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> > > > Paparazzi, Royal Orchid Central

Paparazzi, Royal Orchid Central

Dickenson RoadCentral Bangalore  


16 Reviews / 16 Ratings

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DJ Anoop Absolute Aug 01

  • DJ Anoop Absolute behind the console spinning the best of music this Saturday at Paparazzi, Royal Orchid Central
    Time: 7pm onwards

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Paparazzi, Royal Orchid Central Reviews

Adorable & Superb!!!

Weekday lunch is pretty neatly priced & thumps up for the spread:) especially a 3 course meal. Take your friends & family :) & you'll like it for sure.!!!



Really Good :)

Went there last week and really enjoyed the food! What was better was that i got 25% off the bill by booking my table through a company called Poshvine



I went there with my family to celebrate my birthday. though, Hubby was not realy keen on visiting the place , i insisted. For Vegetarian, there is hardly any good choice of food. Tapas was okay, main course chicken were all average, nothing spectacular. View was good from 10th floor, but I won;t say that I was floored. There was some corporate party going on. Waiters were attentive and helpful. Also offered complimentary cake for birthday and also offered some pastries and sweet dish to taste. Menu is very limited, they can include some more items on that.


Good ambiance - so so food

Visited this place long back in year 2008...that time found its food to be so so but ambiance was very good.



Perfect setting, lovely food

I was here for my birthday dinner. The restaurant looks over the city from the 10th floor. Perfect air conditioning, perfect menu, perfect portion and in fact value for money. Loved the place and shall visit again soon. Thank you for the fantastic dinner. Highly recommended.



Picture perfect if you are into wines and need a nice lil private place to fine dine..!! throw in the city skyline and some yummy food and you leave happy..!

Non-veg platter is a nice try and so is the chicken on Skewers...!! If you are okay with tasting good food and wine without really thinkin about the costs that come with and reserve the corner table for 2 then !


Paapa- razzi

I have the habit of ordering more than 2/3 starters and a couple of main-courses if I am trying a restaurant for the first time, just to be safe. Paparazzi was the only place where it did not work for me. ALL the starters I ordered (4, if I recall right) were pathetic and so was the crooning karaoke they organized. They invited all the guests to sing, honestly! Bad idea! The professional Karaoke singer- much worse. Service is not bad and the ambience, the view is beautiful. Overall- not a great experience.




We all decided to go to paparazzi for a farewell dinner ..That turned out to be the biggest mistake made by us...We had reserved a table in the morning ....they informed us there is a party happening so will you be ok with all the noise and music....unfortunately we said yes...and went ahead with the reservation....once we arrived we were shown our table...and then the mess began...after placing our drinks and starter orders..the manager comes to us and says we can not be served here ...instead we have to move down to pinxx...we asked him why ? The reason he gives us baffles us ...the US embassy party filled with goras were not comfortable having us there !!!! and we were like what ?????? He kept on insisting that we cant be served here...we constantly kept on asking him then why did you give us a table over here ....for which he had no answer...the only thing he kept on insisting was the ppl in the party want us to leave...The way the entire episode was handled showed poor management skills and slave mentality .....I have never ever heard anyone asking us to leave because such stupid reason.....the entire royal orchid management should be ashamed of what they did...never seen such white dominance slave mentality ...never felt like a second grade citizen in my own country....Royal orchid tried to offer us complimentary food at pinxx..i mean yeah after you demean us why not offer us free food...



Almost perfect except for the maincourse

It's a perfect place for that romantic candle night dinner when your not too fussy about the quantity of your food !!! The ambeince and decor was neat and one gets an amazing view of the city!!!The staff was courteous and served us on time. The only thing that kept me thinking was..the main course are limited and they are all priced from 500 and the quantity of each dish is way too less !!!Must mention that the dishes weren't delicious enough to rave about But no regrets, I'd definetely visit Paparazzi again and know what to order and what not to !


dhruv_p - Burrp User


4 Reviews

December 28,2010


Nothing more than an after-hours resto . .

Went there after a very late night. Terrible biriyani; absolutely lacked flavour. The pasta was alright. They should resort to working on their recipes than banking on the state of their after-hour clients . .




Amazing ambiance and with fantastic food. Food variety is also amazing. When we entered we received complimentary chef's special which was also really good. Very romantic place with awesome view of the city. A must visit for all who love fine dining


A good place for your birthday parties

As the title suggests, this is a very good place to consider when planning your kid's birthday party, etc. The place can hold 70 odd people comfortably. Cant say much about the cost of arranging a party there, as i was not the one hosting it.

The food is pretty good, the ambience excellent, and the service non-intrusive. You get a very nice view of the Ulsoor lake from there, and the amount of greenery visible all around is a good indication of how green Bangalore used to be!

