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> > > > Rakabdar


KoramangalaSouth Bangalore  

  • 43431111, 43431100
  • 7, Bhuvanappa Layout, Christ College Road, Hosur Road, Koramangala, Bangalore
  • Awadhi

36 Reviews / 36 Ratings

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Rakabdar Reviews


Awesome Buffet

Have tried the buffet here many times, awesome food. Their shorbas are subtly flavoured, kababs tender and well seasoned and their biriyanis very well done.




So, we visit the place on the recommendation of a friend.
we ordered , kulchas, bhuna ghosht, biryani.
Starters - slightly burnt... but we ignore that
got served papad like tandoori rotis instead of kulchas
the bhuna ghosht was more bones than meat (have never known bhuna ghosht to be prepared with anything other than boneless meat)
when we point out to the captain that we'd ordered kulchas, not rotis, and there were more bones than meat in a boneless meat prep.... "this is how we prepare'
Rather than apologizing for the mix up over the rotis, he says 'if we are wrong, we will say sorry'
Talk about attitude!!

1. Pricing - terribly over priced
2. Service - Terrible
3. Food - blah at best


CherryBurry - Burrp User


56 Reviews

September 25,2010


Excellent Mutton Biryani...

We went there few times (not to the buffet), and I felt their Mutton & Chicken Biryani was very good every time.

And yeah, it's way too expensive, especially the sea food items. 5 small pieces of prawn for 400 Rs, think about it.

Recommended for ambience & special occasions only. I like to take a party there, not give one :-)

Note: One star less rating for their high prices.


tediibear - Burrp User


3 Reviews

September 24,2010


Unreasonable price for nothing

After the dinner I felt the review for this restaurant was quiet misleading. So thought of writing one.

One chicken tikka, one shorba soup, one chicken curry, one roti and one chicken biriyani - 1146 INR. Plus tips.

The quality of food is not great. Etiquette average. Still I am trying to find out why its so over priced?


garhwali - Burrp User


2 Reviews

August 17,2010


Place to go to to try something new!

For me Rakabdar is one of the best places in Bangalore for Indian cuisine. The ambience is really good. Their staff is one of the most hospitable people I've ever seen. I love the 'Dahi ke kabab' and the 'Sumakh Naan'. I've never eaten anything like those anywhere. I am a vegetarian and I can say that the vegetarians won't be disappointed with the variety and taste of the food. It is a bit expensive but I would say it's worth it!


sarky - Burrp User


5 Reviews

July 31,2010


royal feast

i went here for dinner and really, it is fantastic. esp the ambience, so different. very classy place. everything from their complimentary appetiser to their saunf type of stuff they give in the end shows how different and stylish and classy this joint is. service is also exceptionally good. dont miss their dahi kabab.


Favourite Place in Bangalore

This is one place I frequent for lunch and occassionally visit for dinner as well.. Evenings I usually go with a friend to down a few drinks during happy hours at their lounge Aira and then head to Rakabdar for dinner. So much so that I know some staff by name now!:)
As I headed there for the lunch buffet with some buddies from work, I met their manager Alok who informed me that they are introducing a new menu at slashed down prices from Friday onwards. He even gave me a sneak peek at one and man have they cut down the prices! Its also a much much more extensive menu than earlier.. I go here on an average atleast once in two weeks since location wise its so convenient for me but the reduced prices mean that I can probably go there more often..! I was also told that they made a decision to take out the 10% service charge once the VAT went up to 13.5%. Pretty decent of them I thought because most people have gotten used to the idea of the paying a service charge at most good places nowadays.. And atleast at Rakabdar you can be assured that the even if you were paying the service charge you were getting your money's worth!.. This is quite easily my favourite place in Bangalore.. I would strongly recommend you try it out.



