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> > > > Opus (Palace Cross)

Opus (Palace Cross)

Palace OrchardsNorth Bangalore  


23 Reviews / 28 Ratings

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Fat Sunday Brunch Apr 01 - May 31

  • They go all out on to give you the best kind of food coma every Sunday! Live Dosa, Pasta and Omelette counters, special Goan fare and a free-flow of yummy Cocktails! Have a lazy Sunday with them this weekend!

    Day: Every Sunday

    Time: 12.30pm - 4pm

Clown With A Frown Live May 30

  • Clown WiTh a Frown is a Pop/Funk Rock outfit from Bangalore (India) formed in September 2011. Set out to redefine dance music, by revolutionizing sounds from the 70's disco era, Clown With A Frown draws influences from a wide array of artistes like Chic, Jamiroquai, Earth Wind & Fire, Kool & the Gang, Steely Dan, Tower of Power and many others. The band's sound is predominantly a mix of jazz, funk, fusion, R&B, soul, reggae and disco styles blended into a modern pop rock structure. They are known for their groovy bass lines, simple upbeat rhythms backed by powerful horns and soulful vocals, all combined into a power packed, high energy act.

    Catch their electric energy LIVE at OPUS brought to you by Kingfisher!
    Time: 9pm onwards
    Charges: Entry - Rs. 220 + Cover - Rs. 300

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Opus (Palace Cross) Reviews







The Best Place to Karaoke

Opus is one of my favorite party destinations, having been there a million times, I can proudly call it my home. The ambiance is very Goan themed. Though you could visit opus anytime the best day to drop by is Sunday. You can start off by attending the Sunday Brunch followed by their ever so famous Karaoke Night. This night is flocked by many followers who attend opus every Sunday religiously. You get the best of music and Karaoke singers here. To top it all their food is truly lip smacking. They specialize in Goan and continental food. My favorites being, the bacon wrapped prawns, Goan Fish/Prawn curry-rice combo, pork chops with cranberry sauce, pork vindaloo and chilli pork sausage. If you are a hardcore non veg fan this place is for you. All in all if you have not visited Opus you must be living in another world. So head out with your friends and loved ones to this hardcore Karaoke destination.







Not Recommended for the Food. Maybe for Booze and Music Only !!!

Rave reviews and enough hearsay brought us to Opus on a weekday. But our great expectations were not met and we left the place after a disappointing night.

A converted bungalow doubles up as one of the hippest places in Bangalore. And It must be true to an extent considering the variety of "nights" such as Ladies , Karaoke etc. It's known for its music and ambience. Staff is friendly, service is efficient enough. But we do not concur with this view since food definitely does not seem to be a priority here. The Goan Fish/Prawn curry-rice combo we had was so disappointing, especially considering Opus's Goan lineage !!! A few other items that we tried were also nothing to rave about. And the limited menu is of no help either.

It maybe a personal thing but most people who come here seem to rate it high only for the booze and music. Raving about the music is understandable, but booze (except for cocktails) is pretty much the same everywhere. And I personally feel that good food heightens any experience and Opus is seriously lacking in this regard.



Saturday Night At The OPUS

We visited the Opus yesterday evening. The surprising thing was that for a Saturday evening the Place seemed practically deserted.

There was supposed to be this DJ but whoever this person was, the music fare being dished out was pathetic. Of the few tables occupied, none of the patrons seemed to be even remotely interested in what was being played. The DJ seemed to be oblivious to the lack of interest he was generating among the crowd or was totally tone deaf to the noise he was generating. This to me seemed the major reason why the place was practically empty.

The food was good and the service excellent. However for that alone I doubt whether I will go back there with my friends.



Great Ambience.... And End's Right There!!!!!

Opus is a case of a brand where the advertising out-performs the product and at the end of the day you are left with a flat soda.

While the Goan feel does come through in the informal ambience, and the rock group was absolutely high voltage, one should remember the soul of an F&B joint is its food and service, and on both fronts, this place needs a lot more attention.

