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> > > > Opus In The Creek

Opus In The Creek

WhitefieldEast Bangalore  


34 Reviews / 35 Ratings

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Kroaknight with Martin D'Souza Jul 31

  • Martin is Kroaking up a storm every Friday night at Opus in the Creek. This is your chance to take the stage and become rockstar for the night. The world is your bathroom!

    Time: 9pm onwards

Unwind Nites Aug 03

  • Had a long day at work? Want to de-stress? Head to Opus in the Creek (Brookefields) to Unwind Nites featuring DJ Santosh! Unwind with some of best tunes from across the ages, lip-smacking cocktails and mouth-watering food.

Retro Nites Aug 04

  • Every Tuesday night, DJ Santosh brings you a whole evening of retro music. If you miss listening to the classics, head to Opus in the Creek (Brookefields) and tap your feet to some golden oldies, cocktail in hand!

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Opus In The Creek Reviews






Awesome Place with Pathetic Service

I visited this place on Friday. That was Karaoke night. We really enjoyed it. The crowd, music and everything was awesome except the behavior of a waiter there. Waiters there were very unprofessional, unskilled and manner-less. They don't have etiquette's to talk with customer especially with couples. They continuously tease us for the next order continuously (though our table was full of drinks and food) and smile sarcastically if I did not respond. I felt like they previously worked with a Highway side bar.
Price wise, it is worth. Better to visit pubs at Brigade Road. Service also good there(Might be because of competition :)).








2014 Eve

I was there at Eve 2014…. It’s just an “AWESOME” place to be at. You will have the exact party heat in there. Good management for your happy moments and safety




A Let Down!

Such a let down! I have waited a long time to go to Opus in the Creek, Whitefield and at the end, it was quite a disappointing experience.

Food: The food quality is not good. We ordered Veg Platter and Chicken Manchurian. The chicken was so bad, that they did not charge for the same in the bill.

Drinks: Average

Ambiance: Good in the evening. Good place to hang out with friends.

Rightly said by someone, the music was too loud at times to be able to enjoy a conversation on the table.

I wouldn't want to visit this place again.



How To Turn Off The Mood By Food!!!

Opus in the Creek, Whitefield is a good example of turning off the mood!!!
Food: Terrible Menu
They re-did their menu and turned it from bad to worst!!
The food quality is not good and especially the pasta.
If you love Goan food, feel safe!!! Vegetarians have limited choices.
Drinks: average
Ambiance: Only good in the evening. Avoid this place in the day time.
Music: Live Karaoke is good. Good place to catch up with your school friends.
Overall: Avoid this place, if you love food, nice music and would like some privacy to catch up with your friends. This place becomes too loud at times to even communicate an order and yes sometimes you would be listening to terrible singers as well!!!



Awful taste & pricey!!!

Horrid place, service & food!
I was recently their with couple friends and we ordered Tequila shots. They served the shots, and salt/lemons in separate tumblers. Is this how they serve it for 525/- per shot!!! Not to mention the paneer tikka & tandoori gobi - the worst that I have ever tasted. Think twice before going there.


tangerin - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 05,2013


Dishonest Management

Been to the place around end of Nov - beginning of Dec on an invitation from the management member, called Priyanka. The idea behind the invitation was anonymous restaurant review and feedback on many aspects starting from food and ambiance and finishing with trying to scam waiters. In return all the evening payments were supposed to be covered at the expenses of the restaurant by Ms. Priyanka. At least that's what was promised in the phone conversation as well as supported by a number of emails and sms. At the end of my tasks completion (evening spent, review written and sent to the above mentioned lady), need to mention here that scamming wasn't part of my activities, when I'd expect promised expenses returned, she suddenly stopped responding to my emails and sms. I can't help but just be surprised with the behaviour and I definitely discredits the restaurant in my eyes.
Although the general place impression was positive, I would not recommend it since even the top staff representatives and management cheat their clients.



