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Papa John's

JayanagarSouth Bangalore    & IN 5 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 42107272, 180030107272
  • Ground Floor, No.672, 11th Main, 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore
  • Snacks
  • Meal for 2 - 600

10 Reviews / 10 Ratings

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Papa John's Reviews






Pathetic Delivery Service

It took them 95 minutes to deliver, and all they could say was that there was a bit of traffic! Really! The pizza was all soggy and after a mindless banter with the store manager who vehemently denied any discounts, I decided to pay the guy just so that he is out of my door....uh wait...ya they did give me 10% discount because their pizza was unpalatable and the pizza delivery guy was refusing to take it back. Pathetic service and what was more irritating was to listen to the store manager for 15 min and realize that it was my fault that I ever thought of ordering pizza from this place! Thanks for making my weekend superb ... Hopefully we will never cross roads again!



Good Papa

Came here Saturday evening. Was told that Ranch and Barbeque pizzas were not available, so ordered Super Papa's small pizza. It was amazing, nice soft base with good amount of toppings.

Nice ambiance with soft music playing in the background, place was cool (AC working at full force). Service is okay. Price Rs.495 (including taxes). Will come here again...............


Deepti K N - Burrp User

Deepti K N

11 Reviews

February 14,2012


Best pizzas! period.

Fantastic Pizzas, filled with topings, in true sense, value for money. This place is a huge hit with everyone at college and my friend circle.



Please stock up!

We conviniently live close to Papa John's and Dominos - but Papa John's pizza is far superior in taste when compared to dominos - so i'ts usually my 1st option for pizzas even though it's more expensive. Their thin crust is really good, and their flavours are refreshing.
But - Papa Johns is not prompt and they sometimes get your order wrong. It's a tad disappointing to always find that their chicken wings is out of stock or that when they deliver they don't have chili flakes as again it's out of stock. (Kind of basic for a Pizza place I think)
But I have to say that they really tried to make it up to us the day of the IPL finals when we again ordered from them -our order came all wrong - we sent it back and the manager Ms. Shalini made our day by giving our order to us free the next day.


Great Bread sticks than Pizza

Great Bread sticks in dripping Pepper Garlic Sauce.The Barbeque Chicken Pizza was less of chicken and more of cheese.Quite good for the Bread sticks only



They dont have stock !!

I'll make this review short.

They dont have stock of ingredients so they cannot make the pizza you order :).

Bye bye.



Just Pizza!!!!

I wanted to visit this place for a long time. Finally took my best friend and fellow foodie to this place. The place is in a good location opposite Jayanagar post office. Parking is a bit tricky for anything that has more than 2 wheels. Finally got into the place on a Sunday at around 3:30PM.

Ambience: It was a nice place. I loved the two italian oven style food delivery counters through which you can get a glimpse of the kitchen. I Love peeking into the kitchen. The dining area was well lit and A/C was working ;).

Food: I feel for a Pizza place, they have a very poor menu. Its very limited starter menu. Unfortunately they had ran out of Potatoes for some reason. I love eating potato and potato based dishes. For heaven's sake, Potato is the largest grown food in the entire world. And they didn't have stock of potato. Anyway we ended up eating one Chicken breast and Cheese sticks. Chicken breast was nice and Cheese sticks were passable.

The pizza variety do not suffer from the starter troubles. They have a wide variety of pizzas and two types of crusts. I dont like thin crust much since it lets the toppings hang on its own. I am not saying its a bad thing, but crust is very very important for me.

But as there was a lack of potatoes, I couldn't order what I wanted. So ended up order Barbeque veggie pizza with regular crust. It was Ok, not very memorable.

In the end I feel that the place is not worth its price. They have to bring up the choice in their menu.


zabin7 - Burrp User


41 Reviews

August 24,2010


Hands Down

Went only once, didn't liked the pizza much. Just for the sake we have gone there we had it. Though atmosphere is good, and yes its a bit congested too. Will never go there


Foodiethon - Burrp User


3 Reviews

February 01,2010


A Fan is no more a fan!

Hi, I was a pretty regular customer to this place. Had been a loyal to Pizza Hut but after this place didn't ever go there. last weekend I took a friend and naturally by then I had hyped up this place. But had a very very bad experience. The main guy at the entrance counter was very rude to us twice. (Once he picked up my handbag-which I had kept it down in the aisle next to my seat, and just plonked it next to me! I mean he could have requested me to do it! We sat in the 6 seater as we had an infant and needed space thoughwe were three, he made us move when teh waiter came to take our order..which is ok but then at the new seats we had to frantically start waving for the waiter to come and take our orders after waiting for 15 mts! Crazzy! Still a fan of Papa John's but will NEVER visit this branch again!


Gluttony revisited

The one and only thing i like in the place and also one that they do really well and is simply soaking in butter and oregano heaven is their bread sticks. A must try if one ever visits and too good for words, i am dumbstruck the moment i see the waiter bringing my order. The pizzas are average, but they have the option of thin crust too, a tad over priced but hey, anything for the bread sticks.
can't wait to go back..yummy!!