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> > > > Rasa Restaurant

Rasa Restaurant

MalleshwaramSouth Bangalore  

  • 42067030, 9741355844, 9845095924
  • No. 30, 1st Cross, Sampige Road, Malleshwaram, Bangalore
  • Indian, North Indian, Chinese
  • Meal for 2 - 800

19 Reviews / 20 Ratings

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Rasa Restaurant Reviews

Complete Discrimination

Its a good place but very cheap staff. I with my friends went there and the staff wanted to take the last order at 11 pm. Some small kids sitting in front of our table were boozing and also creating nuisance. The manager announced its the last order, but still we requested them to serve us, but they denied. Appreciate the value of rules which they followed and it has to b applicable for all. But one thing disappointed me the most. That is the group of under aged school students sitting just in front of my table. Maybe they were high cost giving customers for them but when they spoke to me about rules our government says liquor has to be served above 21 yrs of age and seriously when I put up this point to the management, they literally made use the worst local language. Why guys what was my fault???? Rules are applicable to everyone. Guys stand for this and make them realize about the rules.


Karnataka Comes alive

if u wanna try authentic karnataka food this is the place to be akki roti , neer dosa , avare kalu gojju and a wide variety of non veg starters and guess wat the price is just afforadable , great ambeince and weekends u have the live music to lit up the place , been a regualar visitor in last 2 years and the food quality is just the same , outstanding . alcohol is affordable too .



Coastal touch!

You just cant miss the lit board on Sampige road signalling Rasa.
I was pleasantly surprised to find that they had some coastal food in the menu. I missed eating it and decided to order. Unfortunately as i was with a friend i had to order vegetarian. The food arrived quite quickly. The alcohol was affordably priced compared to most restaurants i've been to. The food was decent but was more Kerala-like than Mangalorean which was a disappointment. I believe this place had 3 active floors and the ambience may differ floor-wise.


Junebug - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 24,2012


Bad food,arrogant staff, pathetic service

If you are in Malleshwaram ever, please skip this restaurant and do yourself a favour. We went to the rooftop restaurant which was virtually empty. Inspite of this I was refused a table of my choice - selected a table where it wasn't too breezy as we had an infant with us. Food was awful- the vegetable barbecue platter had grains of sand which we could feel in our mouths! Ouch and yuck!! Which shows that they don't wash their veggies!
We had to request a million times for our plates, tumblers, cutlery etc. The rude waiter asked us to eat with the toothpick when we asked for forks.Food was just dumped on our table and nothing was served. Finally when we paid the bill, they didn't even bother returning our change. They coolly pocketed it. When asked we were told that they didn't have the change. Talk about forceful tipping!
Again please do yourself a favour, stay hungry if you have to, please don't go to Rasa.



2 hours to get food - curry is just water

I foolishly went to this place again because some friends wanted to.

this time to the Kannada place on the first or second floor. They take 2 hours to get your food and the curries are all water with a couple of pieces of meat or vegetables floating somewhere hard to find.



Disgusting reservation planning

Rasa has a cheap plan to make sure their tables are full. They have good outdoor restaurant. If you call to make a reservation, they will tell you it is not necessary. Once you get there, they will tell you that there were reservations and you didn't make one. Or your number is not on the list. This they do on weekends and holidays. So it ruins your evening because if they told you there was no table you would have gone elsewhere.

I suggest its best to go elsewhere and go here only if one is prepared to be turned away.



Expensively foodlicious

Great food and customer service.. But sure to burn a hole in your pocket..



HORRIBLE - Cockroaches on the table!

