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> > > > Sake, The Zuri

Sake, The Zuri

WhitefieldEast Bangalore  

  • 66657272
  • Roof Top,The Zuri ,ITPL Road,Whitefield, Bangalore
  • Oriental
  • Meal for 2 - 2000 Get minimum 15%* off on using Axis Bank Card

5 Reviews / 6 Ratings

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Sake, The Zuri Reviews

Nothing to write home about...

We went there on a monday night, and found the place deserted. Of course, the fact that it had rained that evening may be a reason for the lack of people. Price: Expensive. Food: Great starters (since i am veggie, choice was limited) - Good veg sushi and momos. Main course: The Pad Thai we had ordered tasted, for lack of a better word, weird. The side dish was ok, but the main course overall for a forgettable experience... Doesnt compare to Shiros by any stretch of imagination, but it does rate comparably only in terms of the pricing...



Best place to unwind

Was looking for sushi in whitefield and came across this. its on the terrace tables well spaced you can prety well relax better than home. all the torches yada yada ambience is perfectly mystique nice:).

food is average for price ( sushi is made by thai cook ). presentation is nice. service is good.

only bad thing is the noise as its on terrace we have to hear the roaring noise of the streets non stop ..killing the pleasure .. if not this is like heven on earth in Whitefield



Food or Ambiance??

Well... this is the choice you have to make. My wife and I had heard about the Zuri hotel and decided to have dinner there. Not having had any Chinese, we went for Sake (Pan Asian). The hotel is on the Terrace and a very nice place too.

As you walk in, you see tables spaced out quite well. There's plenty of room to maneuver around. Between these tables, you have tall sleek torches (wine glass shape with a small cup) with open flames that whip around as the wind blows. The flames are big enough to impress but small enough to never leave the confines of the cup. We asked to be seated inside as the wind was a bit chilly. The inside portion is small, 3 or 4 tables and an open grill with a chef. The grill has seating around it for the individuals who just want to watch the chef cook their meal right before their eyes. The sides were pretty well covered with glass paneling to give you an indoor/outdoor feeling. The ceiling is made of glass panels that held up on a cantilever basis to provide that protection from the weather. We sat at a corner table and here's the thing. There was a glass panel covering my wife's seating area, but two panels missing over mine. In case of rain, she was fine, but I was in for a drenching. Each table was given a small tea candle with decorative dragon covered cap which let only the tip of the flame out. It was amazing. The ambiance is awesome.

My wife and I are pure vegetarians. We had the most limited options I've ever encountered in a restaurant in any 5 star hotel. The soups were 4 or 5 in number. My wife chose the sweet corn veg (tasted like any other sweet corn veg) while I went for a Tom Yum something. It was a bit spicy, but not really worth mentioning.

The main course options were 4 in number (gravy items). We opted for Stir Fried Vegetables to go with Sichuan Noodles. The noodles portion was okay and so were the Vegetables. It was as if you had dinner, but were not completely full. We then ordered a dumpling dessert. It was dumpling stuffed with coconut and some sweet thick sauce. It was okay, no more.

To Summarize:

2 Soups
1 Main Course
1 Noodles
1 Dessert

Bill: Rs. 2,186 (No Service Tax, just 13.5% VAT)

We didn't order any drinks and the vegetable items were the cheapest on the menu... go figure.

Overall Impression: Good Ambiance, Okay food. Go to celebrate where food is of no consequence. We could have gotten much better food for half the price in most of the Chinese restaurants in town.

Ambiance doesn't make up for taste or for the cost of the food.



Makeshift place!

Sake is terrible! The place smacks of mismanagement. I had booked a table for dinner on a Saturday evening to celebrate a family event. It was raining when we reached Sake; the whole place was leaking and full of water. The staff was completely at a loss on what to do next. The tables were not ready; no one was bothering to swab the water off the floor. The management deserves to be sacked!
On the positive side, the food is good and to an extent makes up for the mismanagement.
However, for the bomb they charge you are better off going to any other pan-asian restuarant in town - there are so many of them these days. Final verdict - avoid!



For a special Nite out..

Sake..located on floor number 9 which also happens to be the last floor of this beautifully built 5star business hotel in whitefield.

Full marks for the ambience.For somebody who wants to make an impression or for a special occasion this is the place to be.Roof top, wind in your hair, candle light dinner name it and they can do it for you.

Superb service nothing to make u feel can you leave me alone kind or wherz my waiter kind.

Food is pan asian which pretty much tastes chinese.And if you are havin trouble deciding what to order the chef is ready to help you decide or make what you want.Try experimenting and you will not be disappointed.I wasnt.

Whitefield may not be next door for everybody but its worth the drive.But i suggest you go there for dinner than lunch coz the place looks better in the night.

Dont expect prices to be reasonable or anywhere close to it.Its a five star hotel and its in line with the other five star hotels in our city.

If you want to impress your girlfriend or take your husband out for dinner this is the place to go to.