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> > > > Paratha Plaza

Paratha Plaza

Sanjay NagarNorth Bangalore  

  • 23416839, 23416927, 23414030
  • RMV Extention 2nd Stage, Sanjay Nagar, Bangalore
  • North Indian
  • Meal for 2 - 150

12 Reviews / 12 Ratings

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Paratha Plaza Reviews

twilight7 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 22,2014






Quality Degraded - Avoid it

We have been eating here for over 8 years (since they had small shop next to the existing one). It was good small shop with prices starting at 20 bucks for Aaloo paratha with decent quality. Our loyalty continued even with increasing prices after shifting to a new building. This used to be our default option while looking out for strict veg in menu. From the past 5-6 months we have noticed that the quality has gone for a toss. Our favorite used to be cheese parathas, now the last few times we noticed that the cheese used was stinking/spoiled. We just ignored thinking its a one off incident but it kept repeating and worse, last time even normal Aaloo parathas (charge 45 Rs) served was spoiled. We just left the whole paratha with a resolution to never return.


Imi In - Burrp User

Imi In

21 Reviews

December 15,2012



i live in sanjay nagar frm the past two year..never visited this we decided to try out this look decent..paratas are bit expensive 70 rupess for a single parata..with no raita or butter.. we ended up eating 4 taste just ok and nothing extra parata was better..
bottom line
in the middle of the night we both had terrible diarrhea...
i usually get diarrhea if i end up eating from cheap restaurant..
so will never visit paratha plaza ever again!! sorrry i cant sit in the bathroom all day long !!!
people who are okay with expensive unhygienic food may visit this place..
nothing great about the tatse..
i suggest people to stay away...



Best parathas in town

Discovered this place courtesy of a friend who lived near to it. It is a relatively small and non flashy place with seating. But it serves the best parathas in town. Also, the parathas are very uniquely named like paratha and so on. They also serve some samosas, kachoris and sweets. My personal favourite is the methi paratha. This place is highly recommended.


Average Parathas... Exorbitant Prices...

This is a nice place located near my home. Considering this area has a small number of restaurants, most times, at least for me, it becomes inevitable to hit here whenever I want a change in taste. While a single paratha costs Rs 40 here, just to pare with, a plate of paratha (2 parathas) of the same quality cost Rs 30 near my office (Residency Road). The ambiance is good. Considering all other elements, I would suggest you to drive towards MS Ramaiah College. On the way, behind HDFC Bank, there are a couple of small food outlets that serve amazing parathas. You will find a lot of college students there. Ok, coming back to Paratha Plaza, its a decent bet for a fine experience. But if you are really hungry and have a budget, avoid it


KoolCutlet - Burrp User


6 Reviews

December 19,2011


Total Rip Off

Parata Plaza - A absolute rip-off. I could not beleive that one parata costs ~Rs 40-60 and theyare neither tasty nor served with raita (Raita extra Rs 15 !!). We tried a chilli-milli (alu, sweet corn stuffing) and Gobi parata. Both of them seemed raw with gobi undercooked. All in all a very bad experiance and probably is still surviving due to Ramaiya college crowd.



Average food - above average price

Decent place for parathas...ambience is good with pictures of sportstars,film actors adorning the walls...The variety of parathas is good ..However the prices are a little on the upper side..It wouldnt bother me that much but the quality of the food doesnt really match with the prices..."Tasty bites" in J.P.Nagar & Bannerghata Road are comparitively better quality with low prices....Would not really recommend it unless you cant find a paratha place in the vicinity....



Good Parathas butttt not worth it

These guys should first reduce the price of every paratha to retain their old customers who would visit them in their small shop on the main road.

50bucks for one paratha and to top it, i have to order curds extra.. Common.. I can get 1 litre packet for 5Rs and he is charging 5RS for a small bowl,

The situation always arises when you are eating your first parath and somewhere in the middle you would want to order another one, BUT for that you will have to end up going and stading in a queue and etc etc..
Take the second orders at the table!!



A hidden gem!!!

I literally discovered this place when one of my colleagues took (or rather forced) me to this place and I fell in love with the place immediately.

It is the only place in Bangalore that serves true authentic Punjabi Paratha's. They are served hot and taste's just heavenly. Apart from this they have a very interesting menu, where they serve more than 20 different fillings of paratha's with extremely interesting names.

I have become a regular customer of their restaurant. However if you are going for lunch and esp. on a weekend, you might have to wait for a table or the lovely paratha's because of the crowd.

So for all you paratha lovers just straight head to the place.



Parathas with funny names

You'll get all kinds of parathas here. The names of some of the parathas can be quite funny. What with 'Bunty aur bubli', 'chilly milly' and a few more I cannot recall now.

When it comes to taste and paratha enthusiasts, this place is a must visit!


Good Paranthas but forgettable service

This place gives good Paranthas, authentic Punjabi ones that are hard to come by in Bangalore, but if you get here on a weekend, it would be even harder to get a parantha.

The place is so badly managed that once I had to wait an hour for a take away, and on another just 20 minutes to place an order. Come here if you really miss paranthas, but make sure you are geared up for the delays, especially if you are here on week-ends...


best parathas in blore

hi guys!
the parathas are really the best here. in one word-its yummy. just try the mixed stuff parathas such as humtum and bunty babli. they r awesome. i know the names sound a bit stupid but its still worth a try


kid friendly...?

i had been here a long time ago and found the parathas to be quite good, but its a roadside place so i had to help myself to a comfortable place to sit...prices are ok...and how is it kid friendly when its on the roadside?