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> > > > Peppa Zzing

Peppa Zzing

Infantry RoadNorth Bangalore  

  • 08041232843, 09740758557
  • 92, Infantry Road, G 18, Kedia Arcade, Infantry Road, Bangalore
  • American, Fastfood
  • Meal for 2 - 800

26 Reviews / 30 Ratings

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Peppa Zzing Reviews






Best Place for Burger Lovers

This place is one of the best hangouts for burger lovers. Although i have tried burgers from quite some place around Bangalore, nothing has matched my expectations like Peppa Zzing. The monster burger is one everyone must try from this place. Bread which is so soft and the patty is made on order. With every bite taken we can feel the freshness of the patty. The taste is doubled with the best combination of sauce and cheese which rolls out when we take a bite.

It takes a great deal of hunger to finish one burger and i assure that once you visit this place it is definite that you will return here for more.


kripee - Burrp User


14 Reviews

November 15,2012


Quite a disappointment

I'd heard so much about this place, and decided to go try it a couple of weeks ago. The ambience was terrible, and the place was completely empty. We tried out the burgers and they were very average. All in all, we weren't very impressed by the place, and i don't think i'll be going back there again.




the location and ambience seriously is something that contributes to the lack of clientale. the food is moderately delicious and i personally think it deserves more publicity.
the whammy, though huge and enticing to the eyes of a foodie, is quite over-done. by the end of it you start feeling nauseated.
the monster burgers are really tasty.
what i love the most here are their chicken wings in barbeque sauce! juicy and delicious! i couldn't stop licking my fingers!!


A place for all Burger Lovers....

I have been to Peppa Zzing numerous times and always for the same reason.. Burgers...

It is a small burger joint with a very simple decor and a seating capacity of about 30 people. Their menu has a fair selections of dishes(in terms of no. of options) with the prime focus set on burgers. Their burgers come in 3 sizes -
- Regular
- Monster - double patty
- Whammy - a huge burger. Probably thrice the size of a regular burger
(All available in veg, chicken, lamb and beef)

Being an Adam Richman fan (TLC's Man V Food fame), I wish to eat gather courage someday to eat the whammy burger all by myself. But at the moment, Peppa Zzing Burger remains my preferred choice. This burger comes with a nice thick patty of meat and other toppings which include cheese, mustard onions, mushrooms and a fried egg all sandwiched between a soft burger bun. The meat is cooked to perfection and the taste of all ingredients blend well with each other.

All burgers are served with wafers on the side and it all comes placed in a cane basket. The very sight of the way burgers are served here is delightful.

In my many visits, I have also tried:
- Cheese burst burger - tasted good too expect for there could have been more cheese stuffed inside the patty.
- hot dog - disappointment. The hot dog bun was completely slit and separated into 2 pieces makes it difficult to eat and is hot a hot dog is not supposed to be served.
- chicken wings - disappointment. The sauce was too tangy.

The service here is prompt. The prices are on the steeper side especially after the prices have now been revised.

I am definitely going back to this place to have their burgers.


Sinfully supersized :-)

The unassuming exterior or the setting of the restaurant doesnt actually do justice to the food served here.Go there for burgers and they are almost the best that bangalore has to offer.The choice is between lamb/chicken and beef and different variants are created around the quantity and size of the burgers.The range varies from regular to moster and finally the behemoth whammy.The meat inside the burgers are perfect in terms texture and flavours.
The place serves amazing food but the only grouse is in terms of maintenance and upkeep.Wish they tighten that up.
Final words , a heaven for burger aficionados.



I had a brilliant Veg burger! The best burger I have ever had. I had explosions in my mouth when I took the first bite. Amazing and can't wait to go back!




I've had damn near everything on the menu. I've never been disappointed. My only complaint is that they need more veg options. Or some non-meat substitutes for those meat dishes on the menu.


Deepti K N - Burrp User

Deepti K N

11 Reviews

February 14,2012


mouth waterin burgers.

value for money:5/5

Zzing is a nice place to hangout to enjoy the ambience & food even if you are all by yourself. The burgers are AWESOME! Although small the joint is warm hearted. Affordable. :)


Ganga Nair - Burrp User

Ganga Nair

4 Reviews

February 08,2012


Sluurrrp! :D

The menu at Peppa ZZing is mind numbingly simple, but that is what you want from a restaurant that specializes in burgers. After all, why would you go to a burger restaurant for a salad?
The fries are hot, crisp and fresh & the burgers are drool worthy! Best!
This is excellent, no-nonsense cooking. You won’t be disappointed.