We found the deal on Crazeal. Me and a couple of friends wanted to try out Rasa for the first time. We were led to the Timber Bar. First of all the music was extremely loud, the service was lousy - the server took ages to come and take our order. And when we did get the order and talking, we found a cockroach creeping from the crevice in the table!! It crawled all over the chicken starter we got.
We immediately told our server about it, told him to take that dish away and switched tables. Lo and behold - cockroaches turn up here too. All the staff did was to throw the roaches off the table. One horrible fu***d place! This place needs to be inspected by the food department


kevob - Burrp User


1 Reviews

July 14,2010


Welcome at Rasa

I have now, in the last two weeks, eaten three meals at Rasa. This restaurant is everything I was looking for when my company housed my family and I in Mantri Greens. I am from Ireland and being so far from home with so many cautionary tales on the food in Indian I was very worried I would not find somewhere to sit and just enjoy my meal without apprehension. Rasa has everything I could have hoped for : great food with such a diverse range ( I am willing to try any dish where as my ten year old daughter would prefer food she has heard of before ) and excellent quality - we have weak European constitutions but have never even felt an inkling of bother ! Great drinks including lovely cold Kingfisher on tap to wash down the gorgeous puli munchi. Great ambience and decoration, easily the equal of any of the restaurants I have been too here in India and across Europe. Lastly, and most importantly, I would like to sincerely thank all the staff for the wonderful service they provide, we felt like welcome customers from the first moment we entered until we left usually so late we were holding the staff back from going home. Special mention to the memory man RK, ask our names once and remembers for all our visits, remembers what we ordered the first night when we say oh you know that nice starter we had last week and just genuinely an excellent ambassador for Rasa and for India : ) I will be going back again soon....



Nice place, unethical staff

All the money spent on location and decors seems to worked well in Rasa's favour. The food is good, and the there's a wide range of choice when it comes to drinks as well. The 3rd floor is very well done, and the big screen is fun as well (specially during IPL or football games).

The sad part however seems to be the staff and hence the service one receives. We got into a tiff with the management because of varying prices mentioned in the menu and in the bill; and we were asked to pay the higher amount mentioned in the bill. The explanation given to us was that the staff 'forgot' to change the prices on the menu. The head manager did little to intervene and was not co-operating from any angle.

Since the staff seems to be poorly trained, the service is slow at the restaurants on the first two levels as well. I stay within walking distance of Rasa. But I'll give this place a skip. Bangalore has palces way better than this where customers are actually treated better.



The plaque on the second floor of Rasa says - "Khao - Chinese and Thai", but the options on the menu were woefully less, especially for vegetarians. There were no Crispy/Fried Noodles with any sort of gravy other than Sweet and Sour. There were a few stand-alone gravies but the crispy noodles came compulsorily with their sweet and sour gravy! so had to settle for some Hakka Noodles which was nothing special to say the least.

Thumbs up for the ambience and the food was decent, whatever we ordered. The cost is also very acceptable - about 500 Rs for two persons (without drinks). But I doubt if I shall go there again.



Only if you are planning on raising a family there

My house is in Rajaginagar, and our place has very few options when it comes to good non-vegetarian restaurants with good ambiance. Hence, we decided to head to Rasa in Malleswaram, which has three restaurants, Hejje (malnad style), Shish (open air) and Khao (Chinese). I have previously been Hejje and Shish several times (I am impressed with both restaurants), hence, decided to try out Khao.

Let me give you a crisp review on Khao:

Taste: The starters were quiet good, however, “clay pot fried rice” was a disappointment, it was normal fried rice which they decided to call clay pot fried rice. Overall, the food here is above average, but nothing to write home about.

Quantity: Reasonable

Price: Not very expensive, considering the area it is in and the ambiance of this restaurant. A heavy dinner for two without drinks should not cross 700 bucks.

Ambiance: This is the best part of this restaurant. The interiors are very well done; the lighting is not too bright, which is a good thing. If you are able to occupy the sofas (recommended), then you will be not feel that the place is crowded. However, they need to work on ergonomics, there is something about the sofas and the corresponding tables that make eating a little uncomfortable.

