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> > > > Smoked Out Barbecue

Smoked Out Barbecue

KoramangalaSouth Bangalore  


31 Reviews / 33 Ratings

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Smoked Out Barbecue Reviews

devil4ever - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 30,2013


Its OKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!

After all that I heard about this place, went there and was disappointed. Millers is any day THE BEST.




With all the great reviews I'd read of this place, the actual experience was rather anticlimactic. the chicken wing starters were ok. i wasn't asked how i'd like my beef steak done. in spite of mentioning i want it medium, got a rather well done steak. service was erratic even though there was just one other table to wait on. all i all, blah!



Beef tenderloin steak was a huge disappointment!

A friend and I went last evening to Smoked Out, and true to the name (barbecue which means to cook slow with smoke) we gamely sat through barbecue smoke and slow service.....true barbecue style.
The chicken wings as expected was fantastic but Beef tenderloin steak was a huge disappointment. The steak is actually burger patty that's barbecued with a side of potato mash (which came towards the ends of the meal). For a good steak, Miller's is the best! On the whole, Smoked Out Barbecue was an ok-ish experience.



Excellent Choice !

I m not a big fan for steak ! But oh yeah! this place is gud! perfect rare meat with nice fries and mashed potatoes ! I wish they had beer also it would then be my fav place in blore ! seating of the place is little uncomfortable , but when ur busy Hogging you wouldn't Mind!


bumpy1927 - Burrp User


30 Reviews

November 09,2012


Smoking HOT

Excellent. 5 stars must for the kind of food they offer and the price. Hopefully beer will be offered soon. Nevertheless must try in Bangalore restaurant scene. Too good and great price


Foodgasm - Burrp User


13 Reviews

October 15,2012


Simple yet mouth watering

Tucked away from the maddening crowd, Smoked Out Barbecue not only lives up to your expectations but exceeds it, with flair.

As I walked the ramp to the tiny yet charming settings, the wisps of smoke drenched in the smell of lip-smacking sauces beckoned. My tummy was rumbling already.

We ordered grilled beef burger and grilled chicken burger. Yes, the wait was long (especially with the wafting aroma of meat being grilled with spices) but was totally worth it.

What I fell in love with is the simplicity of the burger. The succulent and juicy piece of meat was the hero and the sauces and vegetables just helped the flavour to a new level. Little innovations like sprinkling the french fries with cheese dust added another dimension to the experience.

All this coupled with good service, lovely music and the permission to smoke at your table made this place one of favourites in Bangalore.

I am really looking forward to the next visit and it is going to be the chicken wings!


Foodie92 - Burrp User


13 Reviews

September 02,2012


Like barbecued chicken?GO!

The meal was a simple affair.. the ambiance Nothing too fancy,just right. Delivers promising food. The barbecue sauce was great, so try any of the mains, you'll def like it. The grilled apples were lovely too.


ashwya - Burrp User


60 Reviews

August 30,2012


Good but not nothing extraodinary

I like it when I can taste my meat ..and it is not overpowered by masala/sauces/gravy and other spices...Smoked Out B ..provides you just that. This is a place for carnivores.
But the execution of the grilling process has to get better... When I say medium rare I mean it ....The sides too have to make sense.. grilled cucumber??? tomatoes and your sauce has apple cider vinegar..too much of a sour component.... Will come back to see if it was a one off thing....
Ambiance: chill and laid back...does give you a backyard bbq feels with the smoke and stuff
Music: 5/5 ...blues
service:4/5 courteous but not too efficient..had to ask for glass of water to be filled twice
Value for money ...3.5/5



Simple and Best

Simple menu,Lip smacking,Great price,Beer would have been great.Real backyard BBQ feeling . Highly recommended. Great work guys


Smoked Out!

