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> > > > Roomali with a View

Roomali with a View

IndiranagarEast Bangalore  

  • 08041328486, 09845035211
  • 777 E, 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore
  • North Indian
  • Meal for 2 - 700

26 Reviews / 26 Ratings

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Roomali with a View Reviews


Can it get worse??? I doubt

We were a little skeptical abt this place as it was totally empty.
We went for the dinner buffet and i hate to say but the service was pathetic.Well, the food was worse.the dishes seemed stale and not well prepared.Some things were burnt and some were not cooked properly.Overall a very very bad experience.
Honestly speaking, this place is a 'kalank' on the restaurants on the 100ft road.

To top it all we paid 555 per head for the crap we ate.Iam sure the road side vendors serve better food .



A mess in Roomali with a View

Pathetic management, lousy service, and hopeless food/menu:
“ We had most regretful experience today afternoon at this awful place. We were served cold, burnt, and NO food (in that order). When we reached and ordered starters, first there were hardly anything in the dishes. When we asked the restaurant staff to serve atleast enough starters, sure, we were obliged - they brought back the starters, this time burnt, and salty. Also the fish was smelling really bad. Next, for the main course, the food containers barely contained any good food. (We had opted for the buffet.) The "Chicken Biriyani" (one of the very few dishes i tasted) looked stale, and lacked taste of any kind. The chicken in Biriyani was bad, and i was told similar feedbacks for other dishes too. They serve the Rotis at the table, but here again, we were in for a rude surprise, as we had to wait a good 10+ minutes after we served ourselves the veggies/curries, before the Rotis arrived. In fact, we had to ask the waiter for the Rotis again. But worst of all, is the attitude of the guy who's supposedly the Owner. We first talked with the Manager about the Service, the food, and he said he'll talk with the owner. Then we talked with the owner. He basically was not willing to accept that the Service was bad, or that there was no food in the containers, or what little was, tasteless.


Not even worth rating

The only thing good about this place is the ambiance and i say its good because the rest of the things are just horrible.Period.


Very very bad management

My sons first birthday. He turned 1. One of the most important event in my life. Called up Roomali in morning at 1 PM, and got confirmed booking for 15 members at 8PM. Everything was cool. Then called up at 7 PM to confirm again. Their manager confirmed me. Now at 7:15 PM, he called me up saying that my booking is cancelled, as their staff is stuck in Kormangala. On asking for details, he said he has none. On some shouting, he asked us to come. At 7:45, he again called, and told us that they are closing for today. So unprofessional, and highly ridiculous.
I would suggest all that if you want to book this restaurant, make a safe booking is some more restaurant just to be safe.
Pathetic management!!!


Wastage of money !

Four of us friends went for a small dinner today for a get together. We were appalled to see such a meagre variety of food being served in buffet. There was just 'tandoori gobi' in veg starters that too cold. Only one paneer curry and one khatta brinjal curry. The chapatis were not hot or good as well. No variety in rotis !
In nutshell, it seemed like those malls where by end of sunday everything is exhausted, you get the leftovers.
The bill was whooping 325 x 4 :O :O....
It didn't deserve even 100 x 4 by any value. Extremely pathetic famished experience.




Horrible Stuff

Must be the worst food served in this part of the town. Stale food and poor service. Surely a place not worth going.



Not good

Went there for lunch today and was disappointed with the experience. It looked like a restaurant which is on the verge of closing down. No other customer was there except five of us and the ambiance was not something to talk about. Food was just ok and was not worth 299+Taxes. I can get much better experience and food across the road in Indira nagar. Didn't like it. Would not recommend it.



Horrible food

We went on a weekday and it looked deserted.
This is the first place that I ate horrible starters and soup - the dal shorba was a straight dal preparation. No one even bothered to mash the dal! Then the corn tikka was smothered in mustard ( I have seen aloo and gobi in mstard but never corn!) and it came with the brightest green chutney. When we asked if it has color they said yes.
The main course was also very "below average" fare. I think this place seriously needs to check whats wrong and rectify, else they will be out of business. (Sorry guys. We don't want to be this rude but please rectify the cooking).

Ambience and wallet factor are ok.


raiyan4u - Burrp User


3 Reviews

November 16,2010


Restaurant Week??

The decoration is very very far away goood. I love this place. It gives the old maharaja custom & culture ambiance.

I got 5% cash back by using citibank credit card. They said some Restaurant Week is happening this week.

Nice :-)




I went to roomali with a view on a weekend and was totally disgusted by what i experienced. Firstly they took almost half an hour to serve us water and show us the menu card despite the place being empty! Then, on repeated requests the waiter came with water and banged the glasses on the much so that one of the glasses broke and water spilled out. Then finally when the food came, it was cold and tasteless and our order was also mixed up!
One piece of advice...NEVER EVER VISIT THIS PLACE!!!


Good Food, Nice Ambience, Fresh Air

The ambience and the decor is good. The seating is quite comfortable too, although we landed there on a day when the place was 2/3 occupied for a family function.

