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Naushad The Big Chef

KoramangalaSouth Bangalore  


22 Reviews / 24 Ratings

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Naushad The Big Chef Reviews

Good Biryani ...But no other unique options !!!

For those who do not know, Naushad has been a very popular name in the food world in Kerala. And its his big frame that gives him the excellent name. And I have heard that his Biryani is the best.

So I was quite excited when I got to know that NBC was opening in Bangalore. I reached the first week and ordered Biryaani. It turned out to be very bad. And got to know that the Chef (the trainee who learnt from Naushad) was on leave and thus the Biryani was from someone not experienced.

My next venture was last week. I order Biryani and wanted to order another five item from the menu, but none of them were there. Whatever they had was nothing special that you wont get in the restaurant near by.

BUT BUT BUT the Biryaani - Was excellent and would like you guys to try it. (BTW I am not sure if this is the biryani that the Naushad is famous for because I heard that his biryani had fruits and all that)


Very Nice food

I loved their Biriyani when I tried it the first time after the restaurant was opened in Ernakulam. Subtle flavouring, aromatic rice, succulent pieces of meat cooked just right. Add to that, their take away Biriyani was a good deal. At Rs.160,


good not great

Biriyani..nothing special, go to Megana you will get better biriyani..If you ask them some special food mentioned in their Menu..they will say not available.....I am a my words...




During some time I had spent in Cochin, I'd been to their one of their branches there and the food was quite good. But Bangalore disappointed me. I should've guessed it would when I saw very little crowd there while other restaurants around the area were packed. Ordered biriyani, both chicken and mutton along with prawns. Needless to say, each of it were barely good and had a lot of scope for improvement. Even the service was very unsatisfactory and prices too exorbitant. You can be rest assured that I'm not returning there unless they make few drastic changes.


sachindo - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 09,2012


Journey from Good to Bad

I have been to NBC in Kerala (Kadavanthara, Ernakulam) having few varieties from their menu - tandoori chicken, breads, and the all famous Biriyani - Mutton and Chicken. I loved their Biriyani when I tried it the first time after the restaurant was opened in Ernakulam. Subtle flavouring, aromatic rice, succulent pieces of meat cooked just right. Add to that, their take away Biriyani was a good deal. At Rs.160, the quantity was really good enough to fill the biggest of tummies and ended up with left overs.

When NBC opened at Koramangala-Bangalore, I was glad I could enjoy the very same biriyani once again. In Jul 2012, I visited this place and ordered Mutton and Chicken biriyani. The taste didn't match my experience at the Kerala restaurant, but nevertheless it still was good. The flavours and the right cooking of meat along with the portion size made it feel good. The mutton version didn't cut through as the meat was one big piece of bone. Perhaps the meat shredded off to another portion : )

However, my recent visit in Sep, 2012 has turned my experience from ok to worse. The biriyani was worse than I could ever expect. The rice was mix of about 20% long grain basmati and 80% broken basmati or even a cheaper variety with no aroma. The rice was overcooked making the whole portion sticky. The flavours were just so cheap, like a Rs 60 biriyani in a office cafeteria. The meat didn't taste any better. The take away did not contain the usual serving of Dates pickle and unlike earlier, the portion was just enough for one. So much of change from my earlier experience. I really felt the quality has dropped and the place didn't have much crowd either on a Saturday afternoon.

I don't think I will revisit this place anymore. There are many Biriyani options in Koramangala. NBC needs to change for good if they have to stay in Koramangala's food streets. Its time the Big Man visited the place and put things in order.



Worst food i ever had!

Dining out at the NBC was the worst food experience ever had.
Even the roadside stalls serve better food.
A big NO to this restaurant!!!