Starters of french fries, pork sausages and stir fried thai veggies took ages to arrive (even at an early hour of 8.30 p.m. with half the tables empty). Given the prices being charged, one would have thought there would be some signature embellishments on these dishes, but alas.... food from KFC is a lot more creative.

We ordered two chicken burgers for the kids..... Arrived fast but tasted like soggy cardboard.

The drninks menu is large, but the presentation is worse than a bar in a run down club.

Probably Opus will survive a few more years, on the music and karaoke theme. But a faux Goan theme, poor service, unimpressive food and sky high prices will pull them down the day someone comes up across the road with the same ambience and music but better food.


Good food & Great vibes

Last Saturday my wife and I along with a few friends landed at Opus. This was my first time at Opus and as I had heard a lot of good things about it from my friends here; my expectation were high.

The entrance looked a bit demure; however as we walked in, I could see the place transform itself progressively. As we entered the main seating area in the open, I saw that the place was packed with people. Their seating arrangement on floor looked great and if you are in group would be great to relax and stretch your leg out on the floor. We sat at the table, which was okay as well.

Service was prompt even though it did look like the staff had to constantly run around. We ordered for drinks and starters which came in reasonably fast. The mutton kebabs and spicy sausages & pav were superb. All of us liked the sausage preparation a lot. The pastas ordered in the main course along with Thai curry & rice too were yummy. I was happy that Opus managed to balance both food & great overall ambience well.

The DJ was playing rock & roll that night and we had couple dancing a table away. All around we had people on tables and on the floor seating chatting & laughing away.

Overall the place lifted my spirits and was bouncing of a happy vibe. I like that part about a place. As it cannot be installed or added by the management. Its what the people bring in and is a collective effort. Kudos to Opus for that. It has that nice lived in feel you get when you walk into a nice old house which has seen many such days/nights of mirth & laughter.


deecee - Burrp User


25 Reviews

October 19,2011


good one

Great ambiance, good music, good food, good crowd.
It gets a little too crowded over the weekend evenings, but if you have got yourself a nice cozy place, then you're good to go!
Like the live music, the pebbled floor, the big comfy cushions and candle-lit tables.
Just ensure that you're heading the opus way on a day when there is some event planned, else it could get a little dull.




I have been to this place a couple of times - and have enjoyed the ambience and the vibe.
However the last 2 visits have been a bit of a let down - only 4-5 tables occupied ( on a weekend) , forgetful waiters, long long wait for food and 1 particularly bad dish.

This was a place full of life and laughs. Hope they don't lose their mojo . Would love to see this place roar back



great place

reading opus reviews and i thought i must compliment opus as i have had a super time each time i visited , from the entertainment to the ambiance , to the courteous staff , good food and well stocked bar the only thing is what they need some dessert on there menu . otherwise the place is one of my favorite Bangalore hangouts .



Sunday Brunch review...Ughhh is understatement

Well this is awkward for me as well. I wrote a fabulous review and gave 2 thumbs up to the place sometime back here. However they spoilt my birthday brunch. The Sunday brunch is not price worthy at all. The starters are covered in oil [there was hardly any option to choose from], the main course was close to being un-palatable. The only thing that kept my friends cheerful was the liquor.[Not that it was for free] The vegetarian options were negligible. I am not returning the place for the Brunch atleast. A very BIG let down.



Excellent music-Lovely place- decent food

If you love good music with your drink, Opus is the place to be.
It is hip, cordial, burp worthy is all sense. Happy Hours make the experience more special ;)
Shall visit again for sure. *cheers*



food and entertainment reincarnated

Visited this old haunt a couple of days ago to celebrate a friend's birthday and was pleasantly surprised by the food which arrived at our tables. They have reincarnated goan food and their old menu and taken it to the next level!
We ordered for the goan sausage wantons, a tandoori platter, grilled peri peri prawns and the crab poppadoms which was served with a tangy dip. The wantons were a combination of deep fried mixed with authentic goan sausage stuffing and was my favorite among the 4 dishes ordered. The tandoori platter also received top marks from everybody seated at the table. Succulent and juicy, the meats were cooked to perfection and made thoroughly enjoyable to feast on! We were taken aback by the creativity involved in combining food flavors to present some really amazing and unique dishes . Looks like the team is spreading their creativity from the stage all the way into the kitchen! They've topped on two most primary things-entertainment and food. We happened to be there on a Sunday night and were kept well occupied with a couple of great singers who have taken stage here long since they brought karaoke into the Bengaluru vicinity. All in all a good experience!



