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> > > > Peshawari Tandoor - Turquoise

Peshawari Tandoor - Turquoise

KoramangalaSouth Bangalore  


25 Reviews / 26 Ratings

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Peshawari Tandoor - Turquoise Reviews

sisinthy - Burrp User


14 Reviews

January 28,2013


More hype than substance

Visited with the wife on 21st.

The ambience is nice but the chairs with the low arm rest weren't very comfortable.

The Rann was chewy and unlike anything cooked for long hours on a slow flame.

The peshawari chk was alright but wouldnt garner glowing reviews.

Our request for some butter on the Naans was not complied with despite two requests and volunteering to pay extra.


A nice comfortable Lounge Experience !!!

We visited this yesterday evening. The best thing I liked about here is the lounge style seating they offered us. It was pretty comfortable to sit, relax and have a chat. They have a big TV screen and some nice music to play to entertain customers. Must say about the chandeliers which is the main attraction. I felt the food was little expensive but it came around Rs. 2,100/- for two people as they listed. Food was NOT extra-ordinarily delicious. Also very few chicken starters only are available.Probably we didnt try the best one's here??!! Service was good. Food was served very quickly without much waiting time.They were courteous enough to allow us in the lounge on a Friday night where more people could have been seated.



Great place for large parties

Our friends organised a party here a few days ago and I must say we really had a nice time, the food was excellent, the ambience and music was good, and the waiters though running around were warm. Will recommend having a large party here, we were over 60 people and all enjoyed it.



Disappointing buffet spread

I had visited Turquoise- European few months back and left with pretty good memories and more importantly good taste in my mouth. Expecting something similar, I hit Turquoise-Indian, now Peshawari Tandoor. Since it was a weekday, they had weekday special buffet at Rs. 349 plus taxes ( would come a little less than 500 all inclusive). The price was definitely attractive considering my previous experience with them. So I jumped at the offer!

On reaching, I was tad disappointed by the ambience. I personally like to clearly see what I eat and therefore don't like dark place with LED/neon lights! I like it bright. But since that's something personal you can ignore it. Now about the food, they first served us the welcome drink which was definitely not welcoming! It had a rather weird taste which I'm still trying to demystify. Then came the non-veg soup with absolutely no traces of non-veg in it. I left it after two spoonfuls coz of the mindblowing taste! Quite literally it blew my mind.. first it was the welcome drink and now this..I just wanted to think of it as a bad day! Then we went to the salads and starters. Among the salads, the beans one had a very chemical taste to it. So that was dropped then and there. I also tried their macroni salad which was quite good and I actually went back for it twice.

The veg starters - mattar seekh kebab and the ajwain kabab are capable of shutting the restaurant once and for all coz that's how disgusting it was! I pity the vegetarians who had to put up with it ( I was banking on my non-veg section when I thought of this). I didn't bother to try anything else in the veg section. Moved to the two chicken starters which actually just differed in colour and had no great taste. I've had better kebabs any day! The Amritsari Fish Tikka had a similar taste like the Ajwain tikka ( basically you can give it a miss). The two chicken curries were the saving grace. They were good accompaniements with pulao/roti. The chicken biryani was a little spicy; more Hyderabadi than Peshawari. But yet again I expected something better. Among desserts, I tried their Moong Dal Halwa and Gulab Jamun. The former was extremely good and latter disappointing. I've never really seen people going wrong with Gulab Jamuns and which is precisely why it is found in almost every buffet but this one had gone wrong somewhere.

Overall, my bill came up to Rs.958 including a bottle of mineral water. The management seriously needs to think about reworking their menu and taste because that's what ultimately counts!