Service: Now that we have spoken about the best part of this restaurant, let me reveal the deal breaker for this restaurant. The service truly sucks; man I can go on and on about how bad the service is. You will have to wait for anywhere between 30 to 45 minutes for the first order, read starters, to be delivered, and another 45 minutes for subsequent orders (main course) to be delivered, even though you have placed the order for main course when you placed an order for starters. Your patience will be tested in more ways than one. I would recommend this place, if you want to test the patience of you partner and make a decision based on that, or if you are planning on raising a family in this restaurant.

Will I go there again?
Even though the ambiance is good and the food above average, I really don’t have the patience that is required to eat here.


Konkan - Burrp User


4 Reviews

August 28,2009


Slow service, average quality,good ambience

visited this restaurant for the 3rd time in the last week of Aug 2009. only 3 tables were occupied throughout our dinner so the noise from the crowd was absent.Spinach cream soup is the best. Lasooni paneer kabab had just 8 pieces of paneer for 75/- which is expensive.Mocktails are a letdown.the butter stuffed kulcha was was soft.Palak kofta and paneer kadai were ordinary and spicy.Veg fried rice was good.Desserts are again a letdown.the souffles are not fresh. Service is terribly slow,even when only 3 tables are occupied.the cost was around 200 per head which does not match the expectations



I've been to Rasa 6 times in the last one year and a half and the people I've introduced to it have been nothing short of awed by it. It has three floors. The first one, called Hejje serves South Indian, The second(khao) serves chinese and the third(Sheesh) serves tandoori. Of late, mughlai and chinese have been extended to Khao and Sheesh.Sheesh stands out of the lot with a firelit rooftop, great ambience,good music and an outdoorsy feel. It has an attached loungebar, so minors aren't allowed. :) If you're with with family, Khao is a better option.Howver, if you've been to Rasa and haven't been to the rooftop, it's a shame. Also they have a "you drink, we drive" offer..If you've maxed the drinking limit, they offer to drive you back home at varying prices depending on the distance for which u need to commute.
The only problem is, the tables can't be shifted. So if you go with a group of 10 or above, you'll have to split or share a very congested table.Also, vegetarians don't have too many choices, but that's the case with most veg/non veg restaurants.
Staff- friendly.
Service- slow.
Food- authentic, delectable.
Valet parking- available.
Prices- Reasonable for a place like this but mostly depends on what you eat. All the times I've been there, it's ranged from Rs. 150/head to Rs. 500 /head. American food and continental is on the more expensive side.Drinks are also relatively inexpensive.


Food is excellent, but be prepared to wait for it

We've been to Khao three times in the last 1 year, and the quality and taste of the food has been consistently above average. I can't vouch that it is authentic Chinese/Thai fare, but frankly, I'd rather have tasty food that is non-authentic cuisine than the other way around.

We're vegetarians, so our options were limited to a certain extent. We tried the Gaeng Pak (sorry if I butchered the spelling a bit!), mixed veggies, veg fried rice, triple delight, shanghai noodles and a few mocktails.

The Peach Passion mocktail is top-notch, a favorite of mine.

Portion sizes are quite generous and we could easily share the food we ordered amongst ourselves (7 of us).

Now for the bad part. The service is quite, quite slow. The head waiter attended to us quite promptly and took our orders when we were ready, but it took a long time (almost 45 min) for our order to be served. The restaurant was not very crowded at that time, although it started filling up rapidly after we placed our order, so I don't know if that had something to do with it.

Unfortunately, we were all feeling too full to order any desserts, so I cannot review that part of the menu.

Overall, our experience in Khao has always been very pleasant and I look forward to our next visit.


The best culinary experience

The best thing I noticed here is the notice near the lift which said they could provide a chauffer to drive the customer home if the customer is drunk.This would be really great if all restaurants with bar offers the same.

The food here was great and the serving was pretty much. The cusine was so authentic that it reminds you of your grandmother's hand cooked food.The Butter milk was the best i ever had.

