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> > > > Payas Veg

Payas Veg

BasavanagudiSouth Bangalore  

  • 26677707
  • Sai Eassa Plaza, 11/2, K R Road, Next to Polar Bear, Basavanagudi, Bangalore
  • Rajasthani
  • Meal for 2 - 300

4 Reviews / 4 Ratings

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Payas Veg Reviews

not exactly rajasthani

I read a review about this place in a paper, so me and husband went to try out this place. There was a self service area on the ground floor and service area upstairs. We went upstairs, the place has nice decor and ambience with some folk music in background. Once the we were given the menu we didn't find any rajasthani specials on it. when we asked for it , they said they serve rajasthani thali only downstairs but they can get us some items from the thali if needed. So were ordered couple of northindian starters which were good but pricy. We ordered Dal bhatti , rajasthani dish from the thali which was good and atleast authentic. Apart from that everything else on the menu is all north indian.
I've not tried the Thali downstairs but atleast the service area upstairs I found it average, the menu could've more rajasthani cusine items as they claim so the money that we pay does justice to the quality of food.


venus1010 - Burrp User


12 Reviews

February 08,2010


Cash in hand

First timer here. 7.2.2010
Food is Ok. Price is high. Service is good. Dont trust the saying VISA / MASTER CARD ACCEPTED HERE. Thank god I had cash in hand. People here aren't organised. They make you run up and down for Thaali. Its better they mention what is available where.
We ordered for Tava rotis and some rasoli aloo gravy, Rosemerry roasted tomato soup and Tava vegetables. Soup was ok with lots of some small stems(server doesnt know what it is). Starter was good. Rotis were also good with the non spicy gravy.
Human Error pops up in billing. Be careful and check before you give the money.




It sounds extremely parochial but the truth is stereotyping of communities based on practices they indulge in seems to be based on begins my story.
Went to this newly opened place and at first glance seemed nice...went to the ground floor part that serves the Rajasthani Thali along with a host of chaats and dosas etc. I was accompanied by my wife and our 4 year old daughter...please note that ...yes 4 years old.

We ordered a Thali each and our daughter ordered a dosa. The thali had many courses and towards the end of the meal we wanted a repeat of the farsaan which on 7.2.2010 were mini dahi vadas. As our repeat of the farsaan was being served the daughter asked for dahi vada. She was served in the dosa plate...she took a teeny weeny bite and said she does not like it. I promptly proceeded to polish it off.

We asked for the bill and paid for it. Suddenly it struck me that the bill was not adding up and asked for the bill again to recheck. To my surprise there was mini thali @ Rs.80. I asked what is this for? I was told this is because your daughter ate the dahi vadaa...I was shocked. I pointed out that she in fact gave even that to me and took maybe a bite...but was told we would have to pay for this.
I did not want to argue on Rs.80 even on matter of principle as my stereotype of this business community from Rajasthan indulging in sharp business practices was borne out to be true. A mini dahi vada in an unlimited Thaali should not and will not matter in the larger scheme of things. I could even understand if the child had eaten the whole of the meal with us/ we shared a plate with her etc etc.
But heck these guys are F.....g traders with aspirations to be restaurateurs.They should stick to what they do best- indulge in sharp practices.
God knows what else are they waiting to pull off on the unsuspecting paying public.


Rajasthani Thali

Thanks to all the social media networking sites. I’ve met many of my school and college friends through this. This friend of mine too, with whom I have been chatting and exchanging messages over these sites, told me there’s a new Rajasthani Restaurant on KR Road and I should try it sometime. Thanks to his suggestion. The suggestion led to a thought of meeting him and after 10 years!!!

Both of us decided to meet on a weekday over dinner! Thanks to what we learnt together. We were punctual and on time! Payas is on the ground floor. This place has sufficient parking space in the basement and in the side roads and gullies as well. The ground floor of the restaurant serves thali, chaats and sweets. The first floor has North Indian and Punjabi a-la-carte and on the 2nd floor, they have a banquet hall. This place is next to Polar Bear Ice Cream Parlor and very close to Basavanagudi Post Office.

Since, both of us wanted to try the Rajasthani Thali, we settled in the ground floor. We asked them to start serving us the thali. Just when they got us the plates and the cutlery, something struck to us and we wanted to look at the chaat menu. I ordered Channa Masala Chaat and my friend ordered Kachori Chaat. Mine was the regular Channa Masala with some tamarind juice, chopped onion and sev on it. My friend’s was the regular Kachori chaat. He wanted something else (I’ve forgotten the name) but, that wasn’t available that day.

They gave us a print out of the “Menu of the Day” and it had close to 18 things that would be served. It was hard for me to decipher most of it. But, as and when they were serving, they were explaining what it was as well.
Started with Balusai – a sweet mainly made of Maida, fried and dipped in sugar syrup. Next was Mirchi Bara which is nothing but the Mirchi Bhajji. This was the usual but not as crispy as the one we get in Bangalore. 2 types of Chutneys were served – Lasun (Garlic) Chutney and Pudina Chutney. We were served Makki Roti, Jawahari(Jowar) Roti and Tawa Roti with Ghatta Methi made of besan (I loved it), Rabodi Khanda – This was like flat tape in some masala, Aloo Gobhi, Dal Tadka and Safed Kadi. All these accompaniments were good though I felt Rabodi Khanda was just average. I loved the Makki Roti so, there was more demand for this from my end. There was Sangri Raitha.Sangri, they mentioned to us, is a plant grown only in Rajasthan and they get it from there specially to make this one. Both of us loved this one so much, there were multiple servings of this. Lachha Salad was the Onion Salad, Ram Khichdi – This was kichdi with ghatta, cashews and raisins. There was also the regular Papad and Aachar.
By the time we finished the meal, we were so full, we felt, we’d stuffed ourselves till the forehead. We were told, the menu is changes everyday and its different for lunch and dinner as well everyday! And weekends, they serve Dal Bhati as well and the spread will contain more things to savor.

The ambiance is very simple and they have tables that can accommodate 6 people only. I dint notice any which can accommodate 4 or 2 people. Patrons mostly consisted of families there. Each meal costs 150 bucks and great deal to satisfy the tummy with the authentic Rajasthani meal. The staff were all from Rajasthan and I guess that’s the reason, we are getting to savor some delicious and awesome meal!! I would sure go there again, preferable during a weekend this time and also would recommend who crave for some Rajasthani Food!