Worst Food

The Ambience of the hotel is good...But frankly telling there is nothing special at NBC.
The food they serve no way better than any other medium hotels.
GRilled Chicken is Very bad....feeling like masala,some bad oil taste.....
Biriyani..nothing special, go to Megana you will get better biriyani..If you ask them some special food mentioned in their Menu..they will say not available.....I am a my words...



copied logo from KFC

I went to NBC few weeks before, the food was OK but when i saw food menu then i burst into laughter that gosh i saw this person, its a KFC colonel they made it chef lolz :D dude you are doing business, if you wanna make more money make it different!



A good hotel with a potential to be future best

As a food freak, I went there twice to check out the buffet as-well-as the A la Carte...the buffet is realy worth the money ratings are as below:
Serivce - 2.5/5 stars...its good...but not the best
Food-3.5/5 stars...I did not feel the NBC so special about kerala dishes being a Keralite myself...except for the mutton dishes that I tried..Unfortunately, i found the desserts to be not upto the mark...there are better and cheaper places who serve better desserts...
Ambiance - 4/5 stars...Its a calm and good environment with good spacing between the tables...the roof top in the night sounds better for a gang of friends to hangout till midnight with sum good kerala dishes..

Overall...I'll suggest this place for the buffet...and the roof top...with an overall rating of 3.5/5(rounded of to 3) stars...



Buffet - Value for Money @ 190 Rs...

We went for weekday buffet priced at 190 Rs (inclusive of all taxes).

There were :
Soups : 1 Veg + 1 Non-Veg
Starters : 2 Veg + 2 Non-Veg
Curries : 2 Veg + 2 Non-Veg
3 types of rice
Rotis, Chapatis, Naans
2 Desserts (Payasam, Gulab Jamun)

Service was decent. Ambience is nothing to talk about, but food was very homely. It's absolute value for money for that price. Hope they maintain the same standard and change the list of items once in few days.

We specially liked the Chicken Pepper Fry, Fish Curry & Gulab Jamuns were fantastic.

I only wish that all non-veg items were little more 'spicy'. Then it would have been outstanding.




being a keralite,many times i had an opportunity to taste Chef Naushad biriyani as he catered almost all the functions took place in our family for decades!But i never thought i will get that biriyani in a restaurant.went NBC Koramangala with few of our friends,ordered biriyanis and other few stuffs..everything was excellent..but the biriyani was out of the world.i would love to come back to this place again and again for just biriyani...guys if you are looking for biriyani..this is s the rite place..i guarantee!!!






well, had been to NBC for the first time on thursday.we wanted to go for their famous biriyani,but the waiter insist us to try the Buffet.I should thanks to him for that.The place was not so busy,so we were little hesitated to try buffet.but truly it was AMAZING! the variety ,quality more importantly the taste was really good.plenty of choice just for 190.2 soup,4 starters including 2 on veg...usually on buffet the restaurants serve only BONES like Empire do..but here it was full tender chicken.main course included typical kerala fish curry,chicken curry..paneer butter masala..and many more items...since we are pure non vegetarians we hardly look in to the veg side!..rice variety also good..white rice boil rice and ghee rice..desserts were gulab jamun and payasam..the second one was awesome!!!wondering why the place is not so crowded in spite of having such a great food.TRUE VALUE FOR MONEY!




Been to NBC( Logo same as KFC ,,LOL) We were there last sunday dinner..ambiance is ok..nothing special..but the food is amazing..initially we had a fight among the friends where to go. empire or nbc..finally nbc got 3 out of 5 votes so we decided to try our luck.2 of our our friends are northis and they don't like any thing other than food from their place..we ordered nilgiri kebab and fish tikka for them and chicken fry chilly fish for us.frankly speaking all starters are excellent..for maincourse we had karimmen pollichath a kerla speciality liver fry.chicken curry and they had murg lahori ,mutton rogan josh ,all are awesome..THE BIRIYANI was amazing..i never had such a tasty biriyani in banglore..the best thing is that even they specialized in mallu cuisine,other foods also equally good..proven by my only disappointment is that they dont have any desserts from kerala..and the service is good but bit slow..staffs are very polite..i would rate 10/10 for food and 8/10 for service.7/10 ambiance.. a must try restaurant in banglore/


