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> > > > Over The Top-Terrace Lounge

Over The Top-Terrace Lounge

KoramangalaSouth Bangalore  


13 Reviews / 18 Ratings

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Happy Hours Aug 01 - Aug 31

  • Over The Top -Terrace Lounge brings to you Happy Hours. Enjoy buy 2 get 1 on Pitcher. Buy 2 get 1 on selected hard liquour. Buy 1 get 1 on selected hard liquour.

    Time: 11.30am - 7pm

Sunday Brunch Aug 01 - Aug 31

  • Over The Top -Terrace Lounge presents to you Sunday Brunch. Be there with your family and friends to enjoy your Sunday afternoon with some great food to taste from. On buffet there will be multicuisine and varities of dishes.

    Day: Every Sunday

    Time: 12 noon - 4pm

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Over The Top-Terrace Lounge Reviews







A total friends hangout adds

One of the many pubs in Koramangala this place become better and better as the sun sets.. situated just on the main road this place is not very hard to find! Chilled beer and food, with some good music and crowd makes it giving one shot.. All in all, a good place to hang out with friends.


Shilpam Jain - Burrp User

Shilpam Jain

6 Reviews

September 04,2013


Great Ambience, Superb Sevice and Food!

Went to Over the Top restaurant on my birthday on 13th Aug 2013 with a bunch of my friends. We were really unsure of this place but we chose this as many of us were having a variety of tastes like some wanted Indian, Mexican, Thai etc. So we wanted to go to a reasonable and multi-cuisine restaurant.

They had valet parking and we chose to sit in the restaurant avoiding any kind of noise of the pub. One bad thing, they had the scary metal staircase to reach the top (2nd floor) but once you are there, you will love it. As usual in Bangalore, it was drizzling and we loved the open terrace concept (ideal for a smoker group). But we all wanted a cosy place inside so we chose the interior set of seats. The place is great with all the caricatures of celebrities. The staff was friendly and helped us in choosing the menu.

We ordered for starters
Funky Toffy (Rs 180/-) - okay kinda,very sweet.
Enigma Enchanted (Rs 180/-) - lot of Mango flavor coming up - okay
Tandoori Stuffed Mushroom (Rs 170/-) - Amazing button Mushrooms, loved their sauces,
Singapore Styled Satay - Paneer (Rs 150/-) - Really great for veggies, and
Veggie Garlic and Wasabi (Rs 160/-) - We actually googled to find what is Wasabi finding that it is some kind of cabbage :D

For main course we ordered
Quattro Formaggio Veggie Penne Pasta (Rs 210/-) - One of the best pastas I've had in recent times, really aweosme.
Thai Green Curry with Rice (Rs 180/-) - The server helped us in choosing the curry as we wanted medium spicy and it was great.
Paneer Do Pyaza with Lucchi (Rs 250/-) - My brother and hubby became a fan of the paneer they had, as it was soft as we get in actual north dishes and not the rubber kind we usually get around Banaglore, and
Daal Makhani with Khameeri Roti (Rs 250/-) - Khameeri roti was awesome and we had to order more to finish off the remaining paneer and daal :)

During the whole while the servers were keeping a note if we needed something or a repeat of the previous. Really liked that personal attention but yes it wasn't so interfering. In the end when I asked for group bookings they also said they would provide some offers for business group meetings.

I hope to make a repeat visit to this place, at least my hubby and bro will go for the khameeri roti and paneer and me for the pasta :)


twiferme - Burrp User


29 Reviews

February 26,2013



Its one of the beautiful places if your are looking for a roof top restaurant in Komanagala , and its worth for money . The quantity served is huge for money you pay . There s also live music 1 day every week , if you are one who likes live music call restaurant in advance and check which day of the week would that be.

Its calm place and not much crowded and ambiance is also good .

Cons : Food you order will be delayed a lot so if you know in advance order the items before only , else no waiter comes to your table and you need to keep checking constantly


Soya  - Burrp User


3 Reviews

February 20,2013


Wish everyday was a Friday,

Had been to this place on Friday evening with someone special
Had big pitcher full of cosmopolitan drink
Ordered as many as starters as possible and the taste was simply superb and quantity served was quite a lot.
Food rating = Good
Ambiance = Average
Wait staff did take some time to server food but didn't realize the time taken to serve the food as was busy enjoying quality time with friend of mine and sipping on my cosmo drink.
Place was nice and romantic but later it got crowded
So moved out dint try out desserts there yet! May be next time.


sharekhan - Burrp User


22 Reviews

February 03,2013


Lovely ambience and decent value

The place is located on the terrace of a 2 storeyed building and itself has 2 levels plus an enclosed seating space. The decor is nice and they play a good mix of pop and rock music. The service is decent and the prices not too expensive. Worth considering for a value for money lounge bar experience.


sany2999 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 31,2012



Finger food menu is decent to stick to. The music that they is soothing and gives you a party feel!!!



Good if you have low expectations

I am saying this because the they have the most clueless servers I have ever seen. They dont write down the order and hope to remember it. This leads to wrong orders and cold food. Finger food menu is decent to stick to. However pastas were very disappointing. Beer and sports seem to be the only highlight.


Great Place - Good Food - Awesome Music

One of those places where you can trully "chill out". Great food, cheap alcohol and superb ambience is what i like about Over The Top Lounge. The music that they is soothing and gives you a party feel. What can be better than a glass of Old Monk and some chicken Drums of Heaven?


akhil10s  - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 03,2012



Bad service, untrained waiters and cannot be called a lounge bar by any standards


Nice rooftop ambience but food not great

I like the new rooftop terrace lounge Over the Top in Koramangala but food is not so great there. I took the set meal here which had rotis, curry, some rice and a dessert. It was not very tasty and I didn't feel it was anything special. Loved the way hindi and english film posters are displayed all across the walls there. The pool table is a great place to play a game of snooker or two too!



Big, spacious, gigantic and different

Nice place. One thing I liked about this place is that it's very different from any other place in Bangalore - it 's huge, gigantic, nice outdoor, green-woody terrace ambiance with good food and beverages menu that is not overpriced and is quite reasonable.

A nice place to go, and there is Enigma below that's good too..



Had a nice time.

We had our Fresher's party at this place. Initially we were in a room with a DJ but they had some problem setting up the music so we were moved outside. We had Beer and Mocktails; the beer though was not great. I don't know if this was partly because of some sort of dilution on their part. The Food was a buffet and the starters were excellent.
The open area allows you to relax and is good when you are partying. I don't like being cooped up indoors. So this was good. The evening went along quite well, the staff was quite co-operative. Couple of times we did run out of clean glasses. Oh and they also have this hidden Men's room.
You could consider this place if you are planning a party :)



Great Ambience, Nice food

I have been to most restaurants on Indiranagar 100ft Road/Koramangala area.

I felt that in terms of pure ambience there is no place that comes close to this one. The Terrace has lovely decor and is absolutely quiet even in the place where is it is open to the sky.

The food is good too. Great hang out place. Good for groups too: there are many rooms at various levels on the terrace. I would love to spend more evenings there.