Good ambience, bad burrp

I visited this restaurant for a lunch buffet with my office colleagues.
Murgh kalimirch soup was good. I enjoyed it.
The starters were cold to start with. Both chicken items, that's a non starter. At least they could have kept some variety there. Anyway, that was a disappointment. I felt it was not fresh, but that was debated by others who came along with me. I think just keeping it warm at least could have made them taste better.

The staff are very attentive and friendly. I asked one of the staff waiting near the buffet section why is the food kept cold. He promptly answered with a very smiling face, 'No sir, the food is warm!'. I just did not debate on that because the friendly ambience will be lost. The guy kept a good smile, which will be lost, that means, I don't get good food and a good smile either and the good ambience they kept will be lost if I start an argument. They were really friendly, full points on that.

The rice section, the famous biriyani that always takes all the criticism. I think the chef got confused with biriyani rice and jeera rice. He mixed chicken and sprinkled some crispy fried onions in jeera rice and presented as biriyani. The fundamental quality of the biriyani is to use biriyani rice or long grain, he has used almost broken rice. Go back to school Mr. Chef or at least honestly accept that it is not biriyani. Give it some there fancy name that will be accepted, but don't insult biriyani. Phew!!

It is worth visiting again, particularly for the ambience with family or spl ones. As long as you eat less, you will have a great time just with the ambience and the good friendly service.


Excellent all the way...

We went there for dinner yesterday.

We had these items :

• Tomato Soup (Good)
• Spicy Chicken Kabab (Excellent)
• Fish Tikka (Good)
• Chicken Biryani (Excellent)
• Salt Lassi (Good)

The ambience (1st floor) was quite good, and so is the service. They were non-intrusive but attentive. The quantity of items was very good.

The prices were on higher side, but I guess that's okay for special occasions.

Will definitely visit again...



Been to this place the other day with my family. To start of with the good part "ambience was so royal it has class thats for sure. food was pretty much good, coming to the main point the SERVICE part, socks needs to be pulled up... A pity a posh place like this is sinking down. stewards ? can't say much. scope for improvement. The Manager with a coat on sitting in the lobby meant to receive guests (cant figure out his name), so engrossed with the computer that he forgets we are standing next to the lift to go on top. not greeted well. Is this what the bhm students are thought.... be practical.. people come in to be sold......... cater to needs. and least of all try not to talk to guest's after smoking........ some pople can't tollerate it..... . this is the last of us coming to this place, Management needs to LOOK in to this matter asap...



Good Ambience and Food BUT overpriced

Beautiful milieu and fairly good food but definitely over priced. Average cost for 3 persons: Rs.1600/-. We went there for dinner and went for a-la-carte as buffet was not available (for dinner). The biryani was not that tasty. Starters were decent (In quantity and quality both). Just one word, you can consider this place just to sit and spend some time with people and definitely not for biryani-loving people or gourmets.


Hole in the pocket for nothing!!

Tried this place yesterday but sorry fellow Burrpers, found it extremely dissapointing!!
To start with the place felt very gloomy to me..nothing cheerful about it..kind of if you take the zing out of what supposed to be a cozy lounge bar...probably the owners meant this place to be a lounge bar but decided at the nth moment to open an "Awadhi" restaurant instead;-) what i can say is the place was not cheerful..the decor ill matched with the theme..they could do with some more lighting..
Now comes the essential part..FOOD...well to start with we ordered Murgh Chandi tikka and Galawati kebab..the murgh tikka was excellent..the taste very subtle without the hint of overpowering your senses..the Galawati kebab was equally bad..over-fried..the oil was bite and i decided against waste of money..
Main course was again a nightmare..i would say nightmare because i paid that kind of money for that food...the salt was bit higher..the niharis were the most dissapointing..the gravy as such was not bad but the supposedly "lamb shanks" killed it...too big to be put in the nihari so the meat was not tender...biryani again was a very ordinary fare and too oily for i should say anybodys taste...the naan was not fluffy at all..for dessert i ordered Shahi Tukda...the rabri put in it was good..but the fried bread portion was hard and difficult to chew...what baffled me was the garnish on the Shahi Tukda..raspberry and orange jam:-)
I had Muddled Bartender as drinks which tasted nothing exotic as mentioned...but a diluted version of cough syrup...and how much i paid for 2 people..for this quality..this taste...3K
2 good points about the restaurant though...very nice crockery and good service...only if you are willing to shell out so much money for these attributes..i will leave this to your imagination!!!