Not so bad... Not so good

Starters were good. Main course which was a Veg rice with Coconut curry was very bad... it was stale and obviously tasted weird! Booze tasted just the same as it does anywhere else! Rates are too high. Ambience is ok. They could do with some more options on the menu card especially for the veggies.


Hyper pretentious and a total rip-off

Led by a gasbag wannabe a-la Frasier, Opus on palace cross road is one of those places that makes you feel plain stupid and hollow for having chosen to spend an evening there.
The pro's : creative minds at work with the smart tags and phrases for events and other such stuff.
Thats where the gravy boat ends for them.
The cons' :
First - Where on earth does Carlton/management get off pricing drinks and food higher than ICE/City bar/Skyy bar? Eg. A Jack Daniels large will set you back higher Rs.800! Even the most local of liquor is not spared - Khodays or Old Monk with a dash of coke? Rs.500. For one drink. That $11 for the lowest priced drink which is unheard of! And furthermore, there are Service charges according to bangalore standards though their definition of service is according to Goa standards - laid back and minimum turnaround time of 20 minutes. Hypocrisy.
You guys have gone with seating customers on floor mattresses, wobbly tables, no aircon, speakers which are meant for political rallies, waiters with a lousy attitude and negligible service standards. Where do you get off pricing it on the lines of a luxury lounge? Plus you help yourself to a compulsory charitable donation. who made you'll the moral police?
A true gesture of your intentions would be if you atleast match rupee for rupee what you enforce on your guests, but that would mean practicing what you'll preach.
Second - The owner sings for you. And if it's not him, one of the other oompa-loompas whom, I was told are there 5 night out of a week, will jump on and you have no choice but to watch and listen to a bespectacled buffoon who fancies himself as a rapper with a centre parting hairstyle.
Now Im usually not this venomous but my mates and I used to go to Opus for a year after they opened when it was welcoming and non-pretentious. It has now spiralled into a pretentious, private party abyss that is, sadly, self-sustaining with its demography of vacuum headed teenyboppers and pseudo-intellectual arty crowd who would'nt know the first thing about real art and the goa way of life anyways.
Go here only if you wish to be seen as one of them, crap money and love to beg people to serve you, kindly.


Prem  - Burrp User


10 Reviews

February 27,2011


Taken for a ride.... Don't fall for it

It's not always I'd write a bad review about a place unless I mean it.
Tax is about 23% on food items over the menu price and NOT mentioned anywhere.

Firstly, the food was just average (which you could get anywhere in Bangalore cheaper with higher quality)

Secondly, we were shocked to see the price on the menu being so misleading from what the bill says.

Thirdly and Most Importantly: The Entry Coupon price is supposed to be deducted form the total amount if the latter exceeds it. But to our disgust, they had swiped the entire amount of the food item prices without deducting. The Management defiant to the core did not agree but finally admitted their blunder.

