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> > > > Rim Naam, The Oberoi

Rim Naam, The Oberoi

MG RoadCentral Bangalore  


11 Reviews / 11 Ratings

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Lunch On The Go Jul 01 - Jul 31

  • Sumptuous food, varied choice, legendary service and a great offer. Ideal choice for a work lunch for the busy professional.

    Average Spend: Rs. 1125 to Rs. 1250 per person

Rawang Aug 01 - Aug 31

  • Watch out for their new Master Thai Chef. Chef Tham is coming soon with her signature menu and starts off this month with some tasting teasers.
    Price: Rs. 1400 - Rs. 1500 per person

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Rim Naam, The Oberoi Reviews

Romance personified

The so called king of the Thai scene in Bangalore was great on some counts but not so great on some others. What i can tell you is if you want to woo some one with a fancy/romantic experience there are a few restaurants that can really compare to this. The atmosphere and setting are simply surreal (on par with blue ginger. The wooden block amidst lush gardens surrounded by a moat filled with fish is quite dream like. The service and staff are great as is expected from a 5 star restaurant.

Having said that there are two counts where this restaurant let me down where some of the items like the flat noodles and basil chicken are to die for !! some others are plain spicy and not really worth the price. The toughest part is signing the cheque at the end of your meal because this place is one of the most expensive restaurants Ive eaten at. A meal for 4 with a few beers can cost you upwards of 10,000 now that basically puts it out of reach for quite a few people.

I knock off two stars because at this price point you expect perfection and any compromise is going to hurt.

Pros: - One of the most romantic restaurants in town
- Great thai food authentic taste
- located well on Mg road, The Oberoi

Cons: - Pricey to say the least
- a few items can be a let down (unexpected at this price)


dsandie - Burrp User


5 Reviews

February 25,2013


Great food,great service,great ambiance,Not cheap

I have been to this place twice. This place has got the best Thai Food I have ever experienced.Since im a veggie, this review is for the vegetarian part only.But my friend who is a carnivore loved the chicken and seafood dishes he ordered. We started off with the crisp potatoes in a sweet sour sauce with crushed peanuts.It was fabulous. Then we ordered the Kaeng Massaman . It was very well made . The quantity was also good and we had to order 2 portions of rice to go along with it. We also ordered the tofu stir fried with red curry paste. That was also great.
All in all , a great experience. All the dishes were well made , and tasted fantastic.
But all this comes at a cost. The whole lunch cost Rs.9000 + taxes.



Truly awesome Thai restaurant

This is one of the few "superlative" restaurants in bangalore - which seem to do everything above expectations (others being Olive Beach, Bene etc.).

The experience starts with the setting and ambience - its classically decorated surrounded by water. The service is perfect.

The food is superb - definitely the best Thai in town. The thai curries and one of the tofu main courses are our favourites. Also very nice is the home made ice cream.

The cocktails are nice too (not specific to this restaurant, but all of them in Oberoi). We love the manhattan bourbon cocktail, and the red wine sangria.

Of course, being in Oberoi, the prices are proportionally high too. But its worth it if you want a special experience.



Thai flavors at its best

I visited this place for my sister's birthday. The first nods went to the ambiance and setting of the restaurant. Placed amidst the Oberoi garden, the open wooden structured restaurant is surrounded by quaint water features and is designed in the most simplistic manner to let the beautiful surroundings take center stage. Service is true to the Oberoi calling and perhaps the best i have ever come across. Being our first Thai food experience, me and my sister were immediate converts thanks to the flavor rich Thai green curry and Tom Yum soup; we sent our compliments to the chef. At the end of the meal, the servers surprised us with a special cake for my sister, and they even sang happy birthday for her. It truly made our afternoon spectacular.

Verdict: Best Thai food restaurant in town, hands down!



This restaurant can easily give some of the best Thai restaurants in Manhattan or Honk Kong!
Anything from a simple yellow curry to a spicy red curry to the famous Pad Thai Noodles is done to perfection.
The ambiance is brilliant and the food is even better!
Along with the service and nice hot tea, this place is great to enjoy a romantic date or just hang and enjoy Thai cuisine with friends!