I was hearing a lot about this place from one of my friend and also read all good reviews on burrp! so we decided to have our team lunch here. 6 of us were there and after going through the menu we ordered Chicken Wings, Barbeque Chicken Platter, Grilled Beef Burger, Grilled Cottage Cheese Steak and Beef Tenderlion Steak. All the dishes came to our table hot .

All the dishes were yummy and lip-smacking. Also for dessert we had Grilled Banana which for me was not that great but my colleagues liked it !!!

Good work guys keep it up!!




Been here with a friend and had beef steak. After seeing all the reviews on burrp I wanted to make sure I eat here. Well, All the reviews were correct I give thumbs up! . Great place. Keep it going the same way



the best chicken everrrrrrrr....... :)

Ok…so all the chicken lovers out there who have not been to Smoked out just as yet, please get going there right now. This is definitely the best place to eat barbecued chicken in Bangalore, hands down. The sauce, the way the chicken is cooked is sure to give you multiple food orgasms, finger licking good-in the true sense of it.


Laid Back, Home Style Barbeque

It was a Saturday night and my dad was in mood for steaks. After doing a few permutations and combinations, we decided to go to Smoked Out Barbecue. The reviews of this place on various sites told me that the seating was limited, so I called ahead and made a reservation.

The place is located on 8th Main Rd, Koramangala, about a few 100 meters off the Inner Ring Rd. Very easy to locate, it's in the same building as Mango Suites and Cafe Coffee Day. There's an empty street next to Smoked Out, so parking is not an issue.

At a first glance, Smoked Out looked like a cafe. It's an open area, you have park style benches and the whole place had a peaceful aura to it. The kitchen, if you prefer to call it one, is simple. They have three huge grills where all the cooking is done. You can walk right past it and see your food being cooked.

The menu was simple and limited. They have four types of BBQ wings, three types of steak, four types of burgers, sides such as garlic bread, fries and desserts. They don't serve alcohol but you can opt for fresh lime sodas, ice cream floats or bottled drinks.

We ordered Beef Tenderloin Steak, Chicken Breast Steak and Grilled Beef burger. The steaks were tender, juicy and just right. The steak was accompanied by grilled veggies and garlic bread that were really soft and full of flavor. The burger was excellent as well. The patty was grilled perfectly and was juicy. The burger was accompanied with fries.

The service was quick and was non fussy. While you wait for your to food to come, the smell from the grill is surely gonna make you super hungry.

The bill came up to 1100 for four people ( four main course and two drinks). This restaurant is definitely value for money.

Ambiance: 4/5
Food: 4.5/5
Service: 4/5
Value for Money: 5/5

I would love go Smoked Out Barbecue again and would definitely recommend to others.

Downside: I can't think of any. Probably, since it's a small place, you might want to reserve a table in advance and the vegetarian menu looks light.

Keep up the good work guys!



The best chicken wings in Bangalore discovered!

Don't underestimate the 6 tabled open air bbq joint that this is! I was just blown away by the best ever chicken wings in Bangalore. The marinade was perrrrrfect! The coolest part is that they work with 3 charcoal grills that you can walk by and check out! The smells coming out of there have you drooling while waiting. Was thrilled to find the good ol' ice cream soda there too! Oh and an awesomely flavoured Pulled Chicken Burger. The lamb burger that we also ordered was delicious too. Will try the beef burger next time. Ohhh yes, we're heading back there soon!



Great place!!! Chilled out.
Super veg food ,the burger was great , Paneer was good.
We all freaked out on the fries !!!!
Great!!!!!!!! keep up the good work.



grill somewhat thrill

i liked the unpretentious laid back kind of ambience with streaming Blues and the claim of an american home -style bbq experience. ....however, there is nothing very substantial here for you if you are a veggietarian. my husband had a mushroom sloppy joe burger and i had a veggie grill. the bun was very small and the veggi grill of a few razor thin brinjal slices was well roasted but basically felt like diet food.
we both left extremely hungry and came home and raided the fridge.


