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> > > > Oh Calcutta!

Oh Calcutta!

St. Marks RoadCentral Bangalore  

  • 22277722
  • 15/16, House of Lords, St. Marks Road, Bangalore
  • Bengali
  • Meal for 2 - 1200

49 Reviews / 52 Ratings

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Oh Calcutta! Reviews






Needs Improvement

The restaurant ambience is good and suited for couples and families. The drinks menu has only wines and mock tails, no beer/whisky/vodka/cocktails etc,.

Other than the smoked hilsa and the wine :-) , everything else was average tasting.
Calcutta style fish fry is average. Shorsay narkol chingri (prawn cooked in coconut milk and mustard) can be appreciated only by people who are used to large amounts of mustard in their food regularly. I liked the bland watery rui maachher dom jhol.
It also looks like they are facing a shortage of good fish supply.

Malpua and rasagolla were ok. Sandesh was not available.

The pricing is expensive and portions are medium.


New dimension to Indian Food

The location that was once popular for housing Mainland China on St. Marks road has since made way for Oh! Calcutta. A restaurant that serves Bengali Cuisine and in my single visit there i must say i had quite an amazing meal.

Their preparations of sea food are simply superb and can be an awesome alternative for some one who is tired of coastal cuisine. Not to say they handle other meats any different the lamb main course we ordered was cooked to perfection. The lamb was fork soft and had the most juicy semi gravy masala to it. The only slightly different part was instead of rice or the customary Naan/Roti it is served with Puris called luchis which were delicious none the less.

Though it comes across as a bit on the expensive side keep in mind its quite a fine dining experience and sea food being a major part of the menu is bound to make it expensive.

If this is Bengali cuisine then count me in as a big fan because i loved every morsel of my food that night. Rest assured i will be making another visit very soon.

Pros: - Good change from regular Indian cuisine choices
- Very good quality food and ingredients that are prepared exceptionally
- Good central location with parking (albeit limited)
- well appointed interiors and courteous helpful staff

Cons: - Probably could be more reasonably priced.



Disgusting Weekend Buffet

Was there for the buffet last saturday. I was a regular at Oh! Calcutta, Pune and absolutely loved the place. I expected the Bangalore franchise to be the same only to be extremely disappointed. The starters were cold - the paneer rubbery from being left cold for a while. The taste of the non-veg starters was good though. There were flies hovering and devouring the sweets and the salads. The fish and mutton curry curry so watery that it had had been diluted to a very bland taste. The crab had so much spices and masala that the flavor of the crab was lost. The chicken was not great either - cold and lacking flavor. The veg main-course were decent but cold. The desserts were nice but a bit too sweet.

It was an awful experience and I don't think I am ever going to visit the place again.



Yummy food, huge portions but expensive

Was there for lunch with a pal on a weekday. The place was empty but looked rather fancy. Oh! Calcutta prides itself with serving authentic Bengali cuisine and the menu is filled with the most heard of and some unheard Bengali delights.

We started off with three starters. Bengali styled fish fry, prawn cutlets and a chicken-on-skewers dish. The fish fry was done to a crisp and the mustard sauce that accompanied it gave a it a nice zing. The prawn cutlets were thin but they were bigger than our palms. Again, the dish was a hit. I didn't taste the chicken dish but my companion rated it as yummy.

For the main course we had steamed rice with fish curry. And chicken pulav. The fish was curry was top notch and we couldn't stop eating even after we were full. The pulav was nice too and was peppered with generous chunks of chicken.

The food is priced on the higher side but the portions are huge. A pulav dish will easily suffice three people.



Excellent Bengali food

I have been here twice and love my experience. They are probably the best restaurant that serve bengali cuisine here in BANGLORE. must try would be the gorgeous chingri malaai curry(Prawns cooked in Coconut basedCream gravy) The famous Calcutta biriyaani and other non veg offerings here. Mishti doi is nice too and so are the rasmalaais..Must visit during Puja and the bengali new year. Meal for Rs.1400.


Reeya Sen - Burrp User

Reeya Sen

1 Reviews

October 22,2012



Having heard so much about O Calcutta, we went there for lunch on 21st October, 2012 - to enjoy the special Durga Puja buffet. We were a group of 13 people. And afterwards, my brother and sister-in-law joined us too! And ALL OF US were sick after eating the food. Two of us had to be hospitalized, one of us was nearly hospitalized and all the others had severe food poisoning!
It is so pathetic that a place of O Calcutta's reputation cannot deliver to basic quality and hygiene standards! So let's not even start talking about taste!


brup_deb - Burrp User


2 Reviews

August 15,2012


Best Bengali food in town.

Unquestionably best place to try Bengali food in town. They are higher side of price, but no doubt I never experience they compromise on quality. Every time i visit here, get the best of service and best Bengali food. Specially at The Hisha festival, the best of Hilsha they served on table with amazing preparation. I'm sure ' River of Queen' find her best chef here, to be served in'divine' taste. I'm cant stop loving this place.


