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> > > > Pizza Port

Pizza Port

KoramangalaSouth Bangalore  


4 Reviews / 4 Ratings

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Pizza Port Reviews


Thin-crust to die for

Pizza Port is our favorite joint in Bangalore, reminiscent of the excellent Smoking Joe's in Bombay that (unfortunately) never took off in Bangalore. Very generous with the meat and toppings, the flavors are rich and deep. The thin-crust is an excellent choice for Italian-style Pizza lovers. The best part, of course, is the price with loads of offers and freebies (usually buy one get one free type). The worst part is that they are not open in more locations around the city. Highly recommended!


Great Food

We used to order a lot from this place... Usually from our Gaming place near canara bank {Game Zone (R.I.P.)}... the chicken combos were insane and not to mention their Burgers with 1,2&3 layers of chicken... and their CHicken hot-dog feast was something to die for... unfortunately i dont see the board anymore at tht place... dunno if it is shut down or someone else has taken over...




I have tried the one near ITPL. Earlier they also used to serve pasta but I think they have stopped now. But their crostini del casa (check the spell) used to be my favorite. They make amazing burgers as well. Unlike other place here you can order for maha burger with many layers...

try the Mediterranean chicken.


Ren-C  - Burrp User


33 Reviews

September 10,2008


Value for money

Very easy to miss the joint if you are not familiar with the Koramangala roads. Opposite to Star Bazaar there is a small road leading down. En route, maybe 500 meters down, maybe a kilometer after, you'll see the place on your left. The other way, if you know the roads behind the Cream & Fudge Factory/Donut Baker, you'll find the place on the road diagonally opposite Juke Box.

There are only 6 tables there and no one really comes to eat at the place. Not because of their poor quality or poor service, please don't let your mind run wild. People prefer to order food and get it delivered to the residence. If you don't mind the cramped feeling and people eating your elbow space and if you are not a part of a gang more than four, do enjoy your meal.

They always have offers on Medium/Large pizzas. They have good combos, too. They have Indian food and Pastas, which I am not really fond of.

Of course, their pizzas are not as good as the ones served in Pizza Hut, but definitely a cut above the other pizza places without the fancy prizes. To enjoy your pizzas without paying an arm and a leg, check out the place. They have the joints all over the place, too, M.G.Road, Jayanagar, Whitefied to name a few.