So so experience

The service started off bad. We entered the restaurant and wasn't even greeted nor did anybody from the restaurant seat us. We had to search for the table ourselves.The staff seemed to move around a lot, but no one was attending to our table.The service improved once we informed the staff of their shoddy performance. Liquor was served in normal tumblers! We asked for wine glasses and were refused stating they only had the usual tumbler glass. My take of the experience here:
1.Hospitality-4 out of 10
2. Ambiance-8 out of 10
3.Service quality-5 out of 10
4.Food quality-7 out of 10
5.Food quantity-6out of 10 (The starters consisted of very few servings for the price; around Rs. 225-250 per starter)
6.Taste-6 out of 10 (The mock tails were horrible, lasagna was pretty good and the rest pretty average)
7.Value for money-4 out of 10 (The bill came to Rs. 3,500 for 3 starters, a lasagne, 2 rum, 2 mock tails. 2 subzis and 6 Indian bread )
Overall, very average experience and overpriced. At an average price of 700 per person, there are better options around Koromangala.



Great food

Excellent! it is really a nice food to have here in Peshawari Tandoor.



Excellent food

Had a nice evening here the other day, everything was good, we really liked the ambiance, our waiter was very pleasant and the food was excellent. No complaints about the pricing either.



This place is a night mare. Had lunch buffet here last week and ended up bad tummy. Half the crowd which had joined me for lunch had the same fate. never will i recommend nor visit this place.



Super yummy Indian food now in Bangalore!

Had a lovely dinner from Turquoise yesterday... the yummiest kababs( peshawari paneer tikka, a delicious chicken kabab, galawti kabab, mushrooms) , afghani betki fish, mutton dum biryani, dal makhani, nalli ka salan.... super yumm!! Defi a must visit for those that love Indian food!!!




Very good Indian khana. Dal Bukhara was superb. Meat dishes are spiced just right - not too spicy. Tandoori Grouper was excellent. Keep it up.


b'day party

it's one of the best restaurants i had visited for buffet... starting from the host of this restaurant or the receptionist nd all the staff members are very humble.. it was difficult for me to reach there but they guided me over the phone continuously .... the lunch buffet was wonderful... I had been there on 16 sept'11...the food is aw sum with all dishes been perfectly made nd cooked....... the ambiance is wonderful.... i just loved it... must visit this place


Foodydreams - Burrp User


3 Reviews

February 04,2012


Secrets that should be known.

Been here a few time. I am an expat and been living here for a few years. I can get chatty at time so I am glad the staff humors me. Absolutely love the Nalli Ka Sallan. The texture of the gravy tells you there is slow cooking involved in the preparation, the dish comes with fermented bread. My usual order is the Galawati Kebab, Chandi Kebab. I hear the paneer is made in-house. The Mutton Dum Biryani is awesome. The barman does wonderful Cocktails.

During one of my visits I happened to inquire about the chef. They seemed hesitant, but later informed me that the Chef @ The Indian is the very same Chef that started 'Samarkand'. Wow!! That is something. Don't know why they were shy about it. The Indian does serves the same cuisine. I have been to Samarkand and know what that place is about.

The restaurant is definitely serious about their food. Don't judge a book by its cover. So if you see a few tables or all the tables occupied doesnt matter. Try the food!


tasties - Burrp User


15 Reviews

January 29,2012


Excellent Buffet - Must Try

Tried the buffet at the Indian. Was everything I expected and beyond. The Tandoori starters were lovely, and flavorful. The chats were amazing. My veggie friends loved the gravy dishes. All the food was done in North Indian Style and quality was excellent. There were lots of desserts to choose from. Make sure you have a reservation, the place was packed.




There were around 20 of us and we went on a friday evening. You dont have to book if you are going before 8, because the place gets filled up only after 9. i would recommend the non-veg platter(Rs.2000!). Drinks are costly, and even the food also. Almost the same rate as Sahib Singh Sultan! The ambience is just fine. The final bill came to Rs.26,000!!! If you have a fat paycheck, go for it :)


Its Average food , Ok place

The food is not something you would be wowed with , its decent . Had some kababs , it was super duper spicy (i remember asking for spicy). I guess that's one way of getting you to keep drinking more ;-) .The place is big and seems to be designed to be adaptive to more than just a restaurant, had a small incident of finding something in the drink (they did go ahead and replace it). Not very impressed . Other than the lights on the ceiling i wasn't very impressed with the rest of the place.