Impressive place

Well folks! my sister got married two weeks ago and we had a lot of our relatives in Bangalore for the function. Two nights before the wedding function, as recommended by my sister in law who went there for her kitty party lunch there once, I took my relatives to Rakaabdar for dinner and I think everyone had a fabulous time. I really suggest this is the place to take someone for a special meal. The setting was very good and the lighting also. The staff was very attentive, just right, not too much like sometimes they are too friendly always at the table, they might as well sit and have dinner with you also! My family members really enjoyed the food, specially the desserts. They told me they are starting buffet and one week ago I took a few of my clients there for lunch. very reasonable cost and very good selection. I recommend this place very highly.


lekseb - Burrp User


3 Reviews

February 28,2010


excellent service

i went with my family for dinner to rakabdar last night and came away feeling very very content. not only was the food great and the ambience wonderful (my parents loved it except they thought it could be a little brighter, i thought it was very cosy and romantic), the service is what has driven me to write this review. they were so courteous to my aging parents, they had separate melamine crockery and cutlery for my little one, i cant tell you what a relief it is to constantly worry about him breaking the plates. oh..there was this complimentary thing they gave at the start of the meal, some dals and some mini naans, very unique.. it was really fine dining all the way. now that i know from the previous review about the buffet im going to head there one of these days with my colleagues for sure. great great place..


Value For Money Buffet

Went shopping to Forum this morning and saw a huge banner outside the restaurant opposite advertising buffet for lunch. Didnt think twice. Have been to Rakabdar and their lounge Aira more than a few times and am a big big fan. They have two floors for the restaurant, one is kept aside for ala carte and they have buffet on the other floor. It was fab. Costed just Rs 222, and such a huge number of items. Usually when the buffet is not expensive there is hardly two non veg items. there were atleast four here, not including non veg salads and soup. Desserts were also great. I'll be going back even more often for sure. Infact I am thinking I owe my friends a treat, so buffet here will be easy on the pocket plus its a great place. Thumbs up to these guys!


munna.jay - Burrp User


7 Reviews

February 26,2010


Exotic experience.

Expensive but rich food, sophisticated but amazing ambience, slightly (very little) callow but warm service. That's Rakabdar for me. Loved this place for making me feel posh, they should just bring out an elaborate menu though. This is one place that's got a lot of potential to create a number of loyal customers. I enjoyed Rakabdar very much :-))


gurran - Burrp User


4 Reviews

February 14,2010


Good food but service in question

Good food, a little expensive - and overall good intentioned waiters and service. However, if i dine out at an establishment that charges the kind of prices these guys do - i would expect that the staff knows how to roll up their sleeves while serving food to our plates. It was pretty disgusting having to deal with dirty cuffs dipping into our chicken masala .. Lost much of our appetite right there.


arunh - Burrp User


9 Reviews

January 15,2010


Amazing decor but average food

The first thing that strikes you in this restaurant is the exotic decor. The menu had some interesting Indian cuisine, but the food was just average for the prices. I would compare it to the quality of food at any BJN group outlet. The waiters, for some reason were just not very friendly, although they were smartly dressed. I would not go back again, just not worth the money.



