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> > > > Ruby's Bar & Grill

Ruby's Bar & Grill

Church StreetCentral Bangalore  

  • 41470023
  • 20, Church Street, Asha Enclave, Church Street, Bangalore
  • American
  • Meal for 2 - 1000

23 Reviews / 23 Ratings

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Ruby's Bar & Grill Reviews


Pricey Indeed

A friend and I visited Ruby's Bar and Grill, formerly known as Ruby Tuesday, the American restaurant chain. I had been wanting to go here for ages but people's remarks about the price had always deterred me. However, around three weeks ago, I had cash in my pocket, an interested and enthusiastic Vietnamese friend who was staying a few days at my home and decided that this was a great opportunity to check the place out. We walked up the stairs to the restaurant and stopped all along the way to admire the pictures which lined the stairwell. They were really nice and interesting. Inside the restaurant, which was empty we walked towards a table overlooking Church Street and sat down. The waiter brought us the menus and we gazed at the items on offer. After a little debate, I chose an Orange Juice and a Thai Green Curry with Chicken and Rice. My friend decided against a drink and ordered a main course for herself. Our food took a while to arrive and while we waited, I sipped my iced drink and looked around the restaurant. The ambience is great and the place is beautifully furnished. A nice bar added to the pleasant interior and the restaurant was a very spacious one. Our food, when it came tasted delicious and the quantity was good. Then came the bill. My friend insisted on treating me but I took a close look at the bill anyway. Gosh was I horrified at the amount we were charged. An even closer look revealed the huge amount of taxes we were paying. My friend too was surprised at the taxes and after we paid, we walked out grumbling quietly to each other that really the price had been too much considering we barely ordered anything. The service was faultless but for the price alone, I will probably never return, even if someone offers to treat me and I will certainly never recommend this place as a reasonable dining option. If price doesnt matter though, by all means try this place out. Nothing else can be faulted.



4 of us walked in to this place last weekend. Ordered for some soup and starters. Service, ambiance was good. Food was rubbish for the price. When we decided to place an order for the main course, a friend of mine happened to see one cockroach which popped out from no where and ended up on his plate. Disgusted, we just walked out of the place! Bad experience. Will never visit this place anymore.



We liked it

Had been here on Sunday afternoon recently to meet a close friend.
They had happy hours ofcourse, which worked out good for us.
Ordered a mug of beer and a martini, and got one-on-one offer.
The staff was quite friendly and even agreed to give us a different flavoured martini as free.
The quisedellas and nachos were nice and the burger was large and filling.
Tasty stuff except the pizza which i wouldn't recommend.

A bit pricey this place, but in happy hours it works out well.


Jimson Jose - Burrp User

Jimson Jose

2 Reviews

February 20,2012


Totally not worth it!

Went as a couple there, thought it would be great. The ambiance wasn't that bad.
Though the price was fine, their food and service was below average. I ordered salad and mini burgers. the salad had stale lettuce leaves. what they called as burgers merely seemed to be them. I told the waiter about sald. He just seemed to take it lightly.
In short, for the money ,it was totally not worth it.


isabier - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 23,2011


Guess they charge by the minute...

I had the unfortunate experience of going to this restaurant. The ambiance is admittedly decent but the food spread was average if not frugal. I still thought I'd give it a try. The starters were cold to begin with and being a continental restaurant I got the usual fare of biryanis and curries juxtaposed with pasta and stuffed chicken in pepper sauce. The continental flavors are the saving grace. And forget about desserts; they are as few as to be non-existent.

Now for the final nail in the coffin. The price is clearly marked on the outside of the restaurant but I fell to the usual folly of applicable taxes. 160 bucks on taxes alone for a single guy is outrageous. They impose service charge on a buffet course that you serve to yourself. You're effectively charging yourself to serve your own food. Hehe.

Don't fall for this charade. I suggest you spend your money wisely elsewhere. This is a place only for the gullible and the uninformed.



Great Hang out place wid plas

We always use to hang out at Ruby Tuesday whenever we gt time.. n even wen i keep on hopping between Bangalore & delhi , we all frens make sure dat once in a while we do meet at Ruby's to enjoy the same time..
The service is quick, mouth watering dishes.. and drinks.. awesum....