Not genuine Bengali food

Loads of hype around this restaurant. Been to this place 3 times now. Every time I go there, I tell myself, last time I didn't order the right preparation or maybe the chef was having a bad day, this time they are gonna give my mom's food a fight. Good music and good service. But the food is far from Bengali food. The dishes served here are just named after Bengali dishes and the ingredients are Bengali, but they don't taste Bengali. Not even close IMO. Pretty much tasteless food. The aroma from the food was absolutely zero, nothing...none. The food has been tuned to suit the taste of people from all other regions and I believe mostly to fit in the western people who seem to find the food "very good". The prices are through the roof anyways, but I am willing to pay for a content tummy stuffed with my favourite food away from home. But this is pretty much bad, aweful to some extent if not for the saving graces of their interior decorations, good music (very good and pleasant) and ofcourse the courteous bengali speaking staff. Word of advice from a hardcore Bengali meat and fish eating person...If you want to have good bengali food in town, avoid this place at all costs unless you have your foreign friends with you. There are much much better bengali restaurants in town with a much cheaper menu.


May 22, 2012response from management at Oh Calcutta!:

Dear Guest,

Thank you for your feedback. I want to apologise for the inconvenience caused to you.

Could you please share your telephone number with us at so that we can contact you? Please consider the request as knowing more about your experience will help us improve.



Ok Food, but highly priced!

Been there with friends. The food quality was average but the prices were too high.
For 6 people the bill came around 5800/-. Average price of each item is 400. :(



I just loved it

Starting from the appetizer to the sweet dish, everything was so yummy. Dying to go there again. I want to try each and every item in the menu. :)


October 20, 2011response from management at Oh Calcutta!:

Dear Pinky,
Thank you ever so much. As they say appreciation is the best form of motivation. Looking forward to your next visit.
Warm Regards,

aninda555 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

October 05,2011


Candid feedback

Having experienced the food and ambience of Oh Calcutta (Delhi) many times, me and my wife decided to visit the Bangalore version yesterday.

First things first, even before I got to the food, the overall ambience was a complete shocker. The manner in which the buffet was arranged looked very unlike of this restaurant chain. Food, especially Bengali food, has a lot to do with presentation and the pattern in which the spread was laid out was a complete dampener.

I found some extremely common (homemade) dishes on the buffet menu. Since we did not want to try ala-carte, I spoke to the steward (Mr Atanu) about the poor quality of food available. I also told him that being ASHTAMI day, the buffet should have been much better.

I tried my hand with the fish fries and chicken cutlets and were absolutely disappointed by their taste. Going to the main course chicken and mutton, I felt they were equivalent to any roadside eatery, in terms of taste. And finally, the mishti doi which I tried last, tasted equally pathetic. At 650 per head plus taxes, for such horrible quality and variety, this was one of the most absurd meals I have ever had in my life.

I had gone to Oh Calcutta with great expectations and I am sorry to admit that it was a big mistake to choose this restaurant for ASHTAMI lunch. As I climbed out of the staircase, I vowed never to come back to this shabby place. Drawing comparison with Oh Calcutta, Delhi (being a regular visitor there), I kept cursing myself for coming to this place, as I drove into MG Road traffic.


srinivast - Burrp User


145 Reviews

September 23,2011


Best Bengali Cuisine

I had been to this place alongwith my Swedish guest...trying to experience the authentic Bengali cuisine in town...we are pleasantly surprised to savor each and every item that was ordered...
Vegetarian Menu has an equally good spread and is definitely a must for anyone who wishes to savor the authentic delicacies of Bengali cuisine...
Keep it up folks


Oooh Calcutta!

Summary: Excellent Bengali food (this is coming from a Bengali). Highly recommended, especially if you haven’t tried Bengali food before. You would have a ball. Word of caution: expensive, but worth it.

Let me start with a redundant statement: Oh! Calcutta is a Bengali restaurant. This may not be surprising to them who have been living in the metropolitan cities of India this past decade, but to me Bengali restaurants are a very pleasant surprise since I have pined for them as a kid and was absent when the onslaught of these East Indian delights came poring into the big cities of the country.

Let me now qualify my redundant statement above: Oh! Calcutta is a *fantastic* Bengali restaurant. HB and I entered on a whim and exited satisfied as clams (and clams are quite satisfied creatures). The entry to this place, however, is a bit of a puzzle for we crossed it twice before we realized it’s situated below sea (street) level.

We were shown our table by Debasis, our Oriyan server who did an excellent job all throughout our meal. The table was decorated with china plates on which were etched Calcutta landmarks; Victoria memorial and the Howrah were the ones which I could recognize. The walls contained many black-and-white vignettes of the Eastern metropolis including a photograph of Pele in a Kolkata Kosmos jersey. As we were admiring the decor of the place, Debasis slipped in the various menus and it was time to order food.

The menu excited me like a school kid; it’s not often that I see items like jhinge posto, ilish bhapa, mochaar chop, aloo fulkopir daalna at restaurants. We ordered the mochaar chop as an appetizer and was convinced by D to also order the kaacha aamer drink; a juice made from raw mangoes. I didn’t rue his decision - it was one of the tangiest drinks I had had in some time, although I would’ve liked it with a shade less of sugar. The mochaar chops came in due time - mocha is the banana flower, and the chop was a mashed bunch of these battered and lightly fried.

Allow me to digress here and comment that Bengali cuisine is one of the most elaborate ones in the whole country. I have had this hunch when I was growing up as a kid watching my mother spend half of her time in the kitchen (the other half watching cloying Indian soaps). This notion gathered strength as I interacted with other folks around the country, and as I picked up rudimentary cooking skills. The mochaar chop illustrates my theory; agreed the banana flower is used in South Indian cuisines as well, but mostly as a vegetable (which appears as an entree, if you will). But as an appetizer, followed by as, or even more, elaborate main courses and desserts; that definitely gives Bengali food the “most complicated to cook” award. Maybe, just maybe, that explains the long time coming for these joints.
By the way, all you Bongs who are feeling a bit warm around your gills, being most complicated is by no means something to be proud of.