Amazing , Awesome , Super

Amazing food , awesome service and super feeling . Good food , nice place


the best burger in Bangalore...

went to this place after one of our family friend told about the burger here and now we end up almost all Fridays. the best burger in Bangalore ever and the taste is always good not like other place where the taste changes every often.. the banger & mash is a must try there.. my personal favorite is cheese burst chicken the most juicy and cheesy burger ever :) the only minus is that they serve Pepsi instead of Coke which i thing goes well with Burger :) hope they change that soon :)




Assuming we would not return to peppa zzing, cus its a bit out-of-the-way, decide to try the whammy on our first visit there. 2 huge mistakes!!! The whammy took nealy 2 hrs to finally finish...n now we visit there on a regular basis but have never dared look at a whammy again...
A must visit place especially for their monster burger (i prefer chicken)....
BTW for those who did not know .....
RECORD time of finishing whammy is 9 mins ( 8mins for whammy 1 min for chips)


Jason M - Burrp User

Jason M

9 Reviews

September 06,2011


Burgers to drool over!

I was stunned at the size of the burger when i went to Peppa Zzing for the first time. We had ordered a whammy. It was and still is the best burger i ever had, by far. And since then i have gone back regularly and relished it every time. It also beats McD and KFC hands down. You haven't eaten real burgers until you've tried this..


Best Burger Ever....

went today for dinner, just loved the place.. good music.. must try the Chicken Wings in Spicy Sauce, its was just fire in the mouth.. just loved it.. the burger are huge and very very tasty...


foodie  - Burrp User


14 Reviews

August 06,2011


For a mean mean MEAN burger!!

I was craving for a burger ... and the KFCs and Mc. Ds just wasn't cutting it! Had heard about Peppa Zing and went over. The burger is unbelievable! I tried the chicken cheese burst burger and it was yummy! The portions are large and the prices are optimal. The staff is friendly and the service is good. I just wish they had more seating space and parking. If you are going by car, the parking around commercial street / Infantry road especially on weekends could be a bit of a pain. Definitely worth the trouble and definitely worth a re-visit.....!



That whammy was bigger than my head!!!!!
and still one of the most amazing burger i've ever had!!!!!
The best burger place in town!!!!!!!


I'm Zzzinging!!

Okay I'm almost always on a diet - I saw this humble looking outlet - and thought I would go see what it is - I had not heard of it - then I saw Mark Rego foods on the board and then I thought - okay - trustworthy - he might be up to something creative. The super friendly staff were all trying to get me to order big - however as I said I am always on a diet - I ordered the chicken hotdog - and I was blown away. The bread was fresh and delicious and the filling creamy, gooey - and finger lickin' super duper awesome ! Loved the way the boys gave me a finger bowl when I finished! And I am going to be back soon - soo soon for more!! More specifically the beef! Diet go to hell ! Yummy!!


gomeg - Burrp User


19 Reviews

March 05,2011


hugely disappointed

The huge hype surrounding the place made me drag my bf there but left very disappointed. The burgers taste just about okay. The trick is not just making huge burgers but making us crave for more and the burgers here just don't do that.


pinne - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 27,2011



hey guys i've noticed ders no facebook fan page for peppa zzing til now.. so i jus created one..
here's the link to it..!/pages/Peppa-Zzing/180077508703010



Get Ready for the WHAMMY!

OH MY GOD! Thats the first reaction me and my colleagues had as soon as it was presented on our table! Trust me this is the biggest burger in town and definitely one of the best! We went there for a friday lunch, 5 people, so decided to order for 3 whammies (BIG MISTAKE) and then we ordered some starters (not so great actually) while we waited for the WHammy to come through, this is was the biggest mistake! At the end of it all, we were all licking our lips and and feeling so full when we realized actually we had only finished 1 3/4 burgers between 5 of us! Got the rest packed and got straight to my comp to post this review! Go for it people!


Small place but off the hook sized burgers

Wowwwwwwwww. I have not seen that huge burgers ever in my life. You might feel the food is pricey for a tiny place like that, but trust me on this, order that Whammy burger they serve and it is unbelievable. It is huge, like a whole family could it in it. You really gotta see it to believe it


My new favorite!!!

