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> > > > Punjabi Rasoi

Punjabi Rasoi

RT NagarNorth Bangalore  

  • 08023339171, 08023338064
  • 6, 3rd Floor, 80 Feet Road, HMT Layout, RT Nagar Main Road, RT Nagar, Bangalore
  • Punjabi

11 Reviews / 10 Ratings

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Punjabi Rasoi Reviews

Big Big Cheaters never go here

Went after my friend suggestion, ordered panner tikka as starter and mutton biryani for main course, to my shock i could see small small tiny pieces of chicken in the rice which had to be a mutton biryani, which was very ridiculous, how can any one mix chicken rice add 2 pieces of mutton and give the biryani and say its mutton biryiani . is this the way to treat your customers . i was totally out of mind , I was on health diet and doctor had advised me not to eat chicken, bloody cheaters I say.

when i asked for a answer the manager says we have clearly mentioned in the menu we add mutton and chicken together and cook, what a bull shit I have never seen this kind of restaurants in my life saying all this stories . the kitchen was so dirty. I just want to file a complaint against this people for cheating me, please any one let me know how to file a complaint against them



authentic punjabi food

Awesome food. The perfect place for foodies, looking for something really good. The food was the best I have had in Bangalore. Each item was distinct and tasted great
d mutton roganjosh n rottis wer just amazing
the ambience kinda was dull ,which was a lil inside of rt nagar
now they ve relocated it to the main road and it scores well now
the lassi is a must have
d quantity of the food is punjaabi standards ( too much for an avg indian)
pricey and good service as well


leagueivy - Burrp User


14 Reviews

November 14,2012


Not as good as it used to be

Just the other day, we ordered in food from this place. And while the delivery was prompt, there was a lot lacking in the quality of the food.

The Afghani Chicken used to be one of their best dishes on their menu. But sadly that is not the case any more. The white sauce that it was done up in used to be creamy and light at the same time. But when we ate it recently, the cream was heavy and inedible. After a few bites it was impossible to even take a small bite of the chicken.

The biryani and other dishes too were nothing spectacular. Wish they look into their shortcomings soon and do something about it. Otherwise, I have no intention to go back.



Sad to see it go downhill!

This was one of the better restaurants this part of town. The food used to be deliciously Punjabi. And you couldn't help but ignore the calorie count. But ordered-in a couple of days ago and it looks like the quality has taken a nose dive.

The Tandoori Chicken was yum as usual. They do a slightly different spice rub and they make sure that the chicken retains its juices. The yogurt dip that comes with the chicken is worthy of mention too. It goes perfectly with the dish and underlines the spices of the chicken. But the Chicken Tikka Masala was disappointing. It was way too salty and the gravy over-powered the chicken. I could barely gulp it down with the oily jeera rice, which was also a let down.

Hope they pull up their socks and go back to being the Punjabi Rasoi of yore, soon!



GOod Punjabi fare in a closeby locality

It is a tad expensive yes, the ambience is so so because it does get kind of crowded in the evenings, but that apart its food is decently authentic and keeping with punjabi tradition, good portions! The daal makkhani and chicken tikka masala are good. Have the boondi raitha and the lassi...very heavy! Good fare all in all



the place..

If u love Punjabi food.......then what r u thinking. This is the place to be in. Daal makhni n butter naan.


3 cheers to aunty n uncle.(great people)


Padma Ashok - Burrp User

Padma Ashok

1 Reviews

February 12,2012


Very good food

We went to punjabi rasoi last month for first time. we liked the place at first visit itself. The staffs are very good. the food we ordered is very tasteful...


ashish3947 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 19,2011


Rude People and Cheating Customers

I had recently ordered food with the restaurant owner over the phone, she was rude and in a hurry and wanted a minimum bill of 500 to deliver it to my residence, which is about 5 km from RT Nagar. When the delivery happened i was shocked to see additional fee of 40 Rs. as delivery charge which was never pre- informed at the time of order. When questioned she started arguing and wanted me to return the parcel if i have to avoid 40 Rs. I had to ultimately pay the delivery charge since i didnt wanted to disrespect food. Very awful experience. Cheaters. BEWARE of them.

Not at all transparent and clean in dealings



Boring place filled with ill mannered staff!!!

I went there along with my friends as they claim to be open till 4 p.m and we needed lunch beyond the usual restaurant time. I was a little reluctant about visiting this place... little did I know that I should have gone with my instincts! Well... the story goes like this.... we reach this place around 3'ish, extremely hungry! As soon as we entered this place the sight was not appealing at all! The ambiance of this restaurant is very very poor! There are so many punjabi hotels in Bangalore that have awesome ambiances! Anyways.... after getting a table, I got up to go to the hand wash area... and MY GOD! we literally have to walk past the kitchen with the waiters bumping into you!! The food portions that arrived were measly! No wonder they boast of 'modest prices'!! The biggest put off was the waiters staring at you while you eat!! HORRIBLE! And then the manager comes to ask if they can clear the table even before we finished our meals! Please avoid this place if you are looking for a fine dining experience! If you are broke and want food.. then probably you could go here! But a big thumbs down to this place and the people who run it!


yum yum yum :)

havnt paid a visit to this place yet...askd for home delivery a few days back...d lady(probably d owner) sounded sooo nice :)
and d food...d aloo parathas, daal makhni n d baingan bharta were ammmmazing...simply superb...this place definitely tops my list of home delivery places...
only drawback is dat the min order shud b 250 bucks and dat's quite a huge quantity of food for a single person :))


Chak De Punjab !! :)

Three of us bumped to this little place on a lazy Sunday afternoon ...i had heard a lot about the R T nagar branch...
The indiranagar branch was new.. hardly three months old...

We ordered tamatar shorba and tandoori gobi along with a masala pappad to start the proceedings.The shorba was nice and thick..
It had a very strong flavour of tamatar which we really liked...gobi tandoori was awesome to say the least .. It was not completely fried as is the usual case...It had a little rawness to it and it was fried at the very top which made it all the more delicious...

We were now onto our main course...our orders were :

Paneer Naan
Methi roti
Butter kulcha
Bhindi Masala
Paneer do piaza..

The quantity was pretty decent...2 curries would be enough to serve 3 ppl ...The taste was fabulous..
No excessive oil usage or gravy with water in huge proportions...It was thick with wholesome pieces of paneer in the paneer dish.... The bhindi in the bhindi masala was a touch over fried with a pinch of excess salt...But it was ok though .. no problems at all in gulping it down...:)

To test a rice item i ordered "Masala rice" which had caught my attention during my first glance at the menu itself
The Masala rice was enough for two people with average appetite after tandoori rotis or naans i must say.. The rice seemed to be cooked just right...It had a sensational aroma which invited me to eat more ... :)

To finish things off v ordered the following as desserts:

Sweet Lassi
Gajar ka halwa

All three were splendid with The Sweet lassi taking the Prize...

I have heard from friends tht the Rt nagar branch served excellent parathas...Couldnt try them here though..

The place had pretty good ambience in the morning although thr was no power then...but i would suggest goin thr in the night to really get a feel of things.....The roof is painted with stars in it with a dark background.. Pretty good wrk actually..

The chairs are tall and comfortable ..The waiters were polite and caring...felt comfortable and pampered at "Punjabi Rasoi"

Overall ,
1. Value for money.
2. Delicious Punjabi food
3. Delightful service

Lookin forward to goin thr once agn....

keep pouring in wid ur views and opinions...THx

RAM :)....