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> > > > Pasta Street

Pasta Street

Cunningham RoadNorth Bangalore  

  • 08040976910, 09886513284
  • 27/2, Chicago Avenue, Near Fortis Hospital, Cunningham Road, Bangalore
  • Italian
  • Meal for 2 - 600

14 Reviews / 15 Ratings

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Pasta Street Reviews

Place under renovation

Place under renovation. Tried calling the hotel for booking. Didnt get any response. Thought we'll go and check it out. But found it closed



Oki Pizza

Came here Monday evening at round 5:15. Thought of trying pizza here instead of pasta. Ordered Lamb Florentine pizza (egg and spinach bed with sliced lamb pepperoni topping). It was a low calorie, thin crust pizza. Taste wise, it was average. The baked egg was at the center of the pizza with scattered boiled spinach and pepperoni. I used oregano and chilli flakes to make it tastier.

The decor is nice and bright. There were newspapers, magazines, culinary books and comics to read. Place is quite narrow and is located on 2 floors. They also sell raw pasta and sauces. My order took 30 minutes to arrive (so go there if you have plenty of time). My bill Rs.215 + tax = Rs.275. Might visit again...........



Burrp-worthy Pasta!

Definitely try their Red Pepper Cream pasta and Pasticcio baked pasta. Brilliant food, though the rates are on the expensive side. :)


m_uk  - Burrp User


11 Reviews

February 28,2013



THe first reaction in pasta street was disappointment because the server said, while presenting us the menu, that fresh pasta wont be served, even though the chef was in, "because it needed to be freshly made". Thats the entire point: fresh pasta takes longer and tastes better. A customer shouldnt be denied of fresh pasta. Particularly when its on your menu (and one of your specialities. It was on the specials menu)
ANyway, I didnt insist on having fresh pasta and settled for the fiery rocket penne. I loved the fiery rocket pasta and the spaghetti omlette when I visited Pasta Street. The basil tea was delicious as was the green penne pesto.

fiery rocket pasta 4.5/5
spag omelette 4/5
basil tea 5/5
bruschetta platter 2.5/5
overall food experience 3/5 (on account of no fresh pasta)


meerasudh - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 17,2013


Great value for money on Italian cuisine

I have already been here 10 times, it being close to work, and have left feeling content, all but once - the one not so good meal might have been because I ventured into a low calorie pasta! Have always tried a new dish and been pleasantly surprised by the unique flavors in salads and pastas.
What delights me is that there are several vegetarian sauce options to choose from and veggies are always fresh and crisp. I frequent for their warm salad and red pepper sauce based pastas. Didn't find the pizza particularly impressive.

Perfect for a quick bite and to get work done during afternoons over a free mocha as a side during happy hours (3-7 PM). Staff are very friendly and recommended the right things when I was only looking for something light. All in all, excellent value for money. Will keep going back!



Ristorante Perfetto ~ Three Cheers to Pasta Street

Pasta Street is a restaurant located on one of the busiest streets in Bangalore known as Cunningham Road. It is located bang opposite Sigma Mall, so you will not have a hard time finding the place. One of the first things I noticed about this restaurant was that they had ramp for handicapped customers. I must say that these days, you won’t find many restaurants with this facility.

As soon as you enter the restaurant, you can find several servers waiting to greet you and escort you to a table which is located either outside, inside on the ground floor, or upstairs on the first floor. We decided to head upstairs as it was quite crowded on the ground floor. Just as you head upstairs, you can see the busy cooks in the kitchen whipping up the great food for their customers.

We sat down a table next to the window wherein we could see the main road. A server came with the menu and greeted us with a smile. It so happened that we had come on the day that the Thin Crust Pizzas were introduced. As we were keen on having pasta, we decided to try out the pizza next time.

To drink, I had ordered Lemon Iced Tea which is one of my favorite drinks. I must say, that it was soooo sweet that I didn’t need to add extra sugar which is normally the case in other restaurants wherein the tea is not so sweet. My companion ordered the Café Mocha and it was served hot and creamy in a tall mug.

Pasta Street offers a huge list of veg/non-veg appetizers. These include various kinds of Bruschettas, Garlic Breads, Ciabatta which is an Italian white bread made from wheat flour and yeast, and even soup. We ordered Cheesey Garlic Bread which was a plate of four slices of garlic bread generously topped with Cheddar and Mozzarella Cheese. The cheese had melted perfectly and in each bite you could taste the garlic flavor as well. Definitely something to order if you are a big fan of cheese!

There are four kinds of salads to choose from and the prices range between Rs. 120 – Rs. 150.

Baked Pasta & Pasta:
There were 3 different kinds of baked pasta to choose from. They were Vegetarian Lasagna, Non-Vegetarian Lasagna & Pasticcio which was something I was hearing for for the first time. It’s nothing but a mix of different shaped pasta and vegetables, baked in tomato and cheese sauce.

It was really difficult to order the main course as there was so much to choose from!

First, you have to choose the kind of pasta you want. There were four kinds and they were Penne/Fusilli/Shells/ Spaghetti. If you wanted, you could choose from a special shaped pasta such as Tagliatelle, Farfalle(bow-ties), Wholemeal Penne or 3 Coloured Fusilli. There is a little price difference in the special shaped pasta as it will cost an extra Rs. 39 from the cost mentioned in the sauce. I decided to try out the Shells Pasta as it had been a while since I had eaten this kind.

