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> > > > Ohri's Silver Metro

Ohri's Silver Metro

Sarjapur RoadEast Bangalore  

  • 08040003333, 09731558303, 09731551800
  • Level 3, Total Mall, Hosur Road, Kaikondana Halli, Sarjapura Road, Bangalore
  • Multi-cuisine
  • Meal for 2 - 700

50 Reviews / 50 Ratings

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Ohri's Silver Metro Reviews


Every cloud has a silver lining! :)

We went here on a team lunch on a Wednesday afternoon.The place is shaped in the the forma of a metro and is painted silver .Thus the name :)

The restaurant is situated in Madivala on the top floor of Total. The place is a pick for team lunches as its easy on the budget .

The place is quite normal nothing to go gaga on.It s quite average !

Quality of food:
Food was okay ! There were dishes that were good .But in total I would neither say it was terrific nor horrendous.

Value for Money:
The Lunch buffets are priced at Rs 350 (Excluding tax).They have a great range of dishes that they provide for the money .A lot of variety for the price so I say Thumbs up in the Value for Money aspect of it.

In total ,A decent place ! A good option for corporate lunches!



AN okay affair

Best suited for team lunches/dinners.

Location: 4/5
AMbiance: 3/4

INteresting decor. Food is okay. Service also not that bad.
I have been here several occasions.
However I cant think of coming here to celebrate family events or occasion. Best suited for ofice/college goers.



Amazingly Arrogant, misbehaving staff

Silver Metro is a restaurant which has quite ordinary food and has Amazingly Amazingly rude, misbehaving staff.

Today I had a horrifying experience when one of their employees started arguing with me over a small topic.
They tend to forget, that they are actually fighting with one of their guests. I was amazed that how come
this restauranct have recruited such staff??? Don't they look for politeness when recruiting????

Their service was absolutely pathetic earlier too. They would rarely bother to make you seated properly,
would not clear plates promptly, would be slowing in refilling food in counter.. they are reluctant to
do anything happily. Today I felt, their bad services have gone one step further.

When we brought this mis-behaviour to to notice of their Asst. Manager, he was sorry to hear that, but
he didn't seem to be having any control on any of their staffs.

Me and my friends keep visiting almost all good restaurants in Bangalore. We concluded that service-wise
Silver Metro Express is the worst place of Bangalore. So.. friends.. go there at your own risk in future...


N Devi - Burrp User

N Devi

2 Reviews

March 08,2013



Almost all the staffs working there are very rude and poor responds..Even they will cut the call when trying to book table....weired ppl....PLEASEDON'T EVER TRY AT THIS RESTAURANT...BULLSHIT PLACE


N Devi - Burrp User

N Devi

2 Reviews

March 08,2013


Bullshit Responds

all the staff working there will not responds properly...please don't ever try here...


sagups20 - Burrp User


3 Reviews

February 19,2013


Rude Rude Staff!

I have been to this place earlier on several occasions and generally we have had a good experience, but we were in for a shocker yesterday. No sooner we had reached there we called on one of the staff there to enquire about some of the buffet options available. To our surprise the guy wasn't able to converse in English, so I had to get down to Hindi. We were there to catch a drink or two and we enquired about the beer buffet and. Since we were 6 of us and as there was a 1 free on 5 offer running, we checked with this guy if we would get the same offer on the beer buffet where one of our colleagues who wasn't going to be drinking and hence going with the normal buffet wouldn't need to pay on the 5 beer buffet we were opting in for. Probably this was a bit too much math for the guy and after some rounds to explanation, the guy said, "deta hoon main free"...which seemed more to us like a favor he is doing...we were all edgy by then...and then started the real shocker...the guy mention that you can order as much beer, but only for 90 min after the start...guess they had changed the rules and just a month back when some of us were there, this was 120 min...we enquired why this change, to which he replied its been like this for 2 years...digestable till now...and then the guy says, at the end of the 90th minute he will take away our glasses...blah...blah..blah...Does he even realize that he is talking to customers...regular customers...and he probably would land up loosing at least 20K business every month...guess not...too much to expect from a guy who couldn't do basic math earlier...Rise up guys, you are in an industry where hospitality/courtesy comes even before food...for a place which serves a decent spread, its sad that they have such crazy staff who do not even know what to talk and say stuff like we will take away the glasses, it does not matter if you guys leave etc...we eventually left the place and went to another one...and let me tell you the service at that place was simply brilliant...alls well that end well...but this had to be shared..cause this was a first for me, really...



Good quality good and rare metro ambiance

I've been here two times, first visited with group of friends for birthday party and then with friend for my birthday party.

I liked.

1. Metro Ambiance
2. Good Quality food.
3. Desserts (specially kheer)


1. Poor buffet service (I've to personally tell them some of the things are finished in buffet dinner please bring it).
2. Ice cream quality wasn't upto the mark.

If your budget is 300-350 per person with good quality food, a must visit place to see their metro ambiance reflected with Metro train station.


ashish7579  - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 05,2012


Good ambiance, quality of food is not that great

Tried Silver Metro on Sunday evening. Descent ambiance with a feel of Metro. Wide spread of various dishes. However, not many promising ones for veggies. The food quality is "Okay". Deserts were below the standard. Carrot Kheer had a hair in it. Gulab Jamuns were not tasking like Gulab Jamuns.
Would be good if they can work on deserts.



wanna visit

Hi Im manoj a medical student by profession from Hyderabad.I heard a lot abt dis restaurant frm my friends.Banjara hills ohris is too gud.Hoping u r maintaining at d same standards i have asked my friends to go to ur restaurant and they are coming today.Its a bday treat.I hope the service will be up to d expectations.