The food, well I comment about the chicken or fish is avarage, worth to taste it. The veg portions; starters don't have enough quantity I feel, at least compared to some of the other places. Thankfully they are well-cooked, The shorba was good in taste.

Coming to the main course, the Paneer Jalfrezi is great! Vegetable Jaipuri stayed in accordance with what the menu said, and I enjoyed the cashew based gravy. The roomali rotis are cooked in view of everyone by a chef, and I must say the roomali basket with 5 different roomali varieties was delightful!

Service is quick. The complimentary jaljeera drink served at the start is refreshing. Price is moderate to semi-expensive, although if you cut down on starters and stick to a good main course and minimum dessert (not many options) you might really enjoy it!



Worst Restaurant ever seen

I travel quite often to Bangalore and try different places. Roomali is the worst experience of my life. Pigeons fly inside restaurant, table cloth stinks and service is pathetic. 1 plate Green salad ( 2 slice cucumber, 2 slice onion and 2 slice tomato) cost Rs 68 and water bottle 40 bucks.. Even the waiters are arrogant. NO No No for this dirty place.


shabz - Burrp User


15 Reviews

September 14,2009


Roomali without a Taste

Dunno if the owner of this restaurant on Indranagar was inspired by E.M. Forster?s book, A Room with a View, that he named it Roomali with a View. The comparison ends there; the food is not as delectable as the book!

Craving for authentic North Indian cuisine and a strong recommendation from a colleague, we settled for a buffet spread at Roomali with a View.

Ambience: RWAV is located in the third floor above FabMall on 100 feet, Indranagar. From the doorman to the interiors, everything is done up in Rajasthani style. Not much of décor but place is cluttered with tables and seats of various sizes and makes. A big chandelier greets you at the entrance and a few paintings grace the wall. A dismal waterfall at one side which is mostly ignored because of its inconspicuous location.

A very small restaurant that is packed to capacity on most days. One end of it is open to enjoy the view of the bustling traffic. There is no air coming in, so it can get very stuffy even when the room is not packed with people.

Cutlery: Porcelain plates and bowls but heavy stainless steel spoons!

Cuisine: Marwari, Awadhi, Kashmiri and Rajasthani Cuisine. Buffets available for lunch and dinner.

The buffet spread comprised 4-5 types of salad, vegetable shorba for appetizer, 4-5 types of rotis (served at your table. Taste wa steh same, only the color was different), chicken gravy, fish gravy, paneer gravy, dal-bati-churan, 2 types of sabzi (best when skipped), and the main course was Kashimiri Pulao!!! Dessert had cut fruits, vanilla icecream, gulab jamoon, and shahi tukda (which by the way was so damn sweet).

Pricing: Buffet is priced at Rs 245. A la carte is equally expensive.

Service: Poor.

Verdict: A place that is best viewed from outside. Not worth the price!

Moral of the story:

-Never go to places that have fancy names
-Never take a recommendation from a colleague who eats Hakka Noodles with Gobi Manchurian!


B'day lunch, upset b'day plans!

we had a team lunch to celebrate one of our buddy's b'day. ended up with a stale dish and some of them upset stomachs.

i escaped, blame it on my stone hard stomach, but others weren't so lucky.

we left after lunch and decided never to return.

is there a less than 1 rating???


Good north indian food

The seating arrangement at this restaurant is little congested. The open air ambiance is good. The buffet spread is not that elaborate but good enough to sit there and taste everything for about an hour and half. The rotis are served at the table. The food is just awesome. Its the right place if you are looking for some good north indian food.


Exceptionally Bad

I had heard about the restaurant and by location (100 feet road, Indiranagar) it seemed like an okay place to go. When my in-laws came to town, I made the mistake to take them here.

The decor was attractive, though a little cramped.

We went a-la-carte and ordered only veg dishes. Food was cold, old and foul tasting. In fact none of the three dishes we ordered were palatable. I don't know what is the logic of them serving dishes cooked 2 days earlier. Thankfully we stuck to veg food; I shudder at the thought of eating stale non-veg dishes.

We left most of the food, skipped the dessert and went to a nearby restaurant for completing our dinner.

Stay away from this place like a plague. I wish food inspectors come, inspect the place and shut it down for serving stale food.




I thought I was the only one who was unhappy with this place. Turns out I've tons of company!! Went here one afternoon for a buffet and ended up with terrible food poisoning! I can't say much about the view either.



Roomali with a View? Sic Food!

I can vouch for that indeed. Last year we had gone here from our office and atleast 4 of us had stomach upset.

I dont even turn my head to that side when i pass them along 100 feet road! Wouldnt go there even if iam starved.



This place really serves the worst North Indian food I have eaten in my entire life!
The buffet was cold and oily. But I think the worst part was Rice!!!!
It was not cooked, burnt and I couldn't eat even a spoonful!!
I am not going back to this place ever again for sure!
And for others I hope this serves as a warning to stay away!!


saurabh_t - Burrp User


11 Reviews

December 01,2008


Nothing Great!!!

I visited the Marathalli branch. After getting down we find lift doesn't work here & it is situated on 4th floor. Since i am with my family with my wife expecting it is a problem. Somehow we managed it.