Anyway, back to the yumminess. Post appetizer and drink came the main course. Since HB is a vegetarian, I was faced with the conundrum of whether to have fish or meat. Of course, if you ask a self-respecting Bengali which one he or she would choose, the answer will always be “Both”. I, however, have lost all respect that I have had, and only a mental coin toss made me choose the kosha maangsho over the bhaape ilish. Kosha maangsho is chunks of goat slow cooked with fried onions and ginger in various spices. It was done beautifully. The meat was so soft and juicy that it melted into your mouth. Once in, the spices took over and after a couple of bites you reached for the refreshing mango juice to wash everything over, just to start all over again. The server suggested I have luchi (refined flour breads fried in ghee/oil) with the maangsho, but I chose the gobindobhog rice instead, which did just fine. HB ordered aam diye bhendi, okra pieces sauteed with onions and green mangoes in a mustard sauce. This dish was also superb. Normally, in a restaurant one dish can bowl me over. But for two to do it is just a fantastic meal. I guess the only substandard dish was the bhaaja mooger daal, split green gram fried and boiled with turmeric and other spices. I am sure I could make this as well as they had, and definitely my uncle surpasses it by miles. Nonetheless, the complete meal was just a delicious treat. After we were done, we were also served complementary chaaler paayesh, rice pudding, but we just took one bowl and shared a few spoons; we were quite full. The pudding was very homely, and had I had space (and the sugary inclination that I once had), I would’ve loved it.

A final point: the place is expensive. We spent around two grands for this meal. But it was worth every paisa, and you would find me in Oh! Calcutta very soon.


September 23, 2011response from management at Oh Calcutta!:

Dear Aperna

As they say appreciation is the best form of motivation..We are humbled by your review. Thank you ever so much and looking forward to your next visit.

Warm Regards,

Sanjay  - Burrp User

Sanjay , IT

51 Reviews

September 20,2011


Huge Portions, what a taste.

I had no idea Bengali food was so mustard focuses, partially because I'm an idiot. But the food here is quite nice. I forgot what I ordered, but whether it's a date or a fancy company outing, this is a decent place. Only order two dishes, the portions are big with an eve bigger price tag, so don't over do it!


Excellent Lunch buffet

What you are assured of is a scrumptious Bengali lunch.The buffet is priced at 550 +taxes ,but what you get makes it a total VFM place.The variety is not mind boggling,but the taste more than makes up for the lack in variety.They serve chicken/mutton/fish/praws for the main course.The desert options are great too.Overall a great place for a sunday lazy lunch.
Will visit again : Very much :-)



highly disappointed

Oh! Calcutta was my one of the fav restaurants in Bangalore till last week but after I went there last sunday for buffet lunch...I promised myself..I will never go again.
Reason: They have increased the price and the taste is gone.
Earlier I used to fill my stomach beyond the limit but yesterday there was nothing good except the chicken curry which I liked.I didn't like anything from veg side.The fish chops were not at all good.It didnt taste like it had fish in it.
The fish curry was with raw mango.Thats one of my fav dish but it was tasteless.
The mangoes were tasteless so it made the curry tasteless too.Less salt also.
Mutton curry was tasteless too though better than fish curry....but overall it was hopeless.
Prawns were OK.I could have the pulao,chicken curry and prawns. I didnt have the chicken salad but my husband told that it had too much salt in it.He was complainig that the cooks should taste it before serving.
In sweets section nothing of wow sort.
Rasgulla and kheer were OK. Gulab jamun was smelling as if they have been fried in very old used oil. Please improve the test or else if it goes like this you people will surely start losing your customers.


July 11, 2011response from management at Oh Calcutta!:

Dear Dipanita

I am extremely sorry for the discomfort caused to you. Would it be possible for you to share your contact details at so that we can get in touch with you to get more feedback? Please consider as it will help us improve.



Just about right

Been there for the lunch buffet on Saturday and was pleasurably surprised.

The entrance is annoying you have to get down a small gate in the basement and then the food is right there but there is an inner area wtih AC and very clean and great ambiance

Pros :

Great Service very attentive and well mannered
Great Food and good variety the grilled fish and chicken was delicious
Good spread of sweets
Decent price you get a beer with the lunch buffet
Hot food and tasty starters

Cons :


No description of the bengali cuisine so a non Bengali cannot understand what is going on there

better labeling of the food is required

My 20 Paisa

Go there not to EAT your heart instead

go there to discover the cuisine try a bit of everything , nice place to take your date or corporate or even family on the whole 2 thumbs up for getting sunderbans from Bengal to our garden city



Not the best

Visited this restaurant many times before. Finally decided to review. I am a big fan of Bengali food and have had it in many places in Calcutta and elsewhere at my friends place. What lacked is the rustic element of Bangali cooking. Everything was too fine to be original. maybe commercialisation demands it. The food id not bad, but....


R S - Burrp User

R S, E

3 Reviews

April 13,2011


Buffet: Cost doesn't match the content and taste

Last Saturday, while on St.Marks road, after lots of roaming around, was exhausted and very hungry. And I saw this restaurant and thought it will be a good choice to fill my hungry tummy. But was disappointed by the content and the taste of the buffet. Most of the time I had to come back to see if the hot pan is filled. Very less Salads and Desserts. And the Pudding was not good. No Ice creams in dessert. Overall, disappointed :(


Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo!

