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> > > > Red Bamboo Shoots, Museum Inn

Red Bamboo Shoots, Museum Inn

Museum RoadCentral Bangalore  


17 Reviews / 18 Ratings

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Red Bamboo Shoots, Museum Inn Reviews


Very Good Food

Recently visited this joint after a long gap. Went in for an early dinner.

Ambience -
Still the same. Refurbished furniture/cushions and carpets. The style and looks remain the same. A very good place for a family dinner/lunch.

Food -
For starters we ordered - crispy konjee Lamb ; Steamed Chicken momos and crispy chilli chicken. It was a delight. We followed this with a portion of the hakka chicken noodles and a portion of the soft and crispy noodles with chicken and vegetables.

Parking -
There is very limited space for parking within the hotel premises, but one can always park on the curb side.

On the whole, it was a very nice experience and Red Bamboo Shoots never seem to disappoint.


Does not Disappoint

The red bamboo shoots with the addition of the recent addition of Red to their name has been around for a very long time now and like its neighbor in the Museum Inn hotel is one of the older horses in BJN stables. Having said that Bamboo Shoots has managed to keep the quality and flavours of the cuisine fresh and tasty. The restaurant is conveniently located on the ground floor of the Museum Inn hotel on Museum Road.

Not the largest of spaces it can be termed cozy and functional with a no fuss interior. The menu is well thought out and offers pretty much anything you might be craving for on a Chinese food menu. Their prawns and chicken items across the menu, be it starters, main course or rice and noodles are well prepared and the ingredients are of excellent quality.

With a good service staff and a stacked bar there really is little to complain about in this little chinese eatery. In terms of its over all experience it can be closely compared to its BJN cousin The Aromas of China with the exception that they serve pork items on the menu here.

The pricing levels reflect that this is not one of BJN most upmarket restaurants but not exactly a money saver either. All in all a good experience where one can eat some hearty Chinese grub at a reasonable price and go home happy and satisfied.

Pros: - good variety on menu
- well prepared items
- quality of ingredients is good
- price is reasonable for the quality

Cons; - maybe considered a bit small with limited seating



Spicy Chinese but slightly overpriced

We went here on a Thursday night, we were looking to have a quick bite and it was already too late. This was the only place open at 11pm, I was not expecting much but was pleasantly surprised.

I had the best fried rice and that too veg, it was just right. Also loved the chicken with basil and chilly. Be ware if are ordering any of the spicy dishes as they are seriously HOT...

The service was great considering we were the lat customers of the night. Slightly overpriced after the service charge and taxes.

Looking forward to going back with my foodie friends.



Andhra chinese food....

Well, the recent upgrade has proved disasterous as far as we are concerned.
The ambience remains nice and service is good.
But the food is too darn spicy to be called authentic chinese food.
Rather it seems like an andhra varient of it, where you can only taste the chilli's and nothing else.
The overpowering spice takes away the taste of the food and leaves you with a burning tongue and heart..



Does not live upto BJN standards for service :-(

I've been to this restaurant multiple times in the past for great food! Last night when I went to this restaurant for dinner, it was an awful experience. First of all, the manager and his staff were careless and completely ignored our table. Nobody turned up to our table atleast for the first 15 mins until I had to check if the table we are seated actually has service. Then another 15 mins to take the order, another 15 mins to get food and finally forever to get the bill... all of this after repeatedly reminding several staff. When I shared the feedback with the manager, he said "Sir, today we're crowded and that's why had this problem..." That's BS to me!!!!

I still can't believe this is still a BJN restaurant! I felt the small time darshinis and udipis and sagars take care of customers better than these guys! I would give a 4 stars for food and 0.5 (or rather zero) stars for service!



parini - Burrp User


2 Reviews

December 12,2011


Red Bamboo Shoots

Fiery .. like the name. But then i should have expected that, considering they boast of serving authentic chinese cuisine. And authentic it is. Unlike most other so called chinese restaurants, was pleasantly surprised that the waiter actually knew about the dish that he was serving - and took great pains to explain the subtleties between Sichuan and Cantonese. Great place to eat if you are really into food.



Lives Up to the BJN Standards

A friend and I visited Red Bamboo Shoots a few months ago. This is my second visit to the place and I left as pleased and impressed as I had been the first time around. The decor of the place is really nice and the service is magnificent. Despite having a packed restaurant (we were there on the weekend), our server gave us efficient and smiling service. The food is quite nice and the drinks (I had a Pinky Vodka with Orange Juice and my friend, a Margherita) were well mixed. Our dinner consisted of a spicy Crab and Coriander soup, Paper Thin Ginger Pork with Ginger and Chilly Sauce, a Mixed Vegetable Fried Rice and Flaming Chicken in a Superior Sauce (I am not sure what was superior about the sauce but it tasted lovely). We were extremely full at the end of all this and so, opted to skip dessert. Bill paid and tip given, we walked out of the restuarant all smiles. Once again, a BJN establishment had lived up to its excellent standards of ambience, food and service. Definitely a place I'd recommend and a place I would go back to - though probably after doing the rounds of the other numerous BJN restaurants dotted about the city.


Nice Ambience

We went to bamboo shoots on the nov 24th for lunch. It was my birthday but we didn't disclose this. Nice food. Excellent ambience and very friendly staff.