Redefines Awadhi/Lucknowi cuisine

I had been to the European version of Turquoise before and loved it to the core, so when me and y wife were discussing options for a Saturday lunch, we thought of going back to the European restaurant again, but unfortunately we forgot that the buffet is only on Sunday and not on Saturday. That's when the helpful staff suggested that we try the Indian restaurant upstairs as it had a buffet, though not mentally geared up for Indian food we decided to give it a shot and boy was it worth it.

Thee were 2 terms which I had been hearing over and over again in all the cookery shows which I watch on TV, one was "meat falling off the bones" and the other was "melt in your mouth" meat. In all my non vegetarian life I had never experienced and therefore never understood what these terms meant....all that was about to change today!!

We decided to submit to the suggestions of the staff and go all out on the lamb dishes, we started with the barra lazeez kabab and the gawlatti/galouti kababs the barra is basically ribs cooked to perfection, the spices were just perfect, not overpowering the flavor of the meat and at the same time being there to give the succulent meat the right amount of boost which it needed to coax your taste buds to enjoy it to the maximum. This was my first "rib" experience and now I am going to ensure its something which I order more frequently.

The next item we ordered was the Gawlatti/galouti kababs, which is a standard item on the menu of any north indian restaurant,especially one claiming to serve authentic lukcnowi or awadhi cuisine. The kabab is basically lamb mince mixed with rich flavorful spices and cooked to perfection on a tawa or grill. This kabab was my introduction to the term "melt in your mouth" now this term is usually associated with deserts but hardly with meat. It was surprising to feel the meat literally melt in your mouth once you took a bite!! I have eaten mince meat dishes in a lot of places and what characterizes all of them is a lack of attention to the process of mincing the meat, every single place where I tasted mince meat dishes invariably had pieces of bone also mixed with the mince, basically due to lack of attention by the butcher or by the cook. This time there was no bone, no unnecessary adulteration of the mince with cartilage, skin, fat or other undesirable items!! The taste was amazingly light on the palate but the same time the flavors were there and lingered on your tongue just long enough to entice you to take another bite. The kababs were served on tiny rotis which acted as a base as well as a great complement to the kabab itself. Simply fantastic

For main course, we ordered khameeri roti, dal bukhara, nalli ka salan, mirchi ka salan, burhani raita and mutton dum biriyani.

The Khameeri Roti is a masterclass in itself (pardon the term, its due to my Masterchef overdose). Soft, sweet and just plain yummy, I can eat the rotis by themselves without anything to go with it!! the secret behind the sweet softness is right amount of fermentation of the dough before being rolled out and cooked, requires lots of knowledge and experience to achieve the right amount of fermentation...consistently!

The Dal bukhara was fantastic, in some other places I have felt that the dal bukhara is often killed by adding unnecessary amounts of butter into it or overcooking it. Here it was perfectly cooked, you could get the earthy flavors and smells of the dal in every bite, perfect accompaniment to the Khameeri Roti

Now comes the Nalli ka Salan, I usually dont order or eat nalli, but my wife likes it so decided to give it a shot. The dish came with pieces of paya and a rich thick gravy. I was told that the dais is made by cooking paya or feet of lamb over extended periods of time until the marrow melts to form a rich thick soup which is then enhanced further by adding aromatic and flavorful spices and cooking the resultant gravy over slow fire. The dish smelt for the lack of a better word "YUMMY" there were pieces of paya with some meat on the bones, as I went for a piece of paya I found the meat just sliding off the bone, now I knew what it meant when Gordon Ramsay says "the meat has to fall off the bone" minus the arrogant jackass attitude and generous use of expletives!! I thoroughly enjoyed the salan. It was a lesson in new taste and terms!!

The Dum biriyani, Burhani Raita and Mirchi ka Salan were up next. Most people may think why write or talk about mirchi ka salan or raita, after all they just standard fare with Biryani anywhere, I seconded that opinion till I ate the mirchi ka salan and raita here. try it for yourself and you will understand.