Well..its average

We landed at Opus in the Creek, to watch a band play. This was our first time here and I immediately liked the beach-shack like atmosphere. With a couple of trees in the compound and clear open skies above.

Well thats about the only thing I liked! The food wasn't as good as I had expected. As I had really liked the older Opus's food and found that their Whitefield outfit didn't come any close. We had ordered for Goan Sausages and Goan Fried chicken. Both of these tasted very plain with barely any dimension to its tastes. We actually found it hard to finish the food between the 4 of us!



Fun for a big group

+ Good for night out with friends
+ If you're into karaoke, they have that

- Not so great food
- Ok cocktails.
- Pricey for what you get
- weird ambiance.

Visit for after work drinks.




KF ultra-205? Okay, fine you have the "ambience" even though I left the place reeking of the mosquito coil you have strategically placed below my table. Mutton pepper fry. I cannot understand how you can charge 245 for a plate and tastes mediocre. I came for an experience and oh yes I was getting one. I said chalo theek hai maybe this is not a good dish. Stir fried chicken. Man. You guys really need a crash course in cooking. One word, BLAND. The only thing you couldnt fuck up was masala pappad. No wait, you did, there was no masala. Yet I paid you 150 odd bucks for 2 pappads. 6KF ultra, 1 mutton pepper fry, 1 stir fry chicken and a plate of pappad. 2035rs. You have spoiled my mood. Oh, before I sign out, Kindly look up the dictionary defintion of "DJ". Pretty sure a dj is not someone who is busy smoking drinking and flipping through his cd collection of 70s and 80s greatest hits.


Good Ambience ...not so good food..

if you guys really wanna go for ambiance.. you ll see this place good.. but in terms of food and alcohol.. would not suggest it. price is really a 5 star hotel... its actually depends on your pocket... if its on high side ..can give a try.. !!!
value for money 2/5
ambiance 4/5
service 4/5



Check and pay..

Dear All,
I would suggest others to check the bills especially for drinks before you pay . They have charged for 14 large pegs agianst 12.5 large pegs for a 750 ml bottle( they do give you a full bottle and charge per peg, for imported bottle that we took) . First response was "even when we sell loose we charge as 14 Large per bottle" . I was surprised , how can 750 ml gets converted to a 840 ml . (guys you can think ) . Later they have agreed to pay the difference amount back .

The place is good , but it is very expensive . A pint beer (330ml KF premium) costs Rs200(inc taxes) , equivalent to 3 or 4 star hotel pubs/lounge.




Check the bill before you PAY.....!!!

Dear friends,

While paying the bill in this Opus,spend some time for checking the bill or else we might loose our valuable money. This Friday evening me and my colleague went for having dinner,first we ordered 3 large Black Dog whiskey with some non-veg starters.Once we finished off, the guy (north eastern) brought the bill.We gone through the bill while paying.Surprisingly we found that the Opus charged for 5 larges whiskey. We explained to the guy the instances when we ordered the liquor.Finally they rectified the bill.
The staff is very rude and they does not know hospitality.
Coming to the non-veg (because we ordered only non-veg) it sucks. Its tasteless and worthless.
please do not order mutton,It will be doubted its mutton or....

So friends..choice is yours while choosing this Opus.



Tricksters - in Bill and starters

Hi Please take it serious this is true,

When ever we give order for alcohol drinks they use to mix the 10 to 15 ml of water to it, so there will not be any kick in it, So we will order for more this is one of there trick to take more money.
We use to go in happy hours when we order at 7:55 pm to bring drinks this guys just change the timing and say now the time is 8:05 pm as happy hours is finished.
When we start the drinks this guys gives the startes once we request to bring the starters they never stay near to desk and leave the place. After frequent request they use to bring the starter that too only veg starters not the non veg.
even in the bill this talented guys use to include 2 to 3 more pegs more to take the money from us.
So Please donot go to opus who are indirectly looting our money.
Shake Md.