Ujwal  - Burrp User


6 Reviews

February 11,2011


Too costly..not really worth :(

we were a group of 15 friends who went there on a friday night. Starters were really nice but food was pathetic. they serve all brands of alcohol but its highly overpriced. we ordered almost everything shooters, beer, scotch, cocktails, mocktails etc. service was too slow.
finally when the bill came we all were left jaw dropped.. it was staggering INR. 84000/- inclusive of all stupid taxes which they charge...
luckily out of this 84k 72k was alone for booze. we somehow convinced the manager to charge everything under happy hours....thus we got a 50% discount on alcohol.

our total bill came around 12k food and 36k for alcohol....we ended up paying 48k(tip extra :( )
it was definitely not worth the money...we could have done wonders with a budget of 50K


nishatopz - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 30,2010



Ruby tuesday is such a place where people can go just 2waste money.Food is yuccccccckkkkkk here.
Oh my god, coming to prices, they are so much expensive.I feel the food they provide is not even worth some
100 bugs.. People running this restaurant are such a big cheaters, they display some price in the menu card
and other amount in the bill.The food and drink here is so much adulterated.The food inspection people
should visit this place in disguise and check the quality of food they provide.
2of us had been 4dinner last nite.V ordered a drink i.e., pint beer and a takila shot along with 2 non veg
starters and 1biryani.The bill we got was 4774/- ..
the amount displayed in menu card is :
Pint beer - 260/-
takila shot - 650/-
2 starters (i.e., 1 is shrimps and other was toasted chicken with pepper sauce) - 495/- each.Hence 495*2=990/-
1 chicken biryani - 350/-

Therefore total(ur estimation) is:2250/-

Oh sorry forgot to mention:
mineral water : 85/-
Service charge : 550/-
So, total(ur estimation) is : 2250+85+550 = 2885/-

the amount displayed in bill is :
Pint beer - 500/-
takila shot - 1700/-
2 starters (i.e., 1 is shrimps and other was toasted chicken with pepper sauce) - 720/- each.Hence 720*2=1440/-
1 chicken biryani - 500/-

Bloody i dont knw y d hell dey cost 550/- for service.Service they provide is shitttt... U order 4somethin,dey vil just put on ur table n go.
Wat is d service dey givin in it..

They are such a CHEATERS, v billed for 2885/- and they told tat v had 2pay 4774/-

The chicken which dey delivered was so hard.They cook tat meat which is cut n freezed/stored for a long time.
Using both knife n fork i wasnt able 2take the single bite..

Drinks dey provide is also adulterated. Guys pls pls do nt visit dis place even in worse situation.
Its worth eating something available street side but not at all worth eatin anythin in RUBY TUESDAY



Cheat on final bill.. Stay away

Man, this was my first visit and I was clearly shown out by charging for even the free drink which was part of 1+1 offer. And the service, gurrr! ... The girl who was serving didn't know what she was talking about and behaved as if she owns us. damn!

Finally I ended coughing up 1k just for a pint of beer and chips.

Beware and stay away.


beerbhatti - Burrp User


3 Reviews

February 19,2010


Mediocre food and service, cheat on Service Charge

After experiencing Ruby Tuesday's bad food and service a year ago we had decided not to return- till a colleague convinced us that they have improved a lot.

Sure enough, the chicken quesadillas were good and the guacomole dip was passable. The featured dish "New Orleans Seafood" was mediocre. There was a power failure, and they had no backup- hence the lunch was delayed. However, the biggest shock came when on receiving the bill we discoverd a "mandatory" 15% service charge!

We spoke to the "General Manager" O'Neal Evans Wesley, who told us that this is mandated by the owners of Ruby Tuesdays in India, and he has no control over it. We told him that most Bangalore restaurants have it at 5-10%, and even then it should reward good service- but to no avail.

Save your appetitite and money, and for western food go to one of the better places in Bangalore- Sunny's never disappoints, Olive Beach is good, and Chillis is also turning out well.


Terribly Expensive ... Bad food and Music

I have been to Ruby Tuesday Gurgaon several times and did not really regret even once (even though each visit of mine burnt a neat hole in my wallet). One visit here, and I am positive, that is gonna be last.

I do not mind paying extra for good food and good ambience. This place sucks in both of them. The ambience is dark, publike and inappropriate for family outing. What really gets on ones nerves is the music there. Common guys, I don't want RAP and techno while eating my Caeser salad for lunch! And what pissed me off was outright refusal to change the music.

The salad I got was too bland and almost tasteless. They provided an alternative salad (which was passable) when we complained but eventually they charged me for both the salads in the final bill.

Overall, we paid 2K+ for 2 people and ended up highly dissatisfied.

Never again. Especially when there are numerous options all around the city which provide excellent european food at much reasonable price.


One visit to know you havnt missed anything !!

This is not a place to go for a second visit at all..
Ambiance is neat..Retro style decoration..Music SUCKS..
Went on a weekend and dint expect they would play nothing but RAP music in a restaurant like this.
Food was average..Though the Questillas (i think) which they have was amazing.
Cocktails are pretty expensive though..
You can try this if you are in the mood to burn a slight hole in your wallets..Ambiance 4/5 Food 3/5 Cocktails 3/5


No where near Ruby Tuesday Mumbai

Tried this last week during my trip to Mumbai. The soup salad option is what we opted for. The quantity of the salads kept were abysmally small. You scoop one serving in a spoon and you are already scratching the bottom. Yes in a way you can rest assured that the salad are fresh but it is embarassing to inaugurate the buffet and yet scrape the bottom immediately. Have been to Ruby Tuesday in Nariman Point, Mumbai as well but the quantities there are surely much more substantial.


ad_an80 - Burrp User


41 Reviews

October 06,2009


US$ rate for an INR meal!

yes, this is an expensive joint - 1250Rs for two, entree each and a drink!!!
agreed the white wine sangria was done just right and tasted pretty good (but its priced at 350 for less than full glass :)

we had a spicy chicken burger - again it was passable nothing out of the ordinary for the price!!

and a veg enchilada - the rice was old and overdone (to a point where it was crispy!!) and the enchilada was soggy, this was below average.