Considering I am a veggie, a hardcore southie, I did not quite expect great variety for myself, for Bengalis sure binge primarily on fish. However, on the whole, I was not too impressed with the food and tad bit expensive. Lovely ambience, nice- soothing robindro-shongeet in the background and valet parking. Something sure was missing- but hey! then again, I'm the vegetarian. For good Bengali food I would still go to Bay of Bengal.


Oh Calcutta brought Kolkatta to Bangalore!

Last Saturday evening, after having attended a seminar on 'Leadership through Self Actualization', the speaker, a bengali gentleman and a childhood friend, his brother, my wife and a close family relation decided to go out for dinner. Since my friend, the Speaker was a Bengali and I had been literally born and brought up in Kolkatta, we decided to try out Oh Calcutta!
Oh Calcutta is situated in the same building the first Mainland China existed in (the chain belongs to the same group). MC was a regular haunt of mine in St Marks road before they shifted to Church Street.

On entry we were welcomed, most warmly, by the Manager of the restaurant who guided us to our table. We decided to have a few rounds of Jack Daniels with Coke before we settled for dinner. The starters were amazing. Fried Betki and vegetarian spinach balls were tongue ticklers for the main course! The main course was an affair with Fish Curry, Prawns, some vegetarian delicacies over rice. Both the service and the food topped any Bengali restaurant I had eaten in this city!!
The sweet meats were out of the world and so was the manner in which we were taken care of by the waiters and the restaurant Manager!!

Thank you, Oh Calcutta, for such a wonderful evening!


jungmd - Burrp User


32 Reviews

November 01,2010


Wah Calcutta!

The food here is consistently good, the service excellent, and it has possibly the best mutton curry in the city. I forget the bengali name for it, but my mouth is watering even as I remember the 2 times I had it, the meat is succulent, the gravy is so perfectly spiced, and rich without being cloyingly so and accompanied by perfectly fried luchis.
The bhekti with mustard is awe inspiring, as in truly awesome.
It's not cheap to dine at Oh Calcutta, and not something you do without appropriate exercise to burn off the calories. But it's as close to Bengali heaven as you can get, this side of Konkona Sen.



Great food with lots of variety

Great good with good ambiance. Lot many variety.From starters to desserts, its all just bengali taste.Great treat for bengalis.
Starters consist of 1 veg starter,macher chop and a chicken based starter...not to forget that macher chop comes with kasundi.
After the starter,there comes,plain rice,pulao rice,daal(generally bhaja moong),2 veg sabzis(lou ghonto,aloo fulkopir dalna),one fish curry,seafood curry,chicken curry and mutton curry.
Then comes the desert with lots of varieties like kheer,rasmalai,gulaab jamun,fresh fruits,malpua.
All of them tasted so good.A welcome drink is served with the buffet.Waiters are well behaved and very attentive.Space is little less and could be well decorated.
But that becomes negligible when you indulge yourself in so many dishes.
The price is on the higher side(511-including tax per person).
But then its ok with so many dishes.
I loved all of them.
But the kind of dishes remain the same.I went 3-4 times and now I am bored because the menu mostly remains the same.


Vagabond - Burrp User


5 Reviews

October 05,2010


Awesome Value - Amazing Quality

Have been multiple times to this restaurant for its sumptuous weekend lunch buffets and have been smiling every time i walk out of the doors. The simplicity of the dishes along with the natural flavors of ingredients result in the best bengali food experience in Bangalore.

the ala carte items as Hilsa fish are too good. The only grudge i have about this place is the exhorbitant pricing on ala carte food.

Over all a wonderful place to go and enjoy with family and friends who know and enjoy their non vegetarain food


foodie_burrp - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 02,2010


Great place for Bengalis

I am frequent visitor to this place. I love the food, the service, the music they play & also the atmosphere..quite & calm, though u won’t get that when you visit on weekends, as there is rush...but the food quality remains the same. Each time I tried different items & found out they maintain a quality & have a uniqueness of the recipes which is unparallel.
The price is in little higher side but you don't mind when you get the best quality of food with decent service.
I was given coupon where I get a discount for every dining & with that you can also get discount on your anniversary & birthday with that coupon. What else you want from the Speciality Group of Restaurant!!!!!


nanchik - Burrp User


7 Reviews

August 27,2010


Good Food, even for Veggies!

I have been here twice for the veggie platter (buffet) which is available for visa platinum or gold credit card holders. The ambience is great. The servers are really good at their job; they serve with a consistent smile! The food - is excellent! the starters, main course and dessert everything was awesome - and yes, I am a vegetarian! I was inable to get any "fishy" smell, which was a huge plus point. Their Parval curry is amazing and the rosogolla kheer is outstanding...if in the mood for Bengali cuisine, this is the place I would go to!


Bankrupcy 101!

This place is really expensive. 2 of us paid 1000 bucks for a fixed menu where we couldn't even get second helpings! The quantity is perfect if you're a bulimic model. Basically Oh! Calcutta is a lot of hype coupled with ambiance befitting the Royal Bengal Princes and so-so food. Despite what my sister says, I still think its a lot of hype. Of course I haven't tried the lunch buffet here.
Anyway, don't miss the crab meat and plastic chutney. And try to make a run for it before the bill arrives. All the best.