Becoming worst day by day

we r visiting silver metro from past 4 yrs,Initially i used to visit silver metro only,not any others coz i was satisfied.Now a days the quality is greatly reduced.When I vistied 2 weeks back im dissapointed.Previously soft drinks were there but now they withdrew n keeping some jal zeera.Biryani quality is worst.Non veg items r not so hot.Other items ok but not tasty.Last time when we visited Initially they kept fresh biryani(ofcourse quality not gud) but when the persons increase and it's about to get completed looks like they kept last night's biryani(with fresh cilantro leaves garnished,so that people think it fresh),it was smelling too bad.Now I'm in search of other restuarants.In one of the other restuarants(not silver metro) when i gave feedback form(most r negative) they immediately came 2 me n asked regrading that.I told them n asked them to cross check.They thanked me for pointing out the negatives n offered me lunch buffet free another day..Suggestion:Take feedback every day.


Perfect dinner amidst great ambiance and yummyfood

Firstly, wanna post a review abt this theme based restaurant and gotaa correct my old review, been to this on September 9th , wanna try their buffet on a weekend so stepped in with my family for the dinner buffet.
The moment you enter the restaurant you see a counter where you can see the whole menu which includes North Indian, South Indian, chinese, Salads and desserts etc etc......amidst the silver metro to ur left side.
Asi had booked my table for 4 people prior the waiter has guided me to the table and we were seated .

We settled down on the sofas and then we headed for the buffet.
Boy was really surprised to see the menu they had for dinner on a weekend.
3 veg starters - pakoda/gobi manchurian/ alu chilly along with 1 veg and 1 non veg soup and dimsums.
2 non veg starters chicken tikka and fish fry - which was indeed delicious and best I had till date in a restaurant in bangalore simply 'wow'.
After munching in the starters we headed for the main course.
They had assorted indian breads along with phulkas.
They had methi chicken , fish curry and crab curry for non veggies.
The veg menu was kinda large - mix veg, palak paneer, bitter gourd curry , dal palak, and lots more..
But crab curry and methi chicken tasted the best amonst all.
Then comes the mutton biryani which is the apt taste for a true hyderabadi like me.tastes great
Last are the desserts out of which gulabjamoon and rasmali tasted the best.
The food was overall VERY good and value for money. Close to 450 per person inclusive of taxes,Will visit again for their weekend buffet which is indeed a huge spread and tasty one.
Last but not the least as mentioned in my previous review the service which was improved and the best as they had one person catering to our needs and the dishes were filled on time.
Keep Up the Good Work Team Ohris :D :D It made my day a perfect dinner amidst great ambiance and yummy food :D


Good buffet - poor management and service

Been to this again out of my love and affection to OHRIS Hyderabad.
Was there on tuesday night for the dinner buffet.
Was quite surprised to see the buffet price - 375 per person including taxes.Which is a descent deal and far better option when compared to other buffet dinner 's in town.
1.Food - The buffet main comprised of 2 soups (1 veg and 1 non veg) with a chaat counter and momos served along with 2 veg and 2 non veg starters and the main course. would rate 4/5
2. Taste - the chicken shorba tasted really good , momos weren't that great as they were not served hot. Lack of care and attention (been observing this since my last 3 visits to this place) the momos are left like that with out being steamed well and not served hot. would rate 3/5
3. Starters section they has fish fry and lemon chicken tikka (both tasted great) but the problem is they are also not served hot (the guests tend to serve themselves and leave the trays open and the starters are frozen and not warm at all.And no one from the staff is there to take care of this.
4. Main course:- Had mutton biryani which was really yummy and chicken tikka masala.They have kulcha and plain rotis (which were not hot and were like papads) so had to skip this indian breads part.
For vegetarians they had only jeera rice and steamed rice.Would have been better if they substitue jeera rice with pulao or biryani.
5.They have soft drinks served but hardly any one could notice it because of the place the machine is located at.
6.Desserts - had vermicelli kheer / 3 flavours of icecream/ rasgulla and gulabjamoon.
Out of the list gulabjamoon toped the most as it was yummy and the best one I have ever tasted.
On the whole I still feel the staff and the management group here in bangalore need s to visit the Ohris in Road no 12 banjara hills hyderabad (just to get the feel and know the reason as to why the place always crowded and why guests are always happy to be there)
7.Service - Was partially better.Coz I notice many guests including me complaining the team to fill in the starters or rotis and the staff take s loads of time or neglects them at times.
On the whole 3/5 would be the rating I would give to this buffet. Provided they cover those few minor mistakes and glitches I m sure it would be the best place in Bangalore for any guest .


Too crowded on weekends

Went on a friday, it was too crowded and there was not enough place to comfortably pick your food from the buffet. They have seating capacity for a lot of people but were late in refilling food at the buffet. Wont recommend anyone to go there for a lunch buffet on a weekend and especially a friday.


Amit  - Burrp User


16 Reviews

March 15,2012


Getting Worse ...Day By Day

I remember during the first few months after this place opened used to be jam packed. These days we can easily find seating, even though they are operating only one side of the Silver Train
Happened been there 3 times in last 6 months, and I should say that its just getting worse and this time we decided never to try this place again.
except one or two dishes nothing is good in the buffet, the deserts are yuck most of the times, a definite , never again in my list.


I wanna live in this metro

This is a really good place to treat your buddies without burning a hole in your pocket.

Buffet: 4/5:

1. Spread/Variety 4/5 The food was delicious.
Salads: Amazing spread of salads was there. There were around 8 to 10 varieties.
Starters: Well, i was disappointed in this area. They didn't have any kind of variety in this. Few chats and 2 veg and non veg starters were there. I really hope they improve this. It will disappoint specially non veggies who gorge on starters like chicken tikks and tandoori chicken.

Main Course: It was delicious and lip smacking. Specially dal makkhani was earth shattering one of the best i have had outside delhi. The things i would have liked additionally in the main course are: veg biryani, couple of more varieties of of rotis/breads.