After hearing tonnes of good stuff about this place from friends, I decided i had to check it out myself. Gotta say it lived up to the hype and much much more!! Sadly didn't get to try the whammy yet.(went with the intention of conquering it n will hopefully do so soon:D ) Loved the cheese burst (to a point where I left my hands unwashed n covered in all the gorgeous sauce n smelling of it for quite a while after). The bbq chicken wings could have used a little more flavor. Loved how they were doused in sauce though!! The Monster got some great responses from my friends too (food orgasms to say the least!! :P)
Yummy, messy, and absolutely heavenly!! If ur not digging in with both ur hands, ur just not eating it right!! :)
I just found my new favorite bugger joint in town!!


Arjun Rao - Burrp User

Arjun Rao

1 Reviews

December 04,2010


Best Burgers in Town

BEST BURGER IN TOWN. Don't believe anything else you hear.
Great meat patty, fantastic non-store-bought mayonnaise and man-sized portions. The Whammy is a real beast - kneel before it.
This is one place that really understands what people want, large servings, low (really low) prices and above all, great tasting food - these guys really get it.

If you've found yourself eating two morsels of fancily named substandard food that costs heaven and earth and started day dreaming about your own restaurant - taste, size and wallet friendly - all those people streaming in day and night - happiness everywhere...
Whammy 5/5
Potato Wedges in Barbecue Sauce - 4.5/5
Cheese Garlic Toast Something - 3/5 only because there's only so much you can do to cheese garlic toast something
Mayonnaise Roll 4/5
Ice Cream with Chocolate Sauce 5/5 - FINALLY, decent chocolate sauce that's almost as good as Corner House's sauce.
One more thing,
the most important thing about this place is that you never feel you're eating fast food greasy junk - this tastes, feels like and is GOOD, REAL FOOD.



nikhilk - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 01,2010


One of the better classic burger joints in town!

To a hard core meat lover,all I got to say is stop reading this and head to Peppa Zzing ASAP!!

For the other who like to research and read up on a place before giving it a go no words in this review can describe the joy of eating the most classical burger I have had in donkeys years!

I believe that today, people have lost the essence of a good burger. Mass produced buns, factory processed patties and so-so fresh condiments have forced us to indulge in sub-standard burgers. If you ever wanted a good burger you would ideally head to Ice & Spice or Indiana. Sadly the quality of burgers from there have and are only headed south.

But, not to worry folk!! There's a new kid in town. And I promise you the burgers here are out of the world! Soft buns, creamy mayo, crunchy veggies and the most juicy patty. Thats right..we have one of the best burger joints in town!

A small cafe located on Infantry Road ensure to take you to heaven and back. At least thats what i felt. My initiation to Peppa Zzing was of mammoth proportions. If Man vs Food is your thing then i suggest the Whammy burger! It took me about 30 minutes to down it but it was the most pleasurable 30 minutes I have had in a long time. Every bite was like a carnival in my mouth. The flavors from the patty was like nothing I have ever tasted. The meal itself is good enough for 2-3 people, and at Rs.250 per burger, it is quite a steal.

If you are not the heavy eater there are smaller but very filling options for you. May I suggest the Cheese Burst Burger which all my friends who had it vouch for. Taken from the Juicy Lucy concept, this burger has a patty filled with cheese that oozes out with every bite. Filling and very reasonable at Rs. 140.

I wished we had gone there a little earlier. By the time we reached there, they were out of some very tempting looking BBQ Chicken Wings and much talked about Potato Wedges. I suggest to skip dessert 'cos its just a sin to not eat your entire burger in the name of leaving some space for dessert!!

I would be heading back very soon. This time to try the good things in life I had missed out on, on my last visit.

@Peppa Zzing - Please don't head south like other burger joints!! PLEASEE!!



Its been a long time...

The last good burger I ate was maybe 10 years ago... Just as I was losing hope along comes Marko and Rini with a killer of a burger!
I went after the Whammy on day one! Fully loaded! It was delicious from the first bite right until the last bite that I could possibly take... and I still had a quarter of it to finish! Juicy is an understatement... Sinfully deliciously messy is more like it!
I am hooked!
Just a suggestion, dont know if it is possible, can we ask how well I like the meat cooked? Especially when we talk about the beef or lamb burgers. That will put it in a league of it's own... and 5 stars! :D



Greatest burger in ages!

Ever since the real Indiana's burger left Bangalore, I've been hoping for another place that would recreate the magic. I think this is it.

The burger is perfectly cooked, seared outside, soft inside, oozing with some real home made mayo and nicely presented.
I've heard the whammy is quite a beast, but maybe the next time.

Service was quick, the place was clean, the music was pleasant and it was quite reasonable on the pocket.

So if you like real burgers (not cutlets), this will be worth the time and the money for sure.