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> > > > Pind Balluchi

Pind Balluchi

Magrath RoadEast Bangalore  

  • 41153761, 9900075649
  • Shop No 2, 4th Floor, Garuda Mall, No. 15, Magrath Road, Bangalore
  • Punjabi, North Indian
  • Meal for 2 - 1200

11 Reviews / 12 Ratings

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Pind Balluchi Reviews







Bang For The Buck

I went there on a Saturday with a couple of friends. Let me divide my review in different headings to follow easily.

Hospitality and Courtesy (4) - It was little late for lunch time but the place was still full. We asked for a table close to the window and got one.

The waiter/server was very good. He had a nice smile throughout, suggested dishes, refilled our sides (onions, pickles etc) as and when required.

Location and Ambiance (3.5) - Located in the heart of Bangalore this place is easy to find. Interiors are nicely done giving it a dhaba feel. Same goes for cutlery and utensils. Washrooms could have been cleaner.

Food (4.5) - This is where the place scores the highest. I have been to their branches in Delhi but this one stood out in taste. Chicken Achari starter was spicy and succulent. Butter Chicken was so creamy, it was just yummy. Mutton gravy had typical dhaba taste that we city people crave for. All the breads were crispy.

Value for Money (4) - For three people we ran into a bill of Rs 1500. This includes drinks, starters and main course. Couldn't try desserts as we were so full. This place is totally a bang for the buck.

I will definitely visit this place again and would like to recommend to others as well.


Ritika Rai - Burrp User

Ritika Rai

2 Reviews

December 27,2013






Lovely ambience and overall good food

We went to pind balluchi on thursday.had tomato shorba which was a lil spicy and was served in a glass.lassi was good but then the amt they serve was small when compared to the meney they charge.aloo dum was tasty,rotis were served hot.lime soda was a bit too sweet.gulab jamun was too good.staff was good and responsive



Average At Best

Had been here a few days back. Ordered assorted breads, jeera rice, paneer makhni and dal makhni.We were happy to see the prices, but understood the reason for low prices once the food arrived.
Avoid their paneer makhni. Its a few paneer cubes in a very tangy tomato soup. Dal makhni was okay. Rice was undercooked and breads were too dry.



I Will Be Back With Friends!!

Loved the ambience. The food quality was very good. Specially the Parathas. I thought they won't have good quality veg menu. But I was wrong.
They have a decent and simple food menu. Not too complicated like the other restaurants do!!
Though I think they should add alcohol drinks too.
It was decently priced!!



Will Be Back For More!

I don't know why some of the reviews for this place are so bad. I had lunch here today and I had such a great experience! We started off with seekh kebab masala. The kebabs were succulent (damn, I admit I love that word and there is seriously, no other word that would do this dish justice) and doused in a thick tomato-onion gravy, which was totally off-the-plate-lickable.

Next we ordered a chicken tikka masala (playing it safe!) which turned out to be way better than expected (none of that annoying food colour that is so typical of some places, which leaves your hands looking like you've been subjected to a pithy application of diluted mehendi). We also had keema naan (they were, i think, a tad stingy with the keema but then I like my naan liberally stuffed) and a fermented wholewheat naan (which was passable, probably because of my strong disaffection with wholewheat in general). We finished off with a chicken biryani that was suitably laced with masala in all the right places and two juicy pieces of chicken, which made the whole meal considerably flavourful and left me in a state of contentment.

The wait staff was attentive and friendly and the ambience was quite lovely as well. There were these stacks of bangles adorning the partitions and ceilings of the restaurant, which made the whole place look very pretty.

All in all, I would definitely recommend a visit! :)



Lovely Pind

Pind means Village in Punjabi and Balluchi means food. India is a country of villages and Pind Balluchi epitomizes this simple fact. Here we have a high class dhaba like experience in Garuda Mall which stands out from the other outlets as Pind Balluchi is already famous for its authentic Punjabi food in the NCR region. I will always remember the Pind Balluchi of Gurgaon, however here I'm compelled to review the Garuda Mall outlet.

We were greeted by a burly doorman, and on entering, were instantly awed by the decor. Statues of men, women and children clad in traditional Punjabi attire positioned here and there, bangles in different colours and designs neatly arranged on wooden rods one above the other and dim lighting with a thick trunked tree in the middle of the setting transport you into a typical Punjabi atmosphere. Pind Balluchi isn't cramped though it isn't too big either. Tables, sofas and chairs have neatly been arranged.

