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Punjabi Times

Bannerghatta Main RoadSouth Bangalore    & IN 1 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 08041103222, 08041103444
  • 15/1, Bannerghatta Main Road, Bangalore
  • North Indian, Punjabi
  • Meal for 2 - 400

39 Reviews / 39 Ratings

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Punjabi Times Reviews

ngchowdhury - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 13,2014







Not Great Food

Went on Nov 2014, for lunch buffet
Meal was just ok, items were very simple like curdrice, buttermilk, veg curry etc. Rogan josh and chicken curry were pretty taste less.
Thankfully there was only one kebab which was fine.
For a tag of 369 + taxes, it was not worth visiting.


Non veg platter is great

We ordered the non-vegetarian platter for home delivery. It came very quickly and was great.


Good food, service needs improvement

We had Aloo Corn Sev Tikki and Murgh Tikka as starters, both were unique and tasty. For main course, Dal makhani was good, but Mashroom Mutter was sweetish. Aloo paratha was not good, should have been better in a Punjabi restaurant. We found quality and taste of food to be fairly good. Service was not to the expectations. Inspite of repeatedly highlighting the need to serve the food hot, server failed to deliver. Service charge of 10% was not at all justifiable. Managers and supervisors should have focused on service needs than on the IPL match. I would be happy to visit again if service charge is withdrawn.


friendgvc1 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 09,2012


Useless restaurant in Bangalore - Punjabi TImes

This is useless and shabby place to be. Te food served is stale food hence forget about the taste. The payasam is served from the tumbler kept at the entrance which is not clean & refill on daily basis.................horrible :( .........This is the crap place to hang around.


frommanish - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 04,2012


No Taste

We went today and ordered Sarson da sag and makke de roti , and rara butter paneer... no taste whatsoever.. the only taste we got was bitter.. horrible experience for the amount we paid.. sheer waste of money.. for such amount you can have gala buffes in other places..



Punjabi all the way

after a long time it was punjabi food all the way ,


Unmitigated disaster

I've had the worst experience over the last couple of hours. First, they don't deliver since my place is just a tad beyond 3 km. so, we go over to the restaurant and order take away. We take our order and get home. The chicken starter we ordered is not there. An unexplained veg kabab is there. We call and ask for the correct one to be sent. Meanwhile, our fri evening is messed up. No starter till 10 pm. It finally comes after follow up. We get thru our cold kabab.

By now our roti is like rubber. And then we realize that the veg gravy we ordered is wrong as well. Plus, its a rotten curry tasting awful. Wish there was a negative star rating on this scale. Minus 5 stars. Nothing in our order was right. Brain dead service.



Decent food but quality going down

I have been a regular customer of Punjabi Times since last 5 years. It provides good food. Since the last couple of times, I got my stomach upset after having food over there. I can still think of having veg over there but will not recommend non-veg food. Both the time I had non-veg from PT, I got stomach upset.



my regular and good food

since i live in this area, i have been here many times. good punjabi food and thalis. pricing is getting a lil costlier these days. on weekend, waiting time is too much.


ameha1 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 05,2012


Yes its actually Awful!!

I have been there on 4/02/2012 and like to tell you is it was pathetic experience. No taste to sabzi no salt either only thing which was present is capsicum and beans..

So folks don't waste your money!!
(Not tried any Non Veg, ambience is ok)



Service does not exist !

Punjabi Times : opposite Shopper Stop (bannerghatta road)

I was there last Saturday. This was my second visit. First visit was October 2010 on a sunday. 15 minutes waiting before we could get the seats.
Visited 1 : after ordering the food came after 45 minutes, after asking 3 times about the status.
meal was good.
Second visit last week November 22, 2011. It was a dinner, no waiting.
order for kalmi kebabs. were delicious.
Then order for chicken handi. (too much salt) Gravy looked and tasted exactly like mutton rogan josh.
malai kababs.
i asked for sweet lassi, and ask them to make it watery. Usually every north indian restuarant in bangalore serves sweet curd in the name of lassi. And to my surprise, waiter said NO. CANT DO THAT.
i also asked for 5 Phulkas (Tawa Roti) , so each serving has 3 rotis. i didn't know.
I asked for 5, waiter said NO cant do that, either 3 or 6. I said i will pay for 6 give me 5. Same Answer NO sir, as if he was not even listening to me. (sounds stupid, i felt stupid.)
then i has to go for tandoori roti.
I asked for the lassi again, he said sir they are pre made.
i said, is this the flexibility you have, reply sir i will check and get back to you.
Then he got me worse sweet lassi of my life. Not even cold. I had to ask for ice separately and tasted like stale.
We ordered icecream, serving time 17 minutes. I dont understand for something which u need to get from refrigerator... not even served in plate as it was matka kulfi and came with small matka and spoon. Why the hell 17 minutes.