No more words !!! :-(


lishkebab8 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 10,2010


Wednesday Karaoke

I've been to other places where karaoke takes place but this had to be the mother of them all. To top it off i was told Wednesday Karaoke is not as good as the Sunday one. Eagerly waiting for Sunday now. Mr. Braganza and Mr. Shiva( i was told were the owners) you guys got a great place. While strolling at Opus what caught my attention was the artist wall, Nice concept i must say.
Food = Good
Service = Excellent ( credit goes to Patric efficient service)
Ambiance = Good
Music = Good
Entertainment = KILLER!!! especially since it comes from the guests themselves as it was Karaoke.
Overall a must visit place in Bangalore.


sidpai - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 09,2010


Opus is a well packaged scam

Go here only if you support the Diya foundation. The food is below average at best. I have never heard of compulsory donations to charitable foundations until I came here. With 3 establishments of the same name, Opus owners focus on adding additional charges at the end of your bill in the name of Diya foundation. Upon bringing it up with the establishment, Carlton Briganza (one of the proprietors) spoke about his support for this foundation for which he cheats people into paying the extra cash. If you think about it, the compulsory donations could easily add to about 20-25 lakhs per establishment making it a sizeable number which is non taxable. I'm pretty sure if you take a close look at their income tax filing not much of this money even reaches the foundation. The waiters and the management are both responsible for this shoddy business that they are running in the name of a bar/restaurant.

For a goan restaurant, the food is far from being goan and most of their dishes lack decent taste. Another Karaoke night at Opus.

I'll pass.



Good place to hang out with friends.

Been there with a few of my frnds.The lighting and ambiance were all good. We took one of the seats that was spread on the floor. That was kinda cool.Service was good. Happy hours wud server u with a buy one get one on anything u order, but still i think its a bit over prices. I tried their Opus Caipirovska. Not bad but if my memory serves rite it costs something like 300 bucks. Dinn order food from there, so no comments on that. Anyway we had a good time there.



Karaoke....the way it should be

I dont remember whether it was Kroaking night or not but it was Karaoke night. We had to pay a cover charge of 500 pp but the experience was totally worth it. There was a lot of enthu and passion amongst the people. The food was more sportsbar'ish. The platters were decent considering that food is not the USP of the place. The cocktails were avoidable though. But definitely made for one of the better Bangalore nights. A must visit in my view. Total tab came upto 2800 for 5 ppl so it barely exceeded the cover charge. Order quickly, reach early to get a good table and keep an eye out for the tax components in your bill.



Highly impressed with this place!

Last night my friends were visiting from out of town and wanted to head some place where they could go and have a laid back, easy night. I decided to take them to Opus where it turns out being a Wednesday, it was a Karaoke night and a Karaoke competition in session quite creatively called KroaKing. We found out later that the owners are music enthusiasts and use the KroaKing platform to give budding talent a chance to have their voices heard.

We did not have a reservation but the staff courteously took us to a to a low lying table in the middle of the amphitheatre where we were seated comfortably. Opus mainly known for its Goan cuisine also had a variety of other food to choose from as well. So along with the usual goan starters like the pork sausages and crab specials we also ordered veg momos and the chicken satay. The food was good and what I have to say about the service was that the staff was extremely courteous and pandered to our every request despite the place being so crowded.
We had reached Opus at 915 and were well settled into our tables by the time Kroaking kicked off at 10 pm hosted by Sheridan. Many singers came up to the stage and tried their turns at the mike singing the old favourites such as Hotel California and Billie Jean and even your new age bubble gum wrapped Backstreet boys and Black eyed Peas. Some really showed off with their talent and some just stepped up and had fun on stage with the mike singing their lungs out for this seemingly coveted KroaKing crown.

Over all my friends had a really good time there and I would describe the place as simplistic yet warm and the staff and establishment very friendly and courteous. Definitely a place I would go back to again and again.


Overpriced by any standards

I went there on my birthday so the overall feeling when we stepped out of the place was nice! But not everybody goes there for a Birthday.

Lets start with the very basic factor, the price - 650 (plus taxes) pax for lunch buffet. Not to forget beer and mojito are included in the package...unlimited! Makes one feel instantly that 650 is worth it. But then if we do some math, how many 650 ml beers can you have (kingfisher blue was the only option, and that is about 8% v/v) - I had two (an average max a person can have). Cost for those 2 would be approx Rs. 300.