Cheaters - worst food.

we went as a team of 50 conducted one dinner party on June 20th 2012 ( total billed amount Rs:70,000-00) with food and liquor. As the full bottle jack Daniels whiskey comes up as 750 ml, the blady bastard Opus guys billed it for for 840 ml.
We re checked the bills,and argued how they were cheating .Finally they agreed to give the difference amount back.
Coming to the food. it is worest. We can get better food in Marathahalli road side.

Request you guys please think twice while going to 'my Opus' (No. 2, Doddanekkundi Industrial Area, Mahadevapura, Brookefields Main Road, Off ITPL Road).

Thanks & Regards
Alex Duex.


Sachin Jain - Burrp User

Sachin Jain

5 Reviews

November 04,2011


Nice place...

The food is ok. But is very expensive, compared to other restaurants on the same levels. The staff is courteous. Good to go during Happy Hours...



Good Ambience but Bad Food

Visit this place only when food is last on your mind!! Otherwise good place to have a nice evening..


Good Hangout... Avg Food...

Its a good hang out, if you want to have beer and want to snack out.

But if you want to have proper food. I would not suggest, as I felt that the place is not worth it for fine dining... The service is prety average, although the staff is friendly.



Normally i am lazy to write reviews but after going to this restaurent yesterday (21-Apr-2011) i am compelling to write this review. This place the worst food you can ever have in your life. Horrible and Terribe. DON'T GO TO THIS PLACE IF YOU WANT TO EAT A DECENT MEAL. And on top of this - over pricey and pathetic service.



Burrp uncertified - Awful service Pathetic Billing

After reading several good reviews on we decided to go for lunch last saturday.
The ambience is ok, but a big gap between my perception of the place after reading reviews on burrp and getting there.
When we entered the security just pointed his finger with no words.
The place was not very clean too and although we reached around 1:30 pm there was hardly any staff around.
The menu looked nice, but whatever we tried to order like pasta etc was not available.
The waiters too didnt have much idea of what each dish on the menu was so requested to meet the Chef who was supposed to be busy and we still insisted then the Bell Captain came out, who gave us a fair idea of what the dishes were and we ordered some food which was ok.
Now coming to the Billing...
Bill 1 - We get a bill which has some items which we had ordered but not available on the menu
Bill 2 - we get a bill where coke/pepsi have been billed with cocktail rates ie more than double
Bill 3 - Finally we get the correct bill which we got after we go to the cashier and make the previous cc payment void

Now coming to the pricing - For this price we would rather go Cubbon Pavillion or any Taj restaurants where we would get better ambience, food and service.

To the management - If you cannot provide adequate food or service on saturday lunch time due to friday late night crowd, then why keep it open for lunch.
Why not open your place on saturday at 7 pm ?
Do u think its correct to spoil the saturday of some people like us who trust the burrp website and come all the way from other part of town.
What say ?



a place to go

went to Opus on the 14th Feb,2011.......and guess wat......ofcourse it made my first V day celebrations after marriage a memorable one........a lovely place to go and relax amidst a hectic lifestyle with family, friends or ur get rejuvenated.


shweta27 - Burrp User


6 Reviews

January 11,2011


la la la la

definitely worth visiting on friday evening..and especially for all the people who have their offices in whitefield this is the place to go..
and also be prepared with some songs if you are goin thr on friday as friday are the karaoke nites..and even if you are not prepared you dont need to worry..get high n happy then i m sure u r not gonna bother abt wat u r singing.. :)
also if u reach thr before 8 pm the happy hour is on and that means you get one drink free for every drink you order and the waiter was so sweet enuf to remind us abt tht..(tht too twice)
yeah and the fiery french fries are good..definitely worth trying..

so happy tht thr is a nice place to hangout in whitefield now.


sanjeev n  - Burrp User

sanjeev n

19 Reviews

November 18,2010


retro night ???