Dessert: They had one of the most amazing spread of desserts i have ever seen. It can compared to more expensive hotels ( e.g. President Hotel, Jayanagar).
Rasagulla, ras malai, jalebi, sewai and 3/4 flavors of ice cream; you ask it and they have it.

Over all i wasd overwhelmed with the buffet at this price and would recommend it to everyone, particularly the veggies out there.


January 17, 2012response from management at ohrisgroup:

Thank you for your appreciation & extremely encouraging words. We are very glad that you had a very great time with us & this is what we intend to give you on your every visit. And yes, we will sincerely work towards winning your heart even with regards to the starters as well.Thanks so much once again for the lovely feedback, which increases our responsibility to maintain the consistency every day.

We all look forward for your next visit soon.
-Team Silver metro (Ohris)

January 17, 2012response from management at Veggi:

Its good to hear from you guys. Please make sure that the starters section is taken care of..
I will be happier if u do so!!

sidbahuja - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 26,2011


could not find a place worse than this till date

we went for a dinner buffet on x-mas eve. the food which was served to us was COLD, it was not atall hot, chicken snacks were supposed to be hot, but don't know since when the chicken pieces were lying..
When we asked the waiter to bring some hot food, he nodded and went away.
it costed us 700 per head..and we are FULLY UNSATISFIED.....


sjenigma11 - Burrp User


4 Reviews

November 28,2011


Birthday Party Celebrations of my Daughter

Almost a month back before the D-Day, i started searching a place for my daughter's 1st Birthday Party. Silver Metro was the preferred choice because of my family being there earlier as well at couple of occasions. Though a little bit crowded we all decided to finalize the place because of the superb and sumptuous menu being laid. We were given the full coach on right hand side. The choice owes to the fact that we wanted the place to be a little different.
For the decoration we walked in early at 6:30 PM and the team assisted in the decoration of the coach along with us. The cake was already delivered by Chef Baker's at Bellandur. We opted for a Pineapple/Vanilla mix Princess Castle. I would definitely say that our family did not regretted the decision on the D-Day as each and every guest of ours was all praises for the food and ambiance. All of them were praises for the Dimsums.
I would like to thanks the staff of Silver Metro who were very cooperative and especially Praveen, the DGM-Operations of Silver Metro who took every care that our guests enjoyed the food and were comfortable.


November 28, 2011response from management at ohrisgroup:

Respected sir,
Thanks for those lovely and extremely encouraging words. We are very glad that you had a very great time with us & specially the 1st birthday party of your daughter carrying the incredible memories of silver metro, and that is precisely what we intend to give you on your every visit. And yes, we will sincerely go all out to make your each experience better than the previous one....Thanks so much for the lovely feedback and it is so encouraging for the team when there is such appreciation for their efforts. I thank you f

nitinath - Burrp User


13 Reviews

November 01,2011


Not sure how it has changed with time

We have visited this place several times but that was atleast 2 years back.

Back then their buffet spread was one of the best in town in terms of number of dishes and well as quality of dishes

Right from starters to main course - both veg and non-veg - the dishes have been very good.

The whole ambience is an experience by itself.

Need to check now if the same quality is maintained.


November 1, 2011response from management at ohrisgroup:

Dear Mr.Nitinath,
Greetings of the season from the team of silver metro & are really glad to hear back from you & want your visit more often. In order to make every visit memorable,we are working harder to better the experience, and to drive it as close to 'perfect' as possible, with the wide spread of multi cuisine food. So pl do keep in touch (9731558300 /
Thanks once again for your encouragement and we look forward to your visit soon.

Team Silver Metro (Ohri's)


Waste of money and taste

I dont understand why people dont mention Buffet cost including tax. The food at this place is below average and starter is only 1. They serve chat and dhokla but taste is awful. In the last you need to wait for water and if you want seat of your choice they will say sir first this side should be filled and in the last u get the bill of 440. I assure everyone that any place can serve better buffet than silver metro in 440.

Complete waste of money and taste.


Novel Ambience, Sumptuous Buffet

Enjoyed my dine-out with friends here in the spacious thematic interiors and a wide range of food choices in the buffet- Indian, Continental and Oriental. One could even relish on street food with 'Pani-Puris', 'Momos' and more. For desert, I especially recommend 'Moong Dal Halwa'.

Buffet charges per person are around 450 bucks.
Not to miss when you are in a mood to eat a lot !



Silver metro minus the Silver lining :)

I booked a table for 14 of us at 12:45 but we could reach there only by 1:10 but the table was still held so was very happy for that. But soon after i sat down at the table with a plate I had three people come and ask me do you have a booking ? How many of you ? etc etc which was such a mood kill.. When your own staff has assigned the table to us it would have been better if there is a system to notify others serving and avoid disturbing the guests.

Second incident i was upset about is that we were 13 of us but during the course of the meal I changed my seating position so the waiter billed us for 14 and when we pointed out that I moved from one position to another he says you cant change your place sir .. Really ??? Can a person sit a different position during the course of the meal you must be kidding ...

Staff and manager can be a little more polite with the customers. Need some orientation i guess..

Apart from this the buffet had a good spread and the taste of most items were good (being a veg please consider my comments only for the veg section) . Probably management can add another Phulka counter.. was always crowded. Would have rated with 4 star if not for the above issues.

Will surely visit again. Worth every penny at 325 + taxes. But please beware they charge 10% service charge for buffet as well.... .

Overall Above average and a must visit place.