My younger son blurted out in the middle of the meal that it was my birthday. They got us a complementary sweet dish with a couple of candles lit over it. That was cute of them.



Red Bamboo Shoots, part of the BJN Group's at Museum Inn, Museum Road, is a amazing restaurant which is pit stop for grace, ambiance, comfort and of course yummy and delicious Spicy Chinese food, a place which is unique compared to other BJN cuisines.

To start, As we enter one thing which is very pleasant is the decor and ambiance. Soothing music with tales of Chinese past on the walls which leaves you to interpret lot of stories and start up conversation in the group.Seating is very comfortable. My favorite is sofa side.All type of tables, round rectangle square gave me a choice.The service was very pleasant and extremely friendly, and this really set the mood for the wonderful meal that followed.

The menu is Purely Chinese. I am pure non-vegetarian and opted for buffet at lunch. I like the concept of serving to your table and still it is buffet.Best part is the salad at the starting which says bring down your appetite and enjoy the taste of upcoming food. I thought Bamboo Shoots does a really good job of presenting Chinese delicacy with spicy touch . It's pretty reasonably priced, especially considering the quality of the food and the size of the servings.It costed me Rs. 250/- + taxes.Pretty cheap compared to others. Cocktails are on the pricier side, But the names are pretty interesting like cupid cut, romeo n Juliet . Tempts to try one of them.

The food is prepared pretty quickly, and is at your table in a jiffy.Now to the food. It's solid and hearty, and will certainly fill you up! from the soup till the dessert,I can remind myself each and every dish on my tongue... :).A special mention must be made of the Dessert which i had was darshan ice cream.Yummy!!! I can just go back for this. Mu friend like it so much she ordered one more right there.That was an experience in itself.

So Bamboo Shoots a great option for a casual dining out and a tasty and filling SPICY CHINESE.Being at heart of restaurants, This is a pretty spunky and friendly place!


Can Chinese get better than?

I have no words to describe the quality of food which is served here. the lunch buffet will spoil you for choice with regards to the options one has. The ambience and the service is really good as well. For any chinese food lover, this place is a must visit at any cost. The mongolian chicken is higly recommended



The After-Church Divine Experience.

After attending the 8.30 service at the Cathedral, I come to Bamboo Shoots and stuff myself with some yummy breakfast. They have a buffet. The spread is more than worth the money I would say. You'll find French toasts or pancakes, sausages, mashed potatoes or hash browns, cereals, hot and cold milk, coffee, tea and fruit juice on one side. On the other side you�??ll find aloo parathas, idli, vada, a variety of dosas, assorted chutney varieties and an egg counter. In the centre you will find cut fruits, flavoured yoghurt which I mentioned earlier and fresh bread which you can ask to be toasted or you can have them as it is. Small cups of butter, marmalade, jam and honey, you�??ll find, on the table. But most of all, you�??ll find, as you pick up a plate and walk around the spread, that this wonderful buffet is a proof that God truly loves us.




here's the thing , the food is good , Value for money, the ambiance very comfortable, lighting is perfect, soft and allows one to have great conversation. The buffet is priced at 249+taxes. A special mention about the staff, wonder where they found them ... they all were extremely courteous, clean, very well groomed and cheerful. it was a pleasure to dine here


newsingh - Burrp User


23 Reviews

September 05,2009



This is one of those restaurants that I am yet to figure out.

The food is good and just that.

Nice ambience.

Not very spacious.

Audience is usually the oldie type.

My review may be biased as I am not a great chinese food junkie.

It must not be popular for no reason - but I am not in great mood to try it out just yet.


Best Chinese Veg Food

We were supposed to go to Angheethi, the restaurant on the roof top of the same building as Bamboo shoots. We did not like Angheethi so we ended up going to Bamboo shoots. Not a huge one but it’s very quiet and very neat. The wall painting is a superb one, done in a traditional Chinese way. The buffet here is supposed to be really good and not that expensive, but we went there on a weekend so there was no buffet. Otherwise, this restaurant does dig you deep into your wallet. The ambiance is a nice one, it is quiet, and you can enjoy the yummy food. The vegetarian food here is a delight, it’s the best Chinese vegetarian food that we ever had. This one does tend to get crowded over the weekend, so booking a table will be a good idea. The staff is a good and smiling one.


nice place, nice food

Quite a good ambiance and good food too, without eating much of our wallet. They start the lunch buffer with a soup, starter (mushroom tikka) and spring rolls before we proceed to the main buffet. The main buffet has limited choices of 3 curries (for both veg and non-veg each), noodles (veg and non-veg) and once rice. The desert menu consist of a sweet and faluda ice cream. The total bill for the lunch buffet was 225+taxes (comes around 270/-). On the whole, the quality of food was very good, and the place wasn't too much crowded as well.



Veg baskets

really a nice place to savour Thai cuisine. for starters try something called Veg baskets ( similar sounding) ... something new and tasty. The Green and Yellow curry at this place beats the Thai i've had at any other place. towards the end of the meal, they give u something called the Fortune cookie. All in a all a nice place to visit FOR a VEGGIE too



Oriental Lunch Buffet

Lunch Buffet is usually Chinese/Thai cuisine. Good number of choices in both Veg as well
as N.Veg. Overall great food and good ambiance.

PS: You need to book a table in advance on Friday afternoons.