Khob Kun Rim Naam

Me and my fiance went there for my b'day and had an awesome evening throughout. We liked the place for the ambience, the excellent food, the serving portions, the extremely friendly service (by Tenzin,Frain & Harshad) and the surprise cake :))
We had already visited the other restaurant there- Le Jardin, sometime back but were a li'l disappointed with the food there.
So we were a li'l apprehensive going to Rim Naam especially coz we are vegetarians but were pleasantly proven wrong :)

We started the meal with potato samros followed by Veg Kaeng Massaman which was recommended by Tenzin and were told that its a Chef (who is Thai) special. It really turned out to be special and went very well with the steamed rice. The portions were quite good and we did not need to order anything else. So we quickly ordered our desserts- A Lemon Grass Coconut Custard and a homemade Raspberry-Chilly ice cream. Both of which were excellent.
When my surprise b'day cake arrived we were toooooooo full to finish it off. Nevertheless it tasted superb. the bill came to just above 2000 which was every penny worth it.
I would highly recommend this place for a romantic date specially if you like authentic Thai food. :)


Sunday Brunch at the Oberoi

By far one of the best sunday brunches in the city. However like all buffets - the food spread that requires heating should be avoided unless you eat it the minute the lay it out. The salad, cheese and cold cut bar and the desserts however are a different story. They are THE BEST. Having eaten at some of the best restaurants for sunday brunch - I would rate this the best spread. Throw in cold drinks, juices and Sula champagne and the Rs 2000 per person is completely worth it. And if you are seated at Rim Naam its pleasant and airy on the warmest summer day. Try it if you willing to spend the send the money!


peegee - Burrp User


1 Reviews

March 11,2010


The most pathetic dining exprience ever

Invited 6 international clients for a dinner at Rim Naam on evening of Mar 11, 2010.

Should have realized that all was not well when we were told that there is only enough gin at the hotel for 1 round, after which we will need to switch drinks!

Wanting to keep things easy, ordered 10 set menus. Courses took infuriatingly long time to arrive. Called the server and asked him to step things up but request fell to deaf ears. Most dishes arrived cold and insipid.

Oh, and the power went off three times during the 2.5 hour ordeal.

Embarassed myself in front of my guests for what has to be the most pathetic dining exprience ever.

I will never visit the restaurant again and will discourage others from visiting too.


Expected more

This was a place I had been building up to quite a while. To say the least the food was just about good... that's all I can say. This might be one of the best Thai outlets in Bangalore but for the amount I'm coughing up I expect better.

Nevertheless, the wait staff were exceptional, the ambiance understated and elegant. If they notched it up a little more food-wise, the experience would be quite worth it.


arunh - Burrp User


9 Reviews

January 21,2010


Good Thai restuarant

I am a big fan of authentic Thai food, and the chef here knows the game. We tried the house specialty starter - piece of chicken wrapped in a leaf (forget the name). It was quite good, and the accompanying sesame sauce was really flavourful.
The setting is very similar to the Thai restaurant at the Taj Westend (Blue Ginger), surrounded by water bodies and an open style seating.
We had the Mussaman lamb curry for main course, and it was good as expected. The Coconut custard dessert was out of this world. Perfect end to a great dinner.
Good place to go celebrate an occasion, especially if you like Thai cuisine.


Best Thai Food I Have Had So Far In India

Was in Bangalore for work on Fri 5 Oct. Met on old friend from Singapore for drinks at The Polo Bar and decided to have dinner at Rim Naam before our flight.

Crispy Garoupa In Thai Chilli Sauce
Chicken Green Curry
Pak Choy in Garlic
Steamed Rice

Water Chesnut Thai Dessert
Home Made Ice Cream (Lemon Crust and Pandan Nut)

Accompanied the above with a bottle of Sula Sauvignon Blanc 2006.

The food was terrific, service was almost faultless (other than taking a little too long to serve the desserts) and the ambiance was perfect. It have been great for a romantic dinner with my wife!!

Highly recommended ;-) and will visit when I am back in Bangalore.