went there coz they advertised saturdays as retro nights and all i heard was club music???? walked out in 30 min. The staff recommended fridays to be the day to actually visit them


ashanker - Burrp User


13 Reviews

November 14,2010


Good atmosphere & drinks but snacks just OK

We had visited Opus in the Creek seeing the review on Saturday night. The place had a good atmosphere, well done surroundings and pretty decent music. We had reached prior to 8 pm so we did enjoy the happy hour too. We had planned to stay for drinks and dinner but the snacks were quite a let down - all batter fried or good ole bajjis ..we ordered 3 snacks - baby corn, mushroom and sweet chilly chicken something...all deep batter fried and devoid of salt...we asked for tandoor or grill items but they did not have any. The cocktails were well made - margharitas / long island tea etc and we moved to Toscanos for dinner as we did not want to risk dinner here after the snacks!!!!

Overall rating
Ambience 8/10
Value 7/10
Atmosphere 7/10
Snacks 3/10



Awesome place

Opus in the creek is an awesome place to be at. Opus has this atmosphere which is very comforting. One can take his family, friends or even go alone. Thats the beauty of this place.

The staff is very warm and welcoming...Food is to die for! The cherry on top is the entertainment Opus provides. Nothing beats that.

Kudos to the team.


Place to Drink

I went to Opus In the Creek last week for the first time . I felt the place is descent enough to drink & definately not the place to eat as you will get dissapointed with the food part.

Although the place is slightly on an expensive side but is still worth to go once in a while.
One thing that was missing also was the brands of liquor available was very few , they should have some more brands for the customer to make some choices.

I got some descent service from the staff so no complaints there at all


Good times are here to stay!

Been to the Opus 'in the creek' as they say..found the message on the wall outside too crass. I say that, cause this Opus is in a class of its own, and dosen't need Goa to endorse it. The place is aesthetically lit with large aromatic candles accentuated at strategic locations. There are Chinese lamps around a tree right in the middle of the restaurant, and a HUGE Buddha statue as well.
Music - Call it fortunate or unfortunate, every time I go to an Opus, there is a Karaoke session happening, lol. Not that I mind that. Fortunately Bangalore has a classy, knowledgeable crowd that can sing anything from funny Richard Carrigan songs to the 'bhoole bisre' country songs we stopped collecting since the days of the cassette player :)

Booze: Pretty well-stocked bar, and almost everything that will smoothen your palette (just dont go about asking for snake venom and sh*t like that, haha!)

Food: The ONLY place in the world where I've eaten 'Fiery French Fries'. Boy, are they fiery?! A must-try item on the menu, at any Opus location for that matter.. The food is unique, the variety is awesome (you get everything from Mediterranean, Thai, Chinese and Goan starters here)

Service: Excellent.

Meal Prices: Check the pic of the unique candle-illuminated menu card that I'm uploading, and decide for yourself :)

A must-visit for nayone in Bangalore for a classy, laid-back, fun and eventful evening.
It dosent matter if you're on a date, or with a whole jing-bang of people, all I'd say is...the more the merrier :)




wow at opus creek

Opus in the creek is my fav place to hang out at whitefiedl. For those who havent been there you have def missed something. tHE PLACE HAS A quite calm to its ambience, but it is not to be mistaken for a calm is the calm before the 'storm' the storm i mean their food & cocktails, their extremely courteous staff & service & wonderful music. Friday nights are the kroak nites & are not to be missed. The 'Goan feel that it gives one makes me come back for more. A lot of corporates have discovered this place & i see this place rocking of luck & will get more & more people to party & entertain here :)



Opus in the Creek

Easily one of the best places in Bangalore. I ve been to Opus near palace ground and expected something similar when i went to Opus in the Creek too, but that place surprised me, It was massive and quiet frankly the place is camouflaged by the small enterance, No parking worries, the ATM's are close and the staff is quiet helpful (booked a cab for me on request)
I was there for an Eristoff launch with BLOT and the place was WOW. It was Insane. Even the recent Holi party with rain dance was fun. I would give the food a 8/10 and 10/10 for ambiance and 8/10 for service.


