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Punjabi Times

BellandurSouth Bangalore    & IN 1 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 08041214121
  • 23/24/25, 3rd Floor,414/80/2, Bellandur Village, Varthur Hobli, Outer Ring Road, Bellandur, Bangalore
  • North Indian, Punjabi
  • Meal for 2 - 600

14 Reviews / 15 Ratings

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Punjabi Times Reviews






Avoid their grill and stick on to their vegetarian dishes with bread but check out few chicken deep fried once

I got door delivery couple of times in my relatives house in Bellandur.

I am impressed with their vegetarian dishes with breads - Tandoori roti and Romali roti and Naan, simple plain breads

Door delivery was done with patience. Save money travelling to Koramangala or Indira Nagar for any other fancy eateries.

Highly NOT recommended - If you are in non-veg appetite but few dishes other than grilled are better.

Highly Recommended - You can select a lot of wholemeal breads and order more salads in this place.






Worst Experience Ever- Cockroach in Food!

Going by the reviews a couple of friends had given about this restaurant, I went there for dinner. But the experience turned out to be the worst ever. I had ordered for Rajma and Vegetable fried rice, which had a COCKROACH in it!! When I raised an alarm with the staff, they started giving me the silliest of excuses but were nothing close to being apologetic.

One thing I know for sure, that I am never going to visit this place again and won't recommend it to anyone else.







Worst at His Best

Its all waste of money . Never ever try the buffet, its awful . Very costly and taste wise its worst of the worst . Better Caption "Time waste ,Money waste and No taste at all "







Worst Ever

Worst restaurant ever seen.Worst food/service.Very expensive for nothing. Ill behaved waiters. Don't go here.


arunz  - Burrp User


1 Reviews

June 22,2013



Went there with 3 other friends. Ordered for 2 starters. Fish not cooked and Chicken severed did not have salt. When complained they told they would replace. The replaced dishes were also bad. Finally charged for all the dishes even after it was taken off the table. Argumentative manager did not relent.
Finally regretted going to this restaurant and spoiling my evening.
Please please stay away from this place.


Average Food yet Expensive

The deco is really done up well and I guess thats what the price reflects in the menu, otherwise I don't know why the food is so expensive in Punjabi Times. It's really nothing special. I can' seem to place it anywhere, just another joint. Place is cramped, when full obviously gets noisy...wish they could justify the price on the menu



okie dokie

Good change from their previous location on BG road..service and ambience is good.,.
the facc is overall the experience is good,however the food is neither very good nor it falls in bad food.. so food is average combined with a fair ambience and location makes this a good joint..

for sure they need to work on the food and make ppl understand the value for money they have paid...either by offering lip smaking food or by a better economical pricing...


rastachef - Burrp User


46 Reviews

February 04,2013



Not as great as it seems. The Punjabi food at Oye Shaava and the much smaller Tashan is much better. The menu is overpriced as well. The ambience is great though and they have live performers singing Ghazals and old Hindi songs. The cocktails are watered down and service is very slow. Perhaps teething issues and one hopes the place will get better soon. There is a dearth of good Punjabi food places.



Way expensive than other Punjabi joints.

Food is good but the hole it makes in your pocket is huge. Considering the fact that there are no decent food joints apart from Aangan nearby you can have lunch here once in a while.

Went for a team party with SAP GD folks and ended up paying 10k :O.



soumya_k - Burrp User


23 Reviews

November 17,2012


biriyani mantra

wow wow wow

we all always wanted to taste sme panjabi da jhat fooood and we did and , the thing was so good that we keep eating raitas ,biriyani, parotas,

and never tasted the food before . the taste willl be still on ur tongue even after a couple of days ,

just memorable day i had in punjabi food

. i want to taste the same good quality food . with my desire mind of food freek



Live Ghazal

If you love food along with live music this can surely be good place to visit.Your favt food + your favt ghazal can surely spice up the weekend.



Mediocre food and overpriced

You enter the restaurant and you observe a rustic kind of ambiance. I won't say its bad but it wasn't to my taste. Staff is a pain in the ass. Don't ever ask for suggestions from the staff ... ordered something from the menu with staff suggestions (veg amritsari) and ended up having a horrible dish on the plate. Also, staff asking once or twice "sir do you want anything else" is okay. But being a pain in the you know what asking the same thing a hundred times is not acceptable.

Service time is okay...we didn't have to wait long to have food on the table. However, waiters again are pathetic. They won't listen if you want something or not, they'll serve it for you.

You have to shout around like at a roadside dhaba "hello bhaiya...water" ... "hello bhaiya achaar" to get the stuff on the table. For the amount the owner is charging, he can atleast get better mannered waiters.

Staff doesn't even notice that if one person has finished eating, there are other two still carrying on with their food. They are in a hurry to wind up. I don't know how many people would like to see "finger bowls" on the table while you are still eating.

Food quality is okay..their daal makhani was good but everything else tasted the same. Quality of breads - not good. You can make a band to put on a catapult with the rotis they serve you.

Wait...if you are not scared of this place till's more. They charge 30% of your bill amount as taxes+service charges+service tax. TOTAL RIP OFF.

To conclude - you may visit this place if you don't mind bad service, average food and money overflowing in your wallet. Not recommended otherwise.


AdiDash - Burrp User


21 Reviews

August 11,2012


Nothing good bout dis place!!!

Overpriced.....and tasteless food is all that you are going to get here. One of the biggest rip offs ever in Bangalore. Avoid this place at all costs. I would recommend going to a Punjabi dhaba if you seek punjabi food. Getting to the details now..

I went there for a team outing lunch..Buffet option

a. The food lacks originality and taste(ummmm nethng else you look for in food??)
b. Service is disciplined in the manner that no matter how many times you ask for something you will not get it unless its potato....chicken is rare I believe. Good job management...disappointed customers!!!
c. Main course is awful...the gravy tastes all the same. I could not believe that the mutton gravy had no flavouur. I mean leave mutton with some onions and will do the job on its own. Hats off for the talent to ruin mutton...
d. Gulab Jamuns were the only thing that tasted good..Hence the one star awarded to the place..which asked for a second serving came 20 minutes late and that too frozen....thnks guys for ruining the only gud thng at ur place...
e. lassi at 95 rs is a total malai for those who know waht it means...Buy a small or large pack of curd add some sugar.....dats all dey serve as lassi...Imagine how they finalized the 95 rs tag...They could have gone higher considering there is no basis at all.....

I could go on in more detail but for the sake of the place lets call it a day....


Rohit  - Burrp User


19 Reviews

August 04,2012


Good Food. Friendly service. Great Ambience

Friendly staff. Great Ambience. As for the food - great taste and good variety, for both veg and non-veg. Quality and taste is consistent, be it starters, main course, drinks or even the desserts. Priced out very well. A great place for a family dinner or an office lunch.