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MarathahalliEast Bangalore  


17 Reviews / 17 Ratings

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Paprica Reviews







Billing Error

12 of our colleagues went for a lunch buffet on Friday, the 28th of June 2013 to Paprica. After having our food, we got the bill of Rs. 8982 with a 10% corporate discount as given by all other hotels. BUT, here comes the mistake (or I would say TRICK). The Corporate discount of Rs.511 was listed before the total was calculated, hence the discount instead of being deducted, was ADDED, so 10% of the total cost was being added to my bill. It not only stops there, the VAT (14.5%) and Govt. Service Tax (4.94%) were being calculated on the added amount. As most of us do, I checked the list of items that we had, and FORTUNATELY I had a total in mind (as I was the host), which did not tally the total cost, so I calculated the total on my mobile which gave an error. Called the Manager and told him to calculate in front of me, for which he denied first and on repeatedly asking him, he calculated with his calculator, and agreed his mistake, and finally he said he will correct the bill and presented me a new bill of Rs.7533.
A total of Rs.1450 was the MISTAKE, which is a HUGE mistake for the said amount.
So, whenever you guys go as a group, PLEASE check the list of items as well as the total.

In public interest, Jefferey Rayan


shashi.s - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 01,2013


waste of money and time

This place is crap.I went to this place for a team dinner buffet.the cost was 550 per head and they gave some veg and nonveg starters.the taste was pathetic and not even worth half the money they charge and the worst was the deserts. The staff are impolite when we asked for feedback form.I hope whoever reads this review don't waste money going to this place


ghaltudgr8 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 26,2012


Terrible place pathetic experience :( ...

After reading many reviews in burrp, we picked Paprica for a small get together. Unfortunately our selection let us really down and embarrassed. This is a question mark on burrp as well... How can such a pathetic restro be rated so high.
On a monday eve there were just two-three tables occupied out of 30+, this itself tells about its popularity...
In brief, Food Quality: Far Below average (Drinks bad, Tnadoori stuff was over roasted, main course- too much red chillismade it uneatable..
Service: Pathetic, have to call Manager after 45mins wait for main course...
Price: Too expensive, for a price of copper chimney range what you get is worst than bhag*** or nand*** food...
Had a real bad day :( ... will never visit this place again



Excellent Food, esp buffet. Good Ambience

Been here just twice. The Indian food is excellent (haven't tried continental, chinese).
The lunch buffet is better than what most star hotels have around this area both in taste and variety. They have very good choice for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The prices are reasonable too.


Great music!

Been for a dinner buffet on a Sunday. To my surprise there were no starters in the buffet! :( . Items which were there tasted good though. Oh ya! the live music was just pleasant. He was singing all sort of old Hindi classic songs. The furniture and the look inside looked a bit expensive and so is the bill. ;)



Would love to visit this place again!!!

I visited this place with frnds yesterday.
Good ambience, lovely music, well behaved staff and awesome food.


Expensive with good food !!

I liked the food and service, but the cost seemed a bit higher..
Also there was a slight delay in service though i dint seen many ppl in the restaurant..
Wish they were faster !! Finally a good place to eat..



I visited with my frndz amazing food, good ambience. We all really liked it n enjoyed the food, must try it.


Excellent Ambience/Tasy Food/Good Service

I've been going to Infusion every other week and find their food and service top class. Their chinese menu and the chicken biriyani are a must try.

There is separate area for smoking bar lounge/nonsmoking zone and the restaurant zone.

They serve lunch buffet as well but I have not tried it yet.



Decent Place

Decent ambience, although it tends to get a little crowded during Friday afternoons. Non-Veg ala-carte food is good but the same cannot be said for the buffet.
Would not say that it is a great place, but definitely worth one visit....atleast for the non-vegetarians



wonderful experience altogether

the food is really good and very indian....not redefined....but tasty...the ambience is just breath taking...the lounge is a place with a view man!!!!! i will make this a regular ....we had a wonderful time..... the price are just there.but the service can improve


sreeja - Burrp User


4 Reviews

March 10,2010


Indian food redefined!!!!

Awful experience.They have listed down continental and fusion food in their menu, but what we got were all very below average food for a very high price. We went for dinner at Infusion and ordered :

Lamp chop with rosemary potato and mint sauce:: This is supposed to be a continental dish. And when we ordered, what we got is a very indian version, which smelled as if some bachelor had experimented his first cookery dish. The dish that came did not have any potato or mint in it. when we questioned, the waiter brought a bowl of cooked potato, then another bowl of mint sauce and another bowl of small portion rice one after the other.. Can u imagine?? and then he is asking Is there any problem sir?
And the dish costs 450 bucks.. we argued with them and at last they cancelled the dish and we had to order another one.
Then we ordered Infusion special Lamb mince.. And my husband spent a day in the toilet beacuse of their special lamb mince.

Please dont waste your money and time going to Infusion.
The chef is really confused on what and how to make!!!!

~Sreeja Manoj


megabytes - Burrp User


6 Reviews

December 13,2009


Strictly okay food.

We went for a weekend lunch buffet at 399/- per head with unlimited Tuborg. While the beer part of it was a good deal, the food that came along with it was decent to put it at best. And where is this so called fusion of indian cuisine. Nothing in the menu screamed innovation save a couple of different starter dishes. The buffet is a north indian food affair which you can find dime a dozen. Would not go there again for food. The lounge looked like a good place to hang around in evenings with friends for a few cocktails


rverma_31 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

November 16,2009


Good ambience, Okay food but Bad Service...

We were a bunch of seven people who reached here on a sunday evening for dinner. To our surprise the restaurant was almost empty, just two other families. The ambience is very nice and lounge area is very relaxing in the feel. We settled down and started ordering food. The starters were nice and arrived on time.
We were not impressed by the service, plates and glasses were not properly laid out on the table, waiters were not sure about the details of the dishes and we had to wait for almost an hour for the main course to arrive after starters were finished. When the order finally arrived, plain naans arrived when we had ordered for butter naans, Sweet Lime Salt arrived when Sweet Lime Sweet was ordered. We had to keep asking for waterr, there was no one attending our table, though we were the only ones in the entire restaurant by that time.
Food quality and quantity was fine but we felt it was on the expensive side...
Check out this place, if you want to experiment a little with your food and spending extra time & money are not a concern for you.


wemakefun6 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 10,2009


awsm ambiance,serene(as of nw)

i had been to this plc few days bac with family for brunch(which costed us 399+tax/prsn)
food was very tsty made in olive oil(as per the managr)with no essence of sambhar masala!!!!!!!all of us ate/drank very well ....really had fun...hoping to visit soon..very cleen with really cool launge bar
(which i feel is the best part of the rest...with natural view)

ambiance is gr8...nice plc to party as they have banquet too........


tkmathur - Burrp User


7 Reviews

November 05,2009


Worth a visit

Visited this place 2 weeks ago. Had buffet on a weekday afternoon. The food was good, other people with me thought the chicken stew was a little bland but I thot that is how it was supposed to be. The deserts could have been better - there was fruit salad, vanila ice-cream and imarti :( Buffet was around 250 per person including taxes, so yeah, slightly expensive. Service was not bad.



Lovely food, Great variety, Nice combos

Positives :
1. Nice ambiance
2. Food is tasty
3. First time saw combos as north Indian food restaurant like choose a curry and you get rice and roti along..
4. Tried American corn starters and corn and mushroom curry. taste was awesome.

Negatives :
1. 3/15 people reported bad stomach , fever, indigestion and vomiting after visiting that restaurant. though not all.
2. Service is slow
3. Its expensive