The price was also reasonable and hence my rating for this place is 4/5


Rasa (Worth going to 3rd Floor)

Who says Malleswaram is conservative and not a place to go around & chill out.

Been regular visitor to this place with my friend 'Kalyan' (I better mention about him otherwise he is going to kill me) who introduced me to this place. But everytime we go there, its a new experience.

Awesome ambience with 'mashal' stuck to the wall :) The seating arrangement is very good... [Dont expect cusioned seating & fancy table...]

We generally sit close to the DJ (for obvious reasons - to flood him with requests & he obliges it also). Yes, music is something which is been worked upon but you would still listen to artists like ACDC, LP, GnR, Metallica (Limited tracks), Eagles but doesn't have Maiden, Megadeth, Godsmack, Pantera, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Nickelback to name a few.

The starters are worth having, esp non-veg (If you are a fish lover then ask for anything in fish). Occupy the place early to enjoy the evening as it generally gets crowded after 8/ 8.30.

Visit this place once to cherish the visit... Can go with opposite sex as well ;)

Cheers!!! Have a nice time!!!

PS - Pl dont litter the place & behave civilised...


quayler - Burrp User


31 Reviews

August 31,2008


Interesting Place

I went to the bar `Soma' ? on the third floor which is quite a nice place - and really nice for some place in Malleswaram. Provides a worthy alternative to Viking if one wants a drink in this part of the city. The Chinese place ( Khao ? ) is also quite nice but the decor is a little on the bizarre side - gun sticking out of the wall, rabid dog charging out... .

The prices had gone up by about 20% the second time I went there, so it wasn't as great a deal as it was the first time. A bottle of KF went up to Rs. 100 for 650ml from Rs.80 but I suppose that that may be related to the increase in prices all around. They promise to have draft beer soon but dont have it as yet. The cocktails are surprisingly affordable ( around 150 bucks ).



Food is rasila but the service is not....

Rasa is a new three-level restaurant in a bylane off the busy Sampige Road in Malleswaram. The first level has Hejje, which offers 'cuisines of Karnataka'. The second level has the Chinese-Thai eatery Khao, and the rooftop has Shish - a Continental, Tandoor, Mughlai place with a bar. Malleswaram has for long been badly in need of a decent restaurant offering something beyond dosas, minimeals and kulcha-kofta-biryani. Hopefully Rasa will meet the need.

Their promotion consisted of a glossy leaflet delivered with the daily newspaper, so one could assume that all Malleswaram knows about it. So it was surprising to see that the place was not very crowded on a Sunday night. My friends and I checked out all three levels before settling for Khao, where only one other table was occupied. The rooftop was the only place that was almost full.

Our expectations that the service would be swift, since the place was so empty, were sadly belied. Our first waiter did not seem to know everything that was on the menu and could not answer some of our questions. Thankfully someone better informed edged him out and took our orders. We went straight for the main course, of which the various items were brought one by one instead of together. A mocktail that one of us had ordered did not turn up at all, and she had to ask for it again - it was served with the desserts!

The food was the saving grace - all the dishes were quite good, though one of my friends found the Schezwan chicken quite spicy. I really liked the vegetarian Gaeng Pak - vegetables in coconut milk gravy, and the Malaysian flat noodles. The veg fried rice was not too bad either. The desserts on offer were not particularly Thai or Chinese, except a couple. We asked for gulabjamun and khubani ka meetha, both of which were not that great. (The best khubani ka meetha I've ever had was in Moksh, Jiggs Kalra's veg restaurant at the Chancery, which, sadly, is no more). But it was well worth it, considering that the bill for four people came to only Rs.615/-! The four stars in my rating are for the good food at low prices.

Rasa offers valet parking and home delivery. What they do not have, to my great disappointment, is a separate non-smoking area. Khao is just one big room with nice seating and well....interesting decor. If they improve their service and maintain the standard of their food, I suppose they should be able to become as busy as Shanthi Sagar!