Well this attitude of Saying NO and not listening to customer et all, even if u ask for a slight change as simple as lemon wedges.... they react like i have asked for this guy's salary.(same experience with Oye amritsar Meenakshi mall)
With average food, bad service my over all experience is less than average after 2 visits.


Good on service - Bad on quantity

If you really want to have a taste of real Punjabi cuisines then this is the place you should surely avoid. Ambience is moderate. Too much of congestion wrt the price you pay. The food quality is good but on quantity it deserve a thumbs down. Its not the place to be visited twice because for this price you can enjoy much better fine dine.



Good Indian Food but less quantity

The food is great but i must admit that the quantity is less. Ambience is nice!

Overall a good experience. I dont mind a second visit


Good Ambiance Good Food - Less Quantity

Good food, amazing taste specially Mango lassi and Chicken dishes but quantity is really less.

Dont forget to have pan surprise ice-cream at last. Its awesome!!


Pathetic Service, Bad Quality Food

My friend and me chanced upon going to Punjabi Times, late on Tuesday evening after a great shopping extravaganza, we were longing to have some good food, we had tasted the food in Punjabi Times earlier, so we thought of going again. (Which definitely was a bad choice)

1) Do not ask for the stewards recommendation, he would suggest something called a Railway chicken for NV, and Railway Gobhi for the Veggies. The main course was also taken on his recommendation and my friend called it the Chicken Poop Gravy.
So you can understand the taste and quality that we are talking about. The best option would be to go for something that suits your tastebuds, like the regular stuff Dal Tadka, Paneer Butter Masala and Naan.

The naan and rotis were good and soft, the masala papad was definitely different and good, it was more masala papad cone. The Jal Jeera can be skipped as it tastes nowhere like the regular Jal Jeera, the Aam Panna is a little sweet but tastes just okay. The ambience is rustic and good. The service in terms of recommendation is bad, but quick.

Please think before you order is what I can say.



Ambience -Good, Food- not so much

Went for lunch with 2 freinds,
very nice ambience, seemed like they put some effort there.
The waiters all dressed well, appealing. courteous but they do not smile.. come across as hatta katta punjabi atttitude lol.
coming to ther starters, were nice, not hard to mess this up.
main course was bad. nothing had any taste to it at all..
best was the veg biryani and raita but when the food is not tasty i would not go bacl


deecee - Burrp User


25 Reviews

January 21,2011


quick and tasty

They have created a nice Punjabi-like ambiance with all the paintings and decor. There is an interesting variety of chicken dishes that can be ordered. We had a palak-methi chicken side dish, the chicken just melts in your mouth. The veggi options were quite interesting too.
In the bread section, multi-grain roti was something new and it's worth a try. Their chanch and Lassi are highly recommended. Avoid the executive meal options they provide, as the food was not half as good as the individual menu options.
Price is optimal.
The idea of serving jaggery with sounf is very punjabi as well.

NOTE: Their valet parking option doesn't seem to be available all the time.



tasty, but expensive. Had a bad time :(

We ordered for 4 lime juice at the end of dinner. The juice glasses had a bad cockroach smell. We asked the server to cancel the juice since it was smelling bad. He went inside and bought juice again and informed us that the smell was due to the bad sugar they used. He informed us that he has got it fresh second time with fresh sugar !!!!

It was my first visit to Panjabi restaurant. Overall, the food was tasty. But, very expensive for the quantity they serve. Where you need 2 side dishes for 4 roties, you need 3 here.


filltummy - Burrp User


27 Reviews

December 27,2010


Expensive bad food

The first time I went here I loved the food. It was truly punjabi with the aroma of desi ghee in everything. Then next two times were nightmares. I feel they literally changed the cooks because of the drastic change in the taste of the food. Come on, somebody who's really good cannot ruin it so much even if he tries to. Punjabi times please get some cooks who can make punjabi food and not a mockery of it.



Very Expensive

This restaurant is very expensive for the food they are offering they should reduce the price its not worth eating such expensive food.



Avoid Strictly...

I have visited 3 or 4 times and everytime the experience was bad. Food was pathetic and service was so-so. I guess they don't want to improve.

Avoid it unless you can't find any other Punjabi restaurant in Bangalore.


