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> > > > Natural Ice cream

Natural Ice cream

St. Marks RoadCentral Bangalore    & IN 11 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 22117499
  • 20, Ground Floor, 15/16 House of Lords, St. Marks Road, Bangalore
  • Ice-cream

15 Reviews / 18 Ratings

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Natural Ice cream Reviews

jessi12 - Burrp User


5 Reviews

January 19,2015







Pathetic experience!! The ice creams were not to my expectation. Just a waste of money. Bought 6 cups around 300 rs and not a single flavor was good . Would never try again....







Delicious Flavours!

Just walked into this place after lunch one lazy Saturday afternoon. Since I didn't want to gorge on ten different flavours and I hadn't ever tried any of Natural's ice creams before, I just went with a scoop of the custard apple ice cream. It was delicious and refreshing and I wished I had helped myself to more scoops.

The service was courteous and prompt. The ambience was neat and if you want to stick around and slurp down your ice cream right there, they have a few tables and chairs too.

Definitely going back to try out their other flavours!



The popular Bombay franchise finaly made it to Bangalore in the recent past and seems to have quite a loyal customer base here as well. Their main theme as the name suggests are natural flavours that are prepared with no additives and flavouring and have a rustic home made taste to them.

The ice cream flavours ranging from the regular mango and chocolate to the more novel malai and jamun flavours are a good change from the usual once in a while. though not the best quality in terms of preparation technique the taste can be quite nice provided you pick the right flavor. Pick the wrong flavour how ever, and the ice cream tastes like thickened frozen milk with a hint of what ever flavour they claim its suppose to be. Some i recommend are the malai, fresh Alphonso(seasonal), Sithaphal (seasonal) and the all famous tender coconut. I would personally recommend you stay away from the chocolate based ones as they are rather mediocre and unsatisfying.

The pricing is very reasonable and the entire experience can be rewarding if you know what to order Eg. malai ice cream with fresh Alphonso pieces during season is quite a delicious combo.

The other noticeable problem with this ice cream parlour is that the staff have a poor system of taking your order and make the whole experience chaotic you can end up waiting endlessly even when there are just 2-3 other families placing their order.

Pros: - Pricing is reasonable
- some flacvours are very tasty and uniqie

Cons: - badly need to upgrade ice cream preparation technique
- some flavours are down right sad
- restaurant is chaotic during ordering


anshul240 - Burrp User


34 Reviews

November 15,2012


Satisfied and happy.

Its an awesome place to have ice cream after your dinner. My personal fav is tender coconut. Have tasted watermelon, jack fruit, mango and chocolate ;).
The idea of presenting ice cream not only with the flavor but also with some chunks of that particular fruit is a nice idea and makes it real tasty.


tarzanboy - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 05,2011



ive always been a big fan of ice creams and naturals at StMarks road has just made my life easier.... its been a continuously great experience here with the punjabi (i guess) people dishing out my favourites with a smile and great service. im truly addicted to many of the flavours here (especially the guava flavour) and always eat to my hearts content... its also light on my wallet ;) . I think the StMarks road outlet rocks and im sure im never gonna stop visitin here as long as it takes.



Good icecream bad service

I've just returned, not ten mniutes ago, from my 3rd visit to Natural on St. Marks Road. I normally always give anyone the benefit of doubt, but I must now say, after the third visit, that service is indeed bad. The franchisee sits behind the cash counter and glares at anyone who ventures in. There's not so much as a please, thank you or sorry from the staff and definitely no smiles! For such wonderfully natural icecream the service is indifferent to say the least :(



There is no excuse for bad customer service

We visited Naturals Ice Cream St.Marks Road with my family hoping for some of the famous natural ice cream flavours that Mumbai is famous for.

The First visit to the St. Marks Road Naturals was disappointing with miserable service and late delivery so we hoped for a better experience this time around.

Ofcourse, we were bound to be disappointed by owners who knew nothing about what service meant or even courtesy. They did not tender our change cause they didn't have any, their credit card machine wasn't working and we had to literally beg the guy behind the counter for ice cream we had paid for with the owners sitting a few feet away and least bothered.

People might rave about the ice creams at Naturals but if the customer service is so pathetic, it certainly leaves a bitter after taste, so much so that a repeat visit to this ice cream parlour is not on our cards ever.