July 14, 2010response from management at Oh Calcutta!:

Dear psycho_suraj

Thank you for your feedback. I want to apologise for the inconvenience caused to you.

Could you please share your telephone number with me at so that we can contact you? Please consider the request as knowing more about your experience will help us improve.



Excellent food, Great service

My partner is Bengali and I'm very fond of Bengali food as well. We had their Sunday afternoon buffet (I think). Not cheap, but thoroughly enjoyable food. Staff was very polite, over-apologetic even (intern?). Loved the ambience, something I'm very picky about.
One suggestion though, you might want to rearrange the tables. There's one just a few feet after the entrance, and circumnavigating it with a plate full of food isn't easy.


Not upto the expectations!

After seeing lots of good reviews went there with great hopes on Father's Day 20th June 2010. First of all, had made a booking in my wife's name, however on reaching someone called Mr. Das at the reception checked the register and showed a tick against my wife's name which means they have given away the seat to someone already! Anyways, after about 10 min they could find us a seat. Now we proceeded towards the buffet (@450 plus taxes ). When I had made the booking over the phone, I was told today is "Special" menu for Father's Day... However, I could not see anything much special there... Normal food more or less. The Fish in Corriander sause was stinking actually and the fish was hard cooked. The Chicken Lollypop was too spicey and apart from the sweets nothing was upto the hype!!!
The service too was ordinary, with the welcome drink of Iced tea being served after we had completed our main course.

I have had food at Bay of Bengal & 6 Ballygunge Place in Indiranagar, which can easily be rated much higher than this franchise of Oh Calcutta at least.


Excellent Everyway

God knows what some people are talking about.. but i guess their excess consumption of paan, gutkha or cigarettes has definitely affected their sense of taste. The food is excellent.. no doubt about it. The behavior of the staff was also good. And yes.. we also ordered that executive lunch. And guess what.. we got multiple servings. Now I ain't no visa card holder but i still got an excellent treatment. Visited 4 times in 3 different cities.. and i have never been disappointed. Another thing.. I am not a BENGALI.


Only for Bengalis

I had much hopes on this restaurant until i stepped in. I liked the ambience;We were two and we ordered puris with alu dham and some chicken side dish. I was told not to try the chicken recipes, but I didn't heed to them and i tried it out. The puris were good but not gr8, alu dham was tasty jus like d 1 prepared in my home and chicken side dish was yuck. For 12 puris and the sabzis, it cost us around Rs.850 which is way too expensive for two. So I wouldn't go there again


Lovely Place

Being in the vicinity, and having a sudden desire to see what Bengali food tastes like, my friends and I decided to have dinner here. We parked the car on a convenient side road and strolled over to the restaurant. The entrance is non-descript. We first walked past it and then realising that we had missed it, looked over our shoulders to see the steps going down (this is a basement restaurant). Happily we trotted down and being a very sultry evening, decided to sit inside. We were politely escorted to a table by the maitre d' and after sitting down, waited for a few minutes for the menus. I spent those few minutes looking enthusiastically around and really liked what I saw. There are beautiful black and white paintings on the walls and the "show plates" on the table were really lovely. Mine reminded me of the famous rickshaw scene in the City of Joy. The ambience is terrific, with great lighting, the afore-mentioned paintings, other wall adornements and an old carved table to one side (close to where we were seated). We also looked at the drinks menu on the table and chose a Masala Chaas (very like buttermilk),a Mint Cooler and a Jal Jeera. The menus when they arrived, were filled with options and we found it difficult to decide what to have. Finally after much deliberation we settled on a steamed rice, a Bengali-named rice, a prawn curry and a vegetarian dish consisting of pea cakes in tomato gravy. For our starter we chose a chicken dish with a yoghurt dip. The drinks came quite fast and we thoroughly enjoyed them. They were well-made and tasted most authentic. The food also arrived very quickly and we began on the very delicious starter, politely served onto our plates by our waiter. The starter was faultless as was the yoghurt dip and the accompanying sauces. Starter over, we began our meal. This was also lovely and we all thoroughly enjoyed the food. There was so much of it that we had to take a "doggy bag". The meal ended with a sweet surprise - a saundesh each, which the waiter smilingly told us was complimentary. I have never had such a lovely saudesh before and I'm sure my friends felt the same way. Overall, save for one small gripe - the menus are quite cumbersome and I found it difficult to look at mine comfortably - a perfect experience - excellent ambience, lovely, filling food, wonderful variety to choose from and terrific service. Our waiter couldnt have been more charming and helpful. The price was also reasonable and we happily paid it, collected our "doggy bag", photographed the plates, "stole" the little placemats (they were so cute) on which the water glasses were placed and went home.


May 10, 2010response from management at Oh Calcutta!:

Dear ragpicker1

Thank you ever so much for the review. Hope to see you soon again.



Excellent & Nice Food...!

First time I tried Bengali food, it was no nice, and I love the palce, first u feel its in a hell, but Undergorund place...well maintained..! And coming to the Food, I lik da Shirmp and Coucunt Cream Awsome taste i forgot the name of it...! Everyone should try this...!



Nice food, good ambience, excellent service

I am from bengal, so was looking for a place to rekindle some memories and taste bud. Found this place, went for lunch. Their was buffet and the spread was really good. Lots of variety and very yummy. For sme time i was transported back home listening to rabindra sangeet. Must go..