Surprise surprise

I can't figure out why the previous reviews about this place classifies it as bad. I liked it. For a hard core Punjabi food lover, and one who has sampled most Punjabi fare that is on offer in the city, this restaurant was like a breath of fresh air. I agree the decor can be better, there is also some construction going on next door, but the food..aah the food is good. Very good in fact. Skipped the starters, dug straight into the main course of phulkas, dum alu-baby potatoes in a delectable savory tomato gravy and a paneer lahori, paneer in a cashew sauce. Left me licking my fingers in the end. The servings were just right. The jeera rice was mildly flavored. The shikanji was the tangy and sweet and a perfect compliment to the food. The gravy was not your run of the mill base, but each had its own unique flavor. The masala papad was roast papad cones with a tomato, onion and cucumber salad, which was average, but the food otherwise gets my vote.
And whats more, it does not leave a hole in your wallet. A hearty meal for two was well with in 500/-


Linu Charles - Burrp User

Linu Charles

2 Reviews

September 02,2010


Avoid this place if possible

Had dinner from here on Aug 30th.

Food: Average to Bad ( I almost got a stomach upset :| )
Service: Bad
Price : Expensive !
Ambiance:Could not enter the rest room, it was awfully smelly.



Horrible food

Simply horrible food. We have been to this place on a couple of occasions but yesterday's was simply a bad one.
We ordered handi murg dish and has literally 6 tiny completed black roasted hard pieces of chicken. The gravy was nothing close to what is expected in a handi chicken and was nothing more than spices in water. The other upsetting point was inspite of pricing their dishes decently (Rs 220 for handi chicken plate) the quantity was no where close to even good enough for 2 people. Thankfully the quantity was not too much else would have felt bad wasting it.
Talking to the manager too didn't yielded any result & he was blaming his captain for suggesting us a wrong dish.. What a poor excuse.

Undoubtedly the worst Punjabi food I had from a Punjabi named restaurant. Would never recommend anyone to try this for a Punjabi food. Wish I had read the recent reviews here before visiting there :-(



Pathetic food, pathetic service

2 of us dropped in.. First the ambience is pathetic (NO privacy), When we requested that we wanna change seat (seat for 2 offers worst privacy); they said that all 4 seaters were booked (but that was not the case throughout our pathetic food experience). Food was the worst... Neither veg nor non-veg was even average. Non-veg had high amount of salt and they just diced the paneer cubes and dipped it in the gravy. Grr..


nit11 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

June 15,2010


Worst Experience

I made a mistake of going there on last Tuesday(8th July '10) with my colleagues as its pretty close to my office, one of them being from the US. The service was really really bad as the waiters were taking 20 mins to get a knife and fork and above all when they finally got it we found it dirty to the core and asked for replacement and it took them another 15 mins to get it. There was no resturant manager whom we could have complained. The food quality was equally bad as we ordered some non veg food and it was only filled with bones and no meat. We ordered a min starter platter and by the time it was served to us the starters were cold and seemed like stale. It turned out to be real embarassing for me to take my team and boss for dinner there.


Joyoftaste - Burrp User


5 Reviews

February 04,2010


Food is priced, Arrogance comes free

This looked like a good place when it came up as we did not have any good Punjabi place nearby. Some specialty of the place like maki da roti and sarson ka saag are quite unique dishes you get in a few places. This was one of them and I enjoyed coming here. The food tasted well especially the tandoor items and kebabs though it was quite highly priced. But as we visited I recall that the service was slowly turning arrogant. Any request was met with a smirk leave alone a smile. I guess the Shoppers Stop and other offices nearby already contribute to the rush here and they did not have much of a competition till now. The service actually made the taste vanish and I have stopped going there for a long time now. Wonder if they have improved.



I have no idea what was I thinking when I was heading to Punjabi times with my parents... The chicken was stale and tough in spite of mentioning that I wanted tender chicken. The food had no taste but for red chilli powder. The vegetarian fare was equally disastrous. The starters, the main course all was cold, the service was slow. Only time he service was prompt was when the waiter had to get the finger bowls!
Obviously it is the last time I am going there. There is nothing Punjabi about it and the times...well they are quite bad!


bil123 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 03,2009


punjab at its best!!!!!!!

