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> > > > Oak Leaf

Oak Leaf

BTM LayoutSouth Bangalore  

  • 42166666, 42166667
  • 278, 7th Main, BTM Layout, Bangalore
  • Multi-cuisine

11 Reviews / 11 Ratings

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Oak Leaf Reviews

Sunday dinner with family

service is good
quality of food great disappointment
menu has got not much wide range
price is good
average maintenance


Awesome food with Great Service

I live in Switzerland but I was there for more than 5 times in my short stay in banglore. After going one time I decided to take all my dinner at there place. So I visited almost 5 times in my short stay of just 6 days. I was really impressed by the kind of service they provide which was a totally satisfying for me. Coming to the food, may be they are little slow with the preparations but it was worth waiting for it. They can customize the food according to the need of the costumer. The place is calm and very clean as well. There hospitality is really something I appreciate. I will definitely recommend my friends to visit them. My best wishes for Oak leaf.


Anshita - Burrp User


2 Reviews

February 08,2012


Avoid this restaurant !!!!

I had a horrible experience at this place. We went to this place on a saturday afternoon around 3.00 We asked if they are still open and they were really happy to welcome as their new victims. We saw the buffet spread and thought it should taste okay. The food was aweful and they had cold rotis. We asked them to serve atleast hot rotis, to which they were first reluctant and said its closing time. Then they agreed to provide us hot rotis, and to our ultimate horror, they re-heated those maida naans and served to us. We told them that they have re-heated the rotis and atleast rotis should be edible as we were not even able to break those rotis. The waiter guy went back and never turned up, even their supervisor disappeared somewhere and din't return just to avoid us. We simple decide to leave as we realized there is no point in shouting at those shameless guys. We asked them for the bill, we paid and left. They shamelessly charged us and nobody was even 1% bothered that they have two customers who dint eat anything and still paid them for the food which they dint eat.


Good food - bad service - Maybe u will die hungry

Heard a lot about its buffet so thought to give it a try, but since at dinner time buffet aren't available so ordered food. Took more than half an hour to serve (We were dying of hunger as we expected to have buffet).

Don't order Roti basket. All are made so small small and not at all worth the price.


vinod_grim - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 18,2011



whoever suggested oak leaf ..go Nd slap Dem 1st....the worst to be....every food has stale dour...i just puked in washroom also after smelling starter.....finally the desserts some cheap 20rs ice cream that is.. that also only 1 stone flavor vanilla..harder than stone..!!



Please Avoid this Restaurant.

The food quality is not at all good, we had a team lunch in the restaurant after reading the good reviews about the hotel. However most of the food were spoiled and were seemingly cooked day old. The restaurant executives were least bothered about the concerns..! Somehow we managed to finish the lunch.

However to our utter dissapointment, during the desert our teammates discovered cockroach in the Jamun. We felt like vomiting, we brought the situation in the notice of the executives, who were not at all bothered of the situation and gave a surprise advise that we will take care next time...!

Horrible reply NEXT TIMEEE... ? who is going to come to the restaurant for the next time.. My advise to all my brothers and sisters, please avoid this restaurant..!

Not to mention, some of our team members observed stomach pains and had to leave for the day after the lunch.. It was really a horrible experience, the first and last one to this restaurant.


September 13, 2010response from management at Oak Leaf:




A short visit

Walking into Oak leaf was a coincidence. Was on my way to drop a friend to Banashankari and found this place inviting. It was close to 11:00PM after a long day and the restaurant was about to close. Though the receptionist was a little hesitant to confirm if the restaurant is still open, the F&B manager welcomed us with a smile and politely said we might have to give all our order at once as it was the closing time. He was honest and we were comfortable.

We ordered chicken fried rice, American Chop Suey , Some crispy chicken. The Chop suey was just right, the fried rice was well done and the chicken was superb. The ambience was just right for the late evening!
Though we spent over half an hour, none of the staff interrupted us like in some places they do. Good food, pleasant ambience and a nice staff to deal with. I would go there again for sure!

PS: one of the reason they might add sugar to juice and not salt is because folks have a universal choice when it comes to Sugar. Salt on the other hand is an individual taste. A little less or more could spoil your drink!!