So the remaining 350 was on food that I am afraid to say, was not at all good! There was no variety in the menu. Even the desserts that is always one of the most elaborate spreads in a buffet, were serously neglected . The only thing in the desserts were different flavored yoghurts!
Starters is one thing that they should have seriously given a thought to as they were serving drinks. Non-veg starter had just one chicken and one fish preparation which was ok in taste but the veg one having paneer tikaa and aloo, not worthy of a line.....
Main course - In a buffet with drinks and starters, not many dig into the main course with full might. But whatever little you have, it has to taste decent. Here they have tried to add a little variety by adding a live dosa, pasta and chinese counter but where was the taste?

Yes, the place was nicely done, there was a nice live band performing blues, and maybe these factors add up to a latent part of the buffet pricing!

If you want to go for a good buffet, this is certainly not the place.

For enjoying the drinks with music, it might be a nicer change from pubs, though make sure you go ala catre in that case.




travelled all the way to the north to check out kroak night as it was recommended by a friend. Besides the food coming to us cold and stale the night seemed to have a bunch of guys and gals who semed to sing to themselves as would a closed group, hardly the spontaneous fun thing that you would associate with such evenings. Anyway, its tough to get entertained these days especially if one has come in from chennai so it was a welcome change, only a bit expensive. id find it tough to get myself to go there again



This has nothing to do with OPUS...

.....and therefore the three stars, which is what this place averaged before this review.

My grouse is entirely on a different issue. Service Charges. In this weekend edition of Mint, there was an article on how the Japanese have the best service industry where TIP is not encouraged. That set me thinking.

Earlier, when we used to go to restaurant, the waiting staff actually SERVED us. Because they knew that only a polite and satisfactory service would earn them the tip. But now with the greedy restaurant owners introducing service charges, the service element is completely lost because these jokers know that they will anyway get some money out of us.

What is the very purpose of existence of a restaurant? To serve food. Right? Now what is the reason for charging us for the very reason they are existence? I have no complaints if a restaurant is charging a hefty price on any of the dishes they serve. Their place, their prerogative to price what they feel like. But service charges as a percentage of bill? Come on, this is robbery of the worse kind.

Any thoughts on this from fellow burrpers?


swathib - Burrp User


3 Reviews

December 01,2009


Average Joe

Opus welcomes you with a lot of pebbles, leaving you confused if you're in Opus or Pebbles, another lounge in the same area.

Opus has awesome activities everynight. Scrabble tuesdays, for instance. What's more awesome is that they have India's First Internet Radio.

As soon as you walk in, you have low seaters facing the kitchen, which is well maintained and you get a good vibe about the place.

The small walkway will lead you to a bigger hall, which is well lit and spacious.
I will give 8 on 10 for ambience and aesthetics. It has a lot of pebbles on the walkway, which might make you trip and fall when you're tipsy.
Service can be better, it didn't appeal me that much. I will give service a 7 on 10.

Their menu card is just a paper, which could be used to make a rocket whilst waiting for food to be served. Recession has hit them & how!
We settled for beer. But alas, no pitchers. Now this wasn't expected.

The food choices are also very limited, owing to their Goan menu. We were there for a quick lunch. So we tried Prawns in Garlic and butter sauce, which was really good. The garlic sauce, which was thick and had lot of pepper in it was well cooked and tasted yummy. By now, he started playing sloppy music, as there was some party being hosted. Parties are a regular here.
But the hall isn't fairly big, if you're thinking of hosting a party here.

Then we had Vindaloo curry with boiled rice. It was good- lots of spices with a tinge of sweetness. Could have been better. I could feel the repercussions of it later in the evening, during potty time.

Their dessert list is really a major letdown. If you've had something like Vindaloo or jalfrezi, you're looking for something sweet and what do they have? Only one item called "Bebinka dessert with ice cream" The waiter told they had something (mousse or something like that) which was not listed in the menu. You might want to check it with them. Bebinka dessert was coconut cookies made into a cake served with a sloppy ball of Vanilla icecream.
The cutlery used could have been better.

Final verdict- it just doesn't do justice to the overpriced dishes on the menu.