I Dont know

Im not a connoisseur when it comes to Bengali food, but nevertheless i tried this place once, It has ok ambience, nothing to boast about, the seating are lil too close. We ordered some fish for starters ( i dont rem the name of the dish) but I was not impressed, (maybe I don really know the Bengali specialties) . Whatever! I could not appreciate the main course or the starters, but the table next to us was occupied by a family who kept raving as to how good the dishes were.


Emperor Still Hungry after "The Emperor Buffet"

This is a restaurant where you really feel light after a meal.
Hey!! not because of the food but because they don't serve you anything to eat in a buffet. The "Emperor Buffet" 450 Rs is a limited meal which consists of 1 Piece of Chicken/Lamb/ Any Item (I have uploaded the Menu.The Image isn't very clear but you can make out names of the items in this buffet).
I can't say anything about the À la carte Menu because the menu here has no rates (So Beware!! and if you do plan to go here..carry double the cash Vs a normal restaurant cause the next thing you know, you are in the kitchen working to pay the bill!).

Price 1/5 Awful (This place is a Bomb..Come here after a salary hike!!)
Taste 3/5 Average
Ambiance 3/5 Average


April 2, 2010response from management at Oh Calcutta!:

Dear Chaitanya 1981

We don't have an Emperor's Buffet at Oh! Calcutta. Though we have one at Mainland China. Please tell us where have you been.


April 2, 2010response from management at Oh Calcutta!:

Sure!! If you go with the exact terminology its not called Emperor's Buffet but Emperor's Feast.

Here is the links to the menu.
Image 1:
Image 2:

April 3, 2010response from management at Oh Calcutta!:

Dear Chaitanya1981

At the onset I would like to apologize for the dissatisfaction caused to you at Oh! Calcutta.

The buffet that you are mentioning is an offer for Visa Premium members and it is an unlimited menu.As it is a fixed menu at a fixed price the dishes have not been priced individually. Also if you want a second helping or more the servers will be happy to oblige.

And in a la carte menu the prices are definitely mentioned. We cannot have a menu without prices mentioned.

It is our constant endeavo

April 4, 2010response from management at Oh Calcutta!:

Bhavana: I am glad you at least accepted that their is something called the Emperor's Buffet or Emperor's Feast after the evidence. Oh! Calcutta has really taught me that you need to read the fine print when you eat at a restaurant which you normally worry while you invest in a mutual fund.

My comment and information to other members who will read my review and the subsequent messages:
1. Well from a level where the Management completely rubbished having a menu at this restaurant to a level where they apologize is quite a turnaroun


The best place for bengali food in blore

I am quite a regular here and have been wanting to write a review for quite sometime .... so here it goes ....

Almost all the dishes are pretty good, ranging from something as simple as cholar daal to chingri maacher malai curry to the extotic daab chingri. One dish that I recommend especially for crab lovers is crab-chingri bhaapa ( i don't think this is the exact name ). This dish is awesome ...

The weekend buffets are also very good ... Given that all buffet dishes are awesome ... i think buffet is good value for money ... In buffet I would recommend chaaler payesh ...

Thats about food, there is something else that i want to mention. Buffet had aaloo dum and suddenly we felt like eating luchi and aaloo dum. Unfortunately luchi was not on the buffet menu ... but the management gave us luchi complementary instead ... so 10 stars for hospitality ...

Food - 10/10
Ambience - 10/10
Cost - 9/10
Service - 15/10


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December 13,2009


Definitely worth a visit

My visit to Oh! Calcutta was more or less the first time that I got to sample Bengali food. I was accompanied by a dear friend who sure knows his Macher Jhol. So I guess I left the ordering completely to him

I must confess that I dont remember the names of the dishes very well now, so I will describe them. We started with a simple sweet corn soup and had a Crab and Squid Steamed starter with it. This particular dish, came wrapped in a Banana leaf and apparently that is how it is steamed. As I had heard, the predominant flavour was that of Mustard and it was a bright yellow in colour. For a first-timer, the experience was nothing short of splendid.

We ordered a Chingdi Curry again made in Mustard gravy, and I had it with Plain rice. We also had a Bhapa Hilish on the side because one cant but have a the famous fresh water fish that I had heard so much about. Both were fantastic, although I did wish that I had not ordered all dishes made from mustard gravy. There is, after all, such a thing as too much of a good ingredient.

I finished this meal off with a Misti Doi, again a dish which I had eaten very sparingly. When I realised that it is sweet curd, I tended to compare it with Shrikand. In that sense, the Misti Dhoi was not an extraordinary experience comapred to the rest of the lunch

But overall, it was fantastic. While I am not qualified to speak of its authenticity, I have been eating out often enough to make out that when a dish is made honestly and with an eye on authenticity, it does stand out, which is what happened here

Why a star less? two reasons - the dessert could have been better and the mustard could have been a touch less pungent

Prices are high, so this one is reserved for an authentic, special occasion only




They do a consistently great job.

Great customer service, very good ambiance, consistently great food... what's not to like? And I can visit the place again and again just for the Luchi-Kosha Mangsho, with the jhurjhure Alu Bhaja.

The afternoon buffet, which I have tried a few times, is also excellent.

It's a little pricey, but you will not crib for what you have had to shell out, the quality is absolutely top of the chart.