Good food & easy on the wallet

Ambiance: 3/5 (Considering the price we are paying, I felt the ambiance is good)
Service: 2.5/5 (Not very organized)
Value for Money/Wallet factor: 4/5 (Food quantity to the price we pay). Losing 1 point for the Milkshake/Falooda pricing, quality & quantity.
Food Presentation: 3/5 (Starters & Main course brought together) In spite of mentioning quick-fix for the kids the delay in getting the basic item (coin parrota)
Overall: 3.5/5

Been to NBC for lunch with a lot of expectation due to the Chef's reputation, and a huge hunger as well. Overall, we weren't very disappointed with the Food (quality,quantity), Service (need to be improved) nor Wallet factor.

We were ushered into a quite comfortably lit restaurant on a hot summer afternoon, in spite of the heat outside the temperature within the restaurant was quite comfortable right thru our meal. Not too cold to cool-down our food nor warm enough to make us sweat while having our meal.

Since we had 2 very restless & hungry 3 year old's, we asked for a plate of coin parotta and 2 Mango Milkshake's for them. In spite of express instructions to get these items first for the kids, there was inexplicable delay. And it arrived just a minute or 2 ahead of the Starters & Main-course that we elders had ordered.

For Starters we opted for - Chakori Kabab (Minced Lamb stuffed in boneless Chicken pieces), NBC Fried Chicken & Chilli Chicken. My top pick & recommendation will go with Chakori Kabab, the dish was very well prepared with just the right amount of spice and flavor. The spice on the mince meat stuffing was complimenting the slightly bland (but good flavor) boneless Chicken. NBC fried chicken had a slight over-doze of lemon juice in it. Since even that is a boneless dish, it would have gone well if not for the lemon juice used for marination wasn't masking all other ingredients used to complete the dish. Chilly Chiken though not very spicy going by its name, was a well made dish as well.

Have to agree with fellow reviewer (Clemenza) on the Main course front, Mutton Briyani was cooked to perfection. After recommendation from my friend tried the Date pickle along with the briyani, it definitely improved the experience a few notches.

Now to the service, as Clemenza had mentioned the best way to get noticed is to talk in Malayalam. Sample this, we were initially told idiappams were not available by a non-malayali, later to be rectified when the dish actually arrived at our table thru a Malayalam speaking guy!

For Desserts we chose Faluda which is my fav at Kerala joints, it was good but the best that I have had. The Mango Milkshake we ordered for the kids was just mango sauce added to vanilla milkshake. A bit on the sweeter side but the kids didn't complain :)

Overall, we were not left fretting about the service nor the meal we had. Due to the wholesome fare for lunch, our heart years for a hearty burrp after the meal! :)



Naushad The Big Chef

Ever since big man Naushad's restaurant- NBC- has opened up in Koramangala, I wanted to visit it. Yesterday, I got an opportunity to visit with my wife and a friend's family.

NBC is located in the same building which used to house Paramount Restaurant
It’s about 100 meters from JNC.

The ambience is not much to talk about, just a regular A/C restaurant. It is the food that matters than the looks of the place.

Being a Sunday afternoon, we got a table for six after a wait of ten minutes. We started off by ordering mango Shakes and a Coin Parotta for the friend's twins.While the mango shake took about 20 minutes to come, the coin parotta was served to us in 15 minutes.

For the adults, for starters, we ordered Kakori kababs, Chicken fry and Chilly Chicken-NBC style.The starters took about 15 minutes to arrive.

Kakori kabab: This is one of the best items we ordered that day. It was juicy with the meat well-marinated with all the spices.
It is a must try dish in NBC.

Chicken fry: A signature dish in all Mallu homes, the chicken fry in NBC is as good as it gets. Though the size of the portion [6 pieces] for 150 is a bit high, it was tasty and lip-smacking.