Rakshita - Burrp User


30 Reviews

January 06,2009


Crazy, cool, chilled out, cheerful...

Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays... Opus is the place to be!

Thursday is booze and brains night... Each table becomes a quizzing team. The quiz master asks the question and follows it up with a track. You have till the end of the song to get it right and pass on the answers on a scrap of paper. The points keep mounting with each round, at the end of which, the table with the maximum points gets to leave Opus without paying a penny! The most fun you'll have on a Thursday night even if you aren't a quizzer.

Wednesdays and Sundays are kroak (Karaoke) nights at Opus and you can't but help enjoy yourself here. Come Sunday and where to go is simply a no-brainer! Opus of course. That's where the whole world is! And you don't just go there cause it's a cool thing to do/place to be spotted at. You go there cause it's insanely fun. The energy is sooo high it carries you with it.

Crazy drunk people crooning away on the mic. And it doesn't matter if you're the best or the worst singer on this planet, the crowd will eat off your palm anyway...

Agreed it sometimes feels like you're at a private party, but then, keep going back and pretty soon you'll find yourself on the other side of the fence. It's definitely a place to go to with a big gang.

Besides the crowd adding to the ambiance of the place, Opus has a super chilled out "beach shacky", candle light setting. It's outdoors, which is great. You have normal tables on one side. The rest of the place has really low tables and seating with a gravel floor (you're practically curled up on the floor) .

All in all, an absolute must visit. Go there once and you'll get hooked for sure!


goAcross the wall?

not really sure if it really goa, but i absolutely loved the atmosphere. Reminded me of one those places where Carrie and her friends (Sex and the City) would hang out... Ideal for those who wanna catch up on all the good times!!!!



Food is good, service is passable, ambience is nice. And it's one of the few places in town where one can get Goan sausage. But the place does give out an odd vibe. I could never place it, but after reading blr.bytes' review, may be it's the private party feel. Guess there are too many regulars there and I'm not one of them? Waiters are not friendly enough? Don't know. Anyway, I try and be in Opus every Thursday for Booze 'n' Brains. The way they are set up (A/V rounds, permanent score board, T-shirts, the obvious camaraderie BnB organizers and Opus owners share etc.), I doubt BnB will move out of there any time soon. So, though not by choice, I will continue being an Opus patron.


fun place, barring the insults

A few insults apart, it was a nice way to spend the evening - drinks, friends, a low pressure quiz.

Me (politely enough): Excuse me, I think we were charged for 4 beers when we actually only had 3

Waiter (Firmly): No sir, you had 4 beers.

Me (taken aback): I am sure we had only 3 beers. We each had one each, and then we shared one.

Waiter (more sternly): No sir. You had 4.

Me (speechless): ...

Proprietor (noticing the tension, stepping in to prevent a scene): It's okay, charge them for 3.

On the way out, I also heard the waiter telling an adjacent table "clear up" or "clear off" or some such... to inform them that it was closing time.

So mild insults apart, it was a pleasant evening.




I like the place. And the ambiance. The food's not bad and the drinks are expensive, as is the food.

But sometimes you feel like you've crashed a private party. Quiz nights are fun, even if the quiz master gets the answers wrong at times.


quayler - Burrp User


31 Reviews

December 24,2006


Place: Nice, Food: Sucks.

Nice decor and ambiance. They also have a dance studio attached. The food is pretty bad and expensive - and so is the beer - one has a choice between RC and Castle - almost like the proverbial Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.

But its still a fun place - they have a Quiz night on Thursdays which is fun. And there is always something going on. Besides its the only place in the North-West of Bengaluru of this nature.