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New BEL RoadNorth Bangalore  

  • 40905168
  • 44/2, Rayhana Complex, 1st Floor, , New BEL Road, Bangalore
  • Multi-cuisine

5 Reviews / 5 Ratings

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Pecos Reviews

Ganga Nair - Burrp User

Ganga Nair

4 Reviews

February 08,2012


Shut down!

The food was average and I thought that the noisy bar/ nightclub feel was rather irksome.
I should think that some people would love this place and the surroundings but not me.



Love the new look

I was here recently on a business trip and was dragged here by friends. I was pleasantly surprised when I entered the place. The new look Foster's Art of Chilling decor is very cool and needless to say, I made a dash for the bean bags and held on to it all night which included a lot of Foster's. Cheers to you guys for doing up the place. Next step --- please do something like this in Bombay.



accomodating art of chilling scene

I came here the week before and they had plenty of beer and some hard to find: Foster's ! but I just wasn't feeling the vibe because I stayed only for a short while. Hopefully next time I can get the full chill out - but I can't tell you how many times I've strolled over, drooling with anticipation, only to turn back home in thirsty frustration when I've found the place packed with patrons. Even though, I Love this place.



Not the real thing :(

Well having been a regular to the actual pecos for over a decade now, this is slightly disappointing..! service is good, but the quality of stuff was not that great..! Guess Pecos should have just stayed to one outlet to maintain its charm..!!!

Ever since they are serving Fosters, the place has kind off lost its charm.. the place is dark and dingy and can do with a bit more lighting, and some one who knows the actual music that is played at pecos.! we ordered a chilly chicken, which was more of veggies than meat, the french fries very dripping in oil and had an extra serving of chilly powder (something we didnt ask for)

looking at these we didnt want to go with our all time Pecos fav, the chilly pork, so we just stuck by chicken, and called it a day with lunch which was fish curry rice, something that was uttery delicious :)

Will surely visit again, but with secnd thoughts...


vigs29 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

April 22,2010



I'd like to start of by saying PECOS!!!
This is place is an awesome place just to hang out with friends on a sunday afternoon, or watch a match.
The beer is nice, and reasonable at 247 a pitcher. The ambience is nice with couches and bean bags to just sit and pass time. There are 2 LCD TV's where sports channels are tuned. The music is good. The food is gooood. I have heard friends go "MMMMMMMMM" after eating the Ghee Pork Roast. The service is excellent. If you are a regular- you are given even special service. Raghu- the owner is really sweet, hospitable and warm. You can have special requests even if they are not available. You can request for your favourite songs and he ensures it is played. The only I do not prefer here is that during sporting events music is played in the background and I prefer listening to the commentary- but most people prefer the music so I hold nothing against Pecos.
The best thing about Pecos R&B is- it is like home. Anybody who is a regular at Pecos R&B will vouch for that.