New Year Eve

I had gone to Rakabdar for my husband's bday and was impressed with the food and service. A tad expensive, but nice evening for a special day. I went for their New Year's dinner with some collaborators from abroad. the service was superb and the food very delicious. All of us had a very memorable evening. some of their starters were excellent. I would go there again!


rushI  - Burrp User


17 Reviews

December 29,2009



I was apprehensive to write bad review for this place, because people are just going ga ga over it. So perhaps the day was bad, or chef was in bad mood, but what we got was not even worth a penny.
I agree the veg starter dahi ke kabaab were amazing and something we have never tasted before so after finishing the first plate of it, we went for repeat order.
Cocktails were average, we were in group of 7 so we could do some tasting, but except 1-2 cocktails, others were really normal rather some were way too sweet.
The worst part was main course - I went to this place after reading the reviews of daal makhani and various other dishes (I dn't remember much because I went there 1.5 month back) but we ordered what all was recommened by fellow burrpians. Nothing was upto the mark - even daal makhni, it was super normal, definetly not north indian daal makhani. Other veggies were so bad that I actually just used daal makhni to eat my dinner. non-veg guys ordered chicken-handi and ne more exotic kind of chicken dish, but both of the dishes were extremely normal.
Sweet dish was good, but it was funny to get one piece of small bread as shahi tukda :) anyway taste was good.
I would definetly not be going back to this place


saps_02 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

December 27,2009


Worth more than a visit!!

Though u miss the restaurant from outside,the interiors is where all the excitement is!! given the name and cuisine, u do feel quite royal in the setting.
Though the vegetarian fare has very few options ...whats available is not be missed .
The rotis/breads collection was quite nice..each of us had a diff selection (4 in all) and all were quite yumm..yet different from ur regular butter naans..
The curries and rice were rather large in portion,but the rice was cooked to perfection!!
Overall a good experience and worth a try ATLEAST!!


gauravb - Burrp User


6 Reviews

December 15,2009


Good food comes with a price !

Extremely nice soothing ambience for an awadhi style delicious cuisine ! I went to this place like all other burpers ..after reading the reviews ! and on recommendation of one my closest pal who is a great foodie ..In my opinion the food i ordered was worth trying (pricey for sure) - Nahari and Shirmal with Mutton Seekh kabab as a side dish pints ofcorse becomes must before a non-veg pie ;-)

Well ..Nahari was quite delicious, very yummy and tender Lamb, the gravy was lip smacking ! ..Mutton seekh kabab was too good and you would be amazed to see the quantity ! ..

I wanted to try couple of more non-vegs but you have to give your wallet a rest sometimes ..

It is an expensive place typically meant for occassions or may be official/business lunch/dinners when you really want to try good food.


winner222 - Burrp User


14 Reviews

December 10,2009


Very Very Average fare

Been there after reading a lot of good reviews on this place. The food is really average and does not do justice to either the name or the ambiance.

I would never go back again - two reasons -

1. I think I deserve good food when I am spending money excess of Rs. 500/- per person. This food is just too ordinary. They have not been able to do anything innovative with the food. May be a road side eatery can serve you better food at times. Biggest flaw in the entire proposition.

2. I hate place that charge service tax without informing. Normally I am a generous tipper. However, I detest places that add 10% service tax on the bill and force you to pay for it. Speaks less of the ethics and thus I think the management is looking at making money from all corners and dont trust them for even the food that I eat. Dont know how they would have tried to make money there.

All in all - I am not going there again. Anybody who has not been there must go only for the ambiance which is also a little too psychedelic for my taste and gets on to you after 20 minutes.


Sun Dew - Burrp User

Sun Dew

7 Reviews

November 21,2009



Visited Rakabdar last evening for dinner. I'd never go there again. Its absolutely hyped up and definately overpriced. Only thing that got me goin thru was the ambience. I'd definately nt recommend it.


epicure007 - Burrp User


52 Reviews

September 12,2009


Needs a bit of improvment but worth a visit

Head of Rakabdar from a friend who had visited before. He had high praises for the Dal here - which I learnt from the manager here later is named after the chef who apparently designed the menu - and being a fan of Punjabi food I wanted to try it out. I was warned that the place is not easy on the pocket - so I was hoping that it would be worth it

My verdict - its not the best Awadhi/Mughlai that I have had. I have certainly had better. But let me not hold that against Rakabdar. Interesting name firstly - although once you understand what it means, your expectations only rise.