The Biryani was brought to the table in a dish covered with a dough sealing. I have seen this before in other restaurants and in all those places the dough would look like a last minute garnish added in haste to fool the customer in to thinking the biryani was actually dum pukht, the only way to be sure if the dough is actually used as a technique or as an accessory to a crime (a crime of cheating the customer) is to see if the dough has been cooked as a result of the dum trying to escape from the biryani!! in this case the dough was cooked and once it was opened I could smell the rich biryani inside, the only other place where the biryani smelt this good was at a friend's place , the said friend is a descendent of one of the lucknowi royal families and so had the knowledge to make the biryani the right way...and sorry you guys are not invited to his pace for free biryani!! The meat in the biryani was juicy succulent and seeped in the flavors of the spices and was again the "melt in the mouth" types!!

Now the raita and mirchi ka most restaurants you dont even find a raita called burhani raita (hope I got the spelling right). What you get in the name of raita is some random chopped vegetables thrown into a bowl of curd with some chat masala sprinkled on top, here was a completely different raita with no veggies in it and some really intriguing combination of spices which adds a spicy sweetness to the raita, perfect accompaniment number one for the biryani!!

The Mirchi ka salan is usual fare in any hyderabadi/lucknowi/awadhi restaurant and more often than not the entire dish is buried deep underneath a thick layer of oil which would make ONGC want to explore the dish for oil fields underneath!! here you could see the salan in all its beauty and it was fantastic on the palate, the rich gravy and the mirchi playing hide and seek on your tongue!! perfect accompaniment number two for the biryani!!

Finally Desert!! we chose the baked anjeer halwa with rabri topping. The figs were cooked to perfection, not too raw and not reduced to a gooey mess just perfect, the rabri topping only helped highlight the taste of the figs rather than trying to compete and confuse the palate, perfect ending to a royal feast!!

So that was my experience and I loved it and will definitely be back for more, Thank you Turquoise!!

One word of advice to all future patrons....throw away the cutlery and dig in with your hands...coz as Col Sanders(KFC Logo) says or used to say...this food is finger lickin good!!


Great place!

We had been to Turquoise - The Indian on a Sunday afternoon. We ordered the Tomato Shorba with almost no spices for my 10 month old son and he absolutely loved it!!! The ambience is awesome because of the wonderful lights and the effects. They dont have a high chair for babies but my son didnt give us much trouble so we didnt miss it. Food wise, the quality and taste is excellent. But I found the quantity less. Also the menu card could do with some more varieties because there is a very limited range of choice.


Vinay S - Burrp User

Vinay S

9 Reviews

October 06,2011


"Blue"wn away !

Went here on a Sunday noon ... Loved the ambience (blue & shades of it is my fav colour). A warm service and lovely food - Preferred Indian over Euorpean cuisine ... And to top it, the live music made it a perfect noon ! Worth a visit over the weekend.


skandi - Burrp User


2 Reviews

September 25,2011


Best in Koramangala

This has got to be one of the best new places in Koramangala. We've been there twice so far, once as a group of 6 and then again to their European brunch on Sunday.

Must say the place is really spacious and cool with the fancy lighting. They have a lounge area also but since we were with older folk we chose the high back chairs. They also had a karaoke going on that night so it was fun. The food is rich and tantalizing to the taste buds. We tried their Galawati Kababs and the Paneer Tikkas both of which were truly softest melt in your mouth kababs we ever had. The owner recommended we also try their spinach stuffed mushroom caps and this was the highlight of our starters. Among mains we had the Nalli ka Salan which was absolutely devine with soft lamb and delicious gravy and the Desi Dum Murgh which though was rather rich had rather tender country chicken - most surprisingly! Dad had the spicy Laal Maas which he loved and we also tried the Paneer Kurcharan which turned out pretty flavourful as well with a slightly spicy & tangy mix. We tried an assortment of rotis and I must make special mention of the Lachha Parathas (flaky & light) and the Khameri or fermented roti. To top off our main course we tried the heavily recommended Gost ki Dum Biryani. Must say we were all quite impressed with the presentation in a atta covered clay pot which was cut open at the table. The biryani itself was flavourful and brilliant with just the right amount of spice. We then tried their home made Badshahi Kulfi which was loaded with full cream, just like the paneer.

