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> > > > Potluck Vegetarian Restaurant

Potluck Vegetarian Restaurant

BTM Layout 2nd StageSouth Bangalore  


10 Reviews / 10 Ratings

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Potluck Vegetarian Restaurant Reviews

shabz - Burrp User


15 Reviews

January 15,2010


So-So Veg Affair

Even though this is quite close to my place, I had a tough time locating it. The hotel staff saying that it is near Udupi Garden is quite misleading especially when this is tucked away on the quieter roads of BTM and that too in the opposite direction to Udupi Garden. After looking around in all the parallel roads and just as we were ready to give up the search and go home, we asked a few guys walking up Udupi Garden and were rightly guided to Potluck. For the benefit of others, Potluck is situated on the road of Swadisht Upahar bang opposite Sahakar Motors. It is on the second floor of a newly constructed building on top of Just Bake.

We went yesterday. As it was a festival, the place was not packed. The seating was comfortable but the tables are almost packed back-to-back and so close that traversing through the paths can be a pain. No décor so to speak except for a few paintings that depict Rajasthan and a small TV playing in front of the cashier who for some reason chose to sit closer to the kitchen than at the exit.

We decided to try the thali meals expecting to find at least some of the Rajasthani items we thought we could sample. We ordered shikanjis to go with the meals. After waiting for 15 minutes (we saw many waiters but they were just hovering around the TV rather than the few customers who were present), the shikanjis were brought in.

Having no idea what shikanji should look or taste like, the minute we sipped we cried out in unison “jal jeera”. Now looking at the previous review, I am mighty sure we were served jal jeera but with lotsa crushed jeera that formed a one-centimeter sediment thus obstructing the smooth flow through our food pipes and causing us to wipe our tongues with the paper napkin more than once.

The thali followed after another 10 minutes. Service is pretty slow and that too for a thali!!! When it arrived, one dekko at our thali and we thought we had made a big mistake. Staring at us was three phulkas, a bowl of rice accompanied by a bowl of sabzi, paneer aloo gravy (it could have been rather called a curry than a gravy), dal, curd, and a jamoon. So much for expecting to be served something special on a festival. Papads came in later.

The taste was nothing to write home about. It’s true that it tastes like homemade food but our mothers definitely cook better. I never found any item even remotely tickling my taste bud, so asked for achaar. We almost had to eat white rice for the gravies were long over.

The thali is priced at Rs 60, which for such a limited vegetarian fare is expensive. The South Indian thalis have more variety to offer at one-third the price. Over all, there was nothing Rajasthani about the food that we had.

The menu is interesting but I can’t vouch for the taste without sampling those. Dal Bhatti is served on Saturdays and is priced at Rs 89. The prices looked moderate for a few dishes but extreme for a few others. I am definitely going to go back of an ala carte meal. I hope that will not be huge let-down as this was.


calcical - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 03,2009


Poor Service

Service was very slow. there was nly 1 waiter for 15 tables. We ordered shikanji and were given jal jeera
Aloo Gobhi had no gobhi in it..
Missi roti was ordered and methi paratha was brought..



Cool Place

Ambience is simple. Service is good. Food is really must remember taste. I saw one of the reviews and went there. Worth it. The price is very cheep here. NOTHING TO MISS HERE.


thebhumihar - Burrp User


2 Reviews

September 21,2009



They have closed the old restaurant near Ranka Colony and started a new one near Udupi Garden on BTM 17th Main.
Food quality is still good. They have added new items in the menu.
The chair table seating is uncomfortable. They should replace them with sofas. Also they should start taking payments by Cards.


"Ok types"

I haven't "been" to Potluck yet, but order in a lot when at work. Colleagues seem to love the food, but I find it bland. Price is ok, delivery time is excellent. Hope a place like this which serves (west) coastal non veg food comes up around BG road soon..



The Best so far...