The most interesting dish I had was the Dahi Kabab. Unmatched taste and texture - its really good for a starter. The range of chicken kababs that we had ordered were tasty as well. They have an interesting range of mocktails and I sipped one of those - a lassi variant which I enjoyed

On the main course, there was an interesting recommendation - the Arabic Roti which is coated with Rock Salt - reddish ( almost blood red) in colour. An interesting concept but I found it somewhat messy to eat and also a bit salty with the chicken that I had ordered.

I certainly found the service staff well knowledged and courteous. No complaints there. But I think the place is too dark. Especially considering I had gone for lunch - I felt that I had come to a pub and that is not something I personally like. To be fair there were people in the group who liked it. I also found the loo to be an area where they could improve

Is it Value for money? I would say no. The price tag is five-starish. Many interesting sounding items like New Zealand chops are priced out-of-reach. Perhaps that explains the emptiness considering they have a large capacity?


newsingh - Burrp User


23 Reviews

September 05,2009



Mughlai and Avadhi do not get better than this!

Till now my favourite was Sikandar in this category. Rakabdar has taken over now. Stuff here tastes just awesome.

Ambience is bit 'different' and stylish. Eating area is low-lit and hence suits more the couples as compared to a family with kids.

Pricing tilts towards the higher side. Some alcohol prices are just outrageous.

They have four floors with two low-lit traditional ones (these appear to be more popular) and two lounge setups. The floor area is on the lower side and does not give a 'grand' look, although, they make it up with the elegant ambience.

Menu is not extensive(contrary to many, I like this) albeit sticks to the category(Mughlai) of the restaurant.

A must go.

I hope you have found this review helpful.


Chill Out!!!..By Scorpiousster.

The hotel is ideal place for business visits,team dinner or private party.

The pool near the reception is very well maintained and adds a cool touch. The chilled immediate area in the Lounge leaves a lot to be desired .
All to all hurray for the place....:-) but sad part being the food & bar being expensive and needs a experienced proffessional Bartender(Cocktails).

A "dip " in the price menu and happy hours would do wonders to the place..Overall a nice place to hang out.

Amazing place amidst bangalore's bustling city..



Amazing place

I have been to Rakabdar two times now and one thing I would say upfront is, this place is very good.
Food, ambience, service all score a 9/10 on my "burrrp" scale!!! I havent been able to taste non-veg here till now, but will do that very soon.

Am not a "soup" person, I never have soup before a meal as it spoils my appetite, so am not gonna talk about how the soups taste here...

Dahi kababs and Paneer dudhiya kababs are awesome among starters. Dont miss them.

The veg-dum biryani is pretty good as are the rotis, nans and parathas they have.

The mutter methi malai is good for roti if you like a little sweetish gravy. Otherwise. the tangy paneer gravy is pretty good. It goes well with the missi roti and paratha.

Last but not the least, NEVER miss the "shahi thukra" for dessert. Frankly, I have been to most of the "fancy" fine dining restos in Bangalore and Shahi Thukra here is THE BEST dessert I have ever had...

The waiters are all well-mannered and eager to serve, very unlike many other places.

Overall, I guess this resto, being new, will pickup surely, if they keep up the food quality and the good service. I would surely recommend people to try this.