Food Lovers Paradise

Whether you are a bengali or not , it doesnt matter. Good Food needs no introduction, cullinary background. Wonderful , exemplenary, unthinkable, mind blowing, ............... This is food why I live.

Caution: Make sure you get the directions right for this place, can be bit confusing.

Service is perfect and compliments the food.

Little heavy on the wallet if not going for the set menu/ buffet.


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September 05,2009


A secret

Difficult to find, fine dining place.

Great taste.

Courteous and willing waiters.

Limited menu.(Few things on the menu not always available)

Nice ambience.

Aptly priced.

Go for an affair with Bengali cuisine and finish-off with Mishti-Doi


Not Bad

Glowing reviews galore, I visited this place with my husband a few nights ago. I do like Bengali food, though it's not on the top of my charts. I can barely remember the names of the dishes that I had, but a prawn appetizer was quite excellent, but the fish main course and dessert (very surprisingly) were a complete let down.
Has the luster waned I wondered, perhaps it has. Plus it is not cheap for what you get. Service was deft and credit to the Bengali hospitality on that front.



Oye Calcutta!!

Simply Amazing!!

No words to describe the feeling..jus go for it to all the bongs in namma bengaluru..


Oooaaahh Calcutta!

Amazing!!! ... just amazing. Let me first gather my words to to do proper justice to this restaurant :)

Had been earlier to 6 Ballygunge Place and other bengali restaurants in bangalore but after visiting Oh Calcutta! this Nabobarsho(15/04/09) my wife and I are still trying to come out of our hangovers :)) ..and if we look over bangalore landscape from a quality perspective, Ballygunge place doesn't even come as a distant second!

I would measure on basis of three simple parameters - Food quality, Service and Ambience.

Food quality: Score 4/5 (am rather miserly on marks), We had the Mochar Chop(which was too chilly/hot for me), Dhakai Fish Tikka(Amazing, just fabulous and we still recollect the taste!) alongwith the AmPatar Sorbot(which was very good), Kosha Mangsho+Luchi (Fantastic - would have ordered just another one but our baby was crying already as we were toggling between gorging the kosha mangsho and babysitting him!), Bhetkir paturi with Rice( was good but the mustard was tad bit strong that evening). We had mistidoi finally.

Service: Score 4/5 we really appreciate when the waiter brought in a complementary sweet to nullify the effect I had after having the chilly Mochar chop! Scope of improvement is still there for the waiters to serve actually the food after bringing to the tables

Ambience: Score 4/5 again the option of indoor+outdoor seating arrangements is very good and the indoor ambience quite good with the photos, some antique decorative items, the restroom well equipped etc.

Finally a thumbs up to the Team !!! Keep up the wonderful job you are doing.


Excellent Bengali Food

I being a Bengali who is also fond of food by birth, would probably never go wrong on this one.

Oh! Calcutta is one of the finest places where you can have Bengali cuisine made to perfection in line with tradition and what Bengali palette is all about. Bengalis are very fond of their food (and adventurous when trying other cuisines).

I had been to Oh! Calcutta in Calcutta and they did not fail to delight me. After feasting on a heavy-ho 3-course Ala-carte lunch covering the most traditional of the Bengali dishes, I gladly noted the address in town for the very best in Bengali food and ambiance.

In Bangalore, initially, I was a bit skeptical, if the same standards will be maintained as I was used to in Kolkata. And believe it, I was not wee bit disappointed. I ordered almost the same dishes and the taste of all the items were fantastic. Go for the Bhaapa Ilish and/or Daab-Chingri w/Rice, Kosha Mangsho w/ Luchi and ubiquitous Bengali Fish Fry (starter). The hospitality was also very good. I was presented with a complementary sweet dish, fruit bowl and extra spicy chicken curry and huge leg piece for my remaining few luchis (I ran out of gravy in the Kosha Mangsho!!) !!!

I would definitely recommend Oh! Calcutta on St. Marks's Road to all who wants to enjoy Bengali cuisine in its originality and perfection.

Keep it up Oh! Calcutta!!


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February 12,2009


Oh Calcutta - Bangalore

Oh Calcutta - Bangalore
A must visit for all who wish to have a glimpse of what bengali food is all about....and for those bengalis who were longing for a good bengali restaurant in Bangalore.
I went for a buffet lunch on 8th Feb 09, awesome taste, lovely ambiance, courteous and friendly staffs. I would give 10 out of 10 to this restuarant for their service, food, cleanliness, decor and staff!!!
Taste of food will remind you of city of joy kolkata and of course your mom!!
Blend of masala in every item was authentic bengali style and the roshogollo with the mishti (LAL) doi for dessert gives you the exact feeling of the next door mishtir dokan in kolkata

Hope they keep up the good work, unlike many other bengali joints in bangalore.
This place is just opposite to SBI on St. Mark’s Road, next to Global Access.
And yess........they have a parking place of their own!!
Book your table beforehand, if going for a buffet