May 5, 2011response from management at ohris1:

Dear Patron,

It was our pleasure serving you. We will surely improve our self. Our commitment is 100% guest satisfaction & we will work hard to achieve. Please drop in & allow us to be at your service.
Ohri's Management

Good buffet - Poor Management

Been to this place last sunday with a friend of mine after hearing a lot about this place.Was shocked to see the poor management of the staff.Was surprised to know that it is the same group of OHRI's hotels in hyderabad.No comparision at all.
First of all the buffet is good had many options to choose from - fish fry and chicken tikka were yummy and biryani is equally good.One among the best biryani's I have tasted in bangalore.
Coming to the negatives lack of management . We asked for a table for 2 and were guided by a lady to our place.We headed for the buffet and there starts the problem. We dont have spoons n forks and when we ask for one they took 10 mins to get them. Errrrr...Next comes the buffet we notice that almost many of the dishes were empty and when we ask for one to be refilled the staff personnel runs in a hurry but returns after a long time... zzzzz This was a terrible situation for all the customers cud sense tht from many faces who visited it for the first time..
We chose regular water and were shocked to see the glass filled with dirty water .... when we request for a change they ask us to choose mineral water ...We then ordered for mineral water at the end though.
Last one - once we are done with our buffet we asked for tissue papers n tht's the biggest mistake of my life no one ever turned up...
And last but not the least why service charge is being levied for a buffet??


April 8, 2011response from management at ohris1:

Dear Patron,

It was our pleasure to serve you, I apologies for the inconvenient. As you said that service need improvement. I assure you that we take your feedback on priority and provide training for service personnel to meet the guest expectation. We survive because of our GUEST, our motto is to 100% customer satisfaction. I request you to please give us another chance to serve you.

Ohri's Management



Went to this place the second time. The first time was our anniversary long ago when they had newly opened and the notable dish then was the Biryani. It was fantastic. This time the Biryani was jusy okay. The other complaint is on the starters. Very few starters when compared to the other buffet's like Barbecue nation and Cafe Masala. Agreed its priced a little lower but then I still think there should be some more. Same with the desserts. Very few of them to choose from. I still do not understand the concept of service charge in Buffets. They hardly do anything, and again not until they are asked. They only saving grace was that it was not that crowded (on a Sunday!!!) and we were able to get everything we wanted. On the whole an average experience.

Cost: Rs 750 for two.


January 19, 2011response from management at ohris1:

Dear Patron,
It was our pleasure to serve you after long long time, I would like to thanks you for remembering our food taste and spread, As you said spread could have been more in starter and dessert, please note that we serve apprx 50 variety of dishes consisting multi cuisine and we are the longest serving buffet restaurant in and around. I am sure that 50 dishes is good enough and if necessary then will add as per demand. With reference to biriyani, surely i will look in to it and improve as per requirement. Over all we are here to serv

January 19, 2011response from management at filltummy:

The number of dishes on your Buffet is good, I have no complaints on that but the starters and desserts are two things that you do not binge on when you order a-la-carte. You concentrate on the main course, so when a lot of people go for a buffet they are looking at the varieties in these two sections.

The other thing is when you say 50 dishes it includs salads and everything. Let me assure you that now in Bangalore that is not the longest serving buffet and like I quoted in my review there are places like Cafe' Masala who have a litt

January 19, 2011response from management at ohris1:

Dear Patron,
thanks a lot for your respond, we will surely improve and meet your expectation. May i get your contact detail on

Ohri's Management

January 6, 2012response from management at filltummy:

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that now I have become a regular at your place. After recieving your comments, I tried it again in July and the variety of desserts, starters and everything has sky rocketed. Evrytime I come there I am overwhelmed with the choices. The Biryani is faboulous as are the other dishes. I am coming there this Saturday (07/01/2011) for Lunch again. I am hooked!!!!!!

January 6, 2012response from management at ohrisgroup:

Respected sir / Madam,

It would be great pleasure to met up with you & pls do feel free to contact me on 9731558300, when you are @ silver metro.


bhatta - Burrp User


8 Reviews

December 04,2010


Utter disappointment for a regular visitor

This was my 5th visit to this restaurant and to my surprise this time I was treated very badly. It was last thursday that I had gone for lunch at around 1:15pm. Below are my experience...

1) After standing in the salad/pani puri queue for 20 minutes when I finally reached the serving area the dahi vada tray and corn salad try were empty. The guy in the pani puri corner was preparing plates for guys who had ordered not bothering about hungry customers waiting in the queue for minutes.
2) When I called up one of the waiter he took the tray saying that he would return within 5 minutes and I dont know when he returned. But yes someone came and served me 3 pieces of dahi vada, where the vada was hard.
3) The Veg starters tray, the roti tray were empty and the same story was told to me.
4) THE WORST PART - When I went to my table and told about the issues to the Senior Waiter(dressed in blue suite) inside the train compartment, he told me that there are 3 guys there looking at tray which gets empty. But I had to call these waiters and tell them that the tray is empty.
5) Since I was with a big group I sat at a place which did not have any fork and spoon, to my amazement that same waiter told me that since I had switched places there are no fork or spoon.
6) The food was pathetic, rotis were cold, veg gilafi was hard and most of the starters looked as if they were cooked with the same spices, just the labels were different.
7) The phulka section had just a single person making phulkas and since there were a huge crowd, people had to wait there for minutes.
8) These people they boast of 250 seats, but I am sorry to say that they way they manage these seats are pathetic. I wonder what would happen if all the 250 seats get filled at the same time. It would be total CHAOS. What kind of crowd management do these people have.

Sorry to say their feedback card did not have a section for BAD feedback, all they had were excellent,good and average.

I would think a 100 times to return to this place or even to recommend this place to my colleagues, my previous 4 visits were wonderful but this single treatment that I faced this time was BAD. I somehow realized that price does matter. Everytime a cheap buffet does not work.


December 4, 2010response from management at ohris1:

Dear Patron,

I sincerely appologies for the inconvenience, i assure you that your feedback is taken very sincerely and seriously. We will work hard to come up and meet your expectation. We work for you and our motto is complete customer care, we survive because you come and dine with us, I request you to please give us an opportunity to serve you once again, i assure you that you get to see changes. I request you to please leave your contact detail on I will get back to you.