Good food and Great Service

I went to this place for a weekend lunch. Though it was around 2 o clock we were the only ones at the restaurant. wen i enquired y there was no one they said that their crowd starts only after 3. Anyways... We enjoyed the quiet ambeince.. the food was great and i have to mention that the service is excellent. We ordered Tomato shorba dahi ke kabab and some mushroom stuff for starters. the shorba was too good... the best i have had till date. the dahi ke kabab made me go mmmmmmmm mmmmmm n mmmm... it was awesome.. the mushroom starter was not so good. was a lil watery... we ordered dal qureshi and some kulchas.. both were excellent, The dal needs a special mention.. it is something like dal makhani but its the best i have ever had.. then we ordered a dum veg biryani and that was also cooked to perfection. For deserts we ordered qubaani ka meetha n i was just bowled over by it... I would surely recomend this place. u can take yr family, gf/bf and also friends. thumbs up for this place!!


Amazing Service, limited Menu

The food is classy awadhi Non veg starters costing about 300-400 while veg ones about 200-300, serving size is quite good. I am Punjabi and it's the place where you would like to get your dad, mom and family along, to experience the grandeur.
The delicacies to try out are Kasturi Kabab, Murg Chandi Tikka, Dahi ke kabab ( Starters) and Murg Handi Qorma, Nihari, Lucknowi Dum Mutton and chicken Biryani with special naan called sumac and zatter amongst the breads one Warqi Parantha is enough for two people.

Bill for two people comes to about 1.2-1.5 along with Non alcoholic beverages and starters

This place has a classy ambience, and hats off the service,specially i talk to one of Manager his name is Aminesh for his hospitality and the waiters pay quite a lot of attention and no one will bother you for the bill, taking orders for the main course and hurrying up in any way.
I will definetly go again very soon.


Good Food

Nice ambience, good service, and most importantly good food.
There are a couple of new dishes on the menu which you wouldn't find it anywhere else. Also, the bar menu is impressive.
They have certain champagne which costs Rs. 30,000/- (yes, you read it right, it is thirty thousand).

I didn't like the lighting near the dining area. It is poorly lit.
Other than that no complaints.

It is slightly on the expensive side though. Dinner for 4 including
drinks, starters and main course costed us 3000/-


wonderful place

i had a wonderful birthday. i went to aira first with my gf for some drinks and starters. we enjoyed thoroughly and then we went to rakabdar for dinner. the waiter from aira took us down and very politely the rakabdar waiter asked where we would like to sit. we loved the restaurant. it is low lighting, very nice atmosphere, very modern design full of lotuses in the design. very smart it looked with the table settings. same as aira the waiters here also are very well mannered. we had many starters in aira so we only shared one cheese and something, some spice naan with mutton gravy which was super. i think also the way they serve is so nice. then we shared biriyani(chicken) which was excellent. big portion. dessert also we shared phirni. it was also good. we had so much food we were so full by end of the night. this is a really good place. also aira. i am giving only 4 star for both places because i believe there is always room for improvement. but really they are five star.


a must see

me and cpl of friends visited this place last week and it was an eye opener........delicious lucknowi food specially the dum biryaani ,warqi paratha and chandi kabab.........i knew instantly why lucknowi biryaani is far ahead of hyd biryani....service was very royal except for their uniform which was more modern......the interiors are done in a league of its own............smething really awesome in bangalore after a long time......a visit to their terrace lounge ensured that my next weekend party is going to be right here......a must see.............



too good must visit...but...a lil expensive

we went on a weekend, four of us, food was excellent, deco n ambiance awesome.....its a must visit once!
we really liked it..
service is amazing... Bangalore needs restaurants like this ! it does!
overall very good!
would love to visit again.


Unmatched Gastronomical Experience

Its been a while since I went towards Koramangala and a few of my colleagues were non-stop talking about this new restaurant which looks stunning from outside but have never been there to experience the food. This was sufficient to stimulate me to force my friend to accompany me as quickly as possible to Rakabdar.

“Rakabdar” means, “The Master Chef” who belonged to the court of Awadh and Lucknow. They claim to present two-hundred year old secret recipes of Awadhi Master Chefs with a modern and contemporary twist. It refers to the royal inventors of the secret recipes of the courts of Awadh and Lucknow. The culinary journey here is expected to take you to the days of yore (I don’t know about those days, but this what they claim). While the setting is contemporary, the content seems to have passed from generation to generation.