House of Lords Building,St. Marks Road Bangalore 560002,Phone:080 22277722


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February 07,2009


Calcutta Meri Jaan

I was probably one of your fist guests after 26/11. How could we all forget that day, when all newspapers carried only one thing MUMBAI UNDER SIEGE and that was the only thing that most people read.
I stumbled on Priya Balas review of Oh Calcutta and made up my mind to immediately check out the place being a huge Bengali food fan and a fan of anything edible.I have high regard for what she writes as well as she has seldom disappointed me.
We were celebrating a colleagues birthday so I managed to convince the pack of wolves to visit Oh Calcutta( talk about ulterior motives)
The meal was simply mind blowing, sorry I may not be able to tell you guys the names of all the dishes I had but I can definately tell you what stood out and how. The Bhappa Chingri ( Prawn and crab Mousse) , the smoked hilsa( this is one of the most prized fish eaten by all self respecting Bengalis)There was a lamb dish that was made with raw green chillies, you need to definately eat this dish, mark my word you will come back to thank me.
My value in the food advice market went up by about 30% after I took my colleagues there and thereafter have been flooded with calls to tell them where they could find the next hidden treasure.The only problem with this place is that the food is so good you tend to overeat( not good in recessionary times) and end up spending more than what you intended to!!!
Service is very true to the name ........ have you ever experienced Bengali Hospitality??? Go there you will end up with more than a couple of Bengali friends. Refreshing change. All that we hear these days is who hates Whom and how much! Talibanisation of Bangalore! Oh Calcutta save us!



Well I do not profess to be an expert on Bengali Cuisine..But I am not a novice either and there lies the tale of my visit to Oh! Calcutta.
Went there for lunch this afternoon, it being a literal stone's throw (Must try it one day just to see if the stone will reach there)away from my office.
Went in and were seated promptly in a half empty restaurant. The decor while being nice has nothing Calcutta about it except a few charming b/w photographs on the walls. While that is my constant crib about restaurants not following what I term as " the container and the content theory". The container and the content are not consistent with each other. There was nothing Bengali about the decor and it was like any other restaurant. you can close this tomorrow and start a Chinese or an Italian joint and one would not know the difference. Hence 1 star off for the container not being true...
Then comes the food...maybe we made a mistake by opting for the buffet. It was convenient to go for the buffet and I still have my doubts on the wisdom of that decision.

There was a soup...cream of vegetable and coriander chicken soup...both definitely not Bengali.

The starters were a 50:50. The spinach cottage cheese cutlet was perfect. Then came the fish tikkas and my taste buds were transported to sadda punjab. Not that it was bad...but it definitely was not Bengali..

The buffet had 4-5 types of salads which I promptly ignored. There was masur dal, a very nice potato mustard sabji, a mixed vegetable curry that looked like the Gujju Undhio but tasted nice, a drum stick and what I suspect was sweet pumpkin curry that I savoured. The meat side had a chicken dish with a brown colour thick gravy- very nice and full of succulent pieces of chicken...a mutton dish that was fairly good and a superb crab curry...that had juicy pieces of crab that were begging to be cracked with my teeth and the juicy meat then to be sucked out . Again here was a disappointment - these were served with parathas, nan, kulcha or rotis-a testimony to how all pervasive punjabi cuisine has become. On insisting we were served luchis, hot and suddenly the food got better.Tried all the curries with Plain rice too.

The desserts were a mango phirnee, fruits and custard-nice without being exceptional. Why they served these desserts instead of the heavenly Bengali stuff is something I cannot fathom.

Also missing was the sting/pungency of the mustard oil...looks like the food has been de- bongified for leser mortals.

All in all nice...but not great. At Rs.295+taxes a definite VFM.

I think the name said it all...the food seemed like it was made for Calcutta ..and not Kolkata ...get the drift...anglicised to some extent to make it more palatable but not something that will get me to go oooh...or even Oh and more likely to make me go EH! about this Calcutta.




Prior to Oh Calcutta, this is what I thought Bengali food was about: sweets, fish and mustard.

My highly uninformed opinion was not helped by my two visits to 6, Ballygunge which only helped add the word "grease"’to the above mentioned list. The food I ate there did nothing for my tongue and lots of unpleasant things to my stomach.

Given my history with Bengali food, last night at Oh Calcutta was a revelation.

We began our meal with three appetizers: a vegetarian cutlet type thing with banana flower as a starring ingredient, crabmeat & shrimp paste steamed in banana leaves and crumb fried prawns with tartare sauce. While the crumb fried prawns and the steamed crabmeat, redolent with the smell and taste of mustard, were excellent; the banana flower cutlets were rather ordinary. The two chutneys served as accompaniments- a burnt tomato chutney and a sweet-tart yoghurt chutney - were what really stood out.

The main course comprised of lucchis (their version of the poori) and steamed rice with what I'm told are classic Bengali dishes: Bhapa Elish and Kosha Mangsho. And classic they were; especially the Kosha Mangsho, which is a triple-cooked- till- falling-off–the-bone mutton dish. When rolled in Aloo Bhaaja(deep fried potato sticks) and eaten with lucchis, it was a calorie laden delight. The Bhapa Elish is an acquired taste, especially if you are the kinds not used to the sting of mustard. But if you like mustard (and fish), do order this beautifully cooked fish and eat it with steamed rice. Yum.

For dessert, we had malpuas and two kinds of payas - rice and lychee. Quite honestly, these desserts did little to nothing for me. The malpuas were so-so, the rice payas banal and the lychee payas just about passable.

All in all, I definitely recommend Oh Calcutta for a visit. They do the classic Bengali dishes well, the ambience is quite charming and the service is attentive & friendly. My only gripe with the place was with the small-ish portions on the appetizers and the desserts (for the price).

Cost factor: The bill on all the above, with drinks, came up to Rs.6000 for a group of 5 (we ate a *lot* of Kosha Mangsho)