Not good as everyones opinion.

I wouldn't say the food was bad.But for 200Rs+tax , they could give something better.

Everyday buffet , they serve almost the same items. I went there twice , and the second time it was horrible. Food was almost same as the last time I had gone . Ok forget that , there was only one problem. There was no POWER. No A/C , No FANS , No ventilations , nothing. We told the management , "please could you do something , you cant expect us to sit here and eat like this ? " . Well , after waiting for 15 min , they brought 2 fans. I mean just the fan, not rotating fans. K , so we started our lunch with fork in one hand and a towel in another , wiping our foreheads.

Now since we got delayed by 15 mins , almost all the dishes were, lets say , dealt with. Nothing much was left, salads were over , chicken kebab got over (they did refill it , but I was barely similar to what it was before) . Alright , disappointment , sweating , disappointment , sweating , waiting to get to desserts . And there it was , melted ice creams ( not fried) prob cause of NO POWER, and a huge bowl of fruit salad which was EMPTY. They didn't refill it , instead after 10 min , they gave gulab jamun , which was , lets say ,COLD and tasteless rather than HOT and yummy.
There were shortage of tissue papers, waiters didn't clear the plates , didn't serve water until we ask them .

Well to summarize , it was a horrible experience, and I ask people to valuate their options before going here.



harisr - Burrp User


7 Reviews

April 08,2010


BTM's best kept secret

Although we went with low expectations, we were quite happy with the end result. We tried some of their veg north indian dishes. the food was fresh and very flavorful, which cant be said about food in most north indian restaurants today, even the so-called good ones which serve the same old rehashed stuff. the service was efficient too. And the fact that they dont serve alcohol makes it quite a family friendly environment, which is great, given that BTM layout is primarily a residential neighborhood.


Pleasantly Surprised

This is again a part of my New Year’s Binging and marathon eating program. After some shopping at Shopper’s Stop, 2 friends and I barged into Oak Leaf. One of my friends, who knew where exactly this place was, without wasting much time, took us there in all the possible gullies and the shortcuts. They also have a hotel here which I realized on my way to the restaurant. The restaurant is on the first floor, with paints of green and white combination. A huge glass wall towards the road allows loads of natural light in.

That day was pretty sunny and after the shopping, it was further tiring. 2 of us wanted Fresh Orange Juice and the other wanted Sweet Corn Veg Soup. Soup was good and the usual. For my orange juice, I had asked them to add both sugar and salt for which the waiter said, “We’ll add the sugar, you can add the salt. Its kept on the table.” I have no clue why they cant add the salt in the kitchen. Don’t know if its an extra effort or they believe in not adding salt in the juice!!

After this was the Malai Broccoli for the starters. It was creamy, not over cooked and was subtle in taste. In addition to my love for broccoli, this one was so well done, I loved it. But, my friend had a different opinion. She felt it should have been more cooked. Hence, her portion was served to my plate and I was too happy about it!

For the main course we had Rotis and Kulcha with Nizami Handi and Maa Ki Dal (This is supposed to be their in house specialty). Rotis and the Kulchas were the usual, but the Handi and the Dal was something I cant afford to miss mentioning here. Nizami Handi was with full of flavors and and not over spiced but, just perfect for our taste buds. The Dal was so good, I could not resist eating more of it. This could have been a main dish for me instead of being an accompaniment :)

Initially, we wanted to have some rice as well. But, after all this, we were quite full and if it was possible, we would have taken a small nap, right there!

Patrons were families as I saw that day, food is no doubt excellent but, they can oblige to customers and customize smaller things like adding salt to the juice in the kitchen instead of asking the customers to do it themselves.

Meal for the 3 of was around 800 bucks. Good place to have meal and spend time with family and friends. Since, it’s not a main road, the parking could be on the road and the near by gullies!


nk_prabhu - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 24,2009


Great Food

I stay in BTM & always was looking for a good Restaurant where I can have dinner in a relaxed mind with no waiting & frequent enquiry of waiters just to push people out so that they can accommodate more people.
Oak leaf was a decent hangout with great food & service. Ambience is also good for a romantic evening. Only missing is it should had been a Bar & Restaurant.
Overall I will rate this 4 on 5.