This restaurant is band opposite Forum Mall. As we parked our vehicle, there was a courteous staff to welcome us and guide us towards Rakabdar / Aira (Lounge Bar) – wherever we wanted to go! The reception area is quite spacious with the off-white wall and showcasing a small water body towards the compound with an evident “Cognato” written on it. At the end of the meal, I realized this was a venture by the Cognato Group.
Rakabdar is on the second floor and as you enter, you would notice the beautifully decorated dining hall with royal blue paint on the wall, a circular table covered with crystal bead hangings. To the corner there was a 2 seater table. You move forward and to the right, you’d notice a large dining hall with large decorative hangings next to the tables reflecting on to the wall with the light on the floor. The false roof and the other lighting arrangements including the stunning interiors are so well done, you’d continue to notice till the end of the meal.

My friend was neither in mood for drink nor for the soup. I opted for Green Apple Martini and with my weird stare, he obliged for a Sweet Lime Soda. The Martini was perfect with the thin slices of Green Apple in it and it made my day by acting as the perfect thirst buster on a sunny afternoon.
As a complimentary, they served 6 pieces of triangular small rotis which were softest I’ve had till date. This was served with dal and channa. Ummm.. delicious and a perfect complimentary to start with.

For the starters, we tried Dahi Ke Kabab. This was made using the bread with yummy stuffing mixed with curd and fried. The tamarind chuntney was a super combination with this. We were kinda well stuffed with all this. We knew we can’t have both rotis and rice and blindly opted only for rotis. My choice was Missi Roti and my friend’s was Aloo and Onion stuffed Kulcha. Guncha-Wa-Qeema was the gravy we opted. This was filled with Gobi and other vegetables. This quantity was really huge and I found it not-so-good. To add to it, it was very oily as well. This was nice but not big hit with me. The rotis were pretty huge and it overloaded till the forehead.

As always, since I have a separate and distinct space in my stomach for desserts, we ordered Shahi Tukra. Total satisfaction for my sweet tooth with the malai, the dry fruits with silver foil and the berry sauce.

Their menu is not too exhaustive. There are no too many choices and for vegetarians its even lesser.

The damage for the both of us was around Rs.1200/- incl the VAT and service charges. About the tax and extra charges, they’ve mentioned in the menu card itself.

Overall, a delightful experience in the bustling area of Bangalore. The patrons were mostly the youngsters and corporate.
Since, I wanted to take a look at their lounge bar, the staff accompanied me for the same. The 3rd floor is super chic and classy lounge bar and the 4th floor has the open terrace lounge bar with bright colored settee and cushions. A perfect place for hanging out and dating.


impressive 'avadhi' restaurant

an incredible dining experience if your salary is recession-proof.

i can't comment on how authentic it really is because i don't have any Nawabi cousins, or avadhi friends, but hey, the chef's have done a damn good job in presenting very distinct and traditional flavours and ingredients in a very contemporary manner. definitely better, if not as good as, Samarkhand. and a blessing for those living on the southside of richmond road.

we had the murgh chandi tikka - very tender and delicately flavoured, the lamb shanks nehari (lucknowi nehari, i think it's called) and warqi paratha... the nehari was very yummy, though the meat i felt tasted a bit 'defrosted'.

this pretty much filled us up, and the subsequent Shahi Tukra was purely a combination of curiosity and gluttony.

try and go with atleast 2- 3 others, so you get to taste more of this wonderful 'dum' food. quantities are huge. when 2 of us went we wanted to try the famed biriyani, but our stomachs had already shut for the day after the nehari and half a paratha.

the chicken, nehari, a paratha, 2 drinks and a dessert came to about 1800. they pre-add the service charge
(whether you like the service or not :) )... so don't bother with a tip. service, btw is fabulous.