The cuisine is a typical Punjabi fare as is popular in the capital and offers a wide variety from thick curried entrees to tandoori snacks and dishes. The bar, a small assortment of favourite drinks, hardly noticeable except for the beer.

We ordered a variety of appetizers which all came teamed up with the classic dhaniya chutney and spicy vinegar onions. What is commendable about their menu is that they have a snapshot of the food items on the menu which makes it easier for anyone who's ordering Punjabi food for the first time. Also its clever of them to use alluring pics to tease our taste buds.

We started off with the Panner Tikka for we were dead sure that this would be a clear winner in a Punjabi restaurant, and we weren't wrong. The Paneer was soft and succulent. Aam Ka Panna and Ananas Ka Panna were out choices for the drinks which were quite refreshing. For the main course we tried the Chicken Biryani which was cooked to perfection and the mint flavour was an added advantage. In the dessert, we opted for the Rasmalai, which was ordinary and good.

The only gastronomic disadvantage is the heavy oily and rich food that although tasty at first does become a bit too much for a person but then again, one can always indulge once in a while.

I recommend :)



"I missed your order"!!!

"Well well 1st impression can never be the last impression"...the 2nd visit to Pind over the weekend was quite a disappointing one.
Had been to this place for the first time earlier, the decor the food was a hit hence we thought it looked to be a perfect family outing to yet again be there. But it didn't last for too long...
The long wait for food, the attempts to get the waiters attention all was just a task. The table having unnecessary extra dishes, there wasn't any detail given to check on anything. And to top it all we had our main course order "missed" by them!
For a restaurant like Pind, which isn't any cheap restaurant having a big order miss is being quite reckless..the never ending wait when brought in to light to the management got them thinking, and finally concluded they missed the order. After re-ordering it took them 15 mins more to serve.
They covered up saying ohh they got confused with orders, there was no much effort of making up for the mistake. Being courteous enough we stayed on and completed our meal..

The longest time spent at a restaurant for just nothing!


aruphi  - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 09,2013


Pathetic place (and I am being polite)

I had dinner to day at this restaurant. Nothing worthwhile to mention. Food was horrible - the raitha was tasteless, the chicken was hard, the pulao tasted like yesterday, the kebabs were sweet ...yaa you heard it right sweet and tasteless. They messed up my order and were not even apologetic about it. Staff is completely indifferent - very poor service. It is like they are doing a service by serving you.



Ok Place

A friend and I went to this place for Saturday lunch. We walked into the restaurant and were greeted by a pleasant waiter who directed us to the table of our choice - a window table. We settled down and took the menus proffered to us by another waiter. There were a lot of items on offer and we carefully skimmed through the whole menu before ordering. Our order was a Salt Lassi, a Murg Shorba, 3 Butter Naans and a Murgh Makhani. After we placed our order, I looked around the restaurant and admired the ambience. This restaurant has a simply lovely ambience. It resembles an authentic Punjabi setting, with a water wheel in one corner, bangles strung all over and beautiful period furniture. The food when it arrived tasted wonderful. I enjoyed my Murg Shorba which was served in a mug, a butter naan and the Murg Makhani. My friend also enjoyed his meal. Meal over, feeling full we asked for the bill. This came as a bit of a shocker since I wasn't expecting fine dining rates. The ambience is certainly fine dining standard but the service and the cleanliness is not. When we sat down at the table, I asked the waiter to please clean it as the previous occupants had dropped some food over the table. The waiter instead suggested we sit at a nearby empty table. In a fine dining restaurant with service tax being charged, I don't expect the waiter to suggest I move to another table. I expect him to clean the table AND without being asked. It came as a shocker to me that he didn't even see the table was messy till I pointed it out. Again, I had to call the waiter whenever I needed something. A fine dining establishment (and I have been to over 20 at least in Bangalore) has service staff who keep an eye on things like emptying water glasses, nearly empty plates etc and ensure they either fill these utensils up or remove them to make place for the next course. The waiters also were not very discreet with their service and one of the head waiters stared at me in a puzzled manner when I requested the bill (for the second time). I expect the waiters of a fancy establishment to be familiar with accented English. All in all, a place with great ambience, good food but poor service for the price paid. The crowd... hmm well let's just say they aren't a very international crowd.


rajsraman - Burrp User


31 Reviews

February 08,2013


Authentic punjabi food

This is a new restaurant which was opened some months back in Garuda Mall and a must visit place for authentic punjabi food. Staff are courteous and price too moderate. Excellent place for team lunches, parties etc.,




Its awesome restaurant with excellent food. Its Dahi de kebab is amazing.