On entering we find ambience was good & service is nice. We ordered for veg starter which is of average quality. Only 9-10 veg curries available, we tried a kashmiri curry which has no taste. Breads was served half cold. Kulfi was not enough frozen.

Overall i say it doen't give value for money.


aksaks - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 09,2008



Recently we went to this Roomali restaurant (Indiranagar). We were a bunch of 10 people. Believe me its was pathetic. I am sorry to use this word, but I cannot find any better word than this.

What was good: Ambience, dessert (moong ka halwa), Roomali roti

What was bad: There was no starter, soup was bad, curries "aweful" with double quotes. The food was insipid. Seemed to have cooked food in water.
Eating this food reminded me the time I was admitted to hospital

Given a chance to visit that restaurant once again, I will never ever to to that place



dont go if you dont want to be hungry

First of all, Giving a rating of 1- Awful also seems to be doing favor to the restaurant.
I went to thier recently opened restaurant at Marathalli.
We had booked our table but when we reached there we were told there is no booking for us.However, a table was arranged in 10 min.After being seated it took half an hours and repeated request to get the water served at the table.We were a group of 16 people so a bit of delay is understandable but what the kind of service we got there is pure carelessness towards customer.We opted for buffet but when we went to the buffet platter to server ourself we were shocked.The quantity present was not sufficient for out group.It didn't help either that the buffet didn't look appealing and tasted even worse.Only one platter of roomali roti's were served for our group of 16 people! Needless to say it was soon over even before everybody could have a single piece of it. We asked for more and it took 20 minutes to arrive.Even then the rotis tasted like it was made from 3-4 days old dough.We were in for more shock. When we went for second serving, half of the items were finished completely.We had to contend ourself with rice.
The waiters and managers were evading us all through out and we had to call them to get water, get it refilled, get fork & spoon( we were not provided one in the beginning) etc.Also, the 'jal jeera' that is provided in the beginning was not served as it was over.
Only saviour of the evening was the sweet dish (rice pudding).
All of us had the leave the place hungry.
We had been to their restaurant in Indiranagar and expected the same level of service & quality of food here but it turned out to be very bad experience.
Dont go to this place if the least that you expect from a restaurant is 'filled stomach' and decent amount of service.


roomali basket is good!

The ambience and the decor is good, thankfully not overdone or overwhelming. The seating is quite comfortable too, although we landed there on a day when the place was 2/3 occupied for a family function. Our makeshift table was not in a comfortable spot, but will ignore that since the usual sitting looks neat.

The food, well I didn't have any non-vegetarian food on the day, so I can not comment about the chicken or fish. The veg portions; starters don't have enough quantity I feel, at least compared to some of the other places. Thankfully they are well-cooked, but the marination was not great. The shorba is, well, like shorba, and I don't really like shorba. Could anyone please suggest a place where they serve normal thick tomato soup, please?

Coming to the main course, the Paneer Jalfrezi is great! Do try it! Vegetable Jaipuri stayed in accordance with what the menu said, and I enjoyed the cashew based gravy. The roomali rotis are cooked in view of everyone by a chef, and I must say the roomali basket with 5 different roomali varieties was delightful!

Service is quick. The complimentary jaljeera drink served at the start is refreshing. Price is moderate to semi-expensive, although if you cut down on starters and stick to a good main course and minimum dessert (not many options) you might really enjoy it!



Keep away from this Place

I have been to their new outlet opened recently on Marthahalli Outerring road opposite Innovative Multiplex.

I have opted for a buffet after seeing favourable review in Bangalore TImes. It was a big mistake and totally disappointing. Neither the view outside is good nor the food. Even the interiors are takky and gaudy.

Food: The Roomali rotis are like eating rubber rotis. None of the food items are good. They lack, taste, character and presentation.

My advice: Instead visit Ivy, The un wind Island which is near by and take their Buffet lunch on weekdays, Sat. The buffet lunch here is out of this world for the price they charge. Truely amazing and more than value for money.


Sebymi - Burrp User


1 Reviews

April 18,2008


Shocking !

Its true that the ambience is good. That's it. The good things stop there. Along with a group of colleagues, I visited this place. The buffet menu looked impressive. We ordered starter platters a-la-carte. The shock started from there. Stale fish, which was probably cooked few days earlier strated falling into pieces and disintegrate when I tried to pick it up. The chicken tikka also tasted real bad. More shocks from the buffet table, right from stale salads, cold fish and chicken with a real bad odour. Finally the entire group had to grab fresh fruits (thankfully it was fresh) and ice cream to keep away the hunger.

My advice is keep away if possible. Or walk down to Barbeq Nation nearby.

I would rate this a -1. Worse than awful.


sad place

decoration of the place was ok, the name sounded great but its a tiny place that makes you feel like you are at a wedding reception and less restaurant, we had the buffet which was rs 240. The freshlime soda was the best part of the meal the paneer was hard as rubber, the service lacked a bit, other than that if it was'nt raining in bangalore then we might have caught some sort of view of 100 ft rd. Overall i was'nt impressed with the food.