Ohri's Manageme

January 6, 2011response from management at bhatta:

Thanks for taking my comments into account. But it is better to sort out these issues in the public forum that is here. If you have made any drastic changes or you have made changes to your set up and policies then you can better mention that here.

But as for my part, I would think twice before going back once again.


Horrible buffet and management.

I had been here for the first time... coz am a huge fan of buffet lunches. so thought to try out this place,. i was just shocked by the space constraint this place has. its toooo small for a buffet lunch or dinner. its sooo congested. over-crowded. there is no place for you to even move around with your plates. the food is always empty. and so r the plates. we need to keep waiting for the plates to arrive. lunch is pathetic. there is SALT missing from most of the dishes!!! The rest rooms or even the hand wash is outside the hotel. u need to walk a long way just to wash your hands. ?!?!? its sooo annoying. the rotis were soo hard... it hurt my fingers and tooth. i would never ever visit this place again for lunch/dinner. it spoilt my day. One of the worst places i have visited to in blore till date. its just not worth it at allll . Last but not the least--- service and the ambience were pathetic, i wud give a negative rating for it.


October 13, 2010response from management at ohris1:

Dear Patron,

Thanks for your valuable feedback, I would like to correct you what you said, We have huge seating capacity of more than 250, I agree with you that place gets full during lunch hour because of huge buffet serving more than 50 variety of dishes and liked by most of the top companies, family. We are proud to serve our guest & we make sure that we meet our guest expectation, I appologies for the inconvenience you had, we will surely look in to your feedback & you can see the changes in near future. I request you to please vis

anilkarat - Burrp User


25 Reviews

September 30,2010


Badly managed

I went for the lunch buffet on a friday afternoon. The place has massive seating capacity but sadly there is just one buffet spread and this causes too much crowding. I cant emphasize enough on the crowding. This can be solved easily by adding one or more counters.
The menu is huge but one cannot enjoy it because you lose patience and energy standing in the crowd waiting for your turn to get the food
People expect something better for Rs.340
Also the blue lighting in the section between the 2 trains gives the place a cheap look


October 13, 2010response from management at ohris1:

Dear Patron,

Thanks for your valuable feedback, As you know that we serve huge buffet consisting more than 50 variety, i agree with you that place gets crowded but we are really not able to add one more buffet counter, we work for you & we make sure that you get best of food, ambiance & service. We will look in to your feedback & you can see some changes in near future. I request you to please visit again & see the changes.

Ohris Management

shdwfx  - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 18,2010


WORST food ...AWFUL smell ..

Went there reading the reviews. As we entered the restaurant a very weird and awful smell engulfed was everywhere and was pathetic...then the food....soup both veg and nonveg was pathetic...the chicken starter stinked and tasted even worse...biryani was cold and tasteless...i thought atleast something would be worth eating but was disappointed .. worst saturday ever wasted 340 bucks down a stinky drain ... ..


September 19, 2010response from management at ohris1:

Dear Patron,
I would like to thanks for your valuable feedback, Saturday on an average we serve more than 300 guest in 2/3 hour during lunch & we provide best of food, service. If i have not mistaken you are the only one to write bad about saturday lunch where everyone come & enjoy with group/family. Silver Metro serve the best in food, ambiance & service. We are professional & we treat our guest as "GOD" & we maintain the food quality, we have EXECUTIVE CHEF, Quality Control Chef, Operation Manager, Restaurant manager to check food before


Exhausting menu on buffet

Perfect for buffet with nearly 12-15 starters, and equally good main course...Although the desserts are not that great...
Rotis are nice here...Really like north India...


August 2, 2010response from management at ohris1:

Dear Patron,
Thanks a lot for your valuable feedback, Your each & every suggestion make us work hard & it help us to improve, We assure you that we will keep continue the same & provide you better environment for dinning. Please keep us in touch, looking forward to you.

Huge Variety of Dishes, Tasty too..Worth for Money you cannot taste all the items they placed for buffet lunch..They have around 50 varieties, including deserts and starters....Worth A try, its just 300 + taxes/person..The extra things you order is costly (one glasss coke costs you 50Rs)....Be there on time, Its damn crowded on weekends and friday...


July 2, 2010response from management at ohris1:

Dear Patron,

Thanks a lot for your valuable feedback, It was our pleasure to serve you. Keep us in touch. Looking forward to you.


Best buffet place ....

this is my 10th visit to SILVER METRO, I love this place, Buffet spread is quite impressive & delicious. I have never seen buffet restaurant like silver metro, its value for money. Everytime i go i feel this is happening


Local train with cockroaches as co-passengers

Recently been to Silver metro with my friends on the day of Friday for lunch. Considering all the aspects, this restaurant gets the rating of AWFUL and read below for the explanation.

Restaurant's ambiance is quite good. It's based on theme of Metro rail transport with silver colored tables and walls which gives quite a pleasant feeling. But this pleasant feeling gets ruined easily once you enter those artificial train compartments, as the room temperature was maintained awfully low. Weather was cool anyway outside. Management should maintain the room temperature to an extent till it doesn't hurt the guests.

Quality, cleanliness and hygiene aspect:
Quality of food is really bad. Assorted Indian breads were not served fresh. So if you looking for fresh food, go in real peak time, because that time chef would be preparing fresh breads due to more demand and less supply.

One of the gravy item had the aroma that it was burnt during cooking and another items was too diluted ( more content of water to increase the quantity)

Cleanliness is not everything as dining area was kept nice shining clean, but what about hygiene aspect of it? It can be understood from the point that we saw 2 cockroaches on area where is food is placed for customers to pick from.

Options available in the buffet menu:
They have recently added few more options in their buffet menu, which makes the available list of options for both non-vegetarian and vegetarians decent enough. But those menu item seems to be seasonal, hence it would be interesting to see once the season is over for those items.