Decent Barbecue - Average Ambiance

A new addition to the Bangalore Grill Restaurant’s chain is Smoked Out in Koramangla. Well I will not call it a restaurant as its more like a café with limited choice in the menu card.

So if you are looking for some romantic evening with fine dining this is definitely not the place, rather this is a nice place to seat and chat with friends in an open air environment.

Make sure, you arrive early as they have very limited seating capacity and no reservation (that actually doesn’t make sense as well).

Coming to the food, you can find choice of beef and lamb along with chicken. No Beer / Alcohol (which could have been really a plus for a barbecue place like this).

Chicken Drumsticks are good to start with. Decent Garlic bread. Smashed potato’s need some upgrade. Chicken Thigh and Breast are good though can be grilled a bit more to make those softer.

Decent collection of deserts, mostly grilled fruits.

Ambiance: 2 / 5
Service: 2.5 / 5
Food: 3 / 5


You can surely find better barbecue places in Bangalore, but as a start up this holds good. Once the choices in the menu card are extended, definitely there will be excitement.



I'd wager, you can't find a better BBQ place.

You really can't go wrong here in this new place, they serve the best BBQ chicken and beef in town. The 5 stars on burrp caught my attention and I said I had to go right away since I was already in the mood for some juicy grilled meat.
It's a small place nestled right beside the Mango suites so you won't miss it. It has a nice little atmosphere with tables and benches that look vintage (they make it look even better).
The friendly restaurant owner, Mr. Jaideep greeted us in. As we made ourselves comfortable, I couldn't help but notice the Weber grills so I could instantly tell what I was about to order was going to be delicious!
we placed an order for chicken breast steak and a grilled beef burger. Sooner than later, we could smell them coming right outta the BBQ grills (WOW!)

The burger and chicken steak were very American, perfectly grilled, oh I was so happy to find a place that serves BBQ that tastes like in the west.
Now, the sauces that they have is all made by Mr. Jaideep, unbelievable! The "Kansas" sauce became my favorite, I got tons of it on the meat.
The steak was served with tomato and cucumber for vegetables, they were okay not bad but it would be a great if they had some grilled mushrooms, carrots and broccoli with some seasoning.
The burger looked and tasted great, no bad things about it, oh and the fries were decent too.

The menu doesn't boast too many varieties on it but I always believe if the menu is simple then the meals are usually perfected.
Ok, so this is definitely something that I'll be frequenting. There's some other things I will like to try the next time I visit.



Only smoking hot place in Bangalore currently

All I can say is previous reviews are all 100% correct . Been here twice. Best steaks in Bangalore. Pulled chicken burger - must try .not much for veggies! Perfect meat heaven


Barbecue at its best!

i have been to smoked out a couple of times now and i must say i am in love with this place. Excellent wings! u should try it! The Barbecue chicken is to die for .. the drinks were ok ... more like regular drinks. And the best part is its super light on the pocket! A perfect place to take ur date. Veggies sorry didnt try so wont comment.


Drooling on keyboard while writing review!!

As inconspicuous as it is - once you find it - you just know you've stumbled on a good thing! Be prepared to make a quick decision to take the right turn as soon as you see the coffee day after Ooty chocolates.
Once inside - the honesty of the place assures you that what you see is what you get - the kitchen or the general area where they barbecue and prepare the food is right next to the seating! And the glorious smell of charcoal brickettes!! AAAAAH!! The lighting is just about right - though if I was out with a slightly romantic disposition I'd like the lights a tad dimmer!
6 of us got there at about 9pm. It was the 5th time i was going there!! Its best to call and tell Jaideep when you're expected. This place is pretty cult already... and sometimes it takes about half hour to get a table!

THE FOOD: Our order (a size-able one i assure you!!) took about 30 minutes to deliver. The boys were pleasant and efficient. The owner, Jaideep, himself handles queries, requests for aloo tikkis (next table), objections about the mosquitoes, compliments for the INCREDIBLE sauce etc. I can't say anything more superlative about the food than has already been said in the previous reviews so I'll save it! But i can say one thing that hasn't been said before about this place - If i had to start a restaurant I would take a few pages from Smoked Out's book...


