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> > > Qash The Shisha Villa

Qash The Shisha Villa

HAL 3rd Stage  


5 Reviews / 5 Ratings

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Qash The Shisha Villa Reviews


Great place to be in

Qash is one of my favorite hangout places in Bangalore. Located near 80 feet road this place is awesome if you want to chill , specially if your girl/boyfriend for a nice evening with hookah.
I've been going with my girlfriend to this place for about 3-4 days/week for the past 4-5 months so I feel I'm a good candidate to review this place.

AMBIANCE : There are two floors in Qash. The ground floor has two large rooms with large comfortable sofas , which is where we prefer to sit. Each room can accommodate two group of people . The decoration is decent with Arabic feel to it , and both room has TV that you can enjoy while smoking away your hookah. Basically couples would love this place for it's privacy.

The rooftop is again nice , with very good decoration. This place is ideal for large group of people as the sitting place is more. The sitting places, while not as nice the ground floor sofas have, are decent enough to sit.

Final rating : 8/10

SERVICE : The service is awesome. All the guys serving hookah are very friendly and co-operative . Time to receive your orders is also quite quick , even when the place is crowded.
I always prefer to leave some tip as the service makes you feel good.

The only problem is that sometimes they will try to sell you the expensive hookahs instead of the one you order , you just have to be persistent on your choice.

Final Rating : 9/10 (1 point deducted for the last point )

FOOD: The food is decent. It's not extraordinarily great but it is nice enough to satisfy your tongue. The variety is very good , from Pastas to Pizzas to Muffin to Fries to what not.

I do however love their cappuccino (specially Hazelnut Cappuccino ) .

Final Rating: 6.5/10

HOOKAH : The choice of hookah is great. You can get a single flavored hookah (250 ) or mixed hookah with two flavors (Rs. 300) . The variety is excellent , from mild to strong, from sweet to , well not-so-sweet.
On top of it, they have special hookah (which starts from 350 to 700 ).
The hookah are made very very well, with good taste. The smoke is also good .
The service being great , the waiters will keep changing the coal frequently .
Overall, I prefer this place to other places , when it comes to Hookah, in terms of Service and taste.
It's much better than Mocha where the waiters are arrogant and all Hookah tastes the same.

Final Rating : Strong 8/10

PRICE: Very decent. An evening of chilling can cost you around 400-500 for two. You can easily spend upto 2-3 hours here .

CROWD: I generally go in the evening and this place usually gets full.
The crowd management is not so great and this is my only complaint with the place.
While I'm happy that the place is doing well, I wish they could manage the crowd better , at least in the peak hours.

Many a times stag groups with large no of people will sit in the ground floor and couples are forced to sit on the rooftop, whereas the rooftop is more suitable for large group and ground floor rooms offer more privacy to the couples.

I really wish they would come up with some kind of mechanism to avoid this kind of situation.
Maybe stag entries should be banned in peak hours , or group of people should not be allowed in ground floor rooms or something similar. This would make it a much more better place.

Final Rating: 4/10

Last words: Well this is the place to be. I'm yet to find a better place in Bangalore which provides better hookah and experience than Qash. Highly recommended if you are coming here on a date or with your gf/bf , provided the place in not very full .


September 8, 2011response from management at Qash The Shisha Villa:

Thanks captaincrime for a great review. We really appreciate it.
We will definitely try to address the few concerns that you have.


wont go ever again

i went to Qash with my friend trying out the Snapdeal voucher. Considering the exorbitant prices, I expected the food to be good, but it was terrible. Moreover, there wer enough mosquitoes which would make sure u don't eat in peace. A chocolate shake of 120 bucks was made as good as a 20 bucks shake. i would suggest u rather eat at the nearby juice junctions' fruit sandwich than go to this bad bad place...


March 22, 2011response from management at Qash The Shisha Villa:

Really sorry for your experience. Will definitely make amends.