Colleagues and I, were craving to eat something nice and the first things I could think of was The Egg Factory. After stuffing our faces with some sumptuous food, while walking back towards the office, we decided we should drop by at Natural’s Ice-Cream parlor and try out some flavors that are not available in any others places in Bangalore. The four of tried different flavors ranging from Kaala Jamoon, Tender Coconut, Choco Walnut, Chikoo, Kaaju Kismis etc. As we tried, we realized, each flavor tasted so natural, it felt as though we were eating the fruit!

The tender coconut was the best. The fine pieces of tender coconut that we got to bite as we were relishing the ice-cream was indeed wonderful. I badly wanted to try Jackfruit flavor but, unfortunately, that day, this flavor was unavailable. Hence, this gets into my “Must Try” list during my next visit to Naturals!

The place isn’t too big. There is a row of chairs if anybody’s willing to sit there and eat. However, I hardly noticed anybody using the chairs. Most of them preferred take-away! For the 4 of us to relish all the above mentioned yummy flavors of Ice-creams, it cost us around 200 bucks! Definitely worth for the taste and the quality!



After raving about the ice creams at Naturals in Mumbai ( & this particular store), I dragged my reluctant friends to the place on St Marks road for a naturals experience on a Saturday night, but alas the ice creams came with a very bad after taste, ie. I forgot to collect the change (quite an amount) and the lady at the counter dint even bother returning it.
I happily enjoyed the ice creams blissfully unaware tht i had not collected the remaining amount and left the place & drove away only to realise after goin almost all the distance of my folly.
I returned immediately (a span of 20-25mins after the transaction) only the find the store owners adamant that they have returned the change...
inspite of persuading them to kindly check they went on the defensive claiming that we were at fault ( i agree about tht - but where's the sincerity & honesty element??? )
All in all it has left a very bad taste in me and in my friends who actually agreed about the taste bein awesome but the intergrity of the transactions carried out has made us to decide to never go back to such places where regulars are treated this way!!!
Sorry to say this franchise gets a THUMBS DOWN from me...
(I may agree i am bitter but the least i expected was tht ppl in the store look into their mistakes too)
Poor service...
Poor Management....
Pathetic customer relationships...
This would sum up the NATURAL ICE CREAM PARLOR on St Marks road.
CUSTOMERS still daring to visit this place Please WATCH OUT!!!




I had been to Naturals in Mumbai maybe 18-20 years back and loved it. My cousin had taken me there. The second time I had been to naturals in mumbai was 4 years back. I was pleasantly surprised when I spotted Naturals in Koramangala and told my wife about it. We visited the kormangala joint a few weeks back and enjoyed ourselves there. Seems like a lot of people love it there as there were lot of people even at 11.30 in the night. Simply awesome....!!!


Impressive flavours

After hearing a lot about Naturals, I visited to the Kormanagala center last night & got myself tender coconut icecream. The taste was awesome & we get pieces of fruits when eating. I was amazed to see the list of flavours. Well I had never imagined that we could get Jackfruit, Watermelon & Seethapal icecreams. For now, I am savoring Tender coconut icecream. Next week it will be a different one for sure :)


abcd  - Burrp User


29 Reviews

March 15,2010


Wow experience

Had been to this place after reading reviews!!! Wow!! Brilliant ice-creams!! I had some of the best fruit based ice-creams ever!!
The Jackfruit, Tender coconut and Mango are fantastic..Others are good too..But the above 3 stand out :). Quantity can be improved though :(..Didn’t have capacity to try out milkshakes :(..


Out of the world!!

These guys have the most awesome flavours including jackfruit!! and they taste like having the real fruit on an ice stick...out of the world

Try the coconut and the sitaphal...nothing better!



Natural fruits tickling ur taste buds

The best thing about Natural Icecreams is the fruit pieces u get in ur mouth when u relish ur icecream. A must try is Chikoo Icecream and Peach&Almond Icecream which is very very natural and no artificial flavours. I'm yet to try the other flavours..


shubhak - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 21,2010


Awesome, Superb and Tasty as ever!

Well.. Natural's has been my favourite ice cream place fr many years now... The ice creams are simply superb, as they use only milk and fresh fruit and they have a variety of flavours...esp their chickoo, sitaphal, litchi, water melon, tender coconut, anjeer, roasted almond are very very popular... and not to forget my favourite mango ice cream... they have many other flavours also. The service is quick and good. They also have 1/2 kilo family packs which are priced at Rs . 160. I visited the outlet at koramangala and the only problem i think is parking. Do check it out... esp in this blore heat nuthin can be better than tasty and real fruit ice cream :)