This restaurant is not worth revisiting as there is no value for money in it. A customer would be paying a good amount of money for stale breads, aroma of burnt food and un-hygienic place.

Note for management:
Feedback was given to the management during visit, hope management would act on it and take care of at least hygiene. Customer don't want to spend hefty money for this kind of service. Increasing the price of buffet should be justified with quality, quantity and hospitality.


June 26, 2010response from management at ohris1:

Dear Patron,
1 - It was our pleasure having you in our SILVER METRO. I have gone through your feedback, i would like to make it clear that we do not serve burnt, stale food & roti. Friday lunch minimum of more than 250 guest & more than 25 company employee visited to our restaurant & on an average everyday we serve more than 350 guests. If you have noticed we keep on filling fresh food in food pan from kitchen. We have professional chef & operation manager for quality check. We do not compromise with quality at any cost. We treat our guest

June 26, 2010response from management at vbajaj:

It would be my pleasure to meet some one from management too. I'm not comfortable to post my email id and phone number for public view here. Looks for your feedback forms by customer Vikas Kumar Bajaj dated Friday. 25th June, 2010. If you don't get it for whatsoever be the reason, pass me your email id, I'll contact you there.


June 27, 2010response from management at ohris1:

Dear Mr. Vikas,

My e-mail id is & contct no is 9731558300. It would be my pleasure to have you back in Silvr metro, We are working on your feedback & will improve ourself. Please leave your contact details, we will get in touch.

An average buffet

The place is located on Level 3 of Total mall.

Being located in a mall has a definitive advantage in terms of available parking etc.

The ambiance is nice for this theme restaurant. The buffet on weekdays was not very costly. Its a good value for money option.

Despite all this, the restaurant gets 2 stars because the food is not good. The chicken was stale, fish totally bland. Nobody manning the counters.

If they can improve the food, maybe I would visit again. Till then it's not worth another visit.


May 22, 2010response from management at ohris1:

Dear Patrons,
We value a lot to our guest, Your feedback has taken seriously, i wish to see in current future & give us feedback. We have added few new items to the menu at no extra cost. Please visit & let us know.

jlnblr - Burrp User


52 Reviews

September 12,2009


Food in a Train

The setting is fabulous - atrain style seating with a large lavish buffet spread for about 300 bucks. My son loves this place - sadly for a place that is so attractive for kids, the train type seating area is cramped and dangerous for kids to walk alone. Too many protruding things and uneven flooring to get themselves hurt. Alsom they should introduce more kid friendly food options atleast on weekends. Overall a must visit (just for the setting) and be careful with your kids.


ad_an80 - Burrp User


41 Reviews

August 03,2009


So Wannabe

Wannabe Sahib Sindh Sultan (esp the train version), so where do i start, the MALL itself is pretty unkept and untidy and smells like a bathroom... ugh!
Silver Metro, the only positve aspect is the service and the waiters and waitresses, and thats where the positive ends.
Priced at 336 (inclusive of tax) for sunday night, it does not have a WIDE spread that they claim.
The puris (for pani puri) were deftly stale and were NOT crunchy.
The curd rice, it wouldnt take a scientist to figure out that it was a couple of days old, since the rice was hard.
The chicken (or so-called lemongrass chicken soup) - was NO WAY even close to it, it didnt have any lemongrass fragrance, which is very hard to miss.
The briyani - nothing great to talk about.
The chicken kebab and chilli fish were pretty tasty and served as a saving grace for a rather not so great but hyped place. Certainly, there are NOT too many places that do dinner buffet, and that is one of the primary reasons there was a crowd there.
The icecreams and kulif were delicious (pineapple and watermelon falvored, rather than the usual vanilla and strawberry). Would i be back again? would take some reallll convincing (and arm twisting) for me to go back there.


indian1 - Burrp User


7 Reviews

August 03,2009


Visit if you must

The food is Ok,but the service and crowd is sickening. Makes you feel you are in a wedding choultry and literally fighting for your food.Visit if this is your idea of a nice meal out.


Pathetic crowd, pathetic food, PATHETIC

When we first reached the place, we were stopped at the entrance and promptly asked to sit down and wait for our turn. Our thought was; this place must be someplace where people are waiting for their turn. The waitresses were well dressed and courteous enough to resemble a five star hotel receptionist. Therefore, we waited for our turn. Finally, when we entered, we found out that there is a buffet spread and the whole place is super crowded. Just as you enter the first thing that you encounter are tables and chairs. The second thing is children running all over the place. We could not afford to go anywhere else, do we thought we will stay here and see how the food is. Do not go with whatever you have shopped, there is every chance that it might be stolen, because there is no way you can keep your stuff on the chair and fetch your food. If you are with a partner then one person have to stay back if you have stuffs with you. The so called train car looked exactly the same as they have in Delhi Metro; the place was not cleaned properly. I am not talking about any food spillage or anything like that. The seating arrangement in the car is tight and does not have much space to move around so the space under the seat is where you will find dirt, even stale food.
The day when we went, they had some dry chicken the name of which I had never heard before. Some fish gravy, Gobi Manchurian for the veg, daal, 2 varieties of rice, salads, and desserts. I think the place has an overworked staff; none of them smiled or had a fresh look on their face. Everybody was running around to get something. My girlfriend asked for a bottle of water, the waiter forgot to ask cold or warm and when he came back he was without the bottle and asked whether we wanted warm or cold. That?s ridiculous.
There were so many people in such a small place that there was no space for you to move. Next hurdle was to get a plate. Once you get the plate, the next hurdle is to get the food on your plate. Now, that?s surprising right, I mean you are in a buffet, so once you get a plate you should be able to get the food easily, right? Wrong! Coz there is no bloody queue. Anybody can come from any side or angle, say please, and just shove you off. Damn.
By this time, my appetite had taken a hike and he would not listen to me. My girlfriend was eating and I was sipping on my beer just to make sure that my appetite will come back by listening to the beer flowing down my stomach. However, it did not.
My GF wanted to have some gravy for her rice. So, I went back to the crowded stall and made my way to the target. There it was written, mixed veg gravy; I poured about 2 spoons and went back, and you know what was the gravy smelling of? It smelled of fish all over.
That was it, I did not even bother looking at how much I was paying for the mental torture that we went through. I just wanted to get out of there. I don?t know about others, I and my GF for sure are not going back there, even if you pay me a crore for that.



