not have that appeal where you start thinking that this place might require me to act differently. Naga Kitchen gives you that vibe be yourself. Very minimal wall art since three sides are open. Nagaland is what you can see on the walls. The lampshades are something that you need to check out. By the looks of it, it looks pretty standard. Take a close look and you will be surprised at the art work.
Some people go to a particular restaurant to eat a particular kind of food. Pork is what Naga Kitchen should be visited for. The way pork is cooked in that part of the country is strikingly different from the rest of the country, even though the ingredients are more or less the same. The pork with bamboo shoots is a must try. The smoked pork with yam is a signature dish for this place. For the veggies, you can try the vegetable thalli, an assortment of daal, rice, mashed potatoes, and boiled veg, well of course, all in Naga style.
Ever had food in a wooden plate? Ever served food from wooden bowl? If not, then this place will serve almost everything on wooden cutlery. The cutlery exactly matches the furniture. Don’t expect your 3 start restaurant service here.
Bottom line, if you have never had Naga food. If you want to try something different or if you are a diehard pork fan or simply love non veg food. Go here. Otherwise don’t even bother.
Everything in under 180 bucks, not the entire bill, dumbo! Every dish is not more than 180. Understood? I guess so.
Radio Indigo for music, smart, and these guys did not invest much on the music, just plan radio. Super.
NOTE: Don’t go alone there, you will be dead bored.



A piece of Nagaland in Bengaluru

I read a review someplace in the newspapers about this place and it was on my to try list. Opportunity arose when a couple of us decided that we wanted to lunch outside the food court. The Naga Kitchen was nearby so we decided to step in.
Roof top restaurant, tastefully seats, bamboo paneling, framed naga jewelery, a few model spears and machetes on the walls, paintings, photos of Nagaland and a more than a couple of tables filled with folks from the north east completed the place.
Now to the food. We picked a veg and a non-veg thali and a smoked pork with akuni side dish. We started of with half a dozen pork momos. The meat in it was not mince but tiny pieces. I like to bite into my meat so this was perfect. The rough green chilli paste added the kick to the dish. Come to think about it the rough green chilli paste was a staple on the table! The thali's came on. Granular rice, Naga curry (smelt and looked like a rice broth), boiled veggies in a bit of the stock, mashed potato mixed with green chillies (looks harmless till you put it in your mouth!), bits of pork fried with shallots and green chillies (Perfect with the rice and Naga curry) and the smoked pork was rather strong and overwhelmed the masala it came with. I guess this was going to be an acquired taste for a person who has never tested cuisine from far east India.
Overall a good experience and something to try something different from the regular stuff in town.
Oh! Did I mention that all the dishes and most of the cutlery were wooden?! Nice touch!



Awesome Food - Great prices

Was a little sceptical initially to travel all the way from Koramangala to Kammanahalli to try out a new restaurant. However couple of us braved out the traffic on a busy saturday evening to hit the joint. Well all the trouble was worth the quality of food we tasted. The Momo's were great and so was the Pork Thali. I have stayed in Nagaland for a substantial time of my life, and it was greatly surprising to find the taste of Nagaland in Bangalore.
Besides the food, the place is well done up giving a charm of kitchens back home. I would any day go back for more but for the distance and traffic.
Would love to see this restaurant on this side of Bangalore.



(Na)gaga all the way!

I can't comment on whether the cuisine is authentic or not since I have never been to Nagaland or to an 'authentic' Naga restaurant in the past, but whatever I ate was very good and very different from anything I have had before.

The place is quite welcoming and warm, both literally and metaphorically, given that it is a converted terrace. For the price they charge, the ambience is very good.

The menu is predominantly pork with a fair representation of other meats. While there is something or the other even for vegetarians, the place clearly is for the avid meat eater.

The starters, including the pork momos were good. The smoked pork with bamboo shoots is well worth a try with the meat really soft and flavorful.

The best part is that the pricing is quite reasonable. A good meal for two will cost you under RS. 500. Service is friendly and super quick.