You wouldn’t believe it, but there were 8 kinds of veg sauces to choose from! So now you know why a pasta freak like me had a tough time ordering ? After scrolling up and down the menu, I finally settled on Creamy Cheese & Chopped Spinach sauce which is sautéed spinach and mozzarella folded into a rich cream and herb sauce. I was all set to dig into the main course once it came to the table and tasted wonderful! The portion was quite heavy, so had to take the rest home.

Last but not the least, I browsed through the dessert list to see if anything vegetarian was available and to my surprise all but one of the nine desserts was vegetarian! I ordered Chocolate Heaven which was baked liquid Chocolate heaven served with vanilla ice-cream. In other words, a tiny choco lava cake served with a tiny scoop of vanilla ice cream. The price was surely a bomb of Rs. 155!!!

The ambience is really nice in Pasta Street. You can come here for lunch or dinner, with friends or even family. The place is decorated in a unique way and you will surely realize that this restaurant is one of a kind once you visit it.

Food: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Ambience: 5/5

So the next time you are talking a walk on the ever popular Cunningham Road and feel hungry, do make a pit stop to Pasta Street to relish the wonderful varieties of pasta, salads, garlic breads, and thin crust pizzas.


mangotree1 - Burrp User


7 Reviews

November 15,2012


For a quick lunch

This area really needed more options in the food department, especially with so many offices nearby and this is welcome. A lot of care seems to have been taken to make sure that everything is good for the customers. The staff messed up my friend's order, twice, but the head chef himself came up to apologise and made sure she got something quickly. He was also really keen for feedback and made sure to give us his suggestions on what to try. The menu makes things simple, and as for the pasta, no complaints. It's flavourful, portions are good and simple but good combinations.


Pasta Treat!!

Me and a friend visited Pasta Street last month for her birthday! First of all the service is awesome and they were very friendly.
I knew I had been to the right place when I saw many regulars dropping by in and being welcomed by the staff.
We were satisfied with the Garlic Bread and the winner was the Pasta. We had yummy pasta and lava cake for desserts.
Free WiFi and staff will clearly get me back there for sure.


deecee - Burrp User


25 Reviews

November 09,2012


pasta love!

Situated very close to Infinitea on Cunningham road, the restaurant has a simple yet stylish decor. Love the high tables and the beautiful wall papers on 1st floor.
Now coming to the food, good variety of pasta, various sauces and the extra toppings you can add with them. The pasta ranges from the healthier wholegram penne to all shapes and sizes, it even has automobile-shaped, animal-shaped colorful pasta for the kids!
The sauces are rich and of good taste. The portion of each is substantial. Did not try the desserts yet at this place, because the pasta itself was good enough to keep us happy for the rest of the night. It's a must go for all pasta lovers!
Last but not the least, good service personnel, warm and ready to help.




Been here with couple of my friends. Even though I knew they were coming up with an outlet some where in the city I had no clue it's in Cunningham road. Boy oh Boy It's 3 kms away from my office. Anyway it was a great surprise to see the outlet address on burrp and with a doubtful mind I decided to see if it's real and hell yea they were open. Tried penne ,spagetti and a couple more. Going back




First saw this place on burrp and decided to give it a try. Nice cafe feel to the place. The pastas were delicious. There were 6 f us and all of us ordered different kinds of pastas, every dish without exception turned out fine. Loved their Indianised spicy tangy pastas a lot and specially the Spaghetti omelet is a 'must try'. Its superb. I recommend pasta street to all food lovers. These guys have priced their food quite reasonably as well so that's an added bonus.




Me and My colleagues were here on........for lunch. I must say quiet a good and different option for people in and around Cunningham road. Ambience is quiet nice and cozy. For starters we ordered Soup of the day and Spaghetti Omelette which was quiet nice and delicious. Then for the main course we ordered Milano Crema, Chicken Carbonara, Meatballs in Tomato Sauce, Seafood cream and Lasagana.
All the pastas were mouth watering. We loved it and ya not to forget service was prompt.

Will be back soon. Cheers!!!!!


jupiter - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 02,2012


Good pasta, and comfortable ambience

I tried out Pasta Street on Cunningham road the other day. The ambience was bright and cheery and we were immediately made comfortable. We were early as we wanted to catch the 8pm movie at Sigma Mall so the place was relatively empty. On the menu you can choose the type of pasta and the sauce separately. I ordered pasta shells with a red pepper and creamy sauce. I can't remember what it was called. however when the dish was served they had brought me elbow macaroni pasta and not pasta shells. When I pointed this out, a person from the kitchen was called who insisted that this was indeed pasta shells. Now I know more than a little about pasta, so he was either ignorant or hoping I was. The little argument experience was unpleasant but apart from that the pasta and garlic bread was tasty though not exquisite. Later he came and apologised but still did not accept that they had served me elbow pasta instead of pasta shells. Though actually this is not a big deal I wondered where the rule that 'the customer is right' went. I hope he brushes up on his types of pasta and not try and con the customer.


Pasta delight!

Yummy, wholesome, awesome pastas at the newly opened pasta street. They have opened their new outlet in Cunningham Road which is a big upgrade from their 'just take-away' outlet at Domlur. It has a nice cafe feel to it, well-trained staff and delicious pastas, starters and a special veg or non-veg soup of the day. The soup we got was creamy and delicious...we ordered several varieties of pasta spaghetti bolognese with minced chicken, chicken carbonara, seafood pasta, chicken lasagne and all the dishes were yummy. Great place!!!