Well planned ambience and great variety of foods

On a weekday it was quite busy with most tables taken by corporate ties. The buffet looked promising and didn't disappoint. Both veg and non-veg were well complimented and the feel of sitting and eating in a train coach was really enjoyable. Couples might find this place not too private. Children may find too many things breakable. But for big groups and families with well-behaved children, this is an ideal place to go to, what with all that huge space they have. All in all, a must try and a must go at least once a month.


Complete VFM and Delicious Buffet!

It was from a colleague who complimented Silver Metro for their variety buffet and a distinguishing ambiance that made it my choice to celebrate a special day with my family.

Silver metro is in the Total mall on the third floor. At the entrance, they have two engines of a train each on either sides. There is a table with refreshments and a bowl to drop your business cards, do take a minute to do this, you could be the lucky one to win the daily draw!
You enter the restaurant to find a long unending row of delicacies lined to your right. There are the tables with chairs arranged to the left of the hallway and to the extreme left is a train with tables for four making the rest of the restaurant, a platform! This whole set up, definitely amuses the kids!
Once we seated, we found a cockroach on the serviette! We politely called the manager and showed the gross pest. He apologized and replaced the serviette and plate. What was shocking is that, the man standing beside the manager, very conveniently told us we got the disgusting pest with us!
The manager kept gesturing and signaling to the man that he was wrong, but this man evidentially unclear and obviously wrong just argued, but miserably failed to make his point. His name too is fresh in my mind. Did I just call this a ‘platform’ in my earlier lines?

After some serious ‘checking out’ of the place, we got on to the menu. It is quite exhaustive. The place was crowded with mostly large groups.
I do not remember the non-veg delights for the day, but i will sure pen down the vegetarian menu.
I started with the Salads, they had the pasta and corn in Béchamel sauce. I simply loved this. They had loads of other grams boiled with colorful, cut vegetables.
A lil bit of all of them and I was already feeling full! There we quite many starters, Hara-Bara Kebabs were my favorite. The Chinese varieties with the noodles, fried rice and sauce were a sure hit with my mother! The Jeera pulav with the Dhal Makhani made a wonderful combo. My family surely did enjoy the Dum Biryani and chicken starters. For the desserts they had two types of pastries, nothing very extraordinary with their taste. They had the kesar, Bengali sweet, this tasted fine.
The hit on the sweet list was the Mawa Halwa, Very rich and simply delectable! There were three flavors of ice creams, some vibrant sauces including strawberry, chocolate and crushed peanuts that could sprinkled on to the ice-cream.
If I were to comment on the personnel and service of Silver Metro, It would be nowhere close to a positive one. Man, they definitely need some serious service orientation!
A heavy and delicious buffet which costs you 280 inclusive of tax, Silver Metro is a place with distinguishing ambience and good food with no complaints but deserving compliments. However, a strong suggestion definitely on cleanliness needs to be sent out!


Shubham - Burrp User


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February 16,2009


Good once upon a time, totally lost it now

Despite warnings form the people of Bangalore, I decided to visit the Silver Metro the 2nd time on a saturday afternoon. It took a while to shake myself from my past experience. I was initially living on the sweet memories of the time when I had gone with the gang and my, was I impressed then! The food had been good and I remember having a very good time. So when I started hearing things from people that things had gone wrong with this place, I refused to believe anyone..
It started with a grumpy waiter ushering us in a manner that was nowhere close to a welcome. As we started filling up with starters, we realized there was almost nothing for my vegetarian friend. She later commented that she had never been punished this bad for being a vegetarian (yes; you would say that too when all you get for 300+ bucks is Ladyfinger, dal, momos and plain bread- {butter, jam, sauces are a strict no no here}). As we returned to the table, we catch the waiter placing a fork that he had dropped on the floor. That we're watching him doesn't seem to bother him much. Later, we had to fight and beg for fresh cutlery as well as water. I'm not exactly a patron of 5 stars but let me assure you that I've good better treatment at all roadside eateries I've been to. Dessert was adequate but our patience was running out. One couldn't tolerate the repetitive announcements declaring 'we had arrived at Metro Mall/ Zanzi bar'. A baby next to us starts crying as the Air Con has been turned down to levels where it is making things uncomfortable for everyone. The Manager gives an indifferent nod to requests from people to turn down the cooling.
As for the food-
Non Vegetarians- You get pretty good stuff for your money
Vegetarians- Please keep away

However, if you want to try this out do so only if:

1. U'r going in a big group and can manage to intimidate the management

2. If u'r in a mood to pick up a fight

3. If you just don't care about food or people

Once a good place, but now I believe these people do not deserve to be in the food and hospitality business. Being a reasonably priced buffet does not necessarily mean that people coming here should leave their dignity outside..



A total crap in terms of customer service

Well I went to this place few days back , but me and my husband were not impressed by the service of the staff over there. We sat outside the train first then thought of going inside and experiencing the dining in the train but were not welcomed by the staff to change our place and sit inside even when the whole restaurant was empty and there were only 8 -10 people except us . I think the staff there should learn the basic etiquettes which are essential in terms of customer service.

I really liked the food at this place but the serving staff is pathetic.

