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Home/bangalore/Opus (Palace Cross)

Opus (Palace Cross)

Palace OrchardsNorth Bangalore  


22 Reviews / 24 Ratings

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Hamlet the Clown Prince Aug 01

  • Sure they've seen Hamlet being performed time and again in different styles and formats but now it's time to experience the wonderful world of Hamlet through Clowns! Directed by the one and only Rajat Kapoor and starring the inimitable Vinay Pathak, 'Hamlet, The Clown Prince' is one of these productions you'll ever see. A clown troupe that has its own internal politics, personal chemistries, relationships, hierarchies and dilemmas, tries to put up a show of Hamlet. Through this enactment, many a similar and parallel universes are revealed, addressed and played with. The situations that arise are comic at surface but extremely potent in their depth. Come and get mesmerised as Clowns capture the historic character of Hamlet in English and gibberish... on the Opus stage as theatre takes their stage once more.

    Entry: Rs. 400 per head

    Phone: 9008303330

Sunlit Friendship Bash Aug 02

  • Opus Palace Cross presents to you Sunlit Friendship Bash featuring DJ Hemanth & Group spining some great mixes from his console. Girls walk in Free & Free Photoshoot.

    Phone: 9845328623

Sunset Aug 03

  • Opus Palace Cross presents to you Sunset featuring DJ Martin. DJ Martin is setting the mood for the usual Sunday madness!

    Phone: 9844030198

Fat Sunday Brunch Aug 03

  • They go all out on to give you the best kind of food coma every Sunday! Live Dosa, Pasta and Omelette counters, special Goan fare and a free-flow of yummy Cocktails! Have a lazy Sunday with them this weekend!

    Phone: 9844030198

Kroaknight with Carlton Aug 03

  • Opus is known for its exceptional Kroaknights a night dedicated to 'singers with talent but no place to show off'. Sing along with Carlton Braganza every Sunday night at Opus (Palace Cross Road). Come over, pick a song from their database of over 25000 tunes and sing to your heart's content. The world is your bathroom!

    Phone: 9844030198

Opus (Palace Cross) Reviews