Would love to have it in my neighbourhood

The previous reviews have actually done a good job in describing the setting and the experiences and there are no actual surprises on that front.

The place is decently clean and wel maintained.The host is a friendly guy who definitely knows the art of grilling meats inside-out.
The grills taste absolutely fantastic and almost the best i have ever had anywhere in bangalore.This holds true if you love american style grills smothered with homemade barbecue sauce.The taste as well as the texture/crunch is spot on.
You can also order for few side like french fries / cheese fries etc.The drinks are limited to the areated ones right out of the bottle or can.Deserts are limited to grilled fruits with scoops of ice-cream.Below is a snapshot of the order and the rating for each dish
a) Grilled wings - Now this was definitely the best of the lot.Owing to a larger overall surface area, the wings absorb most of the sause and taste delicious.
b)Grilled chicken thighs - Weaker of the 3 dishes that we had in terms of quantity as well as taste
c)Grilled chicken burger - Again great ,it has a full chicken breast grilled and stuffed inside.
d)Grilled pineapple - We did not have the ice-cream along-with.The seasoning of pepper was too strong.Perhaps and sweet and sour sauce with lemon zest would have gone wonderfully well with it.

The only grouse i have is with the side which are served along with the meats.We did opt out of the french fries and asked the veggie side instead.It turned out to be chunky pieces of cucumber and Tomatos.I feel grilled mushrooms,onions and bell peppers would have made a great side instead.
All said and done ,go there if you love grilled meats and you wouldnt be disappointed.


simple & great

its very hard to get simple food right, smoked out has managed just that. its a small cozy place with about 5 tables and a seating capacity of 20-25. you walk into the place and are instantly greeted by seating that could very well have been in a park (much cleaner).
their kitchen is 3 weber grills, one for chicken, one beef and one for the vegetarians. the food is served at a relaxed pace just as it would if you're out for a barbecue with friends. the grills, the sauce and the finger chips served with it are just amazing. my staple when I'm there, pulled chicken burger, don't think its on the menu but you have to try it.

definitely go there if you're in the mood for a barbecue.



Tried this restaurant last night for dinner with the husband. 'Smoked Out' (SO) is a cosy, laid-back, little place housed within Mango Suites in Koramangala.

Accessible through a little by-lane, SO stands out for its no-frills interior. Wooden tables and benches are parked within the restaurant for seating, it's practically open-air except for the blinds that hang on all sides which might be a smart way to keep the Sun out during the day. This evening, though, was very pleasant and breezy. You cannot help but notice the barbecue decks in a little room adjoining the main seating area where the meat is grilled and barbecued.

So, we sat ourselves and were presented with a menu by a gentleman who evidently is the owner & in-charge. The menu is sparse with exactly about 15 items on it including desserts and beverages which I realised later was actually a good thing since everything on it is grilled and barbecued in the same sauce only with a different meat option.

There were starters, burgers and steaks to choose from and we settled for a barbecue platter to begin with. The platter came with 4 chicken wings, 2 chicken drumsticks and one big chunky thigh all properly charred and generously smeared with their signature barbecue sauce (Kansas style). This came with garlic bread, a peppery salad and french fries. The portions looked great considering it was only Rs 350 (priciest on the menu). One bite into the chicken wings and both of us were swooning. The sauce was finger-licking tasty, the wings were succulent & juicy and very well cooked. Loved those wings and drumsticks but the thigh was a chunky piece of meat and I found it a little dry for my taste.