Swati Sharma



A Silver Lining in our Metro

Last week I had gone to silver metro for dinner. Its in total mall at 3rd floor. As soon as you enter the place you get a feel as if you have boarded a train . The place is made in glass with compartments on both sides and a serving and dining area in the middle. One can also have their food sitting in the compartment and looking out through the glass. There are holding rods inside the compartment and the seats are also like the ones you have in trains. There is a dummy driver also at the engine to give it a more realistic look and feel. Actually it gives a feel that your travelling in train .For extra helpings and servings one has to get down to the platform i.e the serving area. It serves only buffet and there is no ala carte. Food was ok, as in somethings were really good and some were just average. Starting from, there was a live chat counter. They had 2 chats, papdi chat and bhel puri. Papdi chat was really made well, spicy and tangy and after a long time I was having a chat so I really liked it though didn’t wanted to eat much and try out other food item as well . There were 2 different soups. In veg there was mushroom cream soup which was just bland and tasted well with sauces and a hint of pepper. Non veg soup was also ok and nothing special. There was a variety of salads as well, out of which the lettuce and corn salad was best. For starters thay had quite a spread including veg and non veg. For veg starters they had garlic potatoes fries which was just French fries tossed with garlic. It was cold and not good. Then they had paneer pakodas which was just good with the pudina chutney. They had these small masala breads which was sweetish and was fresh and soft. For non veg they had murg angara, fried fish and one more chicken starter none of them particularly memorable.

For the main course again, they had palak kofta paneer masala veg kadai and dal makhani. Out of them the dal makhani was the best, spicy and buttery. The palak kofta was just average with the koftas being bland, paneer butter masala was ok with a sweetish tinge.Vegkadai was not good at all with no taste and no spice. Kulchas and rotis for there were accompaniments. Unusually they were also serving fulkas made on the counter hot. There was veg noodles and veg biriyani. Veg noodles was really good. Veg biriyani was just about ok and I saw they had put chole in biriyani which was quite unusual. The raita was good and there was mirch ka saalan as well to have with the biriyani.
The desserts were run of the mill, gulab jamun, rasmalai yumm…, choclate and vanilla icecreams, and cut fruits.rasmalai was really good and I wanted to have more but was too full by that time. It’s a nice place to go and experience the feeling of having lunch or dinner in a train .Definitely its value for money. Where do you get a chance to eat in train compartment without having to travel anywhere:-)


mallza - Burrp User


2 Reviews

September 28,2008


Great ambience and good food

Perfect ambience specially when you have little kids. Lots of items in the buffet. Good place to go when you need food fast as they have lunch and dinner buffets. Food is good and there are atleast 4-5 dessert items too. Lots of choice available for vegetarians too. Very reasonably priced. You need to reserve on weekends as it gets very crowded.



This place is really the right one for a lunch or a dinner buffet.

Been there on a Saturday afternoon, lucky had a reservation, otherwise it would've been quite difficult to get the best of the buffet.

First of all the theme, GREAT,MODERN RAILWAY gives a feeling of Europe.I guess it is very easy to compare it with SAHIB SINDH SULTAN since that is also based on a similiar theme, though SSS sticks to the theme even on the MENU.

Great spread of food,Chinese,Indian, not so much for a Veggie though, great hunan chicken and dimsums.Since we went for a Birthday, they were happy to give us a small cake.That was very nice.

By 1.45pm it was fully crowded, and could see people waiting outside.The buffet was getting low now, especially the Biryani, just the rice was left.

Spread of food is still the best part , then ofcourse the theme and then service.

200 + somthing is just too good for WEEKEND BUFFET.



A must-visit place

Though I had been to Total Mall many times, i never ventured into Metro. But recently a friend treated us there and i totally recommend this place. The ambience is great and a lot of pain has gone into giving the place a 'metro' look and feeling. The blue interiors against silver give it a very modern and impressive look. The two trains on either sides are good for the non-smokers while the 'platform' is for the smokers. For the ambience i would give it 10 on 10.

Not only does the place look good, the food is great as well. Quite comfortable on the pocket and good to taste. We tried teh night buffet and felt taht it was total value for money considering the fact that we have very less choice for night buffets in the city. For the price we paid for the buffet, I must say it was a generous multi cuisine spread. But teh drinks are a little expensive.


Good Buffet Menu

We had been to Silver on one fine Saturday afternoon. Plunged into the starters and soup salads first. There was Peking Chicken, Hunan Soup, Veg chilly .. Macaroni salad, chat etc etc ... It was good .. would prefer more variety in chicken in all courses.. Main course had kukad tariwala ..which was awesome, Palak Paneer -- ok ok , Chole -- delicious ... Nans were good .. Desserts -- pastries, ice cream, kheer, cut fruits .. So good range of dishes to choose from and gulp in at 185/- + taxes.

Ambience is interesting ... different !
Must try once ...



Buffet is very good, verity of choice veg & non-veg. Owesome test. Nice desert as well and perfact value for money.
One must go atleat once.


A worth visit

We recently been in Silver metro in Total Mall, madiwala for a team Lunch. I must say in Rs 159/person in buffet, its more than worth. The food is very tasty and good variety in veg and non veg. Desert is also very nice. Soft drinks are reasonable priced and give a good taste with food. Service is good, and staff is also good. Ambience is good with a nice concept of metro train and plateform. Crowd was all from corporate when I have been there on friday, so was nice. As price is very reasonable with very nice food, its good for a party and get togather, but not for a nice evening with your girl friend or wife. As it will be crowded. Overall it is 8/10 for a party and get togather.


bjmblr - Burrp User


2 Reviews

April 28,2008


Nice spread

I tried the buffet. Good value for money. The spread was really nice. Place though big, gets crowded during luch.



Granddd Buffet

Buffet is very good, verity of choice veg & non-veg. Owesome test. Nice desert as well and perfact value for money.
One must go atleat once.




I really felt I was at a Metro Station. The food is Awesome......Defenatly value for money and a Grand Buffet.