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> > > > Royal Afghan, ITC Windsor

Royal Afghan, ITC Windsor

Golf Course RoadEast Bangalore  

  • 22269898
  • Ground Floor,ITC Windsor - A Luxury Collection Hotel ,25, Windsor Square,Golf Course Road, Bangalore
  • North West Frontier
  • Meal for 2 - 2400

4 Reviews / 6 Ratings

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Royal Afghan, ITC Windsor Reviews

Royal in Price but more importantly in Taste aswel

A restaurant that changes a few rules in the book the royal afghan though a fine dining restaurant located in the post ITC Windsor is the one place you wont feel uncomfortable using your hands to tuck into a hearty meal.

A beautiful out door venue by the pool side in what is probably one of the most exclusive locations in Bangalore the ambiance is second to a few. With a no frills seating arrangement they encourage the complete North West Frontier experience from the Raan (whole leg of lamb) to the massive Naan that can a feed a family of five its all about the experience of digging into the food together. Their specialties like the Kebabs, their world famous dal Bukhara and of course the Raan are unbeatable.

Being an ITC restaurant service ambiance and location are exceptional but they come at a price so make sure your wallet is loaded. Having said that it is one of the more reasonable 5 star restaurants i have come across especially if you subscribe to ITC amazing loyalty program that offers some great discounts and offers to their subscribers.

The only speck on this restaurants otherwise perfect record is that its unsuitable during rainy weather due to its out door setting. Pity because that's the perfect weather to tuck into some tandoori delicacies amidst great company and a good conversation.

Pros: - complete experience
delicious food
great ambience

Cons: - not an option during rainy weather


KoolCutlet - Burrp User


6 Reviews

December 19,2011


Great ambinace & Killer grilled shrimps

Royal Afgan - The decor is top-notch and the service is impeccable. The semi poolside view is great during dinner. The food s very very tasty with shrimps, chicken and lamb grilled to perfection. The ambiiance is definitly a plus when anybody rates this place.
Overall a good hangout for dinner if you have the $ to spend :). The average cost per person with beer would be about Rs 1500-2000.



Beautiful poolside restaurant

Not surprisingly any restaurant located in the ITC Windsor is beautiful. Royal Afghan has a particularly enjoyable surrounding. It is located outdoors beside the very impressive swimming pool. It is a very expensive restaurant, with most entrees around Rs. 900 each. I went with four people and we selected a variety that included the leg of lamb (always a favorite of mine at any Northwest Frontier Restaurant), lamb kebab, tandoori prawns and chicken, dal and an assortment of breads, plus a few glasses of wine and beer. As you can probably guess the bill was pretty steep and to be honest the food was not amazing. It was good but nothing jumped out at me so I have to rank it as just average. If you are looking to try Northwest Frontier cuisine go to Samarkand instead.


Best food of bangalore with romantic ambience

This is the best restaurant of bangalore in terms of the taste of their food...with a very romantic pool side and candle light experience...i went there on my birthday with my partner and the bill came for Rs 2800(inclusive of all taxes)without drinks...but its worth it for occasions and it gives u a mental satisfaction for double the amount...hats off to the chef of this restaurant...