Though I was quite full after polishing off the platter, my husband ordered a chicken steak for himself and I ended up digging into it for good measure. The steak had a medium chicken breast piece and came with accompaniments like garlic bread, fries and salad. The steak was well done but the taste was just the same as it's the same barbecue sauce that was used in the platter. I found it a little repetitive for my palate. Since there are over 12 different barbecue sauce styles used in the West, incorporating a few such styles and variations would have been a good idea.

The food, nevertheless, was very nice. We ,however, bitterly missed some beer to go along with the food and had to settle for aerated drinks instead :( The dessert options sounded interesting with grilled pineapples, apple and banana and I was very keen to try some out but honestly I was bursting at the seams and had to reluctantly let go.

I loved the food here and would gladly give them a 4-star rating. My main gripe, however, is the absolute lack of variation in the sauce used and therefore everything tastes the same. The chicken wings totally stole the show. Would have to be back for the desserts soon.

The ambience is smug and the wooden benches though a tad uncomfortable goes with the theme. Best part was with all this food and beverages our bill came up to only Rs 693. The portion sizes are also decent. To sum up, 'Smoked Out' is a truly VFM place with nice food on offer and can be a great place to chill out with friends without burning a hole in your pocket. A must try for all barbecue lovers :)


Great food and nice decor

Just happened to try the new joint in Koramangala. Liked the Pulled Chicken Burger and Chicken steak. No frills, simple restaurant. Needs to have more on the menu for going back again. Will try the BBQ platter next time !
Definitely worth a visit. Service is slow, but guess they would work on it. Nice place to chat away with friends and enjoy some good food



Hammer and Tongs!

Excellent food. No fuss menu. Simplistic decor and a happy stomach. Service is slightly tardy but the coasters will keep you occupied.



lovely food

loved the food, has a chicken burger and a beef burger. they were both very good. the french fries with them were fabulous.
I could do with a fan though, definitely recommending and going back to smoked out.


Place is far!

Been here once last week..they serve very good chicken wings and drum sticks. well barbecued and the sauce they use is also amazing. well, they use the same sauce in every dish, which is kind of the let down. Only two items for veggies though. the steak was cooked properly...havent tried out their burgers yet.
the cheese fries are a bit too cheesy

a good place to hang out as it is out doors, there is a fly issue for the place though...
but i love the place. must try for fans of barbecues.


Passerby - Burrp User


18 Reviews

February 27,2012


Superb or what!!

Just chanced upon this place last night... as i was driving by with my wife... And took an impromptu decision to stop by.... And boy, were we right or what...

Had the best tenderloin steak ... and the best Chicken wings for dinner!

So, the person who runs this place, Jaideep, i think... came to take our orders.... And after a little while chatted a bit about the place with him... 'cos it seemed new.

So Jaideep is one of those who has chucked a well paying corporate career.. to follow his passion.

Apparently makes the barbecue sauce himself.. (Something about a Kansas style to it etc).

Personally goes out to buy the meat cuts etc.

When you see a person putting in so much passion to his work... some-how the food and the experience of the place just turns out better...

And the bill for the two of us (with desserts) - ~630 Rs ! Wherein Koramangala can you get a dinner for two at those rates... for the kind of food thats being served!

Way to go...

The place is still in the early stages ... so the menu may come across as a bit limited... But Jaideep has been taking feedback from the patrons and is in the process of increasing the list of items...

Hope the dishes maintain the same taste !!

Shall be going back to try a couple more dishes.. that i have mentally noted...



DJ's Take

For all ye BBQ lovers, this is where your automobiles should stop.
The beef steak here is to die for and the chicken wings can have you finger licking for more, even as you enjoy the starters the Uncle Sam way.
The service is top class and so is the place done up minimally but with panache
What are you waiting for..Zoom in before u get Smoked Out



Good American style BBQ ....

Went there last night for some BBQ fun .... nice little place .... a bit inside so no traffic noise ...good ambient music and the food was nice as well ..... being a vege , I tried the Paneer and Aubergine ...... love the soft paneer ..... definitely worth going there ..... good value for money ....