Would go back sometime during the evening; am sure the place really rocks in the evenings. The elevated DJ console looked promising :)



peaceful, good ambience, above average food

was skeptic as i didnt see anyone raving about the food. still picked it because of the location to celebrate our anniversary. it was proven later that it was a fair decision. ambience and location i would rate it equal to fawaa in UB city which i keep as benchmark. Food , though not a disappointment, i felt it can be better.. ordered an asian prawn and mocktail to start with and later added a chicken starter. mani course again was 2 chicken dishes and a pasta. Again i am not comparing this with the so called good restaurants, i am comparing with some of the best in town like Via Milano and Fawaa. I think (may be wrong), quality can be attributed to the ingredients that went into the dishes, which i felt need to match with restaurants like Via Milano.. The dessert with almond was one of the best

I would still go back here for the ambience.


Lovely Ambience but Sloooww Service

Party time with friends and would be spouse of one of the friends was the order of the day. On the Saturday night, we reached there by 9:30PM and were surprised to see the restaurant not being crowded. Only a few tables were occupied.
We sat next to the glass wall and the view of Dickenson Road, the bustling traffic from the 10th floor was really amazing and we all loved to be seated there. As you enter, you need to take the stairs down to the dining hall and the dining hall is dim lit and the shade of turquoise green color. The false roofing had the same color too. The table cloth and the serviette was a combination of white and turquoise green and looked so fresh as if it was used for the 1st time by us.
The water was served and the drink menu was handed over to us quickly. My friends ordered for the Jack Daniel?s whiskey, Bailey?s, Bacardi White Rum and I chose Litchi Martini. This was served to us in 15 minutes and a few minutes later the starter menu was handed over to us. Litchi martini could have been less sweeter.

After a thorough check and like my friends tease me, I don?t leave a full stop while reading the menu card, I opted for Celebrity Shrooms, which was made of mushrooms stuffed with vegetables, coated with batter and fried, tasted sweet and sour and just perfect, the way I like it and this was immediately a hit amongst all of us. My friends opted for a Chilly Chicken and a Oven Based chicken stuff and they were drooling over it though they voted more for the mushroom thingy that I?d opted for.

After being satisfied with this, our stomachs craving for more, we ordered for the main course. My order consisted of Grilled cottage cheese with American sweet corn. Believe me only after this arrived on my table I realized what I?d ordered. This was 3 huge thick slices of cheese and every bite of it made me think I?ll have to diet for the whole of next month to compensate what I was eating. With the American corn and the delicious sauce made it a wonderful combination though. So, all you diet conscious people and those who want to lose some weight please do not opt for it unless you want to indulge or reward yourself with something cheesy and heavy on stomach.
My friends chose Cajun Style Seafood, Blackened Chicken, Simple Pearl Rice and Chilly Chicken Gravy. The seafood they obviously loved as there were some oysters too and the blackened chicken, they said, had a different taste and it was something they?d never tasted before. It wasn?t a big hit amongst them may be coz of the new taste and they need to develop a taste for it. The best they liked amongst these was the simple pearl rice with the chilly chicken gravy. They were bent upon finishing it though they were full till their foreheads.
While we were having the main course, my friend had another whiskey while I had an Apple and Raisin Mojito. This was the first time for I had a mojito of this flavor and kinda liked it though my friends said, it?s no different than the Apple Juice.
There was Steamed Buttered Vegetables as well which was the usual.

To round off the meal, we had the home made kulfi which was served in a laaaarrrge plate which 2 small pieces of kulfi in it. It looked smaller coz of the size of the plate. This was the usual and regular kulfi type. Nothing extraordinary about it. Then there was Layered Peanut Cream which had layers of peanut butter, soft slice of cake and the delicious layers chocolate cream and sauce over it. One of the yummiest for all of us and was a perfect ending of our get-together.

The damage for the 4 of us was around Rs.6500/- and not all the things we had and the service was not worth so much though the ambience was extra classy!

One serious advice to the management ? The service needs to be a little faster. They take almost 40 ? 45 minutes after we place the order and that is too much of time consumption. If possible, this need to be addressed at the asap.


Ultimate ambience...

This is the place with the ultimate feels like one is in heaven...This is a place where one will find great difficulty in thinking what to order,the menu is a little highly complicated...
Food is overpriced but its yum...The service is also awesome...actually this place deserves a 3 on 5 but the ambience takes it all...

Description of paparazzi:-
On 10th floor
dim lights
whole of b'lore is visible
excellent hospitallity
excellent service
good food



Defn a Big No for a veggie

Amazing ambience, what a view of dickenson rd, parade grnd, in-house DJ and so on. But when it comes to the choice of food and especially for a veggie, this is not the place to visit.
We coughed up Rs.1500 (for the 2 of us) but still i had to come home and cook !!!
The choice is too limited and to decipher wts on the menu is a big task in itself !!