Chilly Chicken-NBC style: Well, this was a big let down. I was looking forward to an explosion of flavours but all it had was small chicken bone pieces with quite a large number of chillies. It was the only dish that we didn't end up finishing.

For the main course, we ordered Mutton Biriyani, Ghee Rice and Kerala Chicken Curry for the rice.

Since we ordered the food while ordering the starters, we got both the starters and the main course after a wait of 15 minutes.

Mutton biriyani: The mutton biriyani is one of the best Kerala-style biriyanis one can come across. It was not greasy and had the right amount of spices. The mutton pieces we got in the biriyani were soft with no bones or fat. My friend was able to tear the meat easily with a fork and a spoon. The biriyani was accompanied with raitha, papadums, lemon pickle and dates pickle which is a NBC special.

Ghee rice: Is one of the better ones I've had in ages. Not very greasy but full of flavours. It goes well with the Kerala chicken curry

The quantity of the biriyani and ghee rice was good enough to fill a person’s stomach.

After finishing the Ghee rice, I decided to try idiyappams with the left over chicken curry.
When I enquired, he informed us that they were only available during dinner. But when we asked the same question to a Malayalee waiter he informed us that it was available and promptly brought us two plates idiyappams.

Please note: When in a Mallu hotel, you are advised to talk to Mallu waiter since he is aware of what is available and what is good. Not everything shown on the menu will be available.

The idiyappams were quite tasty with the chicken curry. I would like to try this for breakfast one of these days.

In the end, NBC is a good restaurant to try authentic North Kerala Biriyani. Meal for 2 would cost INR 500.



Below average

After hearing a lot bat fat chef I went for dinner on Sunday. Saw bat 15 people when I was there. Nothing great abt food below average . Ambience also is average and service is poor



finally,,an authentic Kerala cuisine in Banglore

i had been to all so called mallu restaurants in Blr.but nowhere i could find that authenticity in food rather than the ambiance.But at NBC found the food extremely tasty and worth to the money i spent..reasonable..hygienic and and of course very tasty..only my little disappointment with the delay of service..but the crew were very polite and warm.i would rate their BIRIYANI at the best in town!!also all the food especially kerala specialities in seafood...



Excellent Food

Easily my first choice in just the first visit. Today I had been to this restaurant with my family. The food is nothing but awesome. Prawn pepper fry, brain fry, chicken ulathiyathu, mutton rogan josh, chicken chilly, fish and chicken biriyani, chicken grilled .... list goes like this. Every thing was really really tasty and I'd rate 10 out of 10 for all these dishes. I'd strongly recommend this restaurant for all those food lovers, especially every dish is prepared with passion - can see Naushad's excellence in every dish. Mind blowing....



By the time we walked in for dinner the much hyped biryani was over. Ordered 2 starters, one came at the END of the meal! When I mentioned it to the manager... he shurgged and said 'Ya, got a little delayed!'. An apology would have been nice. The mutton curry tasted more like cardamom than mutton. They could not serve me just one appam... so had to order a plate of it! This news came in much later... so ended up with 2 appams and the extra chapathi that I had ordered according to my plan of 1 appam and 1 roti. Overall: AWFUL!


tamanabee - Burrp User


5 Reviews

February 16,2012


Enjoyed the biriyani's :)

We truly enjoyed the lamb and fish biriyani. The best kerala style biriyani i've tasted in bangalore. We were hesitant to enter as the construction was going on but it was a good dining experience . Would definitely come back to try out rest of chef naushad's dishes .


oottaguy - Burrp User


9 Reviews

February 08,2012


Different taste after quite a long time

Been to NBC,Was little confused to go in coz of the construction still happening. But since it wouldn't cost me a fortune I have decided to try the place. Starters were really amazing as in REALLY Amazing. Loved their Nilgiri Kabab. I would give 5 stars for the starters itself. Now coming to the iconic biriyani I would give it 4 and half stars. May be coz I was really full from the starters I coudnt enjoy biriyani to the fullest. But definitely I am going in again .Try it guys its really worth it.