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> > > > Pure n Natural

Pure n Natural

JayanagarSouth Bangalore  

  • +919880411617, 08026633304
  • 7th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore
  • Juice
  • Meal for 2 - 200

5 Reviews / 5 Ratings

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Pure n Natural Reviews







Value for Money

The place is well located. Easy car parking. Friendly staff.
Perfect healthy eating out there.
More Doctors should start talking about this place!



My favorite salad bar

Worth its price and food is jus amazing.... Healthy on your body and your wallet too... :) Must visit in summers... :)


a mistake waiting to be made

this one place is definitely not for me..i fail to understand their pricing cos their food aint worth it at all..and the lack of a decent sized crowd in ages has done nothing to make the managament change their policy or menu..maybe some health freaks wud like it,cos maybe they believe healthy food is supposed to taste bad n is expensive..ive had the chopsuey salad both the hot n cold versions of it and their alu channa salad n smoothies n juices and was sadly robbed of my money..



Little Hyped Up

We set out to check the Pure and Natural food that this new restaurant had to offer. The menu was very impressive with combinations of Asian, Mediterranean and of course an Indian variety as well. Corn was ample, mushrooms, onions, some cheeses and a great selection of dressings. Kudos to the restaurateur for the selection.

However, when the food arrived, I did not see the relation between what was served and what I saw on the menu card. The vegetables in all sandwiches were sauteed in pepper, had 2 very tiny pieces of mushrooms at the max, with hardly any flavor. What topped it off was when I was given vinegar instead of a vinaigrette dressing! And the floor manager had no clue how they were different.

The prices were very reasonable, but why won't they be? Sandwiches I make at home were far better than those I was served ... at a fraction of the cost. I would rate this as a 3/10 for good prices, bright ambiance, and good tasty juices.


Guiltless Pleasures!!

Here's one place you can eat to your heart's fill and still feel good about yourself.Hot Chopsuey Salad, fresh Pomogrenate juice, fruit salads with interesting dressing, paneer and channa salad are just a few delicious items on their menu.
Reasonable prices, good service and ofcourse the healthy food makes for a perfect eatout for everybody especially the healthfreaks.
Enjoy maadi!!


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