March 23, 2011response from management at Qash The Shisha Villa:

Hi, we at Qash are really sorry for your bad experience. On behalf of Qash, I would like to invite you over for a complimentary visit. Please order to your choice or place the very same order that you did last time. We will definitely try to make this experience a better one. All hookahs, food and beverage will be on the house. Please post your Snapdeal voucher code and we will call you back. We look forward to seeing you again.

March 26, 2011response from management at Qash The Shisha Villa:

hi karan, my snapdeal code was 39511991. lets hope u do it better this tym...

April 12, 2011response from management at Qash The Shisha Villa:

Hi Karan,
So here we are again. Well, the service of the 'owner' is as bad as the waiters. Expected a call for my ''complimentary visit'' which, as expected, never came. Chalo, koi nai.

April 13, 2011response from management at Qash The Shisha Villa:

Thanks Pank. Please catch some news..!

September 8, 2011response from management at Qash The Shisha Villa:

Hi Pank,
We just completed one full year of operations.
It has been a great year - for us and for most of our guests. Just to make this 2nd year in running better than the 1st, we are going to go that extra mile for all our patrons and guests. Please drop in to Qash whenever possible for you for your complimentary visit(Please try to avoid weekends rush time though, i would really appreciate it). Please carry you snapdeal voucher number and ask for me.


September 8, 2011response from management at Qash The Shisha Villa:

thank you Karan. i lyk ur attitude. btw, i dnt stay in bangalore any more. anyways, thank u again for your consideration... :)


Finally a good hookah hangout in Indranagar! :-)


Been to this place yesterday. Cool ambiance... good food n hookah's.. n for ppl living in Indranagar n around a good hang-out plc for sure!

Good management.. the owner personally suggested a few flavors n made hookah for us on request. One of the better ones I have had.. crowd might not be as happening as Mocha's but thats probably bcoz its more recently opened.. n that also gives it a relaxed, uncrowded feel.. :)

Some advice to the management for further improvement..
1. The single pipe.. single flavor hookah chokes quite a bit.. either remove it from the menu or add a bigger hookah for better smoothness.. (the owner did exchange the hookah for a double flavor one which was excellently made.. so no complaints.. just a suggestion)
2. The food takes a long time to be served.. shd be looked into.


February 14, 2011response from management at Qash The Shisha Villa:

Thanks Anurag for the valuable feedback. We shall definitely delve into your suggestions.

Perfect place to relax and hangout

Last week i went to this newly opened place in Indiranagar. Secluded as it may seem at first, it turned out to be the best hangout place I've come across in Bangalore. Cozy seats, hookahs, great snacks, refreshing tea/coffee, good service, this place has it all. It also has wi-fi access, much to my amazement. Another point to mention is that the hookahs are only flavoured, and 100% tobacco free, which suits smokers as well as non-smokers. Having a group gathering of office friends, old and new, we ordered a hookah and some snacks, all of which tasted wonderful. A special mention goes out to the Pizza Omlette, which offers taste of pizza as well as omlette. The range of snacks also covers the vegetarians as well as the health conscious. All in all, its the perfect place for college-goers, as well as tired weekend-awaiting IT pros looking to relax. I'd give it a 5-star!


September 8, 2011response from management at Qash The Shisha Villa:

Hi Priyabrat,

Please try our new gaming zone..! I'm sure u'll really enjoy it :)

angshu1201 - Burrp User


7 Reviews

September 29,2010


A pleasant experience

Last Saturday, we decided to go 4 hookah and found this newly opened place.
The ambiance and the decor was good. There were both rooms as well as open seating available .
We ordered for a Rose flavored hookah. The guy did a pretty good job of making the hookah. It was just right--neither too mild nor too strong.
We also ordered for pizza omlete, mango mousse and samosas along with ginger tea
The snacks were also very tasty and the mousse was much much better than the ones i have had in most of the places around
Moreover the pricing was quite reasonable. The hookah cost us 210 bucks inclusive of taxes And the snacks were also priced from 60-100 range.
Overall a v pleasant experience and if you wanna hangout with your gang,its a place worth trying