Hey i have been to this place a couple of times and i must tell you that it is one of the best punjabi restaurants i have been to

Right from the décor, food and service everything was top class, i felt really pampered

don't miss the aloo sev tikki, aam ka panna, butter chicken and of course the paranthas!!!!

the food is really yum..

great going



bad service..

this place is awfully crowded over the weekends, so plz make sure u hav a reservation b4 u go (if at all u go!)...
the first time i visited, food was pretty good....but sadly the 2nd time was quite the opposite...the waiter had an "i dont care" attitude...the service was also really poor...and wen we asked for the couch to sit, they refused even though the place was almost empty!!!


Cockroach in the Biriyani !!

As per the guidelines, I will keep it informative and true.

Purabhi Punjabi Times
15/1, 1st Floor, JP Nagar 3rd Phase, Bannerghatta Road

I had a strange and nightmarish experience ordering a vegetable birayani. I was craving for some good food amidst my hectic work schedule and ordered veg biryani along with few other items at Punjabi Times on the Bannerghatta Road opposite to Shoppers Stop. The bill was 400 rupees.

The service was prompt in 30 min. I opened the food packet and started munching couple of spoons of veg biryani. To my nightmare I found a cockroach. On complaining to the restaurant Manager, he was trying to pacify and saying that it all happens sir... we are sorry.

I asked him to put me to the owner and they were reluctant and finding reasons to put us to him and wasnt willing to divulge his number.
On asking for what needs to be done, or at least refund the money, the Manager was saying they would have to check with their owner about it and he is not available. When I started to talk tough about complaining to the consumer court he said, he will give me a replacement (Did he meant to change the ingredient - possibly with a lizard ?). How would any one be interested to eat anything from such a restaurant.
After making him to understand what disgusting service they have provided he came down and said he will reimburse 100 rupees for the cockroach biryani. We told him to take back all the food and reimburse, and he again said he needs to check with the owner who was not available until Monday. I was enraged and told him to find a solution immediately or I may have meet each one of his customer at his restaruant and appraise of the hygenine. He he finally agreed to return the money. I have snaps taken of the same.

I wouldnt encourage or discourage you visting the restaurant. But you know what you need to do


July 18, 2009response from management at Punjabi Times:

We apologise for our mistake, It has never happened before and will make sure it does'nt happen again.
Punjabi times

Good food but bad customer service

Yesterday, to complete my birthday, we decided to visit this restaurant which is closer to home for a quick quiet dinner. The restaurant looked nice when we entered and happened to spot a nice 6 seater table at a corner. There were 4 of us and we wanted to sit at that table. First they refused - then they kept us standing while they checked with their captain - then the captain came out and much to our surprise, he refused to let us sit there sayin that its booked for someone else. Now this is hard to believe since not only was there no reserved board on their tables (like there were in some others) but also, it was not as if it was the only 6 seater available. Also, being a weekday more than half the joint was empty - so there was no danger of them running short of space. We requested again but his behavior was very callous.. as if he didn't really care.

Being late we didn't feel like hunting around for another restaurant and just sat at another table. This initial experience kinda put us out of mood for a while. Added to this was the fact that the water they served us had a dead fly floating around and the dip that comes with the starters was served about 10 mins after the which time we had almost finished eating. The food is decent if you can handle their disinterested treatment. It was pretty affordable as well with non-veg dishes priced between Rs 170 - 22- and veg dishes between 140-170...all rates inclusive of taxes.


Great food with great service

Went late in the night (nearly at the closing) and I was waiting for my friend to join me but I was not pushed to give the order till very late and served the food promptly. I really liked the food there and the service was also good.

I wonder how I missed such a nice place so far and will definitely go again.


Deliciously pleasing times @ Punjabi Times...

Party and Partying was in the air and of course it would be, it was New Years eve!!
With no prior plans we had no party happening. 2008 was a wonderful year and we strongly wanted to make the last day a memorable one. We looked at a few restaurants around home and zeroed down to Punjabhi times. Since it was NY Eve, I called them to make a reservation. The time we reached the restaurant was delayed by an hour but still we were shown to our tables with absolutely no wait. There was a long queue waiting in the narrow corridor and that tapered towards the stairway.

This was my second visit to this place and I could definitely visit more often. Though the entrance is not so appealing with the automobile showroom interfering, the insides of the place definitely is. The foyer is welcoming with a fat wooden door lined with lamps and a warm host. You enter inside and like said in the reviews by Meenakshi and Gourmand, you feel you are transformed to a different place… It truly has the color and enthusiasm of Punjab! From the water wheel, to the idol of the dancing pair with colorful attire, the huge paintings abounding in colors, the lanterns, the drapes, the cushions, the music and almost everything around, sink and soak you in the rich tunes of Punjab!! The special occasion added more color and embellishments to the ambiance. Like true Punjab and Punjabis, it was full of life!! The place simply excited me and my family! I feel it even when I am writing now….