It is sad because the place has so much potential, they have a great menu - everything looked tempting! except the prices!


its an ok place

hey guys... Ruby tuesday i quite a good place had benn last week they have this happy hours where u get good offers and the starters r not that gr8 but not that bad also.... Plz donot try the cocktails even if they give it for free it'll put off er mood for sure.... the music is really good they play everythin pop rock techno.... the loo is PATHETIC!


Arvind  - Burrp User


5 Reviews

March 11,2009


Empty on a tuesday..

My first visit to Ruby Tuesday ... on a tuesday night and only 2 tables occupied - not what i expected :)

I was in a mood for some burgers and fries. First i ordered a cocktail - ruby relaxer - not very relaxing.. the drink was average and the presenation even worse - not worth Rs 300 at all.

The burger was far better than the drink - The Mini Chicken burgers main course (4 mini chicken burgers and fries). The burgers were just awesome with loads of artery chocking cheese and butter - Truly a taste to die for :)

overall - Ambeince - Lack luster, Service - Good, Atmosphere - Dead, Food - Great, Pricing - needs to be lowered.


dannyb - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 14,2009


Ruby Tuesday on Decline

Ruby Tuesday was my favorite in the whole of MG/Brigade area. Primarily because of the ambience. The food is costly and nothing exceptional. The only reason I used to go there was because of the ambience - well lit, right mix of music of all genres, well mannered people, family friendly etc.

Now they have put blinds, is dark most of the time, and they play exclusively techno/electronica/hip hop.

The last time I went, the place was literally deserted. Maybe the management is thinking it's because of the recession. What do they know? They have destroyed the ambience. No one wants to go there anymore.

I am a "Ruby Regulars" member (cost Rs. 4000), and I voluntarily give it up. And thanks for the headache you gave me with your loud crappy techno music last time, I am never ever coming back.



Most expensive Desserts...

...I have ever had!!! You will have to let go of any 'Worth the money' attitude that you might have developed over the years. For ones with families, this is the kinda ice cream shop you never tell your kids about and distract them with candy when you walk past it. Trust me when I say If you step into it, the kids will wipe your wallet clean, bank account too with any luck...!

I don't go gaga over chocolates but the chocolate tall cake here is fundo! Its one of the very few chocolatey things that I like. I didn't know I liked strawberries until I had the strawberry tall cake. Order any of these and tell the waiter to add extra strawberry/chocolate syrup and also threaten to return the thing if the cake is stale. This is the only way you can assure you atleast enjoy the ridiculously expensive cake and ice cream combo.

Now for the kicker. Two tall cakes will cost you somewhere around 500-600. If you are going in a big group and someone's treating, well firstly, God help him (you see I know its a 'him' coz only guys will do this kinda stuff) and secondly spare the poor fella and order tall cakes coz they turn out to be more 'economical', which is of course stated in a relative sense.



Just not worth it!

American food is rather strange to begin with and added to that when its not cooked well, its a huge turn off!You get steaks and burgers here and the portions are too big, the taste is very bland and not cooked well.Service here is not efficient.Actually this review is not at all worth writing simply cause I detest this restaurant(if one can call it that).This place may look nice but it stops at that.


Not as happenin as it sounds

The food is not as great as they make it sound like.Service is a rush as they just bundle up your order at one go ! Prices are exorbent.If the food was really great then payin that price wont be a pain ....oh and the ambience is also not all that great .



Cholesterol Alert

The problem with this place is that the pictures in the menu promise far more than what is finally delivered.

Take the ribs for instance, they bear no resemblance to the picture on the menu and I pity the anemic pig that gave it's life for this rubbish.

The second problem is that apparently there are only two ways of cooking food, fried or grilled and two ways of serving it, with or without cheese.

The salad bar's not bad though. Probably the only good thing there and reasonably priced too.



Awesome food

Ruby Tuesday located on Church street offers a good alternative for American and Mexican food. It was my first time here, but had heard good things about this place and so decided to check it out.

They have an extensive salad bar and primarily serve South American food. They have happy hours from 4 to 8 pm everyday.

The food is a bit pricey, but the service is good.


All American Diner

Ruby Tuesday is your typical diner. They have a decent variety of mexican and western dishes. They've got some good burgers too, though I am not too big of a burger fan.