All in all the Indian at Turquoise deserves full marks for great food, personalized service (the owners hovered around checking on every table) and great entertainment. We did manage to sing a couple of numbers on karaoke which kept the fun going till the end. The bill for 6 of us came up to 8200 with drinks which was decent value for money. I think my whole family would heartily recommend this place to everybody.


namushna - Burrp User


7 Reviews

September 25,2011


Give it a try

Turquoise experience was nice. First of all, valet parking is available. Approach to the third floor is ordinary, and its a surprise once you open the door and get in. Good space. Lighting is well done. Bar area is also there. Seating is comfortable, and not much of a crowd. Good place to relax and enjoy the food. Starters are good. Maincourse was tasty with biryani being good. Only drawback about the food was that everything seemed to have a bit of extra oil. So the food is heavy on the tummy. Staff was courteous. Beyond actual food price-the VAT, service tax and service charges (especially) make the food cost on the higher side. Give the place a try. A decent one in Kormanagala.



Should try this!!!

After being to the European restaurant which i liked, i wanted to check out the Indian version. A quick recap, n what could be improved

Ambiance : Good
Food : Good
Price : Good
Menu : Limited options atleast for veggies, but most of them are quite good.
Service : Avg, let me elaborate more on this, actually when they take order or serve it is quite good, what is annoying is, no one would be visible to take the order/give some to wait for long, wave hands n things like tht should be done, just wondering why, as the place is newly opened it was only half full, i was wondering wht every one is doing...
Guys, plz b available, rest all are fantastic...hope to see you again with better service....

Very limited desserts, but the Qubanika meetha was Superb!!


Nice Place... Good Food

Well my colleague suggested this place and he had got passes from a deal site to this place. It was a buffet and for 199 a buffet, it was a steal. The soup, starters and the biriyani were good.... there was only gulab jamoon and ice cream for dessert, but considering the price, it was ok. Only complaint we had was that the staff were not efficient enough to re-fill the food once it got over. Sometimes we waited for a while, while our appetite took some beating... apart from this everything else was fine. Go for it.



Great food.

We have been to this restaurant a few times now. We have 2 kids 3 and 6 years old. They love the Tomato soup and all the chicken kebabs. I love the pappadi chaat, and the cheese kurkuree as starters and their lovely mutton dum briyani. It is out of this world.

My kids love to look at the changing lights and try to guess what the next colour will be.

The chefs really know what they are doing and will prepare the dish to your liking I don't like greasy food and have never had any at this restaurant. It might be slightly on the expensive side but I feel that the foods quality is really excellent.

Would recommend this restaurant to everyone.


Absolute must try

We went with my friends for the lunch buffet, there was good variety of veg and non-veg, at reasonable prices. The food was very good and service was excellent. Decor was very different with fiber optic lights. I loved the paneer and qubani ka meeta and my friends liked the mutton. We will definitely visit again




Great location and parking available - a huge plus in this town. wasted by very average food. We went in for a very light dinner with some kebabs and some curries and both my wife and I fell sick later on - the food is very rich and greasy. Even without ordering deserts, the place is quite expensive. A fairly decent ambience and spacious place. However again avoid if they have "live music" as we had to listen to some very bad renditions being pelted out of some good ol' numbers like eagles.


June 11, 2011response from management at Peshawari Tandoor - Turquoise:

Hello, glad to see that we are your first review ever!! North Indian Food is known to be rich to some extent however taking into account our customers needs we are working on cutting back the grease . As far as the music is concerned, we have had live english music only once @ The Indian. Bangalore's Favorite Sabrina Price had performed.