For the evening there was a special menu. One of the waiters quickly gave us one of those. There was a price difference from the other days to the one in the special menu. There was quite a choice of delicacies. We opted for the masala lassi, salted lime soda and few soft drinks. The lassi was just too creamy and so mmmmm…
I made a crazy new year resolution to give up non vegetarian food and so that evening was the last bite of non veg I would eat! At least for next 365 days! So willingly most of my picks were on chicken and meat. For the ‘Shuruwat’, we had a gobi starter, this with it’s tangy chutney, was just too good. It was super spice and nice. It was named ‘Railway Gobi’
The Sheek kabab also made a good starter, it would taste better if cooked for a little longer, The chicken starter was sumptuous.
For the main course it was a variety of breads including Tandoor Roti, Butter naan and Kulchas with some finger-licking gravies!!
The quantity of each curry is less when compared to what’s given on the other days. Chicken something was served from a very small plate. It was vegetable Pulav with some nice Raita to conclude our dinner. With all that I tried and tasted from the past two visits, I feel their breads and gravies are tastier than the rice items. I also strongly feel they make the vegetarian food better.

It was a busy day for the team there but with all the pressure they worked courteously. The service was quick. All in all, the timing, the food, warmth and décor of the place made it a Chak de Phatte experience!



Forgettable experience

We had been to this place a couple of times however the last visit did it in. The food was passable and heavy on chilli and spices. It was a friday and we decided to try out its Maharaja Ranjit singh Thali. first course started with the shorba which was very salty. then we waited for ages, almost 45 mins, before we summoned the waiter and requested him to update us on our status. He haughtily claimed that everything is made fresh here thats why they take time.

Once the food came it was an entirely different experience. Biryani was stale and was smelling. It was difficult to chew the meat and the rest was very average. the yellow dal was the savior that day. When we complained about the biryani the waiter took it away and that was the end no appologies or any form of remorse.

If you are in this part of town and you must have food in Punjabi times then order from ala carte menu and stick to rotis... dont go anywhere near the biryani stuff. Stick to vegetarian stuff - alo rasilla, saron ka saag etc.



Punjab In & Out

Though the entry is through a hero honda showroom(or just next to it) the decor, meals and everything else is as Punjabi as it gets. The tikkas are brilliant, a must order!!



Great Punjabi food

I loved the sarso da saag and makai di roti! Delicious!! Haven't had this basic Punjabi dish in such a long time and my mouth is still watering at the thought of it. The great thing is that in spite of this place being so busy each time that I've been there the staff has always been great with service.



A pleasant meal

Went there based on gourmand’s review – and completely agree - pleasant Punjabi ambiance, family-friendly and nice food. Situated right opposite Shoppers Stop, the restaurant seems to be doing brisk business feeding the tired and hungry shoppers. Décor consists of pots on the walls, a mural that depicts a village scene from Punjab and lantern-shaped lamps. The chairs are arranged a bit too close for privacy and there are diwans with cushions against the walls. Bhangra music plays in the background. Service is very quick and courteous.

We began our meal with tamatar adrak ka shorba (the tomato soup) and the murg tikka . Both were good. The tikka was really cooked in a tandoor and had a perfectly grilled flavour. The main course consisted of the tandoori roti and the murg batinda, chicken cooked home-style in an onion and tomato gravy. Again, very good. None of the dishes were overtly spicy – but had the right amount of flavour.

Took gourmand’s word for the bathrooms and did not check them out!

Valet parking is available at the restaurant. Go there with your family for a pleasant meal. You will not go wrong if you pick the tandoor dishes.


gourmand - Burrp User


7 Reviews

January 13,2007


As punjabi as the name suggests

There could really have been no better name for this restuarant. Once you enter its almost as if you have been teleported to the real land with the taste of punjab in everything. The food, the ambience and the friendly sikh manager greeting you with the ever so punjabi welcoming demeanour.

The menu has something for every taste and nutrition need. Paranthas for the young and hurried ones, great tandoori food for the discerning palates, a slightly alien seafood set which seems out of place but is well done and ofcourse the desserts. Overall good and well done punjabi food.

Minor irritants:
a) The tables(for seating 2) are too close for comfort, with just a small jute mat providing a meagre sense of not sharing your table.
b) The restrooms smell not too different from those in the roadside dhabas in Punjab :(

Location Tip: Opposite Shopper's Stop on Bannerghatta road, above Fabmall.