Its my sixth year in Bangalore and being a foody person, I have tried almost all restaurants in BTM, Koramangala, Marathalli and Whitefield area. And I must say that for last six months, I have stopped trying out new places because I have found a really prize for guessing it right!!!! Yes, its Potluck.
The best part of the food for me has always been the rotis. And Potluck is unmatchable in this area. They serve soft and hot rotis made of Atta and not maida. All curries served at Potluck taste just like home made sabjis. They have cool variety of sabjis....starting from Aloo Tamatar , Gobhi, Bhindi Bharva Karela. Trust me...I have never eaten such a delicious Karela sabji in my life....In sweets they serve home made mouth watering hot Gulab Jamuns.
And Potluck is really cool when it comes to pocket. I can have Shorba, Starter, Main course food and sweets....all in less than 100 bucks.


ga_burrp - Burrp User


17 Reviews

February 26,2008


Revisit: Quality gone down, prices doubled

Read my other review just below this review. I was gushing back then about how I found a diamond in the rough. So I just wanted to give an update on this place after my recent visit there. Apparently, their business must have picked up (were the reviews here responsible?!). They have almost doubled their prices ... which in itself I would not have grudged, but when coupled with lower quality and smaller portions of food, I have to give them a thumbs down. Still Rs 150 for a full meal for average clean food isn't too bad ... so I give them an average 3/5.


ga_burrp - Burrp User


17 Reviews

December 21,2007


Great Find! Cheap N.Indian clean veg food

I read the other reviews of this place and decided to try it out. They were spot on. And I give it two thumbs up. This should definitely be on your To-Do list.

If you happen to go to bannergatta Rd. (going towards bannergatta, you will see on your left side in a muddy moon-cratered lane some cream colored buildings cleared marked "Ranka colony" and this restaurant is right opposite in a home).

Atmosphere was very clean (not high class or chic but clean). Also, this place is away from the maddening noise of bannergatta Rd. Service was quite decent. They bought a finger bowl both before and after the meal and gave me a newspaper to read during the wait for the order to arrive. Nice eh!

The food was the best part. True HOME MADE TASTE, I tell ya. All veg only. I think they had only one paneer dish. The rest was all what you would really expect to be cooked in a N.Indian home. No greasy food like many of the punjabi restaurants.

Hee hee .. I honestly felt like it was I who ripped them off by paying only a 100 bucks for some delicious Dal-palak, Cucumber Raita, Baingan Bharta and 8 phulkas (really soft and nice wiith ghee). All vegetables cost only between 18-to-22. This quantity was sufficient for two normal people (and I am two people - maybe I should change my avatar from Yoda to Jabba-the-hutt).

This place deserves to be in business. Great value. Patronize it if you can.


vikashdubey - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 18,2007


Tasty Home like food

This place was suggested to me by a colleague of mine. This is a vegetarian place.

I had been to this place a few months back for the first time. The place is a home converted to a restuarant. So mostly it is a no frills restaurant. The food was really nice and tasty. The menu has some really good items which are like homemade. I really loved the dessert ( Rabdi, Shahi tukda). The phulkas were hot and soft. The sabjis were awesome, paneer was soft and fluffy.

Since my first visit I have revisited this place whenever we want to have home like food and eat to fill. I would suggest this place for everyone who wants to take a break from the normal oily, coloured food served in other restaurants. I will post more detailed updates sometime soon.


Wholesome and tasty

The only thing I didn't like about this place was the road leading to this place....pothole ridden but that would apply to lots of places in Bangalore.
Set in a home...converted to a restaurant...first impressions might not be such a good idea.But you enter and are seated and look at the menu...the prices are mind boggling....very very down to earth.
The food is a refreshing change...minimal oil and spices...thank god some one recgonised there is more to North Indian food than Punjabi cuisine..
The best thing are the and soft like at home.We were in a group of 4. We had Dal Bati...which is probably the most expensive dish at Rs.65. Piping hot...and very yummy. The meal was practically an orgy of tastes, alu mutter, paneer bhurji, dal, phulkas, Hot jalebis...just right and of course heavenly rabdi...all for Rs.350 and the Air conditioning was free. To top it all my almost 2 year old daughter got Alpenliebe's for herself courtesy the ever attentive owner and that was her meal.
All in all a refreshing change from the high priced, over decorated and poor food outlets that plague Bangalore.
Don't know how long they would last though with such low prices...Here's wishing them luck...